Fug or Fab: Kate Hudson


So, as I may have let slip yesterday, I recently fell down a How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days rabbit hole. And I’ve concluded that a) it’s really not a good movie, although also eminently watchable; b) some of the McConaughey parts are incredibly sexist (like referring to his two female colleagues as Lips and Hips); and c) if Kate Hudson’s alleged spring 2010 boob job DID actually happen, it’s too bad she felt she had to go there because she was perfectly lovely when she rocked the A-cups. I know she’s post-pregnancy now, but some of that cleavage did appear seemingly at random way back then, and although it’s none of my business I do sort of think it’s a shame. It was refreshing that she wasn’t your typical boobalicious over-tanned blonde bombshell. And her hair, back then? HER OWN. I know.  I mean, it might be now, too, but back then it was untamed and occasionally windblown and downright crispy in a few shots. She was rootably adorable because she wasn’t obvious. Of course, back then, she was in more likable movies than Bride Wars or Something Borrowed (although she’s actually quite funny in that one) or Alex & Emma or Fool’s Gold or You, Me, and Dupree. So maybe she just needs a new agent, and I’ll stop worrying about her chest and start paying to go see her in theaters.

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  1. Chrissy Cunningham

    something weird is going on when she turns around in the black dress (haven’t gone through gallery, but seen other pics), but if anyone could rock it she could. The gold just seems ot be falling down, like pull it up another inch or so so her boobs don’t look like they want to run away.

  2. LoriK

    Oh look. Another opportunity for us to discuss how Stella McCartney has no idea how the human body is shaped. I don’t care how good a friend she is, at some point you just have to stop wearing her clothes. It’s self-defense.

    • ChristopherD

      Stella is as I’ve said before, utterly talentless, and as you so rightly point out CLUELESS about anatomy.
      That said why a woman who just had a baby would have squeezed into this monstrosity completely… oh never mind, she just had a baby, her focus is elsewhere. But did no one say “Good Lord Girl, take that off, right NOW!”

  3. Emster

    The black dress is fine from the front, but made-me-gasp out loud unflattering from the back.

    • G

      Yeah, it makes her but look like a flat slab. Too tight, and horrendously unflattering.

  4. Gine

    Why do so many celebrities keep wearing dresses that are two sizes too small for them? I mean, Kate has a great figure, but no one looks good shrink-wrapped. The back of the black dress is so unflattering.

  5. Sajorina

    I like both dresses, but the gold one should be up a couple of inches in the bust and the black only looks good from the front! If I had just had a baby, I’d be wearing a muumuu and slippers, so kudos to Kate for getting out there trying to look her best! I’m also in the “I liked it when she was rocking the A cups” camp! I feel the same way about Claire Danes and imagine how weird it would be for Claire to get a boob-job! Anyway, it’s Kate’s body and she can do what she wants with it! I had a breast reduction, so I won’t judge her!

  6. mara

    The gold one is beautiful but it’s not the right dress for her body at the moment; neither dress is. In a few months when she’s back in shape both dresses will probably be lovely on her. Right now, her bust is too big for a strapless like that and her ass to low for a dress that tight. I empathize but for the love of god wear your size!

    • bambi_beth

      If only I were not “in shape” in the vein of Kate Hudson. Pray tell.

      While neither of these is doing her many favors, let’s get real. The girl is gorgeous and really very likable; and neither of these is brutally hideous. Keep your muumu and slippers, maybe they make her feel reall pretty, which we all know is the most important thing.

  7. Bevvie Hedstrom

    Congratulations, Stella McCartney! Not only did you design a gown capable of fugging-up one of Hollywood’s most enviable asses, you convinced Kate that it looks GOOD. Having a former Beatle for a father is like possessing a superpower.

    • Lindy

      Bevvie-”Having a former Beatle for a father is like possessing a superpower.”

      Ha, ha, ha! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. That’s the only reason I can see why most people would wear her awful clothes. Kate Hudson, I think, does so for another reason. I read an article where she mentioned how, as Stella’s friend, she felt it was very important for her to be photographed in her clothing to give her some advertising. Kate is a damn good friend to be photographed in such a wickedly unflattering dress.

  8. Geemee

    That black thing is doing her belly, and especially her butt, no favors. Boo, hiss Stella McCartney.

  9. Karen

    That black dress is seriously gorgeous in front.

    From the side, it accentuates her post-natal belly bump. I’m not saying that said p-nbb is anything to be ashamed of. But perhaps slinky dresses should wait another month or so.

    And then OMG. Her butt in that black dress is like something from a nightmare. Were there no 3-way mirrors in the McCartney couture shop?

    • jenny

      Yeah, I mean everyone has to decide how to handle the p-nbb for themselves. The waist region of 90% of my clothes didn’t fit right for months and I just sort of tried not to look too closely at myself in the mirror. But that side view, holy cannoli — I think it’s possible that she’s not looking in the mirror either.

