Fug or Fab: Freida Pinto


I decided that Eva Longoria is running some kind of scam on Freida Pinto and the rest of the L’Oreal women wherein she somehow manages to snag all the best dresses for herself and leaves them with the Wonky One. Look, it’s something her Desperate Housewives character would have done, and now that the show’s over, she needs SOME kind of outlet.

Or is it not that bad? Sound off in the comments.

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Comments (43):

  1. Amber

    Love the color, because it works on her. I was undecided about those half rings-of-Saturn she has going on until that last picture–makes her butt look lopsided and weird, which I am fairly certain it isn’t. That, combined wit hthe slit, makes this a no-go for me.

  2. BrownEyedBetty

    I didn’t really have a strong opinion until the last photo taken from behind. She looks like she has a very unfortunate and uncomfortable growth protuding from her butt. What woman wants that? FUG.

  3. moi

    What’s your damage, Jess? She looks great from where I’m sitting.

  4. anny

    Considering this and the Pink Thing from the other day, I’m growing concerned. Does dear Frieda have a hip goiter or something? Although if she does, like Igor’s hump, apparently it switches sides.

    And yes. Yes you can see her panties.

    • Lindy

      No, that isn’t her panties you think you’re seeing. If you go to zoom on the first picture, you can see that it appears to be just a lining or double layer of the top part of the skirt. The fact that these “panties” cut at an angle across the lower part of her hip should prove that it isn’t her panties, unless she has a very odd shaped body.

  5. Anna Svahn

    Those are indeed panties. And really, panties?!

  6. LindenLovesFashion

    The bodice is some sort of wrinkly nonsense that makes this ‘dress’ look like a chartreuse lace top tucked into a chartreuse skirt with an unfortuate set of lichen-like growths. And what’s with the lack of lining down the rest of the skirt so it looks as if she has a slip on that has sort of rucked up on the side? I agree – Frieda Pinto is lovely, and this color is poppin’ on her (unlike most of us who look slightly dead in chartreuse…) but the prissy high neck camisole look combined with wonky butt…ruffles? growths? James Bond weapons? and that random slit up the front is doing her no favors. Not to mention the gym class pony tail. Frieda….come back from the dark side. Please. All is forgiven.

  7. Kirsten

    I don’t like the colour, but even if it wasn’t snot-green, it’s a hideous dress. It manages to look both tarty and frumpy at the same time. It’s woefully unflattering.

  8. Mare

    Score one for Eva. It is that bad. I would have like to seen her in this; she might have carried it off

  9. janna

    It reminds me of the R.E.M. video of “Losing My Religion” where that guy has that weird cut-out thing in his stomach and someone’s digging around in it with his finger. It’s just a bigger version on this dress.

  10. Gigi

    Better panties than no panties. And better no saturn rings from behind than saturn rings from the front – they make her butt look big. And she is not big and SO pretty.

    But I think La Fonda (what, three times poor Frida’s age?) has taken this one in a landslide.

  11. Faye

    Anything that makes the gorgeous Frida Pinto look lumpy, frumpy, and dumpy is officially A Bad Idea.

    The color is lovely on her, though.

  12. gypsy

    I like the weird bottom half, but combined with that bodice, which is doing unkind things to her chest, the dress makes her look pear-shaped.

  13. wordphreak

    You totally can see her undies. Not her best look.

  14. Mara

    Oh, Freida. Why so pretty?

    Seriously, she could be wearing a vacuum cleaner. That face is the only thing I’ll be able to see.

  15. ok

    Anything that makes your ass look twice as wide is absolute fug.

  16. Sandra

    That hip excrescence is puzzling to me. Actually, the whole thing is puzzling to me. She looks dumpy and squat in this wretched pile of textile vomit. In reality, she is neither of those things . She’s beautiful and this dress is distracting from that.

  17. Eliza Bennett

    I almost forgave the hip goiter –thank you, @anny–until I saw the rearview. she looks like an airplane hanger. Stop the madness.

  18. Bella

    Nothing good about this dress until she takes it off and leaves it lying on the floor. LEAVE IT!

