Fug or Fab: Jessica Chastain


Well, we’ve got the color and some great makeup working in her favor.

But I really hate the random hip ruffle, like she bumped up against something. I’m also not sure if she passed the shoe test or not. Basically, from the neck down, I am trying — much like that bodice — to be supportive, but I’m not sure how sincerely I can do it without getting all zero dark blurty with her about how she is always SO CLOSE, SO VERY CLOSE, and yet never with the cigar, and I know cigars cause cancer and everything but JUST TAKE IT. PLEASE TAKE THE DAMN CIGAR. IF FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN TO THWART THE HACKNEYED SAYING.

In other words, maybe I am too exacting with her, or maybe I just want her to be fabulous more than her stylist does.

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Comments (35):

  1. Stefanie

    Maybe she just doesnt have very good taste? Or she hasnt learned to say “HELL NO” yet.

  2. Ailatan

    I don’t think it’s a great makeup when your eyes look wonkier than EVER. I get that people are not symmetrical, but great makeup enhances our features.

  3. Eliza Bennett

    The problem is the awful nude bodice underlay, not the ruffle. Why the random blue rectangle in the cleav? Why so low cut? (It looks squishy, not sexy.) Why is her hair so flat? Booo.

    • Sylvia

      God yes. The bar down the middle of the cleavage is making me crazy.

      I’m trying to remember a time when I saw her and didn’t let out a heavy sigh. I love red heads and she has the features to pull of so much. And yet…

  4. maryse

    i hate that dress. it looks like something i made for my barbies from my mother’s fabric scraps when i was 8.

  5. Susan

    You guys are being too harsh. With the exception of the fugly shoes, she is GORGEOUS! Her skin and hair are flawless and that color is great for her.

  6. Lil

    I’m just thrown by the fake-sheer bodice. It’s like an optical illusion where I’m afraid to see boob and then thankfully I don’t, and I’m happy and afraid all at the same time.

  7. Carolina Girl

    How this woman ever managed to get on the Best Dressed List is beyond me.

  8. jean

    I dislike this every time I scroll past it. Squished breasts, nude fabric, wonky eyes, ugly shoes. I’m being harsh, I know, but she clearly has taste. How could she not pause and fix some of that? Or her stylist needs to be fired. Plus she looks cold! I don’t know why, but this blue says “summer” to me, not winter event. Maybe it’s the fabric?

  9. AM

    The ruffles I’m okay with. It’s the bodice that concerns me. At first glance I was very worried!

  10. Clara

    It looks like she is not completely dressed. Did she forget her suit jacket? Did she leave her wrap in the limo? And is her skirt a tad to snug over her hips? Sh elooks great in the blue, but the rest of it is meh.

    • SaraK

      Agree. For some reason I associate that shade of blue with the Duchess of Cambridge, maybe ’cause it’s similar to her engagement-announcement dress? So now I feel like I’m seeing Kate half-dressed, getting ready beforehand. Too voyeuristic a look for me, I feel icky just looking at this. Which is pretty bad when you consider that Jessica is a lovely looking woman and so we really shouldn’t be driven to think of ickyness or Duchesses when we see her.

  11. Helen

    Hate the bridesmaidy shoes, hate the summery sheer illusion bodice, hate the squashed boobs.

    The hip ruffle’s okay with me but it demands a bigger, more dramatic top half, maybe something with some drape around the neckline. And in the same fabric!

    On the plus side, I think she looks great in this sleek, straight, shiny hair.

  12. Lucille Austero

    SHE is gorgeous, no argument there, but her style (which is not the same as the person herself in case that needs emphasizing) is boooooooooring. And that’s just plain unforgiveable. Give me crazy wackitude (HBC, I’m looking at you, you fabulous nutbar) any day over this meh.

  13. TaraMisu

    The bodice is weird and fugly but the color is amazing on her. The shoes are ok, but not with the dress.

  14. anonymoose

    Melted popcorn shoes?

  15. Rayna

    Agree with TaraMisu – shoes could be cute, but not here. Color is potentially great, but not in this………..thing.

    Jessica is so gorgeous, hair and earrings are working, but — can someone please DRESS her?

    Didn’t you all Fug Girls used to have a tag about “lingerie is not a shirt”?

  16. Trace

    Was she leaving the house in such a hurry that she forgot to put her top on?

  17. PynkNylon.com

    The raw materials for a great outfit are there. That color is amazing; quite unfortunate -.-

  18. Sandra

    Joining the bandwagon on the bodice issue. That nude lining needs to stop happening. Or maybe it’s the lace thing that needs to stop happening. I’m not entirely sure this would work even if it was a color.

  19. Elaine

    i hate those shoes more than anything i’ve seen in a long time. sartorial shudder.

  20. Vi

    She is sooooo pretty (wonky eye makeup aside), and that color is divine on her. Now, if it only went all the way to the top. No need for the nude, none! I like the pin straight hair, it’s shiny and clean, always a good thing. No to the shoes. Just say no to boring shoes and a poorly placed ruffle, Jess. It’s a really easy word to say: NO! …..see, easy. It would serve you well a time or ten.

  21. SugarEgg

    This looks like a babydoll from Fredricks of Hollywood held together with a piece of painter’s tape and tucked into a skirt from H&M. The weird nude lining completes the sanitized-for-catalog-distribution look, i.e. naked without nipples. Not good.

  22. Kit

    the shoes give her stumpy legs and I hate the bodice of that dress – it’s so random with the skirt, which I actually *do* like despite the oddness of the ruffle (or maybe because of it – not sure.)

  23. Bea

    I don’t really like the dress. And isn’t this the type of dress that you would wear to someone else’s premiere, not your own? I wish you would’ve gone with something more elegant.

  24. Justine

    The color is great but it looks like an extremely elegant swimsuit .


    I keep looking for nipple, but nipple is never there. It’s very distracting.

  26. Sajorina

    I think she looks perfect! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Kellilee

    The top of that dress really looks like my Grandma’s old bra. When your top looks like an old lady’s undergarment, you need help.
    Plus the shoes are really effin’ ugly.

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  29. Jo

    Lovely lady but hideous dress- cheap and nasty- awful fabric – disaster!

  30. Elizabeth

    Wonky eye makeup, or caught mid-blink?? I’d argue it’s very much the latter.

  31. Lily1214

    Have I said this before about Jessica? She has beautiful skin to go with that glorious hair.