  10. Linda

    The black dress is great from the front, maybe the cut out should be so big, and then the side and back wouldn’t be so weird

    The gold one looks like somebody got the idea to make a gold terry step out of the bath cover up that Doris Day might have worn in Lover Come Back.

    It looks like it’s going to fall off of her any second. Can a sister pull a dress up a little?

  11. TaraMisu

    I like them both, but the gold needs to be a size or 2 larger. The black is interesting and not the usual OMG we get from Stella’s designs…. like THAT jumpsuit LOL! Butt (see what I did there?) it too could go up a size, especially in the back.

  12. Francesca

    The allure of a Stella McCartney design has always evaded me. In fact, that’s the one reason I would have never married Paul (he’s still the cute one), because it would have been too awkward to refuse her offer to design the wedding frock.

    Kate’s style was breezy, bohemian and fashion forward. Key word, “was.” What happened? These dresses are dullsville, poorly fit and that black one should be locked away forever for what it’s done to her arse.

  13. Linney

    When I look at that gold number, I am reminded of more than one picture I have of myself where a strapless dress I’m wearing is creeping down. Every time I see those pics, I think, “God, woman, why didn’t you hoist it up?!” Never realized I was ahead of my time, fashionwise.

  14. wordphreak

    And Stella’s holding a design award! Oh, the irony!

  15. meme

    I don’t get the whole Stella McCartney thing either. Her clothes are fug and unflattering. Get a load of what she’s wearing. egads

  16. vandalfan

    I’m no fan of strapless, and the gold number confirms why. The elastic at the top gives it the Fancy Bath Wrap feel, although the fabric and tinsel beard are charming. With straps, it mighta been a contendah.

    The black thing makes me think Stella flunked Anatomy 101 and believes the human body really is shaped like Picasso drew it, with random hips and breasts sticking out everywhere.

  17. Jacq

    Both dresses are hideous. Stella McCartney must be smoking crack and dealing to her friends to both design this stuff and convince her friends to wear it.

    And I’ve got to admit to a teenaged snigger at ‘rootably adorable’: ‘having a root’ is, in Antipodean countries, slang for having sex.

  18. Sandra

    Stellla, Central St. Martins called. Your degree has been revoked and please stop using their name in any capacity.

  19. Miranda

    I actually really like the black one from the back, but that’s it.

  20. becs

    Time for little Kate to get her first bra. Maybe Kurt can take her shopping, I don’t think Goldie has ever worn one either.

  21. Ann

    How can someone as flat chested as she is find a dress that makes it look like her melons are getting squashed? And the black dress was fine from the front. But the back makes her look like she has the bum of a 79 year old….a fit 79 year old, but saggy nonetheless.

  22. Anne B

    The gold is meh, the black is vomitrocious, and Stella McDadIsFamous still looks severely cracked.

    I mean, that thing is made from Handi-Wipes. HANDI-WIPES.

    Sober up, Hollywood! Girl can’t design her way off the Disposable Housewares aisle!

  23. Anna Louise

    I think “rootably adorable” must mean something different in USA from what it means here in Australia………..

  24. ImplantDetective

    Seriously, I think Kate has had another breast job. She is proudly rocking the post baby pounds and is hoping we won’t notice that she had her breasts enlarged…again! I know, I know, breasts grow when you are nursing, but mark my words when the baby pounds come off, and the nursing stops, the breasts will stay voluminous.

  25. witjunkie

    What is that in Stella’s hand – it looks like the stapler she made that jumpsuit with.

  26. witjunkie

    P.S. I’m still up a full cup size since I had kids…even after losing the baby weight. Having babies changes your body all sorts of ways.

  27. Issie

    I was gonna be fine with the black dress until she turned around. But as it stands, I can not sign off on anyone’s ass looking like that.

  28. Katinka

    I looove, loove, love the gold dress, but not on her, even though i like her and even without the tiny bit of baby weight left. I’ d like to see it on someone brunette, petite and elfin, say Bilson or Portman. or in my closet.

  29. Nadia

    I know it’s immature, but ever since she dragged Matt Bellamy into her rockstar baby fetish, I can’t stand anything she does or wears.

  30. Cecily

    If it wasn’t *official* before, it is now. Stella McCartney cannot design clothes, let alone ones that flatter a woman’s figure. YUK!

  31. Christine

    I love the gold with her skin tone and hair and I think it could be absolutely stunning on her – if it was just UP an inch or two. I have officially given up on wearing strapless anything for that reason – no one looks good constantly pulling their top upwards and for some reason we humans can send men to the moon but we haven’t figured out how to make a comfy strapless bra that doesn’t constantly slide downwards (I don’t care what the ad or commercials say!).

  32. corriner