Fug or Fab: Emma Watson


Well, at least we know what Emma is going to do after Potter.

It will be called Twirl Power, and it will be a Lifetime movie about an Olympic-caliber rhythmic gymnast who, to make ends meet, becomes a Kind Touching massage therapist. Because in my mind, ALL Lifetime movies now end in Kind Touching.  The network should just rename itself Kindtouchtime. And then, like, Project Runway could turn into something where the designers all have to pay for the production costs by becoming Kind Touching massage therapists in their off time.

Anyway, now that I’ve made the requisite gymnastics leotard joke about the top part of this dress — which seems to be chafing — let’s actually step back and look at the whole thing.

It’s actually not bad. I just can’t stop wishing it were EITHER totally sleeved, or totally sleeveless, and not this weird and uncomfortable-looking hybrid. I also think the heavy cork sole on her shoes is too much, but what do I know? I can’t wave a wand and make us protected from Ultimate Evil, and my purse is not a tiny little drawstring bag that I’ve bewitched to fit textbooks, clothes, portraits, food, and a giant tent. So maybe I should shut my piehole and just — SPOILER, I guess? — let Hermione reconnect with her memory-wiped dentist parents.

Sigh. Poor Emma. She will be forty and I’ll still be making magic jokes, all, “Dude, what boggart in your closet handed you THIS to wear?”

[Photos: Splash News]

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  1. TaraMisu

    It needs to be sleeveless I think…. and better fitting in the boobage area.
    I agree on the shoes, they are too heavy and clunky looking. Something lighter in both weight and color would be nice.

  2. Annabeth

    Yeah, that weird sleeve is unfortunate. It would be better with two full sleeves, real sleevelessness on that one side or as a simple shift. It’s sparkly and the line is good, so I have no idea what was going on up there.

    Also, I think the shoes are cute in their own right but probably not right for that dress.

  3. Kristen from MA

    I agree re: the sleeve situation. But I do like the sparkle, and the bitof color at the hem.

    As for those cork-hooves: FUG.

  4. Share

    A little bit “lamb dressed as mutton,” no?

  5. Mary

    Cover up her sleeved arm with your hand and you can see how cute it would be if it were symmetrical. Agree that the shoes are too clunky — a strappy sandal is what’s called for here.

  6. Sinead

    It also looks like she’s holding a dog lead….ill-placed cord!

  7. jen

    love when that underarm flap sticks out – so sexy… not.

  8. Jo

    Is this wire behind her part of the outfit??

  9. islandgirl1

    Agreed. If it was symmetrical, it would be a really cute shift with the layers of color of the bottom making all the heavy bling a little lighter. And the shoes do not go with the dress. And I think they are kind of ugly.

  10. Tricia

    My left armpit is having sympathy pains.

  11. Catherine

    I absolutely ADORE this dress on her. If she had big hair or jewelry it wouldn’t work, but she tamed everything else down. Think y’all are being a little harsh. She looks amazing.

  12. Linda

    Two sleeves and just regular navy high heels w/o the cork would look outstanding.

  13. CH

    I actually like the gymnasty sequins, but I do wish her right side mirrored the sleeveless left side, as it’s far cuter. Still, she looks a lot happier compared to her appearance in yesterday’s orangey gown, so that’s something…

  14. Jennifer

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw it yesterday. I say go full spaghetti straps.

  15. Leah

    @Mary: I completely agree. No sleeve at all would be perfect.

  16. Kelsey

    Her hair doesn’t thrill me.

  17. AndersonicTK421

    @ Sinead: TTLY!

    I like the dress.

    BUT I’m having agita over Ms. Watson’s enjoyment levels with regard to all these events. Like, is she sad it’s over? Annoyed she has to do it at all? Her face seems to indicate one of these most of the time. If it’s the former then please clarify your facial expression, child, because I suspect the latter and thus wonder if someone’s getting a bit big for their britches…

  18. alyson

    Shoulda gone completely sleeveless.

    And she needs to suck it up and get some extensions put in. It’s pretty clear that she has no clue what to do with such short hair and she looks like she kinda hates it. Yes, it will be horribly obvious that they’re extensions, but better than the uncomfortable growing-out phase.

  19. Pink Coat

    I LOVE this on her (except the shoes). I know you have a personal bias towards the uni sleeves Fug Girls, but this totally works in my opinion. Also, she is rocking that hair! How many people can pull off that pixie cut?! I’m totally against extensions as alyson suggested. Cute dress on a cute girl with cute hair!

  20. Lara

    I like this dress, sleeveless and all, but it seem to choke her in the chest area. And she’s teeny tiny.
    And no, I don’t like her hair.

  21. bambi_beth

    Cap sleeves.

    I don’t like those high-necked bathing suit spaghetti straps. Yuck.

  22. Kary

    I kinda love the sleeve/no-sleeve thing.

  23. vandalfan

    All sleeves or no sleeves. Fish or cut bait.

  24. ramification

    I like the shoes. The wonky eye make up however. Not so much.

  25. Jasmine

    I would like it with two sleeves, and maybe a touch shorter. The hemline is bugging me. And I agree on the navy heels– the cork ones are weirdo to the max.

    Also, I ADORE that you used Homenum Revelio as the name to the link, H. Love love love. I want to know how it feels when there is actually someone there for the caster! Does it feel like a sock to the gut? Do you hear their name in your head? WHAT HAPPENS?!

  26. Jamee

    Extensions would look RIDICULOUS. WTF. I don’t like the hair slicked back, but she always looks adorable. I love the dress on her (although I’m not usually a fan of the one long sleeve thing), but the shoes just don’t go.

