Fug or Fab: Evangeline Lilly


First off, and because I know someone will say this in the comments: I DO NOT HATE SHORT HAIR. I feel like I need to make  a public service announcement about this. Cute short hair is so cute! There are many many times when I see Cute Short Hair on someone and think, “Ugh, I totally want that Cute Short Hair on my head,” and then I remember that my personal head doesn’t look very good with Cute Short Hair, which is a source of never-ending sadness. Michelle Williams has Cute Short Hair. Anne Hathaway totally has Cute Short Hair now. Halle Berry is like the patron saint of Cute Short Hair. Halle should NEVER have longer hair.  I was obsessed with Katie Holmes when she had Cute Short Hair. The question is: IS THIS Cute Short Hair?

What do you think?

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  1. val.

    Ew, this really ages her. Everything about it is bad, especially the blonde parts!

  2. Mara

    Great legs, though.

  3. Rachael

    HATE chunky highlights in general, and these chunky highlights in particular. I think she could look great with short hair, but not this cut, and not these colors. I also do not like her makeup. Her dress is cute, but the shoes are boring and I’ll go all the way to ugly, actually.

    She doesn’t look ugly, but this is not a very good look for her.

  4. Kate

    whyyyy?? All my life I’ve wanted her type of coloring – pale skin, pale eyes and dark hair (I have brown eyes and light brown hair wah wahhh) and now she’s monkeyed with it! I am kind of taking this as a personal insult ;)

    No but seriously she looks about 45 with this hair.

  5. PegMN

    It looks like she cut and colored it herself. Also, I so HATE the gigantic platform shoes. So tired of them. So done with them.

  6. TaraMisu

    No to the hair and shoes. The hair makes her look much older than she is and those shoes need to be sent to hell along with sheer dresses and shooties.

    • Anita

      Yes to everything TaraMisu (great screen name!) wrote, plus never in a million years would I even have recognized her. She cut off that glorious mane of hers (the one that landed her shampoo/hair color ads) to do this? I really hope it’s for a role, otherwise — what the heck was she thinking?

  7. AMS

    No, this is not Cute Short Hair. This is a mess. The shape looks like it might work if someone cut it properly and took a bunch of the weight out of the front and crown, but I have to agree with PegMN that this version looks as if she cut it herself. Signed, Lifelong Short-Haired Girl. P.S. Her legs are KILLING me. Wow.

    • Art Eclectic

      Co-signed. I’ve always envied Cute Short Hair myself but it doesn’t work on my face shape. This mess looks like a stylist cut it based on a picture of someone else without regard to the shape of Evangeline’s face.

  8. Dazie

    I think the hair would look better combed. It looks kind of post-wind-tunnely here, but I think with a nice bit of hair goo it’d be ok.

    Loving the dress, coveting the legs, HATING THE HOOVES. Makes her look very clunky down under.

  9. Eli

    Um blasphemy. Annette Bening is gorgeous and has very nice short hair that is flattering and not a dyed blonde frontal mop. This…is the opposite of gorgeous.

    • Jessica

      I sort of meant, there is a facial resemblance I didn’t previously notice.

      • Heironyms.

        Ditto. I saw the post, thought, “Wow, she looks like Annette Bening in that hair,” then clicked through and saw the comment with the first photo. :)

      • Eli

        She has a face? I couldn’t see past the hair…my bad.

  10. Daffodil

    Coarse, wavy hair and short cuts do not mix. I guarantee you that, having lived through several such cuts. (Currently trying to figure out what cuts coarse, wavy hair DOES mix with, though I expect that to be a lifelong project.)

    What gets me about this getup, though, is that she’s wearing a veritable Brach’s Pick-A-Mix of Proportions. Her bottom looks great and tiny in that short sparkly dress, and the dress also makes her arms look long and lean. But it makes her middle look like a rumpled bed comforter. Her shoes make her feet look like they belong on a woman three times as big as she is. Her hair is really big, but her neck is thin. None of it adds up. It’s just wasting the parts that do look good by throwing in all these other parts that look awful.

    • Katie

      I keep my coarse, wavy hair cut just past my shoulders. No layers and no bangs. It’s horribly un-trendy, but the waves settle properly and, my favorite part, it’s wash-and-wear.

