Fug or Fab: Karen Gillan


Let’s say the obvious and get it out of the way: I just love her hair.

Okay, the ACTUAL first thing to get out of the way is: Why is she posing in front of a DeLorean? I thought all the time travel in Doctor Who happened via a Police Box (I almost just wrote, “a phone booth,” because, as you know, I don’t watch that show — although your comments the last time I mentioned that MAY be beginning to talk me into it. You KNOW how easily I get talked into things — and I am very glad I Googled it, because you guys would have killed me for getting that wrong. Look, at least I knew it was a charming British box once found on many British sidewalks!  I must have just mentally confabulated it with the way visitors get into the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter). If this season of Doctor Who features a Back to the Future crossover, however, I am going to have to SERIOUSLY start watching it.  Even if it’s just a moment where Christopher Lloyd pops out like this:

And says, “oh, shit. I was looking for someone else. CARRY ON.” And then pops back into the DeLorean and speeds off.  Actually, Karen Gillan here kind of looks like part of her just CAME from the past (the part that’s not those shoes), so who even KNOWS what’s going on. Maybe she actually IS a time-traveler and Back to the Future is a true story.

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  1. Allyn

    I am not a huge fan of the dress, but I love Amy Pond and her style on the show and her hair and want to be besties. Phew. In other words, I’m torn.

  2. qwertygirl

    It may not be Just the Thing for whatever event or function she’s attending. But for the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, it’s perfect. Not with those shoes, though. They look like the shoe version of those lace wristlets we all wore in 1983 with our 8 million rubber bangle bracelts and our big lace hairbow. Dear GOD what were we thinking? Well, I know what we were thinking–that we wanted to look like Madonna–but what I really mean is, WHY? I guess because we were fourteen and at fourteen excessive amounts of lace and rubber bangle bracelts seem like a good idea. I seem to have drifted fairly far off topic here, so perhaps it would be best just to hit submit and call it a day.

    • Anne B

      I must disagree.

      I’d wear the whole thing (AND the shoes) — just not to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. I’ve been saving my lobster dress for that.

      This is my outfit for the Alternative Prom. I am gonna get Pacey away from Joey for one dance, dammit, and THIS is the look that will help me do it.

  3. Orange Clouds

    I love it. All of it.

  4. lavonspants

    This is the ultimate Scroll-Down Fug for me. LovelovelovelovelovealmostdoneloveWAIT–!!! Those booties are completely hideous.

  5. Mair Mair

    I think this can be un-fugged. Get rid of those black folderols, de-poofify the skirt and make it knee length, and you’ve got a perfectly cute polka dot sundress. The shoes must of course be burned.

  6. Erin

    I would love it unreservedly but for the choice of shoes and if it was shortened by removing the bottom navy ruffle.

  7. Elbyem

    This is an improvement on her usual wack-a-doo look, so I give it a thumbs up. I know Doctor used to be a children’s show, but her mini skirts and striped stockings just say “Pippi Longstocking” to me. Or, on an adult “Pippi LongSTALKING”.

  8. Katie

    I would love it if the skirt were all polka dots without the lace insets (at least the middle lace pieces. I’m torn about whether the bottom lace should stay). And, obviously, if she weren’t wearing those shoes. I do love the shape of the dress but, as it is, feh.

  9. Rachel

    Love the dress, hate the shoes.

  10. CreLa

    Prime yourself with Stevie Nicks, then the poofy mess and cray shoes seem more whimsical and free-spirity. Still…

  11. jean

    Yeah for the hair (if it’s real) and her lovely shade of pale. Seriously, this is a girl who knows the longevity of her beauty depends on avoiding the sun. Good girl. How old is she by the way? Because if she’s between 18-21, I can forgive that dress. Any older and it’s a big no.

    • chris

      She is 24 and my husband has a massive crush on her. Well, her character in Dr. Who anyway. I keep telling him she dresses like a whack-a-doo, but he does not care. She’s a Scottish redhead and is on a sci-fi show from Great Britain, right in his wheelhouse!

    • Chasmosaur

      She’s Scottish, so I do believe it’s real. She used to do some hair modeling and has discussed being picked on as a child because of her red hair.

  12. Talley Lach

    Dress-eh, I don’t love it, I don’t hate it. It’s fine.

  13. Kris M

    I think this is how Jennifer Lawrence thinks her hair looks.

  14. Edith

    Lace cloven hooves are no one’s friend.

  15. vandalfan

    That’s just one tier too many on the puffy skirt. The bodice fits well. But loose the horrid little lace hoof-ifying booties.

  16. Carolina Girl

    Amy Pond’s styling suits the character, Karen Gillan’s does not. For a woman who was supposedly a model and has so much great raw material to work with, she has no clue how to dress herself.

  17. Willow

    I adore the bodice but then it all starts falling apart at the skirt downwards.

    Seriously, those booties are basically tattoo sleeves for your feet, think of your choices.

  18. Alice

    Thank you for giving me that Back to the Future screencap. God I love that scene. That movie. The whole goddamn trilogy. So much I can’t even talk about it.

