Fug or Fab: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield


This is a little vampy for me. Literally.

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  1. Anj

    I was going to say this is one of Emma’s best looks, but I thought I’d go all the way and just say this is the best she’s ever looked. I am in love with her dress and the combination of her hair, makeup, and dress just fits so perfectly.

    I actually really like the cut and color of Andrew’s suit but I wish there was some other colored shirt underneath. This isn’t terrible but the color combination isn’t the greatest here.

  2. Stefanie

    I wish there was the option: “Undecided about her dress/makeup combo. Unsure about who he actually is.”

  3. Rachel

    Give her different makeup (something about it, perhaps the lipstick color, ages her, in my opinion), give him a different shirt….Then I would love.

  4. Ms. A.

    Emma’s styling makes her look old. That lipstick is a no. I almost love that suit. Just almost.

    • ESK

      I think the makeup makes her look 45. I also think it is a touch too on-the-nose for him to be wearing a red suit with blue shirt to the premiere of Spiderman, who wears a red and blue suit….

  5. Jules

    I think they look great. They are young and in love and in Paris for their movie premiere – why not go a little outside the box. She looks really pretty and the fit of that suit on him can’t be beat.

  6. qwertygirl

    “Love” and “hate” are so drastic. I think every poll should include a “You know, it’s fine, whatever” option because so often that’s how I feel. I don’t LOVE it, but I think it’s presentable. I don’t HATE it, but it’s not my favorite. I don’t hate either of these, but neither do I love them. There are things I would change (ENOUGH WITH THE SHEER, ALREADY) and things that I wouldn’t (I’m always a sucker for a long dress; when I was a child I begged my mother to let me wear my long dresses for any even remotely dressy occasion). So, you know, it’s fine, whatever.

    • Jessica

      Often, we do include that option. But sometimes I like to force y’all to TAKE A STAND!

      • qwertygirl

        I know it’s there sometimes, but I’m usually so wishy-washy. So often I look at something and go, “Eh, it’s kinda ugly, but (Bai Ling or LiLo or HBC) has worn worse” and I am awash with apathy. And then I require a Diet Coke and a brownie to return me to my normal level of snark and verve.

        It’s very hard on my diet when these ladies (and gentelmen) of the cinema fail to dress to a really remarkable level of good or dreadful. In fact, I would assert that it is THEY who need to take a stand and either show up all Momsified, or play a Duchess Kate and knock it out of the park every time. None of this halfhearted effort! SUCK OR ROCK (or go home). That should be their motto!

        OK, right, I’m done now. Thank you for listening to my rant. :)

  7. Jennifer

    Lighten her lipstick to a red; fancy up his shirt.

  8. TaraMisu

    I like…. I think it’s a very different look for her, but it works. He is just plain adorable.

  9. PegMN

    Her lipstick goes with his suit. LOVE.

  10. Willow

    It’s the eye makeup, it’s really aging her but that lip colour is flawless so I don’t really care.

  11. Libby

    It’s just a little to weird that she’s dressed like a bloodless vampire while he’s dressed in a blood red suit. Ick!

    • Artemis

      Right?? All he needs is a straw to be her walking TrueBlood milkshake!

  12. Beth C.

    So, I wouldn’t want Emma Stone to adopt this look full time, (she’s such a pretty redhead) but I like it. It’s dramatic and vampy in that late 20s-early 30s way that’s just so much fun to play with sometimes. Yeah, it’s a wee bit costumey, but not enough to bug me. Sometimes it’s good to push things just over the line of costume.

    Also, I approve of the red suit. I approve of any suit that actually fits.

    • maxameliana

      Totally agree. I love that she mixes things up rather than picking one style and then never leaving it (Avril, I’m talking about you)

      • McLisa

        I agree, Beth C. I love it and I think the ensemble is film appropriate. I mean, if she were wearing this at the opening of Brave or Battleship, then we would definitely have a problem.

  13. Lori

    I think the makeup is kind of fun for a one time deal. I would like the dress more if I weren’t so concerned about the recent spate of nude illusion mesh.

  14. Geld

    Als je geld wilt verdienen kijk dan snel op mijn website

  15. Carol

    I’m sorry. A red suit on a guy? Hon, no. As for Emma: Vanna White on the Halloween edition of Wheel!

  16. Patrick

    I don’t know if I want to do Andrew Garfield or that suit more. Absolutely marvellous. And so the Google hunt for my own version begins….

  17. maryse

    the red of the shirt and the suit are not the same tone of red and that bugs me. i’m kind of on the fence with her look. i do love her makeup though.

  18. Dave

    One thing I find sorta interesting (and it has probably been discussed here before) is when a couple shows up for an event with the woman dressed far more formally than the man. The guy here is basically business casual while she’s in a floor-length gown.

    In any case, her dress and styling scare me. I like his outfit but he looks incredibly underdressed next to her — which I think is kind of disrespectful of one’s SO, no?

    Plus, he has really, really big hair.

  19. Billie

    I think the dress and hair/makeup combo is a little too severe, especially for June. This could possibly pass in December. She should’ve softened the makeup for this dress, or had a less severe neckline with that hair/makeup. Together, it just looks a wee bit too costumey.

  20. Jonesy

    I just didn’t like Emma’s dress…or the styling…..or the makeup….. Love the cut of Andrew’s suit just not the color. Well, I might like the color on someone else. Definitely hated that shirt with it.