      I have nothing to add to the comments already here regarding Evangeline.

    • sara l

      I also keep my coarse wavy (very thick) hair just past my shoulders. I do have long layers but no bangs (they never, ever dry right). I agree that the right cut for “our” type of hair can be hard to come by but once you find it, it’s trouble free. And, yes indeed on the “wash and wear” comment (once I found Garnier leave in conditioner, that is!).

      • Elizabeth

        That’s the way mine is now, too. But I’ve found long layers to be the key. If I don’t have layers, though, it gets too heavy and takes on an uber-attractive pyramid shape.

        I have had short hair, and in my experience it has to be just the right cut, cut regularly and blown dry at least at the front.

    • Katy

      I have thick, coarse, wavy, frizzy hair and always wear it in a jaw-length bob because that’s what works with my face. But I tried a million short cuts before I found one that worked. It has to be very layered, the layers have to be blended really well because otherwise they’ll puff up, it has to be thinned out a lot, and I usually have to blow-dry and iron it. On the other hand, blow-drying and ironing it takes about five minutes because it’s so short. This doesn’t really have anything to do with Evangeline.

    • Aparatchick

      I have wavy, coarse hair that has been cut short for the last 25 years. The key is to find a stylist who knows how to cut wavy, coarse hair.

      In Evangeline’s case, she’d look fine in short hair that was cut better – and not colored as badly as this is.

  11. currygirl

    Woah, I thought this was Janine Turner when I glanced at the picture! Thank you Restasis.

    I prefer her with longer hair. And yes, so sick of the silly putty shoes!

  12. Gine

    Oof. The haircut COULD be okay, but with that weird dye job, it’s hard to tell. Her makeup isn’t flattering, either. I like the dress, but yeah, enough with those shoes already.

  13. Rayna

    She COULD have Cute Short Hair, even with the weird chunky highlights, which I sort of like, but it needs a better cut and some styling product, stat.

    Dress is adorbs, but I would add a few inches, just because (I know, sorry, clutching pearls here).

    But the shoes – gaaah! Hooves indeed. No favors.

    While we’re on the subject of Cute Short Hair, let’s not forget Carey Mulligan. :-)

  14. Lisa

    It might be ok without the horrible blond patch and if the front was less poufy. I can’t get passed the blond part, though. It’s really bad.

    • Jessica

      The longer I looked at the front blonde patch the more I hated it. It almost looks clipped in.

  15. Ferris

    Man, she looks just like Janine Turner, but Janine would never have gone with those highlights.

  16. Jenlwb

    - Hate the shoes too, giant minnie mouse platformy monsters.
    - The hobbit is going to be 3 parts i think. Gahhhhhhhh.
    - Dress is nice, legs are FABulous.
    -Hair is meh. Think it’s the colour. She could pull off Cute Short Hair if done appropriately.
    That is all.

    • Kristina

      Yep, it’s a three-parter. I can think of things more unnecessary than that, but not right this minute.

      I hate those shoes, on everyone. And I’m hoping the hair is for a role.

      • Sandra

        I howled in despair when I read about it becoming a trilogy. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, Peter Jackson.

        I thought elves were supposed to be tall?

        • Chasmosaur

          Apparently, he decided he wanted to fill things in with the Appendices from LOTR.

          I am banging my head in despair over this – The Hobbit is a small, light fantasy, not a trilogy.

          Oh – yeah, get back to me on Lilly’s hair when it’s all one color that actually flatters her skin-tone

        • Sandra

          For a guy who said that he decided what was in and what was out for LOTR by asking “does this get the Ring to Mordor?”, he seems to have experienced some slippage of focus. Not that I won’t see every one of these films, but there’s gonna be a whole lotta stuff that doesn’t get the Hobbit to the Dragon, or back again.

  17. Blair's Head Band

    She’s giving me KYLIE MINOGUE here.

    I could get on board with the cut, but not that weird comb-in blonde bangs thing that’s happening.

  18. maryse

    the color of her hair is wrong. so so wrong.

  19. theotherjennifer

    that hair looks like she pulled a Miley Cyrus and did it herself. Short hair is fab is done correctly. This is not. and that Flock of Seagulls blond swoop in the front looks like a horse tail. Those shoes straight to hell, indeed.