  19. Cat

    She can pull off this color and looks amazing. The same, however, can’t be said for the dress. It looks like two dress mashed together and failing miserably. I can’t tell which I prefer– I want to say the bottom half, even with the hip rings, but it does her no favors.

  20. Bottle Ginger

    The horrid cut not only makes Frida look pear-shaped, the color makes her look like an actual pear!

    If I may philisophise: The worst thing a dress can do is be unflattering, and that dress totally screws up the porportions of her lovely figure. If a dress is ugly that’s bad, but it doesn’t matter as much as if makes the person wearing it look bad. This dress makes a love ly young woman look bad, therefore it should not exist.

  21. Lexi

    AMAZING SWINTON MAGAZINE SPREAD in CANDY magazine, over at Celebitchy.

    Is amazing.
    She is transformed.

    Celebitchy Link

  22. sarah

    Maybe it’s just because it’s the Friday before a long weekend, but I unabashedly love this. It’s an interesting colour, a futuristic design, and she’s just fantastically gorgeous. Does anyone know if she’s still dating Dev Patel? I hope so; I love them together.

  23. Sue

    The hip piece is homage to Barbarella!

  24. vandalfan

    I like the bodice but definitely NOT the skirt detail. The sparkly fabric is fine, but the slit and Hip Rings Of Saturn look funny.

  25. Ellen

    I love the dress, I just think it would look good on someone with different body proportions. It minimizes her top and widens her hip…so maybe it would work better on someone with wide shoulders and a narrow hip. Someone like myself. She should just go ahead and send it to me, that would be fine.

  26. Jolene

    Whither La Fonda? I’d love to see her dress.

  27. me

    The bodice is pretty, the skirt is fug and neck up she looks fab!

  28. Kate

    This dress looks great in some pics. I had only looked at it on another site, and I was 1000% on board. However, in the pics you have, it appears it may not be awesome from all angles. Here it looks much less good… The bodice and skirt don’t seem to go together as well, and the view from the back is unfortunate. Still, I like the idea of this (I am one of the few that really does enjoy a nifty hip ornament, haha). So I’ll grade her a B and hope most of the shots looked better = ) At least she’s doing something different that isn’t completely hideous, and I really don’t mind the slit.

  29. Mahastee

    Definite Fug! If it makes Freida Fricken PINTO look lumpen and misshapen, imagine what it would do to any other woman on the planet!?

    That peridot green is fab on her though.

  30. Shiitake

    The chartreuse is fantastic on Frida. I wish it had been lined in such a way that the visible panty wasn’t so visible. The hip labia neither helps or hinders.

    Jane! Shake that money-maker over here!

  31. lamamu

    The problem with her selections lately is that the bodices have been diminishing her chest in a way that looks all out of proportion. Too bad. She needs dresses that pull in sharply at the waist, hourglassing up and giving the effect of a more substantial upper body that balances out the lower.

  32. marie

    girls, can you also feature Fan Bing Bing? If i’m not mistaken she’s also one of the l’oreal girls, and so far she’s been awesome at Cannes. TLo have given her 2 WERQs in a row!

  33. understateddiva

    that WHOLE Atelier Versace collection needs to be burned.

  34. Samara

    The fit is not perfect, but I’m in. I even normally hate the “let’s cut a big hole in the back of this” craze of 2010 but this one doesn’t even bother me.

  35. Stephanie

    She looks like some ocean plant. Seaweed? And I think its less *magical mermaid* and more ew-I-stepped-on-something-gross.

  36. qwertygirl

    This is what Jane Jetson would have worn if she’d gone to Cannes.

  37. Nancy

    Freida is a gorgeous woman. However, her stylist must be mad at her because her recent outfits actually diminish her attractiveness; it is a crime and must be stopped.

  38. heartmender

    Where was her stylist? The colour is the only thing that works…The top makes her boobs look lumpy, no evidence of a waist and her hips look enormous. Not to mention how this does nothing to flatter her torso…where are her shoulders?!? Fire the stylist.

  39. Lily1214

    First, she needs to stand up straight and tall. Second, fire the stylist.