  27. Sensible Sea Monster

    I really, really, really want that black cord to be a leash, and on the end of it I really, really, really want there either to be like, a panther, or maybe Prince Harry.

  28. Caitlin

    I would like to see it either no sleeves, or two long sleeves and a dramatic open back. And, yuck to the shoes

  29. Lina

    I wish it were sleeveless, too, but I like the multi-color hem detail. I also love how awesomely age-appropriate most of her clothes have been throughout this massive junket. She looks her age and like she’s comfortable in herself instead of desperate to get herself noticed ‘as an adult’ — which is great. I love it when a childstar makes good.

  30. Geemee

    I love everything about it — the one sleeve, pockets, SHINY, shoes, slicked-back hair. In fact, I’ve loved everything she’s worn on the Final Tour, especially the stuff most people think is cracked out. I’m just enjoying her enjoying fashion.

  31. Halo

    Yuck. Let’s just throw the whole thing out and start over.

  32. Maria L.

    It looks like she’s been plugged in to keep the sequins sparkling or something. Gosh, I do hate it when she slicks her hair like that, but the dress would be fab if it was sleeveless. I can’t stand dresses that cannot make up their minds.

  33. Rigor_Mortis

    I truly don’t get her appeal. Homely to the max, and the outfit does her no favors.

  34. jennifer

    I agree: pick a sleeve type. And also, she is not having as easy a time growing her pixie cut out as Michelle Williams did. I don’t think Michelle’s hair ever looked bad. This slicked-down with the ends poking out behind your ears look is not working for me. I wish she’d just cut it all off again. Of course, I’m not having much luck growing mine out gracefully either…

    @Rigor Mortis: sour grapes, much???

  35. Sandra

    Kirsten Stewart called; she wants her b!tch-face and greasy hair returned IMMEDIATELY!

    Emma, sweetheart, you are much too young and pretty to do this to yourself.

  36. Jordan Goslin

    I HATE the sleeve. It’s squared off and terrible. But the sleeveless part cuts into her badly. Also the cork needs to go. But I still love the idea of what the dress COULD be. And I just think she’s adorbs.

  37. claire

    Are we sure it’s cork and not burnished metal? Otherwise, put me in the “sleeves or not, pick one!” category.

  38. Alix

    Why isn’t there a picture of Matt Lewis at the bottom of this post? Everything goes better with Matt Lewis.

  39. M.Amanda

    I really don’t like the boxy look of the sleeve, so sleeveless for sure and maybe with a little bit more room so it doesn’t dig into her underarm like that. I’m not wild about the shoes with their contrasting platform, either, but the swirly design of the sparkly part is so mesmerizing I might not have noticed them.

  40. Kit

    @Alix: Yes, that is EXACTLY the thought that crossed my mind. WHERE is my obligatory Matt Lewis photo?!

    As for Emma’s dress, I have to vote Fug rather than Fab, because everything seems to be turning out just wrong here–poor fit, awkward length, bad shoes, multiple sleeve personality disorder… I think this would be cute as a long-sleeved mini, perhaps fitted better and a bit less sack-like: very 1960s mod. In fact, I think this post would have worked better as Unfug It Up, rather than Fug or Fab. We all have ideas on how to tweak the outfit to make it outstanding.

  41. Dani Torrents

    The dress is not my favorite. She can do better. I do have to disagree with the shoes though. Looooove them!

  42. Lindsey

    She looks great in this photo until you see the many other photos that were taken of her in this dress…SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THE INSIDE OUT POCKETS.

  43. NYCGirl

    It’s the hem that bothers me.

  44. rMAL

    Is she on a leash?

  45. avidbeader

    Sleeveless and cut to fit just a wee bit better would have made this a win for me.

  46. Mahastee

    Not a fan of the one sleeve, but somehow she manages to make it work, unlike this; http://gofugyourself.com/fug_or_fab_the_twilight_trio062410-06-2010

    I like the hem, it’s softening.

  47. spacie

    It would be cuter entirely sleeveless. Also, she looks everyday fabulous, but if I were her at premiere time, I’d tighten up just a WEE bit. Maybe like 3 lbs. :-/

  48. Gabby

    I love the dress. Do not like the shoes with the dress.

  49. Bambi Anne Dear

    If there is cork in the shoes then yes, fug. Otherwise, not too bad. The dress I love, even with the sleeve madness and the surprise hem. But why oh why did they stick her in front of that plastic covered mass of whatever? Together with the casual dude in the background and the chewing gum on the pavement she looks like she’s at a premiere in Hicksville. Wherever that may be.

  50. Veronica

    Get rid of the sleeve, change the shoes. Otherwise, we’re in business.

  51. Andriana

    I actually love all of it. And she is gorgeus!

  52. Flora

    Hmm, I’ve never understood why if you don’t like someone, don’t like their dress, hair, acting style, you will be accusing of being JUST JEALOUS!!! Or, as in the post above, having “sour grapes”. Is it not possible to dislike any aspect of a person’s appearance without it being manifest of some underlying psychological condition? If not, then lell, everyone on this site needs to see a shrink.

  53. Vickyb

    Fug the shoes.

    She looks like she’s plugged in at the bum!

  54. Marianne

    Just want to say I really really appreciate the Harry Potter nerdiness. Totally awesome.

  55. mwm

    I’m similarly mystified. I think she’s really bland and uninteresting.

  56. kimmy

    i don’t mind the dress…it looked lovely on Letterman. i think she went for looser after wearing that skin tight thing on the NY red carpet! shoes are questionable, that’s for sure. i love her hair…even this awkward slicked back look. she has a Twiggy face and totally pulls it off. I do miss the short pixie though!

  57. memling

    I just like how that cord on the ground behind her makes it look like she brought her dog and it has wandered off-camera.