Fug or Fab: Karen Gillan


First of all: I do not watch Dr Who. Don’t worry, it’s not because I have some problem with Dr Who that will enrage you and force you to quit reading GFY in a huff. I just never got into it. I have seen AN episode of it, once, because my seventh grade English teacher decided it would be educational for us to see one where Dr Who goes to the Tudor Court of Henry VIII. Does that even sound like something that happened? I don’t know. I was thinking about boys and wondering if I would eat Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos at lunch.  So I have no preconceived feeling about Karen Gillan here at all:

Other than: I like a ginger; she looks like a nice person; she might not want to exactly match her dress to her skin?

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  1. Lynne

    I am a Who fan and I can tell you that Karen Gillan has been a very important object of nerd fantasy since she joined the show. She is kind of insanely pretty and has impossibly long legs. This dress and photo are doing her a great injustice.

  2. Sandra

    That skin and hair were made for bold jewel tones. And Girlfriend knows it, too.

  3. Madeline

    The look on her face kinda says, “Yeah, I know. I messed up.”

  4. gladly

    This shot almost looks like it was taken at the fitting of the dress. Where she toddles out with a hastily done up-do and tolerantly smiles for test shots.

  5. JK

    She looks ghastly and skinny in this picture — she’s really a lovely girl! Judging by her expression, she knows the dress is doing her no favours.

  6. Mellie

    I’m all for simple elegance, but this is a complete snooze.

  7. Anissa

    If you could see her shoes, this would not be up for a vote. She’s wearing her trademark black scuffed combat-style boots.

  8. Elena Reinoso

    Fuggers, you haven’t even seen the worst part! She’s wearing black ugly boots with this pretty dress. I actually think if she would have chosen a bold lippy and maybe shortened the hem and a pop of color shoe, it may have worked. I think her skin is glowing in this dress… it just needs some tweeks… okay, major changes…

  9. Lori-Anne

    First off, Doctor Who has changed a lot since adult peoples were in the 7th grade, just saying. And it’s awesome…just sayin’ again. And while I love Karen, and a pale ginger, it’s too close to her skin color. I agree with above, she needs jewel tones. But I find her hands most disappointing of all. On the show, she has the nails painted and longer and she has beautiful hands then. What happened here? WAH

  10. Jasmine

    This needs to be another one of those times someone in Fug Nation photoshops that dress an emerald green. Because it looks like an awesome dress in a terrible color, and that it would look great on her in green.

    But can we also talk about why no one seemed to do her hair? Why does her hair look like mine does right now (i.e. half up because I had no time this morning to fix it, not the gorgeous color, I don’t have that).

  11. pinkcheese

    Maybe she was trying to get away from Pond’s trademark, shall we say, colorfulness with this? It is too close to her skin tone, although judging by her hair here, the lighting is pretty bad, too, so maybe it was better in person. She is amazingly beautiful; it’s too bad that this happened.

    I second Lori-Anne; as much as I loved Tom Baker as a kid, the new Whos (2005-) are very different. I’d recommend that you give them a try.

  12. Scully

    Oh girls, it’s Doctor Who. DOCTOR. Not Dr. You should look into it before the angry herds come sweeping in.

  13. pinkcheese

    I suppose I should clarify the hair thing – completely apart from the (non)style, it seems oddly washed out. It’s usually a much richer color that I covet desperately.

  14. Breda

    This is terrifyingly close to her actual skin color in a way that most “matched” dresses-and-skin-tones aren’t, and yet, it’s a lovely dress which is SO MUCH BETTER than what she usually wears. As Jasmine said, if this were emerald green (and hair/make-up were better), this would be an unequivocal Well Played. She and Matt Smith, man. Love them both on the show and they both seem utterly delightful in real life, but SO BAD at dressing themselves.

  15. Sherri

    I swear, her expression says to me “OK, fine, I WORE A DRESS. Are you happy now? Get OFF me.”

    And how did she find a dress that so EXACTLY matches her skin? That’s practically a super power.

  16. The Other Molly

    I don’t know about an awesome dress in a terrible color.
    That belt looks like it came straight from a 1950′s shirtwaist dress.
    And I have to laugh that in a world where NO ONE spells anything out anymore
    ( & u knw who u r )
    that someone would be taken to task for DR. instead of DOCTOR.

  17. pinkcheese

    @Scully Hahaha, I have to confess that I’m sitting here in my Time Lords of Gallifrey tee (illustration complete with fez, ’cause, you know, fezes are cool.) Hooray for jobs that keep one completely out of the public space!

  18. Breda

    I feel the need to point out that she once wore this on a talk show. ON A TALK SHOW. (Granted, she couldn’t have anticipated that they’d make her run over a tub full of oobleck/non-Newtonian fluid, but still.) Note: that hair is intentional.


    So yeah, much better than usual. (I would, however, totally steal those shoes.)

  19. Naomi

    I can forgive the fact that you don’t watch Doctor Who so long as you call it DOCTOR not Dr ewwwwww. She looks like a condom and I don’t love her character. Whatevs.