  20. jennifer

    I, too, like Cute Short Hair and wish I could wear it. THIS is not Cute Short Hair….

  21. Mrs. Julien

    Are we sure it’s not a wig? She is exquisitely pretty.

  22. Annie S.

    She is so, so pretty, but she looks like a Dallas soccer mom.

  23. Jasmine

    Oh god her hair is actually upsetting to me. It looks like the wigs you find at Value Village when you’re shopping for Halloween costume materials and end up putting on and taking funny pictures with them. Just… no.

    I LOVE the dress, but I am upset about the shoes. They look like weird hooves. I hate them so much.

    And now I am upset remembering that her and Dominic Monaghan are super broken up and she had a baby with another dude :(

  24. Janine

    Ugh no to the hair. No to the shoes. The dress is nice though, and she looks great (but I don’t like her because, you know, Dominic Monaghan is my fictional husband).

  25. Just me

    Two weeks ago, I cut off 10 inches of my hair to donate it to Locks of Love. I do not think I can pull off Cute Short Hair, but the guy that does my hair highly encouraged me to donate, so I did. My friends have all been complimentary, but now I am terrified my hair looks like that! The horror. The horror. Of course, I do not have that weird blonde thing going on, so I am taking comfort in that.

    • chickadee

      Also take comfort in the fact that your gesture is really going to help someone who is going through a terrible ordeal. Kudos to you :)

  26. amys

    Her hair looks like my 8th grade Sun In experiment on my very auburn hair, that, as we can all guess, went terribly, terribly bad. No Fab today, Evangeline. Just Fug. Fug, fug, fug.

  27. Karen

    For someone who used to have shampoo-commercial-worthy locks, this look is a TRAVESTY. Cut? AWFUL. Color? AWFUL. What it appears to have done to her head? AWFUL. The Annette Bening comparison is not inaccurate, though I would amend it to “Annette Bening on a bad hair day.”

  28. Caity

    First, whyyyy would she cut off her beautiful hair into THAT? Second, they are turning The Hobbit into not two but THREE movies. I love that book, but there is nowhere near enough content for three movies. Third, gimme her legs

  29. Jennifer

    Seconding all the groaning over the Hairstyle Of Aging and Shoes Of Het.

    And yes, The Hobbit, shortest of all the Middle Earth tomes, is going to be THREE parts. Someone really needs to learn to tell Peter Jackson “NO.”

  30. Ailatan

    She’s way too pretty for that hair! I feel that if that front bit were fixed or styled better even with that colour this would look 3x better.

    Short hairstyles can be tricky, esp. because they tend to age people, she’s young but not early 20′s young, I don’t think this will look youthful once styled properly though.

  31. birdgal

    Thin the front and get rid of the blonde chunk and then maybe I could give you an opinion as to whether this is CSH–as it stands though I can’t even form an opinion because my mind just keeps saying ‘Oh, honey, NO’.

  32. Sylvia

    The highlights ruin any chance of this hairstyle looking cute.

    Also, her skin and the color of that dress, no.

  33. Lindsay

    Can’t believe no one’s said this, so I’m going to have to:

    We have to go back, Kate.

  34. Vandalfan

    The hair cut is so-so, the styling is bad (what, she hung her head out the limo window on the way to the event?), but the swatch of blond is worst of all.

    Also, I’d rather see a thin belt over the elastic waistband, and maybe the Duchess’s booties instead of those monstrosities on her feet.

  35. NOO ooo ooo o

    Oh my God I’m blind.

  36. Alice

    This is such a tragedy. She had maybe the best head of hair in Hollywood. Even if she was pulling off Cute Short Hair (which she isn’t), she shouldn’t even be allowed to try it. The world needs her long flowing locks of perfection.

  37. Lisa

    Hate the highlights, don’t mind the haircut, curious why she’s trying to make us think she’s Rachel McAdams. Seriously, give that thing pink streaks and you’re looking at McAdams circa… what? 2008?

  38. Amy

    Wait just a minute, I think that’s James Nesbitt she’s standing with in that last picture – are they a couple now?

    • Cristina

      No, I think despite a public record of affairs with a long string of women, he’s still married.

