Fug or Fab: Elle Fanning


The more photos from this event that I looked at, the more I began to suspect someone attached that sweater to Elle Fanning with boob tape.

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    I can’t with the choker. That is a horrible move.

    • pinkcheese

      Cosigned. Also, (and: she’s adorable, looks lovely, not cracked out, Lohan, Bynes, blah blah blah) I kind of wish she’d get some lowlights put in her hair? Maybe? I actually don’t know if that’s what she needs, but her haircolor seems too harsh for her actual coloring.

      • Rachael

        I voted adorable, but I also cannot with choker. Her hair looks amazing, the cardigan is a cute touch, I think the dress is appropriately cute but still not twee. Everything else is aces, but that choker should burn in hell.

        • Desires sin

          Agreed. Can’t get past her coloring for some reason. Love the dress and perfect fit, but think the cardi is too much. Adorable girl nonetheless!

        • Sandra

          First thing I thought of was that story where the girl’s head goes rolling down the stairs because her guy was too damn curious about the ribbon and untied it.

      • Kate

        Agreed. Made the same comment on another montage of her. The hair is just a wee bit too blonde and yellow. It’s like she’s trying to stay as white blond as she was as a younger girl, and it just doesn’t work right with her complexion anymore.

        I do think this outfit is very nice though. Not sure the sweater is necessary, but it does keep the look a smidge younger looking, if that’s what they were going for. In that vein, I am okay with the ribbon choker = )

    • Alison

      I didn’t mind the sweater, I thought it was a nice way to cover up as noted below. I honestly think the choker is what ruined the look. Deep six it and I’d be in complete love as opposed to partial love.

    • Jules

      I thought it was some kind of stretchy neck brace at first. That’s probably not the impression she was going for at all.

  2. Bonnie

    I know exactly how this sweater came to be. Elle wants to wear this gorgeous strapless dress. And can you blame her? Mom, however, isn’t sure she’s ready for her little girl to be wearing said strapless dress. The compromise, a sweater to top it off and keep it wholesome. As a mom, this is totally something I would have made my daughter agree to.

  3. qwertygirl

    I agree with Bonnie. The sweater was a compromise so she could wear the strapless. And I think it’s a good one. She’s in a pretty outfit, and yet isn’t showing an inappropriate amount of skin for her age.

  4. HG

    Why does she always wear such washed out colors when she is so fair skinned? She needs to wear brights and royal colors to balance her fair skin. She is stuck in a Little House on the Prairie stage.

    • anonymoose

      ‘xactly! The hair STYLE looks like a broom, and the COLOR is sucking the life out of her. The dress color is doing the same. Clashes with her skin and natural glow. Wretched results!

      • Shelby

        OMG, the pattern of the dress is hideous and does nothing at all for her coloring – the pattern is way too busy. WASH OUT! She however, is very cute.

  5. Carol

    Hair spoils an otherwise very lovely look. Should be worn up.

  6. pantsonfire

    Sweater looked awkward to me, and true or not, my mind instantly created a backstory about it being a compromise–she could wear the dress only if she kept that damn cardigan draped on her shoulders. And it’s kind of like, well, if you have to go to such lengths, maybe find a different dress? HOWEVER, I actually have no problem with her wearing this dress sans sweater, conceptually. I do have a problem with the dress as it currently fits…it needs a powerful yank to hoist it a couple inches at least because it is riding a little low for my tastes.

    Yes, I find this dress a wee mature for her, but it strikes me as mature in a way that most 14 year olds would want to venture. Not mature in a way that makes me suspect she keeps an Unkindness of Ravens in her attic.

  7. Maria

    In the first photo, I thought the lace choker was the collar, and that it was attached to the bodice by illusion netting. That’s a problem.
    It’s kind of pretty…but it’s really kind of Jessica McCintock circa 1988…make it tea length and it looks like something I would have worn to the Junior prom. That’s another problem.
    And she’s so pretty but the color of her brows is way too different from her hair color. Thats the third problem.

  8. TaraMisu

    It’s a cute dress but I am not a fan of the sweater. She’s a lovely young lady, I hope she stays that way :)

  9. Stefanie

    I love the dress. I’d wear the hell out of the dress. Maybe there is something wonky going on with the back and that’s why the cardigan is perm-attached to her shoulders. Maybe she ripped it. Or maybe Dakota, in a jealous rage, dumped grape juice all down her back! OO YEA! Thats totally it!

  10. Audrey Jo

    THIS GIRL NEEDs A HAIRCUT. I think the entire thing would have been fab if the hair and choke were not part of it. Cover her head, and you realize not even the sweater bothers much. But the hair styling is so blah, for not displaying her fresh face and washing her down.

