Fug or Fab: Katie Holmes


On the heels of her elimination from Fug Madness, Katie Holmes celebrated by going to an event looking actually halfway decent.

I kind of like the tuxedo jacket on her, and although the snug-fit capris are not my favorite, the overall look is a lot more chic than she has been lately. Then again, “lately” for her has been a horror version of Alice In Wonderland in which she kills and skins the White Rabbit for a spring shrug, so perhaps my basis for comparison is askew. I did just have the stomach flu, after all, so I’m prone to statements like, “Well, I feel better than when I was curled up on my bathroom floor praying for unconsciousness.”

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Comments (21):

  1. Amanda

    Hahahaha, I was first! Weeee.

  2. Lindy

    I’m surprised you like this! Thought you hated cropped pants. And that jacket is icky.

  3. Sandy

    KH naturally has a long torso and short legs. What she has done here is lengthen her torso even more with the long jacket, leaving what appears to be four inches of leg showing, which she has shortened even further by wearing cropped pants.

    The other problem to me is that of color. The jacket has black lapels, which she has caused to basically disappear by wearing a black top underneath – so the front of the outfit has a weirdly undefined black shape, and she’s lost the crisp effect of the lapel.

    All that said, it has to be better than her more recent ensembles. And her hair and makeup look nice.

  4. Sarah

    I stopped looking at celebrities for over a year until Fug Madness lured me back in. So last night I had a nightmare last night that Suri Cruise lured me into Scientology against my will. And low and behold look who’s back…

  5. Fuh Ugh

    When you said she looked “halfway decent,” you got it right. Halfway. And ask anyone who’s run a marathon, halfway is pretty damn far from across the finish line. That jacket is horrible – shapless – and those shoes look like refuges from a late ’80′s prom. All she needs is a big sideways hairbow and some fingerless lace gloves…

  6. Geemee

    On the plus side, I dig her shoes, her hair is shiny and pretty and looks to be weave-free, and she seems happy.

  7. C. C.

    It looks like she’s trying very hard not to smirk. FAIL.

  8. Gina

    This could have been a much better outfit if the jacket were tailored properly, if she had work a crisp white shirt underneath, and if she had worn different pants, like some well-tailored black boot-cut pants. It wouldn’t have been super exciting, but definitely classy and appealing. Her hair does look great, though.

  9. Miss

    Wow, give Katie a break people, I think this is much better than what she’s been wearing lately. Maybe Suri didn’t pick this one,…

  10. Pam

    I saw this earlier and I thought… oh if only the pants were longer. That’s my only complaint… aside from whom she’s married to.

  11. di

    I think if the jacket were more fitted, I’d really like it.

    The shoes are super cute though.

  12. Anne B

    Heather, I’m sorry you were sick. I clicked on that option because it sounded like K-Ho-Cru’s life every day … then I read it was yours. Ugh. :(

    Anywhoooo: Joey Potter here has succeeded once again in getting dressed for the outside world, and as usual, she #^%$)**!! hates it. Look at that face. That’s the smile she used to give Pacey (Pacey!!) in her phone-it-in years.

    It’s not about the jacket, which is a cute in a sort of tiny-lapels, hook-and-eye-odd way; it’s not about the shoes, which I might really want. It’s not even about us. It’s about HER.

    I don’t know how to help celebrities escape their fabulous, yet artificial and stifling, lives. Wish I could help this one.

  13. veeper

    I cannot figure out why Katie Holmes always stands completely cateywampus (not sure on that spelling there). I don’t remember her being so pidgen-toed or unable to walk straight in her earlier years….must be the Cruise!

  14. Rayna

    @Gina and di, yeah, if the jacket were more tailored, and with better pants, I’d be all over it.

    Having said that, that being said, STILL better than the Alice dress and White Rabbit shrug.

  15. vandalfan

    Oh, get better real soon! Drink plenty of clear fluids.

    This outfit? Not bad, not bad at all, but the pants are too short, and the blouse should have been white or a bright color to accentuate the contrast with the lapels. She could run a comb through her (shiny!) hair, too.

    Cattywampus: A local, very small high school team here is called “The Wampus Cats”, a savage cartoon cougar with a spiked ball on the end of his tail, like a mace. Cracks me up every time.

  16. Anne B

    vandalfan, I would like to have a Wampus Cat.

    Betcha no one would f**k with me (or my Wampus Cat) for QUITE SOME TIME.

  17. Blanche

    Holmes has terrible clothes and shoes style, but that is some good Demi Moore hair.

  18. Valeria

    Cool shoes ! They’re the primary reason I’d give this a thumb’s up. Without them, not so much.

  19. Sajorina

    I like it a lot and would actually wear it myself! Good for Katie!!!

  20. Amy

    So glad she finally washed her hair! She’s such a pretty girl… I think she’s fucking with us… either that or Tom had it written into the prenup that she can’t ever look better than him…

  21. NYCGirl

    I agree with other commenters that the outfit would look better if the jacket was shorter and less baggy, but overall, it’s fine. Not fug, not fab.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Heather. :)