  39. Holly

    Why a gorgeous girl like her would do that to her hair is beyond me. HIDEOUS. Gorgeous legs though!

  40. W

    James Nesbitt plays the dwarf Bofur, so I think they’re just posing together.

    But that hair. UGH. I … my thoughts can’t get past “ugh” to anything more coherent.

  41. TonyG

    This is a fab for me even with the hair. Believe me, on the red carpet, with her legs, in a dress like that, no one is looking at her hair. :D

  42. RM

    Kudos to her for making it down the superlong red carpet in those. Seriously, the red carpet took over the entire street, and Courtenay Place is loooong.

  43. Katharine

    This looks like a half-grown-out New Wave cut magically transported from 1987 onto her head. This is bad short hair. This is bad hair, period.

  44. Evalyn

    The short hair is cute – the blond bangs are a mistake. Mistake, I say. AND, if you are going to pull a sparkley gift bag over your head and call it a dress, at least put on a belt. Elastic waist is not a fashion statement.

  45. annmartina

    What is with the Pepe le Pew hair?

  46. katkin74

    Holy dog. That hair is bad. It looks like they were in the middle of giving her a Cute Short Haircut and ran out of time on the front. Maybe she got an emergency phone call or something as they were about to start on bangs. This reminds of Mila Jovovich, and I didn’t much care for it on her – that wavy, long fronted short cut. Ugh 1991. The dress is cute; would be cuter if it were short sleeved at the bicep, or even just above the elbow. There is nothing wrong with those shoes – at all – I want them. Now. Then, I have a penchant for shoes and I want all of them.

  47. Vandalfan

    I’ll note I’m an incredible Tolkien nerd, and can quote all his works chapter and verse and understand all the back stories. But The Hobbit is a charming little children’s tale. How this could possibly be stretched to three feature length films? I guess I’ll find out, but I don’t have great hopes.

    • Julia

      Jackson’s putting in a bunch of stuff from the Appendices, etc., to plump it out. We’ll get to see what Gandalf’s up to (y’know, off fighting the Necromancer and all that) while he’s not around during “The Hobbit.” Could work. I can’t help but think that two films would have sufficed, even with all the extra stuff, though.

  48. Aria

    Hate the hair and the shoes for all the reasons already discussed.

    And I too jumped to the conclusion that she was there with Dominic, and had no clue that she had a baby with some other dude.

  49. BeeDreams

    The blonde bit if very 90′s alternative music person – the name of which I cannot remember. Very bad, very, very, bad.

  50. stacie

    I thought this was an old picture of Alanis Morrisette when she had short hair (but slightly better than this). This is not good.

  51. Olivia

    This is NOT cute short hair. She is cute, the dress is great, her legs are to die for, but her hair needs to at least be re-colored. The giant blonde chunk in the front looks so dated.

  52. kaia

    i thought it was courtney cox – i thought she chopped her hair and colored it like she was still in friends. like omg why. but i don’t know who evangeline lily is. so whatever.

  53. The Other Molly

    It should be a crime for someone with long, gorgeous hair to lop it all off into a mess like that.

  54. Gabby

    I just went through the whole “Is she there with Dominic? Are they back together? How awesome!” Thing.

    I didn’t know she was in this film.

    HATE the hair. It aaaaggggeesss her so much. Kate would never have cut her hair..

  55. Esme

    I agree that she looks great with shorter hair, but she needs a better cut.

  56. S

    This is SO bad. I feel sad looking at it, and I don’t even like Evangeline Lilly.

    Ugly. Just…this is ugly.

  57. M

    I don’t want to judge the hair too harshly because we never know what might be for a role or whatever. That being said, the cut reminds me of when Alanis Morissette went short and it was such a dramatic change that I never got used to it. And I envy the long, wavy brown hair so much. If her cut was a rich brown and shiny, I think it would work better on her.

    I should also add that her “post-baby body” is slammin.

  58. Trina

    No, this is not cute. This is not cute at all. Especially the blonde part.

    On another note, I think she would’ve made a good Arwen. Too bad I don’t think anyone knew who she was back then. (I’m not a Liv Tyler fan). Also, no, the Hobbit does not need to be two parts at all.

  59. Jenny P.

    This cut makes her look old.