  20. Colleen

    THE HAIR THE HAIR THE HAIR. Otherwise I think the look is kind of surprising and unexpected. I like it very much. Combat boots? Cool. BUT THE HAIR OH THE HAIR.

  21. Blanche

    I don’t watch Dr. Who either. I can imagine this dress looking lovely on this ginger person–in the evening light outdoors somewhere, with her hair down. I think she might have been imagining that too. Definitely it does not work in the watercooler hallway between the cubicles, as here, where I think it achieves “formal nudity,” …A pretty girl by and large, she should also consider doing some push-ups before she goes out strapless again; why emphasize those wasted shoulders?

  22. M.Amanda

    What Sandra said: jewel tones! And I’m going to pretend I did not read the comments that mentioned combat boots.

  23. Alison

    In other pics of it the hair was pretty good. Not keen on the dress though.

  24. fritanga

    The hideous Karen Gillan has singlehandedly RUINED Doctor Whoo for me. There, I said it. She’s the British version of Anne Hathaway: a terrible, self-conscious actress who tries to wrest everyone’s attention to herself. She is an insult to the memory of every companion before her.

    [/Dr. Who geekiness] Therefore, can I say how much I REJOICE in seeing her look like she’s been on a week’s bender AND then threw on the worst, most washed out dress she could find in her mum’s closet? YES. Vindicated. She’s AWFUL.

  25. Rachelh

    Um… She’s a lovely actress, and I’ve really enjoyed her character. That said, this is remarkably anemic and milquetoast looking on her, and I can’t believe she let them put her in it.

    And seriously, if you haven’t watched the modern interpretation of Doctor Who, you are really missing out. Funny, intelligent, scary (the angel statues still give me chills), and self deprecating, it’s great TV. Start from Christopher Eccleston’s incarnation and work your way up to the present.

  26. Alma

    Downton Abbey is the BEST!

  27. Gab

    Nothing is better than Downton Abbey!

  28. alison

    I knew when I saw this picture the other day that it would end up here. I feel psychic!

  29. Lily

    I’ll go you all one better on the Dr. vs. Doctor and point out that HIS NAME IS NOT DOCTOR WHO. It is just THE DOCTOR. The title comes from the question everyone immediately asks upon meeting him. Thank you. Just needed to get that out.

  30. Anika

    These comments are making me laugh. I thank Karen for wearing this yawn of a dress just for that.

  31. katie

    just start watching Doctor Who. you will be happy you did. :)

  32. Mongerel

    A redhead dressed as a tampon. Ewww.

  33. A.J.

    I picked the you must watch Doctor Who option because, you really should! But otherwise I would have picked the I know her and this is a mess option. I agree with whomever said it above, she needs a jewel tone! Ooh, an electric blue! Because I quite love that color, it would look good on her, and it would remind me of the TARDIS. (;

  34. Poppy

    This does not do her justice, look at her here! http://blogs.walesonline.co.uk/catwalkhawk/zzblogpics070910-karen.jpg
    And Dr Who is amazing.

  35. MKR

    If it were in a shade like emerald green or navy – that dress would be so classy. I think it is oh so hard to pull off any dress the color of fleshtone bandaids.

  36. Lynne

    @Poppy, love what she’s wearing in that photo you linked. See what I mean about the girl’s legs? She’s wearing a dress with booties and her legs still look miles long. Jealous.

  37. Lina

    This is the flat-out worst I’ve ever seen her look. KG is GORGEOUS and this outfit is a tragic anomaly. Srsly, she’s lovely. This is…I don’t even know what happened here.

  38. Lori-Anne

    So, the moral of the story is that Jessica needs to start watching Doctor Who again, starting with the reboot of the series in 2005.

    Oh, and that dresses shouldn’t match your skin tone.

    And that we’re ignoring the combat boot thing.

  39. silly philly

    Didn’t know who she was ’til a few weeks back when I caught her on w/Craig Ferguson and she? Is adorable. They got on like gangbusters, letting their Scottish-ness and Doctor Who enthusiam fly, and for the first time in my life I wanted to know more about Doctor Who. My cousins were totally into it in 1980…but I wanted to watch the handicrafts show on the other (yes, only 2) channel at the same time and since we were usually together at their house, their choice always won out, hence my Doctor distaste.

    Anyway, she was so very cute that night but here just doesn’t live up to her potential.

  40. Carolina Girl

    First of all, Big Ups to all the other Whovians out there. I thought my 7-year old daughter and I were the nerdiest of the nerds because we are the only two people I know who watch DOCTOR WHO. For those of you who don’t watch, tune in to BBC America on the 27th for the episode titled “Let’s Kill Hitler”. I hear it’s fantastic.

    As as for the usually lovely Karen Gillan (a.k.a. “Amelia Pond”) she looks terrible and she knows it. With her hair and skin she should never be in anything other than a vibrant jewel tone.

  41. MissKitty

    Yes, start watching Doctor Who. Start with the Ecclestons (Russel T. Davies’ first year as producer) and work your way through to present day, throw in some Torchwood, and then go back to the older ones.

