Fug or Fab: Hailee Steinfeld


I mean, let’s get real. I love her. And this is kind of great in a really HAILEE STEINFELD IS BLAIR WALDORF kind of way:

This is the Gossip Girl cameo none of us knew we were missing until THIS EXACT MOMENT.

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  1. Carrie

    This is so fabulous. That clutch! I’m jealous of a 16 year old!

  2. Christa

    My only problem is with the hair. It looks like two different styles on each side. If it were all curly like her right side, that would do it!

    • Katie Lynn

      It is curly on both sides; she’s wearing a hat and looks to have a side part, so in this dark picture it’s hard to tell what is going on on her head. Overall I LOVE this look, especially how unexpected a leather pencil skirt is with a school-prep cardi.

  3. ok

    I think this is great! She a teenager having fun with fashion, and it is appropriate (in that it is not skimp-tastic) nor is it aggressively ugly (Hello Dakotah Fanning!)

    Rock on with your bad self, Hailee!

  4. Edith

    I love that she looks like a completely different person than the fresh-scrubbed overall-wearing girl from yesterday’s post. I like both looks, honestly, but I especially love that she is able to go from comfy slouchy to costumey fun, and is obviously enjoying it.

    • Brenna

      This isn’t the same person who wore overalls yesterday – the person wearing the overalls is Shailene Woodley.

      • Edith

        Whoops! Hailey/Shailene – I think I’ve always thought they were the same person. Anyway. Nothing to see here!

  5. Lisa

    Her hair is confusing me. Also think the skirt is too mature for her. If she had an Aline mini, it would have been cute (would have needed different shoes).

  6. Jo

    Love, love, love. Have fun girl, you rock.

  7. medz

    I absolutely loved it (her hair, the cardi, that expression) until I realized that the dress is made of some kind of pleather? A different material would look so much better.

  8. Lola

    I think she looks pretty ridiculous. The hair is all over the place, the hat is way to twee, and the skirt and shoes look like they are for a different outfit on a different, much older person. I just cannot take this look seriously. And that clutch looks like a giant LEGO block. No, no, no.

    • alex

      she’s sixteen! If this isn’t a time for twee-ness, when is? she isn’t in her twenties or thirties, she’s actually in her teens. I also love the juxaposition of the funky lego clutch with the much older shoes. I actually covet that clutch, love the color, and love the shape.

      • Sandra

        There is never a time for twee-ness. It’s an offense against the universe.

  9. Lynne

    I can’t help it. I love it. I don’t love the hat though. I thought her head tilt was an affectation. Now I think her hat’s just getting in her way. This has a fun prep school vibe and the leather skirt keeps it from being too much. I’d also like to commend her for not wearing a micro mini. I’m a bit tired of the young starlets and their tiny skirts.

  10. julyol1972

    I love that she wore this to the Chanel show in Paris. The cardigan makes it into a really chic to me. Good for her that she’s having so much fun with fashion without stepping over into costume or “try hard” territory.

  11. Esme


  12. Sarah

    I have zero problems with this. I think she looks really fab.

  13. Meganomics

    I’d like to have an opinion on Hailee’s outfit, I really would, but I’m too distracted by the broodingly handsome Clive Owen lookalike in the background. What were we talking about?

  14. Olga

    It’s the evil cardigan! It ruins the whole outfit!

    • anne p.

      Yes ma’am, that hideous thing is the original sin . . . A different sweater, and the clutch might have worked and the jaunty chapeau, too.

      (Nothing, however, would make that too-pale lip look good on her.)

  15. Fitzyface

    Aaaaahhh! She looks like Vanessa, but without the ratty hair.

  16. Willow

    I kind of wish the shoes had a little hint of yellow on them, just to lighten up their clodhopperishness.

  17. Fitzyface

    Facially, I mean – not sartorially. I like the clothes – the mix of dominatrix with the leather, and demure with the sweater is awesome!

  18. TonyG

    Work it, Hailee!!

  19. Cat

    I love this!

  20. that girl

    She looks like a character in my favorite Wes Anderson movie, Rushmore. On that basis alone, I approve.

  21. Jasmine

    I want to wear this. I also wish I was like… 10 years younger, so I could wear this and not look like some creepy lady wearing children’s clothing, but you can’t win them all.

  22. Sajorina

    Argh! This is sooooooo FABULOUS! I want it… I WANT IT all! Damn it, Hailee, my 16 year old self is so jealous right now and so is my actual 35 year old self!

  23. Rachel

    Blair would have worn tights and a headband. And hopefully not such heavy eye makeup, because she could be drifting into Little J territory.

  24. Tiffany

    I really like it, except for the hat. It turns the whole thing into a costume, especially with the sausage curls. The way she is so stiff in her pose makes me think that she isn’t very comfortable. The hard eye make up makes her eyes look very harsh.

  25. Sandala

    I think it is her makeup that confuses me. light pink lip instead of nude and good to go maybe.

  26. Shannon

    I think the outfit is adorable, but the makeup is absolutely horrible. She looks like she OD’d on black eye makeup and then realized she was late and ran out of her hotel room before putting anything else on. Terrible. Lighten up on the eye slap, put on a cute lippy, and some blush wouldn’t go amiss.

  27. jean

    Her hair. Can’t get past her hair. It’s not wacky enough to be amusing. It just looks off. But I love the clutch and her black nails. She has character this one. And since I don’t think she’ll be a great beauty, character will push her along quite nicely.

    I do think leather (or pleather) skirts are a bit adult for a young person however. At least in my world. Leather is for 18 plus. It’s just one of those things you need to “age” in to like the color gray or wearing a smoky eye. Sure smoky eyes look great on a 13 year-old because their skin is so lovely, but not cool. So while I don’t think the skirt is too sexy in its cut, the fabric is off for me.

  28. Lily1214

    It’s not bad really but the shoes look clumsy and clumpy. (Not her fault.)

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