Fug or Fab: January Jones


She’s ba-aaaack! Since she was pregnant, we haven’t really seen much of JanJo — which, sorry about that, but ever since ScarJo went all ballistic about abbreviated nicknames as if she’s the only person who ever had one, it’s had the effect of making me want to give them to everyone. Anyway, let’s welcome back January, IN January, in a democratic fashion.

If you looked at the shoe slideshow from earlier today, you’ve seen the footwear already, and you know that I don’t like them. But the sleeves would be new to you. Let’s discuss them. Initially I thought they were groovy. Then I thought, well, maybe they’re a little too trippy for me, like a Matisse painting on LSD. And then somehow I decided they’re matronly, which…. that reads ridiculous, but I think it has something to do with the length and the beaded cuffs. I can’t remember a time I have had so much internal debate about sleeves. The word “sleeve” suddenly doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. Sleeve. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve. Who invented the word sleeve? Some dude named Steve who signed his first ones and forgot to cross the T?

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  1. Jacquilynne

    They definitely read matronly for me. Like something straight out of the Tan-Jay or Alia holiday collection.

  2. Jennifer Newport Nix

    But her hair matches her shoes! That is worth positive points, yes?

  3. Melanie

    Forget the dress, what happened to her face? It doesn’t even look like her. And her hair looks terrible – did she spend all her money on the babysitter? It looks like she took a nap and then rolled right to the car.

    • Miranda

      I think she does look like herself–it’s just the makeup and hair are SO different from how we’re used to seeing her on Mad Men.

  4. Bevvie Hedstrom

    The sleeves are too short. Like she didn’t want the balls dunking into her cup of old lady tea.

  5. Stefanie

    This is a mess from head to toe – Sleeve to bedazzled Sleeve.

  6. Fawn

    I think if the sleeves were elbow length I would really dig it.

  7. eee

    If it weren’t for that awful beading around the cuffs and shoulders, I might be on board. As it stands, though, I don’t like it.

    • megs283

      Yeah – the beading makes her upper arms look chunky (which they certainly are not).

  8. Pebbles36

    The sleeves look like they were stapled on from another dress. Sorry January.

  9. EAG46

    Maybe having just turned 40 a few months ago is affecting my judgement, but I *like* the sleeves. They make a basic black dress less basic. And Ms. Jones there needs all the help she can get about being less basic.

  10. Sue

    I like the idea of the sleeve, just not the execution. Also, why don’t we like her shoes? I think they’re cute. It might be I sympathize a little bit w/ Miss Jones. She’s touted as a snob. Maybe she is, I don’t know, but I had a brief exchange with her about 3 years ago on a flight and got the impression that she’s very focused and perhaps a little introverted, which is often mistaken for snobbery.

    Either way. She’s a beautiful girl who could have looked better, but didn’t completely fail.

    • Christian

      I agree. I mean I don’t know her personally, she could be a huge bitch. *shrug* But being very focused and introverted myself, I can see how that can be misconstrued as haughtiness when it’s very much the opposite. TBH I feel kinda bad for her, in Mad Men most of her scenes are with kids and animals, when the other actors get to fake drink (and have fake sex) at the office/hotel with other adults. I would imagine that could get grating.

      But this whole look is a NO.

  11. peanut gallery

    I second the elbow length on sleeve. Plus a slimmer cut for dress. It needs to be sleeker. I love A-lines, but that plus the sleeves does look matronely. And also switch out the shoes. Those look like “dressy” arthritic heels. Higher height would look better. Maybe some of those skinny strappy heels that Jennifer Aniston always wears.

  12. Sajorina

    #1) I love the dress!
    #2) I don’t like those shoes with that dress!
    #3) Since when is January Jones a Natasha Bedingfield (sp?) impersonator?

  13. Kris M

    It just reminds me of the time when we used to glue fabric triangles on sweatshirts bought from the craft store, using puff paint. Or sometimes, glitter puff paint. And beads for extra texture.

