Fug or Fab: Jennifer Aniston


Aniston should take a wind machine with her everywhere — she looks so charming in this picture:

I think this is the cutest I’ve ever seen her, but it’s more to do with the expression on her face than the dress — although I don’t dislike the dress. It’s just not very surprising on her, is all.

LACY SIDE-BOOB! (Lacy Sideboob is, by the way, my favorite tertiary character on Or So It Seems, the soap opera that I’m pretending to be writing but which I actually just use as a litmus test to see whether or not people I meet have a similar sense of humor. For example, if you don’t see the entertainment factor implicit in having a plot-line where a man finds out that he’s in love with a hologram — technically, they’re hologram twins from the future, Diandra and Levitra — we might not get along.)

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  1. Jeanie

    All I can muster up is a “meh”. Another Jennifer Aniston sighting in a black cocktail dress. At least she is smiling in the first pic?

  2. Jen

    Do you know that Levitra is a drug for erectile disfunction?

  3. vandalfan

    This outfit would look much nicer with half the shoulder-flowerette-tulle-flouf removed. And, it seems gravity is her enemy now, and the lace panel should be elsewhere, perhaps all over the back, or someplace less… revealing of the saggyness.

    You really should write that soap. Pretty please?

  4. Hee Hee

    Oh, Jen, that’s part of the joke…see, Jessica, your soap opera really does work as a litmus test of who has a sense of humor…

  5. CH

    I like it from the front, but I’m not wild about the tights, and the side-boob doesn’t really work on a woman her age. Don’t get me wrong–Jen’s got a slammin’ bod, but her ladies need a bit more help than they’re getting in that dress.

  6. Lina

    I don’t watch much tv, but I would read that if it were a series of cracky novels. *g*

    Re the Aniston…isn’t this dress just a tad young for her? It’s a little cutesy, even with the side-boob. Like, I might expect this of Dianna Agron in her ongoing quest to look like something besides a Holly Hobbie doll, but not of JA, who is experienced enough at this to know what styles suit her best.

  7. EJ

    Can I please audition for the (dual) part(s) of Diandra and Levitra? Please?? I promise to act the hell out of it/them and would dedicate my Daytime Emmy to you! I cannot commit to flashing sideboob at the Emmys though. Sorry. Don’t want to be a candidate for Fug Nation.


  8. Jen

    I would totally watch that soap opera.

  9. Gigi

    At least she’s smiling.

  10. Nina

    Lina, I thought that too; the dress seems a bit young for her. The whole ensemble feels like teenager/early 20something cocktail outfit.

    And what’s with the side pouf? Everyone has something sitting on their shoulders these days. Can’t wait for that trend to go away.

  11. LoriK

    I was willing to go along with the dress, although I agree that it seemed unsurprising and also a little young. Then came the lacy side-boob. I can not get behind that under any circumstances. It is nice to see her smiling though.

  12. jhops

    Unless it happens to still be 1995, please lose the black dress-black tights-black shoes combo. Please — for the children.

  13. sandy

    The skirt part is interesting, but I don’t like the line of the hem. Maybe better straight? Or less poufy? The side boob seems like a failed effort to sex up the dress, and the shoulder poof looks like a Walmart shower puff.

    And she has GREAT legs — why shroud them in darkness? Those tights put me in the mind of a cocktail waitress.

    She looks happy, but she could look just as happy in a cuter outfit.

  14. Sally

    I just poured myself a glass of wine and settled in to watch “Or So It Seems” before I remembered it hasn’t been written yet. Damn.

  15. Kate

    I like it BECAUSE of the tights! At least with tights and pumps she’s doing something a bit different from her usual tanned-legs-tan-sandals combo that has had me tearing my hair out for the last decade!

  16. marcia

    I just don’t feel very interested/invested in her anymore at all.

  17. The Other Molly

    Me either Marcia.
    Her fifteen minutes were over ten years ago.

  18. witjunkie

    I don’t think it’s too young for her! It would look better w/out the pouf but the ruffles are feminine without being too cutesy-poopsy and she has a youthful enough demeanor that she pulls it off.

  19. yvetterene

    I’m pretty surprised at all the “isn’t she too old…” comments. She’s not old. The woman is covered up. We aren’t seeing any nip; hell, we’re not seeing a whole lot of side-boob. Nobody says to Helen Mirren “isn’t she too old…” when she wears low-cut dresses and she’s got over 20 years on Jennifer Anniston. I think Jennifer looks amazing. I mean, we all know that Jennifer isn’t much of a risk taker in the fashion department, but she usually looks appropriate and lovely in what she picks. Cut her some slack. Geez!

  20. Willow

    I adored it from the front but then Lacey Sideboob reared its ugly head and so I must say I am neutral.

