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In a recent post about Ms Stone here –  we sincerely do love her — one of you wise citizens of Fug Nation pointed out that her posture is often very telling:

When she’s wearing something that she thinks is working for her, she’s all Shoulders Back And Sassy. But sometimes Emma shows up and her body language, like it is here, feels somewhat tentative. Now, personally, I feel that there are times when the Shoulders Back And Sassy posture can actually RESCUE an otherwise questionable look from the bin — it’s a fashion fake-it-til-you-make-it, otherwise known as SELLING IT. That is how, for instance, Cate Blanchett manages to pull things off: We like her to begin with, and she has enough personal oomph to just COMMIT to whatever she’s decided to wear out of the house, even if it is made out of your grandma’s favorite afghan, so she manages to wrestle victory from the arms of defeat more often than not.  I would have felt way less tentative about this outfit MYSELF if Emma seemed stoked about it, instead of looking sort of undercooked. Because it’s not BAD — the color is brave (although I suspect it’s better in person; we’re inching close to Consumptiveville here), and the fit is unusual in a good way, and her purse ROCKS.

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  1. maryam

    what i like is she isnt deliberately sticking her leg out to show the slit

  2. Kristen from MA

    I like the dress, the purse, and the killer ring. What kills the outfit is the shoes. I clicked on the full size image and they look like leather. Waering daytime shoes with an floaty evening dress is one way to ruin an outfit.

  3. Anne B

    The dress is absolutely the wrong color for her, and it’s several inches too long.

    I guess you could say that aside from all that, I don’t mind it.

  4. Mongerel

    Here we have a young woman with a complexion like the inside of a delicate seashell, in a gorgeous dress that she manages to portray as the inside of a dead jellyfish, complete with oozing snail trail.. And what is UP with that hair? And those shoes, just Yuck. Dang, that dress deserved better.

  5. Danielle

    I feel like she’s a background actor one of those needlessly elaborate Ferrero Rocher ads.

    • ChristopherD

      LOL Danielle!
      (I hate this Jessica, she is wearing curtains from a bad italian goddess flick, AND her posture sucks.)

  6. Evalyn

    Okay, it is too long, the shoes are bad and the color is borderline, but a little self confidence would correct a great deal of that. Confidence comes with maturity, so hopefully she will improve with a little time.

  7. SaraK

    I feel like she *could* sell this, but isn’t. I don’t love the shoulder puffy bits, and I’m wondering what she could have done to tick off her hairstylist enough that he/she would send her out with this (I’m totally not going ask Emma for a referral!). But over all, I agree that a little confidence and attitude could have overcome those flaws instead of highlighting them.

    • SaraK

      What I wish she was thinking: “Hey! How *are* you? Let’s talk about how awesome Viola Davis was in “The Help” and then I can tell you all about one of the four new movies I’m in soon! Say…maybe we should go see a movie right now and grab a giant tub of popcorn. These award things can get so boring.”

      What she’s actually thinking: “Oh god, does this look too Scarlett-O’Hara-made-it-out-of-curtains? If I hunch a bit my boob tape won’t slip, right? Man, I should have worn the blue dress instead, that one was cute and way safer. I hope I don’t trip in this thing.”

      • Sandra

        You took the words right out of my mouth; this is the summer version of Scarlett’s drapes-dress.

  8. Pouncer

    She looks like she’s about to audition for the (fictional) Xanadu reboot. All that drapery! Not of the good.

  9. Heather

    I’ve said the same thing in my last few posts about her — you can tell when she’s not totally convinced about her clothes.

  10. Confused

    Is it just me or does she look a LOT like LiLo in this picture? I honestly double-took.

    And then couldn’t decide on the outfit I was so confused!

    • SaraK

      It’s not just you. I thought “wow, she could play Lilo in the inevitable biopic.”

  11. vandalfan

    So close to perfect! Just let me whip out the sewing kit I carry at all times in my handbag (Be prepared ye Boy Scout leaders!) and I’d fix up the stupid shoulders with those giantor safety pins. And barefoot would be better than leather closed toes shoes with this goddess look. Finally, I’d happily kill for that handbag.

  12. Jasmine

    She looks awful, and I can’t really tell why, because all of the pieces I like individually. I think that this is just Not Her Dress, and it shows. It looks all faded and wrinkled and sad, but I bet on someone else (or someone taller, it looks too long for her) it would work. That bag is fantastic, though.

  13. casey

    Aside from the shoes, I love this – the color choice is brave, but I think it works because her skin just looks amazing. I mean, this dress makes you notice that her skin is luminous like the inside of a seashell (yay Mongerel!)

  14. Tracy L

    I suspect she is uncomfortable because she can’t move. Dress is too long so she is scared of tripping. (Maybe dress is long to cover ugly shoes?) V is too deep so she is scared of boobs falling out.
    I love the bag and necklace, but not with this dress. It’s too matchy.
    I still adore her, though. Have since i first saw her in Superbad.

  15. melanie

    I like the cut of it on her, but it’s a really hideous color.
    Also, is it just the way she has her left foot positioned? It looks like she’s literally on tippy toes in those shoes.

    • amy

      yes, her foot looks like it’s contorted in a very painful way. That’s the first thing I noticed.

  16. Cristina

    I love it (minus the little stickyuppy things on the shoulder seams). I think if she were looking a bit more cheerful, she’d look superamazing.

  17. Colleen

    Too long. Otherwise, I love this – it’s a beautiful take on the 1920′s, old-fashioned without being a costume, and I love a shade like this with her pale natural coloring. Don’t fear the pale!

  18. Penny

    I was just loving the dress – until I scrolled down and saw the massive slit in the leg. A dress with that much material does NOT need a slit, can’t designers just make a pretty Grecian dress without trying to add something to make it stand out? Like that dreadful thing Nikki Reed wore that was also trying to put some new twist on a Grecian robe that stood out in all the wrong ways? http://gofugyourself.com/fug-or-fab-nikki-reed-10-2011 Also I think this color is “almost” right but would suit a green-eyed redhead better – although Emma’s blue eyes are looking just lovely in this photo so I might be wrong. I do like the hair too.

  19. CJ

    Love it. Would like the hem to be shorter in the front (it’s fine to have some drag in the back) but that’s getting picky. And her handbag is positively delicious.

  20. anny

    Considering it looks like it’s being held up by giant paperclips at the shoulders, I’m surprised there’s only one slit in the skirt. (Which it would look better without. Boobs or legs.)

  21. NYCGirl

    That necklace is awful. The dress is okay, except for the shoulder mohawks.

  22. ChaChaHeels

    It’s actually just a really bad dress. The only reason she looks passable is she’s so striking and good looking, and tall enough to give the dress some semblance of shape.

    Also, the shoes obviously point up the fact that she intended to wear something else and got stuck with this.

  23. Rosemarie

    La Kidman would have KILLED in this dress – circa 1999 or 2000. How tall is Emma? Not tall enough for the dress apparently.

  24. Scanderoon

    Her posture makes me irrationally angry. Like, I think the outfit is kinda neat and quirky and interesting, but I wanted to vote NO WAY because she is so not selling it. If you wear something like that out, girl, go for it! As it is, I feel like the outfit’s wearing her.

  25. melane

    Does anyone else feel like after The Help she mostly stopped wearing minidresses and turned to frumpy, wierdly colored long shifts? Go back to what you were, Emma. We liked you better that way.

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