  14. Big Noise

    The differences between the crazy sleeves and the plain dress are too extreme. Plus, the sleeves remind me of the pattern on a pretty blue nylon warm-up suit I bought my mom for Christmas about 10 years ago. When she was 75. And she still wears it. So, matronly, yes.

  15. giggleswick

    I’ll keep this short and sweet. Another vote for matronly.

  16. Jo

    She and ta-ta Christina need to keep their Mad Men stylist on retainer!

  17. Anne B

    I don’t know how I feel about that dress. On the one hand, I think the sleeves are interesting. But there is something wonky about them for sure. And because the basic lines of the back dress closely resemble a dress I own (and love), I wonder why someone would mess with anything that clean and simple.

    I also think I might have shoes like that. It’s hard to pull them off with a bare leg; I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not a risk-taker like January.

    What I love: 1) her hair. It’s an adorable cut on her. 2) Her absence from events, tabloids, et al, since having that sweet little baby.

    He’s such a cutie. Who needs dumb showbiz events when you’ve found the love of your life? <3

  18. TonyG

    That sleeve/Steve pun was so bad it was good!

  19. Megan

    I can practically HEAR the sleeves say “Make it a Chico’s Kind of Day!”

  20. Amelie

    She looks just like Jennie Garth. I know it says January Jones in the headline, but honestly, everytime I look at the picture I think “Oh, look, Kelly Taylor.”

    • JanetP

      Yes! That’s who she reminds me of! Thank you.

      And no to the sleeves, but yes to the shoes.

  21. Moya

    It looks like she mugged a matador from Cirque du Soleil and stole his bolero…

  22. Karmen

    The sleeves are the remnants of a blinged out Huxtable sweater. No.

    Also, if you care to know the origin of “sleeve,” it’s actually pretty interesting. The Saxons were the first to use it, and it meant “to dress carelessly.” How apt for this outfit.


  23. Megan

    This outfit is pretty terrible!

  24. vandalfan

    It would take too much to improve to be worth the effort, but here it goes:
    1. Remove clashy beads and stones from the arm seams. Sequins are sufficient
    2. Extend sleeve length
    3. V neckline
    4. Hem the darn thing
    5. Put away shower scuffs and wear proper dressy shoes.
    6. A bit less eyeliner

  25. anny

    Sleeves’ (aka the Sportsman) is one of the premier hotspots in downtown Eveleth, MN (right across Grant from the World’s Largest Hockety Stick).

    I kinda like the dress, but there’s no red carpet at Sleeves’, so …

  26. GingerLover

    SLEEVE FROWNY EMOTICON (like I was going to be able to avoid voting for that?)
    Otherwise see vandalfan (pretty much does it.)

  27. Edith

    Between the eyeliner and the rictus smile, she looks like Michelle Bachmann in a Callista Gingrich wig. Which is to say, exactly like Callista Gingrich (maybe heavier eyeliner). Given that January is much younger, and much less married to a man named “Newt,” she needs to relax her face, stop slapping on so much eyeliner, and wear something less fundraiser-appropriate.

  28. Chelsea

    I don’t know I ended up disagreeing with everybody so much, but I love this. Like, I saw the picture before I started reading at all and thought it was stunning and everyone was going to love it. Apparently I was wrong… That said, I adore this. Huh.

  29. Cantankerous

    It looks like something my bubbie would wear to the Getty to have lunch with the girls–minus the shoes.

  30. Moxie Lola Carroll

    Another minority vote for actually liking the sleeves. But then again, if I were a celebrity my fashion sense would put me in serious contention for sweeping Fug Madness every frickin’ year.

    I come here to learn, people. :-)

  31. riga

    I think she looks damn good.

  32. Lily1214

    Very Ross Stores.

  33. Girlin

    Gross! Just because she had a baby does she immediately lose teh ability to choose nice clothing? It’s like she said to her stylist (if we can blame someone else?) ‘Matronly with a side order of frump please! Ugh…shudder….

  34. daisy

    Does anyone else see Debbie Gibson?

  35. Emily

    Wow, I really don’t think this could be fixed… It’s all just BAD.

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