  11. jean

    I hate the choker/scarf. HATE. Plus I think chokers are much too adult looking on a younger teen. Is she going to be the difficult Fanning? I see a nose-piercing in her future.

  12. jean

    Oh and for you fortysomethings …wouldn’t she be PERFECT in a Flowers in the Attic remake? They really ought to try that again.

  13. Katharine

    The sweater is odd, and yet the dress does need something to keep it from being overly out of season (I assume wherever she is is in the northern hemisphere, and thus autumnal). I just don’t know whether a twee cardigan in a taped-on drape is exactly that thing. In the closeup, I have some issues with the fit of the bodice (it’s rolling) and with that weirdtastic over-the-boob draping, which gives an offputting effect of spectacular, wrinkled, empty sagging.

  14. Deborah

    She is adorable, full stop. Those Fanning girls totally bonanza’d with their genetics.

  15. Vandalfan

    Only a fourteen year old can or should wear such flat-ironed hair, but it works here. The bodice hangs too low, as a strapless inevitable does, and between the top of her dress and the bottom of her dreadful lace choker, there’s too much Elle on display for my taste.

    (I looked for days and days in fabric stores in Twin Falls for just the right lace pattern for a choker to make my Gunne Sax formal look Just Perfect- for the Junior Prom in 1975, that is. So, nix the fancy tracheotomy bandage.)

  16. maryse

    i think how the sweater sits on her shoulders is weird. especially when she moves around. however, i think she looks adorable and when she smiles, she is gorgeous.

  17. Sarah L.

    That lace choker was part of the styling for the dress as well, I think, although you can’t tell from the collection photo here: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2013RST-ROCHAS/#14. Every other photo in the collection has the choker: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2013RST-ROCHAS/#12. She just wore it as advertised. And yeah, it’s awful.

  18. casey

    I know this is an unpopular opinion here, but I’m not all that taken with her. I think often her clothes are wearing her (I notice her choices, and I find myself looking at her, but not thinking “wow, she looks great!”) She doesn’t yet have the gravitas paired with insanity that would make her a Blanchett or SWINTON, so I don’t know. It just doesn’t work.

    That said, she really should warm up her hair color a bit if she wants to wear it in sheets around her face like this – she has such gorgeous skin, but this seems to suck the life out of it.

  19. Sarah L.
  20. Elizabeth

    Wow. I…like the dress? But the sweater is so rigidly immobile. It DOES look like it was affixed with boob tape. Or maybe it’s attached to Ye Ribbon Choker in the back, under her hair. Maybe it’s not a sweater at all. Maybe it’s a really twee cape, and this is Elle pretending to be Laura Ashley, if Laura Ashley was a superhero.

  21. Fiona

    I just want to note that her makeup is *perfection*. Fresh skin, a little shine around the eyes, lashes accentuated with liner = BOOM that’s how you make up a beautiful young actress!

    The Demi Lovatos of the world could learn a thing or two.

  22. Claire1

    She is just lovely….. I am not a fan of such pale colors on so pale a person…but she is just lovely….and it’s just HER… she wears the dress, not the other way.

  23. Mongerel

    Sweater does look glued on, which is kind of comical. If it had been a wispy shawl it would have at least looked graceful – not the dorky sleeves swinging around loose as she cavorted. Good Gravy.

  24. Guerra

    I think this is awful.. Can’t she go a little modern with her out fits or at least add some colour. It’s just so washed out & drab..

  25. fritanga

    I like this. The cardigan doesn’t bother me because she’s a kid and kids do silly things like tape their sweaters to their shoulders. She’s lovely.

    Point taken about The Most Important Deb shot, though. Also, when I see all the attention Elle gets for being gorgeous and a fashion icon etc., I wonder how Dakota feels about it.

  26. Kayla

    She is fourteen, and I would be flat out THRILLED to have a daughter that lovely. She looks beautiful and not at all overdone for her age.
    Something in the comments here feels really wrong to me – harshly judging a girl so young. Do you even remember what it was like to be that age?

    • jean

      I think the harshness is more towards her parents or stylists. I honestly don’t think she put this outfit together. I think her stylists failed her, that’s all. Of course she’s lovely! I know very few 14 year-olds who are not lovely. Unfortunately THEY don’t realize they’re gorgeous.

  27. Sajorina

    I really like the dress… The fabric would be perfect to upholster a chair in! LOVE the fabric! But, the cardigan & the choker are completely unnecessary, which is bothering me! She’s soooo pretty, though!

  28. Mara

    Love the complete outfit, even the choker. She is so talented and pretty. Why aren’t people doing anything about her hair, though? It looks like straw and it doesn’t have to :(

  29. Steph

    it’s been said but lose the choker and we’re in business.

  30. lori

    There’s a fine line between gothic and death warmed over.