    You will love Doctor Who. Especially season one. David Tennant and Matt Smith get all the press, but Christopher Eccleston was so super sexy and stylin’ and endearing and weird and absolutely perfect as the doctor. And then season 3 which has the Master, who is basically the hottest of them all. Yum. Yeah… I watch for the… um… plot.

    • Miranda

      Haha, I’m not a Nine devotee myself (I think I’m a Ten girl, but I go back and forth between Ten and Eleven), but my co-blogger is and so I have a weird affection for Ninesters. Congratulations! You have won my affection!

  19. TonyG

    Are those really boots? Is the boot part plastic/see-through with a lace covering? Hideous.

    • MKKS

      My thoughts exactly. They’re sort of lace mesh booties, aren’t they? I was sort of willing to go along when I thought they were little lace up ankle boots, if the skirt was a smidge shorter. But lace mesh booties … throw ‘em in the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor.

      Finally, the world would be a better place if Doc showed up every once in a while in the DeLorean. Movies, TV, ads … just have him flash in from out of nowhere, say, “Sorry — I was looking for someone else!” And then head off again. I mean, Marty McFly … McKayla Maroney … he could easily get those two mixed up & show up in the background of the Today Show interview of the Fierce Five.

  20. Suzie

    Gotta get back in time! And gotta get out of the shoes!

  21. Alexandra

    Watch Doctor Who! You’ll love it so much. Start with the reissued series. You’ll totally fall for it.

  22. Evalyn

    What Alice says about Dr. Who – Season One being Season One of the New Dr. Who, not the 196whatever Dr. Who. Altho, being a sci fi geek, I love the whole shootin’ match.

    Karen Gillan dresses like a girl with adventure on her mind rather than fashion and so I can go along with this dress in a very “Firefly” (Shindig) kind of way, but the boots – there’s no excuse for those.

  23. Cat

    Not in love (with the dress– I think she’s adorable). It drives me nuts that she parts her bangs in the middle. What’s the point (unless she’s growing them out, but I don’t think so). Either cut them shorter and do a blunt bang or part them to the side! I hate hate hate them parted in the middle. UGH.

    Anyway, the dress is ok but I don’t love it. And the booties are terrible.

  24. amy

    I love her. She wears some kooky stuff, but this is gorgeous. And that’s HER Delorean. Matt Smith (current Doctor) ALSO drives a Delorean. It’s hilarious! Love them all.

  25. ChristieLea

    Who cares about the dress? The Doctor Who/ Back To The Future mashup NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

  26. Taylor

    What happens in the mash-up Doctor Who/Back to the Future episode:


    You’re welcome, everyone.

  27. Julie M

    My 16-year-old daughter, who is a HUGE Dr. Who fan, just looked at the shoes and exclaimed “I LOVE the shoes.” Guess I should send the two of them shoe shopping in the future because I could never buy those shoes.

  28. Adu

    Amy Pond for the WIN!!!!!! The hair, the dress, the shoes? LOVE. Just adorable.

  29. Mahastee

    I love it, she looks fab… er, with different shoes.

  30. Camille

    It’s freaking Doctor Who. Can’t hate on that no matter what she’s wearing! She could have shown up dressed like an Ood and I would have loved it.

  31. crystal

    I think I like all the pieces of this outfit, but together it’s just too much.

  32. Miranda

    Oh, Kazza, no. The whole idea was way too much. Matt Smith showed up in the same thing he wears every day, namely a hat, a vest, a t-shirt, and jeans. And sunglasses. I know expectations for men are lower, but I think she just tried for more than was required. Also I don’t like any of these pieces, but the worst part for me is just how awkward I feel looking at the whole situation. Can you imagine trying to get out of a Delorean in a skirt that big?

    Well, no, I can’t, actually.

  33. Valerie

    I didn’t see a comment about it, but Karen Gillian and Matt Smith showed up to the NY Premiere of the new Dr Who season in the DeLorean. Which just makes me love them more. And I really love them.

  34. Moni

    The most astounding detail is that this is the first time I see somebody in a dress of this length who looks TALL! (Maybe she really is, I don’t know her height.) Most other women look stumpy in this length. She doesn’t. In fact everything else would have been too short.

  35. Ms. A.

    Her face and hair look flawless. The dress is meh. And the shoes are fug. Its scrolldown fug from fab, to ok, to fug.

  36. Dizee

    It’s as if she’s auditioning for a “Gone With The Wind” musical set in 1980′s New York, and scored by Trent Reznor.

  37. Moxie Lola Carroll

    Wouldn’t lace boots itch? I’d spend the whole night rubbing my ankles together like a deranged Dorothy trying to get back home.

  38. Catharine

    Maybe it is an homage to the upcoming season? From the previews, it seems that The Doctor, Amy, and Rory find themselves in the Wild West, and her outfit does have a kind of saloon girl feel to it…

  39. Hannah

    The DeLorean is there because that’s how Matt and Karen arrived at the premiere. Because they are awesome.

  40. Lily1214

    Truly gorgeous hair.