  21. filmcricket

    Emma, your first name is Emma, not Sharon. Nor are you Dita Von Teese. Save the spackle for when you’re older, kiddo. It’s possible to be dramatic without looking painted. I also really hate the dress, just looking at it makes me itchy.

    Garfield just comes off as *such* a douche to me, but I have to admit I love that suit. Do wish he’d shaved, though – hipster scruff and fine menswear do not mix.

  22. hillary l.

    Emma’s look is totally Nicole Kidman. Love Andy, though – I look at him and hear Tom Hanks telling how great he looks in a red suit.

    • anny

      @hilary, “Kidmanesque” was my first thought too – not in a good way.

  23. urmi

    Why is “Do I look like I care?” not an option??

  24. Alexandra

    I love the dress, but I feel like the look is too wintry. And while I adore the suit, the placket is driving me crazy. Why??

  25. vandalfan

    A.Gar is fine, but her chest looks like a Petrie dish (see what I did there?) She’ll be doing the black swan theme for her long program by whipping off the sheer skirt part, just watch.

  26. Kat

    The makeup makes her a dead ringer for Marg Helgenberger, which would be a great thing in thirty years or so.

  27. Susan

    Emma is way over done and Andrew is under done. I love her dress and I like his suit, period.

  28. Jilly

    And for their original dance, Emma and whatshisname will be skating to music from the soundtrack of The Twilight Saga: Is It Over Yet?

  29. sarah

    i had to choose “LOVE THEM” because i do, but i completely agree about the make-up. when you have pale pale skin, doing a pinkish-red eye is always going to make you look either like you are very ill or have a taste for blood. i wonder what it would have looked like with a darker, smoky eye. still would have been very costume-y, but maybe it would have made it work a little better.

  30. Jasmine

    I absolutely love Andy’s suit (I also fully support calling him that– he seems like an Andy). If a guy showed up to a date in that, I would skip the drinks and just drag him home with me. Love love love. So dapper and also casual, and he is working the shit out of it.

    Emma… I’m not loving. The makeup does nothing for me. It definitely ages her, and since she’s only a couple months younger than me, it makes ME feel old. HOW DARE YOU?! Also the dress is definitely too wintery. I just… can’t. I hate it. I love her, but I hate this entire look.

  31. Khalesi

    I think I would love her dress and styling so much more on another person (ie: Vanessa Paradis)

  32. Bruin FugFan

    Emma looks like the evil twin of Taylor Swift in this. I think it’s the combo of the hairstyle and the sparkly/sheer dress?

  33. val.

    I would like this look at a different event. But this is a Spiderman appearance, correct? For some reason Emma’s look is just too glam and vampy for a comic book movie event.

    Him… eh. It’s alright.

  34. flitzy

    It’s very costumey.

  35. Rose

    Needs a smokier eye (not mega-goth-eyeliner smoky, just a little more to balance out her lip color), and it’d definitely be better for fall or winter, but overall, I can handle it.

  36. Claire L1

    Love the bodice….hate the skirt…..and her face! All I see is the lipstick. While it’s a fabulous color I think it would work better as a dress or on someone with darker hair.

  37. jenny

    Red hair and normal make up, please. And nothing crawling around on the dress. That is all.

  38. BeeDreams

    Kinda love it but agree w PP’s – makeup ages her.

  39. Jen

    Love her dress but the lipstick is too severe. I also think she looks miles better with red hair.

    That dress, though. Why isn’t it in my wardrobe right now? Oh that’s right, because I’m not a rich gorgeous movie star and Paris for premiere. Oh my life.

  40. Sarah

    So I really like his suit, but with the red bit on the shirt, I thought for a split second that he was wearing his Spiderman costume underneath.

  41. CopyChic

    I like that she’s trying a “darker” look, but it’s one step too near Elvira-land for me. I also think the cut of his suit is divine, but the colors hurt my eyes. Speaking of which, I want to train his eyebrows to lie down.

  42. Laura

    From a distance it looks like hairy tarantula’s legs are reaching across her sternum. Also, if a PR contestant dressed them both for this event, Michael Kors would be all “It’s so LITERAL.” I can hear & see him saying it.

  43. Rebecca

    I love that dress on her, but I agree with whoever said it’s not very appropriate for a June movie premiere…maybe more like November-December. I also hate that makeup, though the hair is cute and something a little different for her.

    And I love that suit on Andrew…his suits always fit him really, really well. He pulls off the skinny suit perfectly.

  44. Jo

    I think the dress swamps her and needs a tall Morticiaesque lady to pull it off.

  45. Az

    Why is hewearing Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tom Ford suit that she woreto the 1996 VMAs? Is it supposed to be vintage? Also, they must’ve had to hem that thing like a foot so it would’t drag on the ground when he wore it.

  46. Leslie

    I love them, but I think the makeup and dress are too severe for her. She looks kind of like Morticia. He’s being intentionally wacky, so that’s fine.

  47. Mitch Watt

    This is a fact I can confidently tell all the ladies out there, Black(or dark lipstick) makes you lips look 30% smaller.

    I can tell you this because a GF of mine tries to rock this same look every week… unsuccefully !

  48. Lynniekae

    WOW, I literally said “it’s a little vampy for…” and then I read Jessica’s comments! Am I in sync with you guys or what?! I like the dress and Emma’s hair, but the lipstick takes the look to a whole unnecessary level. A lighter shade of lipstick would have worked better and not aged her 30 years or made her look straight from the Dark Shadows flick.