Fug or Fab: Emmy Rossum


Is this actually rather boldly cute…

Or did Roy G. Biv slip a little something into my evening Pimms cup?

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  1. GigiNYC

    As much as I find Emmy Rossum utterly insufferable, I have to admit that she looks pretty great here. The color contrasts are unusual and it fits her perfectly. Now if only she would wipe that smug look off her face.

  2. Rachel

    It needs less austere hair, though.

  3. Molly

    I agree with Rachel. It must be the hair that makes this look – off.

    She has a great figure, but something about this is just not right and i think it is the color. Instead of contrasts that are at war, a contrast that is in a tiff would be better, maybe.

  4. Jill

    It’s cute, but it looks like she’s wearing 4 pairs of Spanx and sucking it in. Or she’s just seeing how long she can hold her breath.

  5. tammy

    looks like a lands end swim dress.

  6. jenny

    Kinda wish that bottom color was less mustard and more like the Showtime logo color in the background. Or would that be too Barbie? OMG, just saw Tammy’s comment, and am dying.

  7. jerkygirl

    @tammy, Yeah the first thing I thought was “captain of some high school swimming cheerleaders team” so I lol’d some when I read your comment. Land’s End, indeed. :)

  8. Ashleigh

    Agreed, I can’t stand her… but I dig this. I’m definitely a blue / orange combo fan. Although I think the top blue matches better with that burnt sienna-ish color, so I kind of wish I could switch those blues.

  9. Mimi

    I love everything but the shoes. If she paired it with kickier shoes it would be a homerun, right now it’s more like a double.

  10. Lynne

    Sometimes the intentional colour contrast just doesn’t work for me and this is one of those times. It just looks off. Maybe I’d like it better if the blue weren’t two-tone.

    Also, that neckline. Ugh. I mean, she’s pulling it off but just barely. That has to be one of the most unflattering neckline styles in history and I’m including those weird giant ruffle collars that Elizabeth I wore in the 16th century.

  11. vandalfan

    A blue swim suit with orange velour coverup. Her hair certainly says “I came straight from the pool.” The shoes, however, are a summery delight.

    Isn’t this the skirt the Lesser Olsen had on a few frames back?

  12. Caroleena Stantonova

    I think she dressed in an entirely darkened room!

  13. ashley

    i particularly enjoy that this isn’t wrinkled all to heck, as it looks like it would be.

  14. islandgirl1

    I love the dress (not her). Anyone know who makes it?

  15. Sherri

    It looks like two halves of different 1950s bathing suits.

  16. Rowynn

    I agree with whoever said that one shade of blue would have been enough, and also with those who look at this outfit and see a swimsuit. HOWEVER – she isn’t flaunting her underwear, (or lack thereof,) nothing about it is sheer and/or black lace, and she isn’t wearing a pair of those gawdawful platform heels. I’m still underwhelmed by it, but I’m grateful for small favors. Also – why is she insufferable? I thought she was great in Songcatcher, and just fine in The Phantom of the Opera. Other than those two films, I know very little about her.

  17. Minutiae

    Does anyone else remember that fantastic bronze/teal wrap dress that Kara Janx designed for her finale decoy collection on Season 2 of Project Runway? It feels like this wants to be the more casual little sister of that dress, but the colors are just a bit off.

  18. Liv

    She’s so smug, the cuteness of the dress loses something for me.

  19. Miz H

    islandgirl1, it’s by Etro.

  20. Fuh Ugh

    Team Lands’ End Swim Dress (good call @Tammy)

  21. damsel58

    It’s so shiny.

  22. Scarlett Golightly

    Bright colors are the best. I wrote an article about colored jeans, in which I also used a crayon box simile and a “ROYGBIV” reference. Too bad my editor didn’t let the latter slide.

  23. Sajorina

    I really like it! It’s an odd pairing of colors, but it works and she looks great!

  24. Kelsey A

    Does this remind anyone else of Jazzercise?

  25. Mary Urech Stallings

    How do you even know from Roy G. Biv?????

  26. Wren

    Eh, the top part reminds me of a speedo bathing suit.

  27. lc

    @ Tammy called it, Land’s End swim dress. Definitely looks like a bathing suit top, might not have been so bad if it didn’t have that bathing suit sheen and the tonal quality of the orange does not complement the blues.

  28. SaraK

    It’s not quite Roy G. Biv….there are colors missing. So just “Oy, Bi!”

    As in, “Oy! Big girls don’t go to parties in their swimsuits unless there’s a pool, sweetheart.” Which is something I’m pretty sure my mother would have told me back when I was about six. Emmy should listen to my mom.

  29. Jules

    Am I the only one commenting on this, while the American Apparel girl does her dance with the bizarre red pouch?

  30. The Other Katherine

    Love the dress. Shame it’s on Emmy Rossum.

  31. Guenevera

    What I don’t get is why Emmy Rossum is even a thing. Why is she (and Camilla Bell) in every single issue of InStyle? I don’t get it!

  32. gryt

    Scrolldown fug.

  33. Tifanny

    She looks elegant!!

  34. KC

    I LOVE THIS. I also love the hair, I think it gives it a sporty sexy vibe.

  35. Cat

    I want to love this, because I love bold color statements and color blocking, but I don’t really like this. I think my major problem is that I feel like this dress really needs a belt, or something. Also, she does look incredibly stiff or like she’s sucking everything in/holding her breath.

  36. LaZuzu

    I almost had to vote for Roy G. Biv! LMAO!

  37. Halo

    I love color blocking, but I hate the skirt of this dress and think it clashes with the blue. Boo!

  38. Brit


  39. Lynnie

    Since a commenter’s mention made the American Apparel ads appear (WHEN WILL THEY GO AWAY), why don’t all the Land’s End plugs in this post make ads for that company show up?? They would be more palatable, I think.

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