    Personally, I would love to see a Fug Girls retrospective on some of the Doctor’s companion’s outfits. Or some of his outfits. Because seriously, some of them are awful. Was nobody else inspired to vomit with Amy’s giant red sweatshirt/mini-skirt combo? And how practical is it to do your nails a different color every week on the TARDIS? I mean, really. And I think we need a final verdict on whether or not bow ties and Fezes are cool. (I vote yes on one, no on the other.)

    And to bump the geekiness factor up just one more level, we don’t know his real name. He chose to be called the Doctor. Only a select few know his real name (like River Song). Can I get a nerd crown for that?

  42. Carol

    If you love Downton Abbey, you must watch Uptown Downstairs Abbey Parts One and Two, on youtube … you will howl.

  43. Edel

    I think I might be the only person to like this look. She was at a kind of casual event, not a big thing. It was a press screening for the new episodes, not too formal. I know, the skin matching her dress should be a big no no but, seeing as it is Karen Gillan (who I adore – yes I did go for Option 3 how did you guess?) I quite like it. Her hair saves it from being bland. Disclaimer: I love the Who cast so much I will excuse all outfits – nay, love them. Even Matt Smith’s.

  44. munchkintoast

    This is a mess but Doctor Who is an amazing show. My kids all love it (aged 4 to 8) to the point that I am making my almost 7 year old a Tardis cake for his birthday. Give it another chance.

    Amy isn’t my favorite companion (that would be Sarah Jane), but Karen Gillan is stunning and a decent actress. This dress is doing her no real favors. I think if it was in a different color it would be much more flattering.

  45. JK

    Got to chime in again — as a fellow pasty, brown-eyed ginger, those vibrant jewel tones oft-touted in this thread make me look absolutely tubercular, especially the bright greens. Throw me in red, coral or orange, and I look like a forest fire on the move.

  46. Alexandra

    The dress is awful. But whatever. Please give Doctor Who another shot. The reboot is AWESOME and you will become obsessed.

  47. Anita

    You really need to watch Doctor Who. Having said that she does slightly annoy me as Amy Pond and the look here is a bit self-conscious hipster to me…as well as being bland.

  48. Kyasarin

    Oh, Karen. She’s a beautiful girl with amazing legs (she’s 5’11″), and this is not doing her any justice at all. Also, she’s Scottish.

  49. NYCGirl

    It’s shapeless and the top looks like corduroy.

  50. Bambi Anne Dear

    I don’t understand why everyone’s against a large amount of pale. I think it’s absolutely fine as long as there’s some focus somewhere and in Karen’s case (as in Nic’s case, often) it’s the hair/lips/eyes etc. No one would complain if she was wearing a wedding dress in this colour.

  51. Laura

    Seriously you really need to watch the newer Doctor Who…you will thank us later.

  52. Kelly

    Love Amy Pond, aka Karen Gillan, but no, just no. And everyone should watch Doctor Who at least just a little, starting with 9.

  53. noo

    It looks like the picture was taken in a school hallway!

    It’s a nice fit on her, the colour is just completely wrong.

  54. lc

    As someone else mentioned she was adorable and fun on Craig Ferguson last month, but this dress……. The color and the shape remind me way too much of a man’s third leg, if you get my drift.

  55. Lion

    Colleen says that the looks is surprising and unexpected – yeah! And for these 2 reasons I buy it. Completely.

  56. peteski

    gotta give the girl credit – at least she managed clothes this time!

  57. Suzen DeSalvatore

    I think some beautiful peach coral chandelier earrings a silver cuff and a narrow leather corset belt in a cool beige color would have added some oomph to this!

  58. ChaChaHeels

    That little belt at the waist is really the most depressing part. And the little watch. The whole thing whispers “I’m as quiet as a mouse, and I look like one too”.

  59. sarah

    i agree with so many of these comments…especially Lynne and Rachelh…Doctor Who is AWEsome. I just got into it this last season and became obsessed. Season 1 (the 2005 reboot) through 5 are available on Netflix streaming… just saying. :) And Ameiia Pond/Karen Gillan is gorgeous and fantastic. Just not in this.

  60. Amanda Gun

    She looks terrible, and what’s worse; she looks like she totally knows it. It’s too bad, because she usually dresses really cutely (if a little hipster-y)! And you should absolutely start watching Doctor Who.

  61. Molly

    I LOVE Downton Abbey!! A good Edwardian era corset might have helped this outfit a bit. And some color. And a HUGE hat!!! And Maggie Smith.

  62. Joanna

    That dress is straight off the sale rack at French Connection! I tried it on last week – kind of relieved that I didn’t buy it seeing as it makes someone this tall and lovely look washed out and awkward.

  63. Veridian

    First of all I LOVE Doctor Who, its a brilliant show you really should watch it. I love Downton Abby too but you can’t really compare them as they are completely different shows. Anyway, sadly, this actually is an improvement on what she usually wears…….for such a beautiful girl she really doesn’t know how to dress. Its blatantly obvious when she hasn’t worked with her stylist.

  64. Squirrel!

    “Unpossible”? Is that a Who-ism?