Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence


I love this picture:

“Wait. You DO want me to stand on this piece of duct tape, right? I know, it’s my mark…you don’t? Or you do? I’m so confused.”

I personally must admit to being somewhat confused by those bangs. She always looks CUTE, because she IS cute, but I wonder if someone decided the bangs would make her look younger, or something.  Because they really do:

All of a sudden, she looks like Payson Keeler of Make It Or Break It – who doesn’t have bangs, actually, but Jennifer’s bangs somehow bring out the resemblance between their two pretty faces.  Poor Payson is having a rough time. Her boyfriend broke up with her right at the start of Olympic training camp, allegedly because he’s confused about his bisexuality, but in reality because that actor has a starring role on Revenge now. Although I sincerely wish his break-up letter to her had read, “I can’t be in a relationship with you at the moment because shit has gotten real here in the Hamptons,” it did not.

ANYWAY. I guess being an Olympic-caliber gymnast with boy problems isn’t quite as bad as being The Girl On Fire.

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Comments (58):

  1. Stefanie

    She may be replacing Emma Stone as my new girl crush. I just love her.

    • ortenzia

      me too, and my god was the hunger games movie better than any of the twilights.

      can kristen stewart’s stylist pack-up and head jennifer lawrence’s way? because she deserves that awesome of stylist.

    • Bo

      Me too. She does need to get rid of those bangs though.

  2. Gigi

    This is the girl who rocked the 2011 Oscars in that badass red Calvin Klein? If fighting off death makes you look younger, let’s get Lindsay some archery lessons.

  3. Elin

    The colours and the idea are cute – i just wish it had a waist…

  4. Chicklet

    I think this is fine, although I’d like to see the shoes turn into non-booties that are blue or orange, because the black booties/shooties/whatever look too heavy.

    • Ruth

      Agreed. Booties make every ankle look like elephant ankles, no matter how slim the ankles really are.

    • SharonCville

      Totally agree. Booties were the wrong choice with this dress. Better shoes = awesome/cute outfit!

  5. Barb Dwyer

    Dress is interesting but she’s not up to wearing it. Too unsophisticated.

  6. Sajorina

    The dress is all sorts of cute and I would happily wear it myself, but I don’t like the booties with it… Maybe blue, orange, pewter or charcoal pumps would’ve been better! And, I think that in the 1st picture she’s doing the Hokey-Pokey!

  7. Bella

    Love the dress, but not the hooves.

  8. Allison

    The top half of the dress, I really like. The bottom half, not so much. I don’t think dropped waists are flattering on very many people. With that said, I love her anyways.

  9. barbarena

    I have French dish towels that look like this

  10. val.

    I love the dress! Hate the shoes and not really digging the bangs either. I think she is so much prettier without them.

  11. Eva

    I’m not loving this, but I think it’s the dress itself. It starts out cute, but suddenly there’s this layer of unprocessed coal on her hips and then plain black. I feel like it needs a little extra something below the waist. I mean, is that really how you want to end your dress?

  12. Cat

    I like this dress in the first picture where she’s moving, but not so much in the second picture where she’s standing still. Hmmm, I don’t know what to make of that. She looks stumpified in the second picture.

    But I think your comparison to Payson Keeler is pretty spot on!

  13. Cat

    PS – I think her bangs look so much better here!

  14. cycler

    The first photo looks like it was snapped in the middle of one of those crowd dances like the funky chicken or something. Something about the jazz hands adjacency.

  15. Mair Mair

    Forget about younger, those bangs render her unrecognizable. I saw The Hunger Games less than a week ago, and yet I simply would not have recognized her if not for the caption. Weird.

  16. SamC

    I had to pick “Cute” because the dress is so Mondo-reminiscent. Or more Mondo-lite, I guess, as if someone said: “We’d love to dress her in a cute Mondo dress, but these patterns are so busy – what if they were all solids?” I think it works, but could work even better if they went full-Mondo (which sounds dirty when I put it like that…)

  17. Abby

    I like the idea, but not the execution. It makes her look like a board. She has a waist, and dang it, I want to see it. She does look crazy young with those bangs. I’d peg her for a teenager, not early twenties.

