Fug or Fab: Elle MacPherson

I guess Elle MacPherson is the person you send out on your massive, multi-national Fashion Star press blitz when the one person who’d really get you press (J. Simp) is home gestating, and the other one (Nicole Richie) is…I don’t know. Home designing jewelry and hanging out with her kids?

And my god, has she committed. First the Globes gowns, and now this — it’s like she decided if she’s making a comeback, SHE’S DOING IT BIG. Which, honestly, I kind of appreciate. If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing crazy, is my motto. Which is why my house is decorated the way it is. And I don’t hate this. I wish — predictably — that I couldn’t see her bra. And I think it’s a Whole Lot of Look, a Look that wouldn’t be out of place on a lost episode of Dynasty, wherein everyone attends a fancy party at which Secrets Are Revealed (so, everyone episode of Dynasty). But maybe that’s okay.

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  1. Big Noise

    It’s a nice color (maybe not with her coloring). The bra looks like a pair of Mickey Mouse ears glued to her chest — and does that gauzy, see-through fabric go all the way down to her ladybits? Do I see her undies there? Plus the pattern/growth on that dress is just a fail. And the shoes don’t appear to match the dress at all.

    Did the paps take this photo lying down? Because, my God, she looks TALL. I know she’s in the neighborhood of 6 feet, but here she looks 7-8 feet tall.

    Can I change my vote? At first I said it’s OK, but further review, it’s a fail.

  2. poppy

    Her bra is so predominant in the photo. Doesn’t she have enough sense to wear a nude bra with that? I’m guessing we don’t see a panty line because she isn’t wearing them :/

  3. marie

    I really don’t like pewter tones on tan, beach-y blondes. And that hair, with the braid and parted and curled up ends, reads rather tacky to me.

  4. Olivia

    I don’t like the hair, the dress, the jewellery, or the shoes.

    Actually, put this on Nicole Kidman circa Moulin Rouge press junket and I think it could have been a winner. Sometimes it just takes the right person to pull an outfit off.

  5. Kit

    I used to like the Elle McPherson who played Joey’s g/friend; but this Elle looks smug and full of herself and therefore, unlikeable (although, rather disturbingly, she looks physically the same as the Elle McPherson who played Joey’s g/friend.)

  6. Valentina

    I never thought a woman could look too tall… Maybe if the dress had some cleavage instead of a turtleneck it would be better.

  7. LIlibet

    She looks like a gargantuan Barbie Doll.

  8. Katharine

    I don’t like a dress that reveals a bra and FORCES me to examine the picture in close up to see what the heck is going on with the underwear situation. (She’s wearing nude bikini panties by the way.) Also revealed in close up: a mysterious white strap crossing her upper chest. AND it looks like a Mysterious Alien Crystal disease. Not my favourite, although it somehow has promise; ripe for an Unfugging.

  9. Lina


  10. Sandra

    Aww, how cute! Jeannie finally got Major Nelson to take her to the Birthday Ball.

  11. Anna

    The toes caught in her hem really crack me up.
    And, speaking of the dress’ liner – aside from the white strap across the chest, are the sleeves lined but the liner doesn’t go all around her arms or does she have massive sweat stains??

  12. jjdaddyo

    Why all the female haterz? Could it be because the woman is 47 and looks like this? FORTY. SEVEN.

    • Sandra

      Uh, there’s a difference between hating a person and thinking her dress looks dreadful. And this is a heinous dress.

    • Lillibet

      No, not hate. More intense dislike and boredom with [subject].

  13. Ruth Klimek-Wilner

    The dress is just okay. It could look a lot better without her underwear showing. Also, she is looking a little different in the face. It must be all of that Revlon Age Defying make-up.

  14. Jacq

    I saw this woman in the flesh at a premiere of Two Weeks’ Notice several years ago, when she was something like eleventy-million months pregnant. Despite her vast girth at the time, she was the most glamorous creature in the entire theatre and looked like she travels with her own personal spotlight. Amazing. And if she’s had work done to look that good at 47, it was the best cosmetic surgery ever, because she looks ten years younger than me (and I’m a very youthful 36).

    That dress is too much sparkle for me, though.