  60. Claire1

    I don’t think she has the hair for short hair. I don’t either.
    I love short hair…but it seems that you need to have that nice smooth, slippery straight hair to begin with.
    I have thick wavy in parts and straight in others hair. Mine would be the opposite of hers…. big wave down the back, stick straight in front and it, too, would refuse to lay properly. A good reminder that no matter how pretty a girl is….some things are just best left to other pretty girls.

  61. JD

    Soooo…have you ever seen the cartoon called Rescue Heroes? Everyone has these strange ginormous feet…that’s totally what she reminds me of! Her feet look enormous in those shoes. And the hair…ugh! I agree that she looks so much older, her long, dark hair suited her far better.

  62. jolene

    She totally looks like Dannii Minogue now! But Dannii does it sooo much better…

  63. Cynthia W

    Blech – I too love and covet cute short hair. I have also fallen prey to putting said hair on my head and bemoaning the horror of it all. This is not cute short hair – it’s so awful and makes her look so awful that I had to Google her just to remind myself of what she actually looks like.

  64. Agent Sculder

    Personally, I don’t think the haircut itself is that bad, but good lord the paint-in blonde bangs are just TERRIBADTACULAR. The shoes are equally awful.

    To me the shame is that the dress is quite pretty, and she certainly has the legs to carry it off. I know if I had those legs, I’d be wearing short dresses ALL the damn time.

  65. Chrissy

    This look really ages her. It’s not just the hair, but also the makeup. I also am sick of those shoes.

  66. jean

    Definitely ages her. She needs it REALLY short. She has the face for truly short hair. This is much too fluffy.

    The Hobbit is in two parts? Really? Really!?! I felt like I lost years of my life during the third film.

    • Katharine

      The Hobbit is going to be released in three parts, with extra material from other writings of Tolkien. Evangeline’s character is a construction, but other than Galadriel she’s the only female in it.

  67. cal

    Call me crazy but I think she looks fantastic. And I actually love the shoes.

    • cebec

      finally! i also actually like this. i always thought she looked kind of blandly hollywood-standard with the long brown hair. i think this is at least interesting (though yes, the blonde chunks might need to either be turned down or dare i say it made even crazier to try and make it work somehow)

  68. kSto

    I understand the occasional need for a change, having chopped off many feet of hair in my life and tried on many colors. Some of those experiments wouldn’t have stood the test of paparazzi, I admit, but it all grows back. I have to wonder, though, why so many beautiful brunettes try to go the blond route. And these highlights look like she tried it at home. As for the cut, I guess good stylists are like good cosmetic surgeons — hard to find in a town you’d think would be lousy with them.

  69. Sajorina

    I think she looks pretty… Well, how can she not? She’s GORGEOUS! Her body is bangin’ and she had a baby? Jealous! Look at those amazing legs!!! But, besides her kick-ass character on “Lost”, my favorite thing about her was her PRECIOUS hair and I miss it!

  70. Helen

    I can’t even tell about the cut because the coloring job is so bad. This is really ugly.

    Count me in on the hoof hate, and I think the dress looks cheap, too.

    None of this is worthy of her spectacular natural starting material!

  71. tc

    I’ve been reading all these dislike comments on many sites. The deal is she had it cut during the filming of The Hobbit to make it easier for her to wear the wig she had to wear to be in character for her elf part. No excuse for the coloring and weird dress though..ick.

  72. Emma

    The blonde doesn’;t even look like it was finished processing. It’s sort of a brassy orange.

  73. karanakau

    I would say the same thing to her as I would to Kate (the dutchess) if I were ever within safe shouting distance…which is “WHY WOULD YOU MESS WITH A WINNING FORMULA??!!!”

  74. Kerina Pharr

    this COULD be cute short hair, (CSH) but she ruined it with that throwback to ’95 highlight. Unless she stole the role of grown-up Rogue from Anna Pacquin in XMen 47: Mutants with Cute Short Hair, she has noooo excuse

  75. Meg

    This short hair is not cute. And I too am a believer in Cute Short Hair. But this? This looks like Suburban Mom Hair, and not in a good way. it ages her, like, 10-20 years. And when you have that face and that bod…why do that to yourself? She should be ashamed, really.