Evanna Lynch looks very pretty facially, and bodily, as if she is the cutest girl at the 7th grade dance. I'm saddened to see that Fred and George have abandoned the trademark Weasley red locks, which may not have been theirs to begin with, but I don't care. Tom Felton looks a bit like he wants to sell me some "Rolex" watches from inside his jacket. Bonnie Wright is lovely. And NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM IS A DREAMBOAT. And good on him for it. I'm sure it's not easy to get cast as Doughy-Cheeked Tragic Hangdog Doofus Character With Hidden Awesomeness, because you have to possess the aforementioned doughy-cheeked tragic hangdog doofus qualities. But Nev here rose above and grew into a bona-fide smoking hot man. I don't even think I want to look up his real name. I just want to close my eyes and fall asleep happy, knowing that when Neville Longbottom SPOILER FROM THE BOOKS went back to Hogwarts to teach planty things, every single student wanted to tap that ass, and every single young nubile lady teacher probably did. Heck, maybe McGonagall, too. She seemed a potentially randy sort. I don't know her life.
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