Fug or Fab: Estelle

Real talk: The shoes, ahir, and makeup are doing nothing for this. And the suit itself is really sort of weird:

But once I realized the pattern appears to be tiny martinis — with two that almost look like they’re clinking each other right on her pelvis — I just started giggling and then suddenly I found it charming. Like how Jessica and I watched the New Girl pilot while drunk, and thought we were going to hate it, and then by the end had to ask each other if we’d liked it because it was actually funny or because the booze had taken over our faces.

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  1. wordphreak

    That’s her gut, not her pelvis. ;-) Therefore, I find it unobjectionable!

  2. Sandra

    There is, however, a tiny martini glass right on the crotch seam. How unfortunate.

  3.  ErinG

    Is it… ombre? Or two different materials? My eyes are struggling with the textural differences.

    But hey. It’s fun, I can’t see anything only her OBGYN or significant other should have regular access to, and it’s a color. Call it the Rumer effect if you must, but this puppy gets a pass.

    Also I just for some reason decided that I hope this is what Ruth Bader Ginsburg wears under her judicial robes, dreaming of post-work martinis.

    • Rachael

      Oh god, if RGB wore this, it would make my whole month.

      • Kate

        For one tiny second I imagined that said RDJ and pictured Robert Downey Jr in this, which would make my entire year, and also seal his place in my, shall we say pelvis-adjacent Hall of Dreamy.

        • Kate

          Although come to think of it tiny martini glasses wouldn’t really be so funny, for him; more a heavy irony. Tiny Iron Man masks, perhaps, or Sherlock Holmes pipes. I wish men’s clothing gave itself more to whimsy.

  4. Nausikaa

    The tragic irony is that I had just gotten that particular earworm to leave my head, and now it’s back!

  5. sarah

    i think the jacket by itself (with pants/jeans or a solid color pencil skirt obviously) would be a kick.

    also, i too watching the New GIrl pilot while drinking and found it pretty damn funny. i THINK i’ve since seen some episodes without the alcohol filter and still laughed out loud so i’ve decided it’s actually a funny, enjoyable sitcom, and not just a result of the drink. some eps are better than others of course, but such is life.

  6.  Melanie

    I also wanted to talk about how much I expected to be lukewarm about New Girl and how much joy Schmidt brings to my life. Also this suit is whatever. But Coach! And Winston and his cat!

    • Heather

      Winston is amazing. I live for him.

      •  Susan

        Wow, I was on-board with New Girl the first season then found it annoying. Guess I better check back in.

        • marylou bethune

          I do like the actors and especially Winston( singing Defying Gravity in the car) but I am really tired of 20 somethings’ problems. And I am tired of the whole American Idol thing – they have not found a new Same Cooke in 10 years so they should pack it up and go home. J Lo will have to find another place to flounce around ….

          • Deb

            I was so relieved when JLo left the first time–then she came back, and that was it–couldn’t watch her and her stupid antics again. I’d even take Nikki and Mariah over her.

  7. Rachael

    I feel like I want her to be wearing something different under the suit. Like a simple navy cotton cami, maybe. The blazingly white shirt is a simple, safe, inoffensive choice, but it’s bothering me for some reason. And yeah, her hair and makeup and shoes are just plain bad.

  8. Sandra

    I get a very Blanche-Deveraux-on-the-prowl vibe from this get up.

  9. Aspasia

    The entire look makes me facepalm. And I don’t like the chained rings she has on. Can she do proper jazz hands/spirit fingers with those on? Flip someone off?

    • Dina

      I just enjoy that jazz hands are integral to your clothes watching experience. :)

  10.  HelenBackAgain

    All I can see is a bad wig and a bad eyebrow lift.

    I think the rest is blue?

  11.  amalia

    Picture this on SWINTON… swoon.

  12.  Looly

    I think the jacket on its own would be kicky.

    The best thing about New Girl is Schmidt, hands down. “calcutta bitch”

  13. Alex

    I think her face is what’s selling it.

    “Guys, can you believe I’m wearing a suit with martinis? I KNOW RIGHT?!”

    I would have liked better hair and a sassy red pump, but a guy can dream, right?

  14. Taryn

    I so want these as PJs! I don’t think I’d ever wear it in public though…

  15. Julia

    This is kind of giving me a pajamas vibe. But they are pajamas I really want to own.

  16. Crash1212

    It’s a really cute suit. Her head is awful, though. And she could’ve done something cuter with her shoes. Humph.

  17. Sajorina

    I watched the pilot of “New Girl” while sober and laughed out loud! Cheers!

  18. Jenz

    Amalia mentioned Swinton. Yes, Swinton would KILL this. Estelle… what did she do to her hair?? Also, even though it’s a suit, the pants seem to be a different shade of blue than the jacket (that could be the light/photo angle, etc). Also, those shoes need to die a fiery death, preferably in the same fire that rids the world of jeggings.

  19.  Sharon

    It the hair that causes all the problems… oh, and the lip color.
    Hair and lips. Fix it.

    • A Lynn

      The head is bringing it all down. She’s so much more striking than this head shows. Repair that lank two-toned hair, add eye makeup with a little more punch and do a fun lip color.

  20. Katie

    I like it. I’m nuts.

  21. Deb

    Drunk or sober, I hate this.

  22. Lori

    I hate this, and yet at the same time think that if Coco Rocha were wearing it, I’d be on board.