    • Orange clouds

      She regularly used to come to the cinema I used to work in in London and without all the make-up and expensive clothes she looked like a tall, quite non-descript woman, not someone I would look at twice. I guess she is the perfect model because you can really transform her with nice clothes and make-up.

      However this dress looks like someone has shot at her with a glitter gun.

  15. Heather

    Isn’t this the same dress Anne H. wore at the Oscars last year?

  16. Amy

    Somehow the whole thing, hair, sparkle, smile reads very Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune in the 90s to me.

  17. vandalfan

    I like the idea of the dress, but i wish it wasn’t so sheer in odd places. I love the chunky crystals that like like a skin condition.

    But the hair put this over the line from meh to bleah.

  18. Bambi Anne Dear

    Toes in hem- unfortunate. But otherwise she looks amazing. Does everyone else have X-ray vision? I can barely see the bra at all. The dress doesn’t even look sheer to me. Her hair sf fab in a retro way. Ok, I adore any big hair from the 60s and 70s.

    And at the VERY least, she’s covered up.

  19. Mahastee

    No. A dress that sparkly does not need more spangle coming from shoes, earrings and a giant cocktail ring. Or the exposed bra (trying to drum up sales, Elle?) and Felicity Shagwell hair.

  20. Pouncer

    Are you sure this isn’t Katherine Heigl?

  21. Softwear

    That is a gorgeous shade of gunmetal – which is not the right shade for her. Unfortunately. Visible bra? Ugh. And those shoes are barftacular. Barftacular, I say. (I actually don’t hate the hair. Yes, it’s slightly smug hair. But she has the hair to pull that off).

  22. themis

    Hathaway did this much better, with better shoes.

  23. S

    Have you guys seen Britain’s Next Top Model? She’s the host and she seems very dedicated and genuine – she puts a lot of effort into everything she does. I think she’ll be great on this show.

  24. megan

    Not the perfect dress for her & she could of least styled it better. Those ear rings and shoes do not go!

    She looks amazing for 47!!!!!

  25. ChaChaHeels

    I’m going to believe that this is one of those Barbra Streisand errors, where the outfit looks perfectly low key until the lights make the fabric look way more sheer than you could ever have imagined. And you don’t know till you see yourself on film or TV, hours later. When you can’t do anything about it.

    She looks fantastic for her age, she’s always been Amazonian, but the fact is, some clothing will always be for women of a certain age. Sheer stuff falls in that category. Beautiful as she is, this is not the dress for her or the occasion.

  26. Jules

    I can’t criticize the dress because it makes me sympathize for the maker who must certainly be living in OCD hell.

  27. NYCGirl

    That looks painful in a variety of ways.

  28. Franziska

    Uhm, no. Is she trying to advertise for her lingerie line? Which I actually like, my most comfortable and most sexy looking bras are from her collection(s).
    I’m also not keen on her hair. And those earrings… it’s just too all much sparkle (and I don’t say that very often! As a baker I like a bit of sparkle ;-))

  29. Joey

    Um…I read the last bit as a ‘Lost episode of Dynasty’. Embarrassing, but boy would I love to see that crossover!

  30. Sheri C

    Something about her face and hair in this shot remind me of Julie Newmar as Catwoman. But not as awesome. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_4hl0F6gBaiQ/TBhCVoD4ObI/AAAAAAAACgE/HybuTc7qZ8w/s1600/Julie+Newmar_Catwoman+1.jpg

  31. Ranee Singleton

    Love the hair, it is so Valley of the Dolls.

    However, in my opinion, a hairstyle like that requires an understated, streamlined dress which she obviously does not have. Too much dress with that hair; too much hair with that dress. She needs to tone down one or the other.

    Maybe if the dress had been strapless? The high neck and sleeves just offer too much competition…………..and those shoes are awful.

  32. Lynniekae

    I love grey shades, so I love the color and the style (maybe not the turtleneck), but I’m not feeling the look. HATE the shoes, the Reese Witherspoon hair, and of course, the bra.

  33. Crystal

    Is she gunning to be a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

    Her face will always be beautiful, and her body must be hyperbarically stored every night, but I do not fancy that hair or outfit.

  34. yeahandalso

    I kinda dig this. It is just so over the top and hilarious but secretly awesome.

    When does Fashion Star come out? I was on it one day trying on some of the clothes. J. Simp seemed very nice and Nicole REALLY didn’t.