Fug or Fab: Felicity Jones


Felicity Jones has cut her hair (at some point since the last time I paid attention), but added a smile, and I think it totally works:

The dress isn’t going to light anyone’s world on fire — although I actually think it’s quite elegant, and she looks chic in it; it’s just not a dress you would specifically write home about — but there’s something about her that looks far more ruffled and way more charming than usual. Maybe it’s the pop of color at the shoes? Am I so thrilled that she didn’t go for nude shoes that I’m blind BLIND I TELL YOU to the rest?

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Comments (19):

  1. Kate

    I hope this is the beginning of the Neon Shoe Era.

  2. Abby

    She looks so pretty! She also looks like she got rained on a bit — something about the slightly rumpled hair and more than one color on her shoe (or is it just my screen?) — but I think she’s pulling it off to be charmingly real-looking. I do think that the dress would absolutely fall flat without those shoes though, or if it was on someone who didn’t have such vibrant coloring.

  3. Stacey

    It’s the color of the shoes. So cheery!

  4. Ailatan

    Love Felicity and her Catherine in Northanger Abbey is SUPERB. She does look like a cheerier version of Alexa Chung which is never a bad thing.

  5. Gine

    I’d be willing to forgive a lot for those shoes–but I don’t have to, because everything else is nice.

  6. cg

    Definitely like it, but it could be that it NAB, or perhaps a stronger lip color … might balance the colorful shoes a bit.

    • witjunkie

      Yeah, lip, earrings, something up there.

      • Katie

        Agreed -I think it needs a bright, strong lip and then it would be really lovely.

    • Bottle Ginger

      Yup, it’s not working because she looks washed out! White is an awkward color for the fair-skinned, a little more color would have saved the look. A visibly pink lip to play off the shoes (not as bright, of course), and maybe a clunky colored bracelet.

      Beware of pale lipstick, ladies, you may think it’s your friend but it’s just waiting for a chance to stab you in the back.

  7. Beryl

    I needed a choice for “like a lot”, but not exactly love. I do love the shorter hair, though, and the shoes, of course.

  8. qwertygirl

    I appreciate that this dress needs some small detail, but why must it be sheer? Rip off that stupid sheer bit and add…some other detail, I’m not feeling very creative right now, but keep the shoes and then it would be quite lovely. Sheer. Ptooie.

  9. Edith

    I think she looks lovely, with the caveat that I’m assuming she’s in the Southern Hemisphere. No matter how warm it may be in Miami, it is not summer, and this is a VERY summery outfit.

    • Edith

      Just checked, and this was in New York. I get that Winter White is a lovely and acceptable color, but white AND sleeveless AND sheer/gauzy AND neon is a whole lotta summer for December in NYC.

  10.  AM

    I like the dress, but it seems VERY summery. I’m thinking destination wedding at some tropical resort or Las Vegas in the summer. Her hair is cute.

  11.  Tanya

    Love the hair.

  12. elizabeth

    Reminds me of Rachel McAdams with the new hair and the hot pink shoes.

  13. Liviania

    I am 100% indifferent to the dress and utterly in love with the shoes.

  14.  HelenBackAgain

    I wouldn’t like that sheer add-on IN the dress’s proper season, which this is emphatically not, and the shoes are SO ’80s. No, please, I like a colored shoe, but I lived the neon cockroach-killer trend already. Make it stop.

  15. Rosanne