Fug or Fab: Felicity Jones


Since Felicity and Like Crazy are getting a big autumnal push, that probably means we’ll be seeing a bit of her as we head into Hype Season. So, methinks it’s time to catch up on what she’s been wearing lately — you know, bits and bobs we’ve either missed, or forgotten to write about until suddenly Halloween came and everybody is all Sexy Whatever and nobody’s leaving the house in real clothes. All of which would seem to cast a dim light on my opinion of Felicity’s clothes, which isn’t really fair. OR IS IT. And isn’t THAT kind of subtly suspenseful intro a sufficient lasso of intrigue to rope you into this slideshow?

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  1. Kevon

    Does this girl have an allergy to color? All meh, plus the short girl’s addiction to cinder block footwear. I guess she could look worse.

  2. Eliza Bennett

    Her mammaries distracted me in almost every shot. Why is she on Bra Strike? I love the blue ’60s mod dress with the pleated skirt, but everything else just makes me sad.

  3. Kit

    I don’t like the first one because it’s SO short I think she can’t sit in it.
    I LOVE the second one – on ME. And I’m 50. It’s wayyyyyyyy too old for her. (Shoes are delicious)
    The third one doesn’t fit her well in addition to being blandorama. I think in different light/a different angle it would be better, but the shoes are bad
    Second bridesmaid t the left is lovely (except a better shoe would have been better)
    Five is cute, but both hot shoes and even hotter bag are way to heavy for the dress.

    This gets a big: wah-wah… from me.

  4. Jane

    I’ve like her ever since she was Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey, so I’m inclined to think well of her. She’s not reinventing the wheel, stylewise, but i think she’s adorable and the clothes are perfectly nice.

  5. amy

    The only one I can unreservedly support is second-bridesmaid-from-the-left. The others are either poorly fitted, involve bad shoe choices, or are randomly accessorized. I mean, what is with those burgundy shoes and the strapless upholstery material dress and the blah necklace and the ladylike briefcase?

  6. Sofia

    I want to steal those burgundy shoes from the last picture.

  7. Aly

    You must watch her in Chalet Girl – if for no other reason than to watch Chuck Bass actually speak with his accent!!

  8. dianalily

    In three and four she needs a BRA. Or a better bra or something, please. That “the girls” are hanging so low messes up the lines of both dresses makes her look slouchy. Gravity is no one’s friend, babe.

  9. Lynne

    @Sofia, me too. Love those shoes. Don’t love that dress, though.

    She’s doing alright. I think it’s fortunate that she’s adorable. I want to own that fourth dress in a different color. Nothing especially wrong with that color. It would just look awful on me.

  10. Sandra

    Does she have Goldilocks Syndrome? “This dress is tooooo short!” “This dress is tooooo long!” None of them is really ‘just right’, but Beige Ballerina could be fixed by being a color and Second Bridesmaid is the least bad. Why the hell such a pretty girl would go around looking like she’s wearing yesterday’s hair and make-up, I don’t know.

  11. Anne B

    Second Bridesmaid is my favorite by far (and also by default).

    The Glitter Sack and Almost-Princess (lady-in-waiting?) Dress are both pretty bad, and that last bustier thing — the black & white one — belonged to my big sister. In 1986.

    Something cute in a bright color could have saved any one of these days, IMO.

  12. witjunkie

    Add me to the Wear a Bra chorus. If you are going to wear dresses up to your neck, it’s already going to give you an illusion of droopiness, so lift and separate, ladies, lift and separate.

  13. Cranky Old Batt

    I can’t vote cos I am so conflicted. The make up like holes burned in a blanket kills everything else with it.

    number 3 with the nipple sequins – really?

    I think I like the black dress and 4 and 5, but I can’t remember now.

    Age, you know.

  14. Mair Mair

    “Uninspired” is the word that comes to mind.

  15. Jacq

    I really like the first one- I do not think it is too short at all. I also like the bridesmaid one. The others I am pretty ambivalent about.

    However, I love her with BANGS (or fringe, since she is British). There is so much bang hating on this site, that I wanted to point out how fabulous she is with her bangs.

  16. Sajorina

    I love and want every single one of these dresses on their own! I have a problem with some of her styling decisions and her obvious allergy to earrings, but overall it’s a FAB for me! Also, she looks so much better with her hair up & straight and softer makeup!

    I really want to watch “Like Crazy”!

  17. Allison

    anyone have an idea as to the designer of the 4th dress??

  18. Miranda

    In a defense of Those With Smeary Eye Makeup: some of us are anatomically inclined that way. Doesn’t matter what I do, my face will turn it into a Smoky Eye. Whether it ends up happening in a good way or a bad way is pretty much a crapshoot.

  19. Chaser

    I like them all… but it’s only because it’s similar to the type of style I go for. Not saying it’s a good look but it makes my heart sing.

  20. Alex

    I can’t believe that she’s Ethel from the worst witch! She looks great!

  21. vandalfan

    Hmmm. I like .. the kick pleats… and…..ah…….zzzzz… zzzz…zzz (snore……)

  22. Mahastee

    The second one is a bit on the fuggy side, but the rest are cute, in a sort of not-overtly-sexy way. Which is always a nice change.

  23. Rachel

    Once again, I’m way too biased to speak ill. I love her clothes, I love her, I’m gonna go watch Northanger Abbey now.

  24. Kris M

    I think they’re all really cute, but it’s the lack of colour that’s making her face look gray and smudgy. It’s making her look tired from head to toe. Well, maybe head to ankle since some of her shoes have colour.

  25. yeahandalso

    Between her, Lilly Collins and Rooney Mara this is getting to be a bit much…we don’t need all three of them

  26. jean

    Um, is Asasd786 the Fug Nation version of Nigerian email plea for money? Just wondering.

    And I dislike everything about Felicity. She’s just so damn twee. At least in pictures and the one trailer I’ve watched her in. I even hate her voice and I generally love British accents. And I hate her pose in the last picture. It’s just so artfully awkward. Nothing about her feels sincere.

  27. Elle

    Oh. So close!