  21. Rayna

    I’ll spot her the shoulder pouf, which I normally wouldn’t, because she’s Aniston and I like her, for reasons that are not entirely clear to me.

    Black, OK, tights, OK, whatever. The skirt and the smile are really working for me (and her!)

    Lacy Sideboob, however, is not working for ANYONE, of whatever age and condition.

  22. Lauren

    She is just so BORING. She always looks like she’s wearing the same thing to me. The same color, the same amount of leg, the same flat but shiny hair, the same two expressions and I guess that’s appropriate because she makes the same movie over and over again. I don’t see the appeal anymore.

  23. M.Amanda

    Lacey Sideboob, or any other member of the Sideboob family for that matter, will get no support from me, regardless of any marriage or relationship to the cutest of the LBD clan.

  24. Grace Equality Pheiffer

    Hmmm. It’s fairly surprising on her, actually. It has texture. Normally her dresses are very plain. This has ruffles and texture. Plus, if it had color, hell may have frozen over.

  25. Zuzzie

    I like it. There.

  26. Sarah H

    I like it, just wish it was in color. Actually, she never wears much color, does she?

  27. jerkygirl

    From the front, dress is cute, but the lacy sideboob (and I join the throng saying YES YES WRITE THIS SOAP I WOULD INVEST IN DVR JUST TO WATCH IT) is always a bad idea. I’m just so tired of all this BLACK, BLACK, AND MORE BLACK JA always wears. At least it’s not a sleeveless sheath dress, which is her usual, but still–try blue!!! Or red!!! LIME GREEN WITH GOLD SEQUINS WOULD BE AN IMPROVEMENT AT THIS POINT.

  28. Jed

    People are always so harsh on Jen! I think the dress is cute. Would it look better without the poof and Lacey Sideboob? Yes. But she still looks lovely and I think the tights actually give the dress a more age appropriate feel. She’s finally changed her hair as well, check out the link below!


  29. Emily

    Maybe it’s just me, but opaque black tights with solid black shoes always makes me think of hooves. I appreciate that she’s done something a teeny weeny bit different here, but I just don’t like the way her legs morph into feet without any visual breakup.

    Oh, and the sideboob is bad.

  30. Lynnie

    Although I am not a fan of sideboob on women of any age, I admit this is one of the least offensive examples I’ve ever seen. Still: Oh look, Jennifer Aniston is wearing a black dress.

  31. Dionne

    I think the soap opera should be called “Or Sew Its Seams” and be about backstabbing tailors. I do think Lacy Sideboob is a great character name. And my problem with the dress has more to do with the shower pouf sitting on her shoulder than anything else.

  32. VicksieDo


  33. Mandy

    Or So It Seems sounds like a 21st century update to the fake soap opera Invitation to Love that everybody in Twin Peaks was obsessed with. I would watch the hell out of that.

  34. annie

    Do Diandra and Levitra have a brother Cialis?

  35. ddukes

    i must be the only one but it feels to me like she is just coming into her own and really starting to get interesting – i have really enjoyed her interviews lately whereas they used to make me cringe – and I feel like she has taken some fashion risks this last junket effectively saying blow me if you don’t like this. it’s hard to fake that kind of happy smile.

  36. Anita

    Not a fan of sideboob but this Lacy Sideboob does look a bit sexy. On the subject of sideboobs, I saw an ad the other day for a bra that – deliberately- gives you side cleavage. To this I say ‘No’.

  37. anny

    @Anita – I’m trying to imagine a bra that gives you sideboob. I think it’s called a plank.

  38. msd

    I think she looks good. It’s black again, sure, but it’s cute and fun. On a non-boob side note, how fabulous are those earrings? They look like diamantised (?) talons. Me likey! Me want!

  39. vpc

    Wind machine, yes.
    Happy smile, yes.
    relatively cute LBD, yes.
    Lacey Sideboob? no.

    It would be much cuter with the sheer panel someplace else (like her back! Not her butt!), and the girls neatly covered by more textured fabric. Black is fine. If she must. It’s better than the nude kick she was on for a while…

  40. steph

    Just watched the friends episode with her turning her love life over to Monica. She wore an adorable (plain – yes) yellow strapless dress. Showed off her tan, great body & was not black.

    Not a fan of colored lace – I wore it to prom in the early 90′s ( I am old)

  41. anna

    she looks lovely.

  42. Brianne

    It could have been really fug but I think the length and the cute little ruffles on the skirt save it from that. It could have been really fab, but I think the lacy side-boob and the overbearing size of the shoulder THING have made sure it wouldn’t be fab either. So meh. But she does look cute!

  43. Malora

    the tights need to go or change to a different black.