    She DOES look pretty much exactly like Payson, now that you mention it. Funny how adding bangs to one girl can make her look like another girl who doesn’t actually have bangs.

  18. anny

    First shot: Real Doll pose. (Just saw Lars and the Real Girl. So THAT’s why you people are on about Gosling.)

  19. vandalfan

    Total Jazz Hands. Perhaps my monitor is broken, because all I can see is horrible makeup, messy Rode There On A Bicycle hair, and an ill-fitted pre-teen dress made of stiff, ugly colored satin, and heavy hoof clogs.

  20. Laura

    Am I the only person in the world that hates booties? I swear they are everywhere now, and I haven’t liked them with anything, on anyone.

    • Shannon

      No, you aren’t. I hate every iteration of the bootie, shootie, whatever. And the open-toed bootie is the worst of the bunch.

  21. Girlin

    Love the dress but I hate the shoes!!! Otherwise she slooks adorable. I think the colours on the dress really suit her – as does the dress shape. Total girl crush!

  22. Caity

    They actually did make a “he ran off to the Hamptons” joke on MIOBI, which made the whole episode for me.

    Anyways, outfit. LOVE the dress, hate the booties with it

  23. ChristieLea

    Hmmm. When I read The Hunger Games, for whatever reason, I pictured the Tributes’ tunics as looking something like this. Therefore, I find it apt. And therefore I find it cute.

    And therefore: I am a geek.

  24. TaraMisu

    I think the dress is cute, but there are those fugly shooties again. STOP already.

  25. Naz

    This was cuter in person. Though I think I was just delirious from being near her tbh.

  26. notthatgirl

    Love the bangs!

  27. Shiitake

    This I like.

  28. Roseypose

    She pulls it off. On anyone else it would be questionable, but she’s so adorable and expressive and it *works*.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      She gave the most wonderful interview on Craig Ferguson. So unaffected by her fame and so adorable and doofy.

  29. gpleigh

    I like the dress. It’s different and a bit spunky. And she can do no wrong because I saw Winter’s Bone when it came out and her performance rocked the entire film.

  30. Alison

    Did you notice that on MIOBI they said that Max was rehabbing from his injury in the Hamptons? It reminded me of when Adam Brody left Gilmore Girls for The OC, and they said that Dave Rigowski went to college in California.

  31. jenny

    It’s her makeup, darn it! Stop that, Jennifer!

  32. witjunkie

    Ha, I think in that first photo she looks like one of those models in Vogue, that they put in those stiff, unnatural poses. Because it looks like Art.

  33. Jules

    It looks like Mischa Barton’s old stylist found a new client.
    It may not seem like a fug yet, but just wait.

  34. Sandra

    The DRESS looks like it’s made of duct tape.

  35. Eli

    I am sad about the new season of MIOBI. New location, less parent drama, less hot Sasha (and what there was of him involved greasy, nasty hair). Bleh. Bring back the Rock. But not DJ Tanner and her purity ring.

  36. Suzie

    My duvet cover was made into a dress! Although Jennifer is adorable in it!

  37. cruzilla

    I LOVE that dress! And I like the bangs, but think the eye makeup is a little too heavy for it.

  38. Trent

    Don’t love the dress. IMO, it’s wrinkled and cheap-looking, as if Mondo designed a line for Forever 21. And the booties are way too stumpifying for my taste.

  39. Emily

    I feel like maybe the studio wants her to look younger because there was a lot of beef that she was too old to play Katniss. The bangs definitely make her look more like a teenager than the hot 20-something she is. And, her smile and big blue eyes definitely have a teenagery effect on me. When I see pictures of her smiling, she looks just like my 16-year old in her school pictures.

  40. janey

    Fug! That dress is sh*teous. Also, she needs to do something different with her hair because it always looks undone.

  41. qwertygirl

    Am I the only person who thinks she looks like a very young Shelley Long circa “Cheers” in the second picture?

  42. crystal

    I can’t stop staring at those huge ole booties! The dress is…okay? I like the top bit, anyway.

  43. NYCGirl

    It’s a “I shouldn’t like it, but I do” dress.

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