Fug or Fab: Elizabeth Olsen


I guess, when it comes right down to it, I kind of don’t GET THIS:

I am on record as loving a neck ruffle — and her! She’s so cute! — but this neck ruffle is leaking like a poorly patched tarp, and it’s as 90s as a double billing of Reality Bites and Singles¬†as attended by a coalition of Amnesty International and the people who wrote on the Sassy men’s magazine spin-off Dirt after a joint trip to the Doc Martens sale. Why would I say this? Because I’m old and I REMEMBER the 90s and seventy-five percent of us went to prom in this fabric.

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[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Sandra

    Is she going to Big Bird’s funeral? Wearing The Widow Longoria’s pillowcase as a dress?

    It’s all horrible. The ruffle-fungus is swallowing her whole, the dress itself does not fit her tiny frame, AND IT IS MADE OF THE DEVIL’S nasty, wrinkly FABRIC!!!!

    • Sandra

      P.S. You ’90′s girls wore this to prom? And I thought the ’80′s were ugly!

      • Jessica

        Shrug. There was a lot of taffeta happening in 1993. I don’t know what to tell you.

        • Sandra

          Don’t get me wrong; it’s not as if we looked any better 10 years earlier. Our horrors were just of a different sort. I don’t miss being a teenager at all.

    • foo

      Madeline Kahn wore taffeta well in Young Frankenstein. “Taffeta, darling. Taffeta!” It is possible, but not here.

      That ruffle is reminding me of the book “The Vines.” Which was a good book, but now I’m fearing for her life. She is leaning away from that side, so I think she is too.

      • Sajorina

        I wore a raw silk dress to my prom in 1995, but there was some taffeta in the room!

  2. michelle

    What’s with the trailing ruffles? I admit that this version is better than the prior photo with the ruffle chaps but its still concerning. Also, only about a dozen people have a neck long enough to pull off that neck ruffle withough being swallowed alive.

  3. Kris

    I think Mary Kate and Ashley got tired of Elizabeth looking better than them, and they forced her to fug down to their level. This is a total conspiracy dress.

  4. Lizzy

    Neck/side ruffles + unfitted bodice = boxy.
    Pretty shade of blue, though.

  5. Dileri

    She looks like a prize ribbon at a horse show. Though she clearly doesn’t come in first in this outfit.

  6. Edith

    Being the generation immediately previous to yours (prom in ’86, graduated from college in ’90), this taffeta is the fabric I most associate with bridesmaids’ dresses at the weddings of friends who have long since divorced because don’t get married straight out of college, people!

    Great color, though!

  7. Ley

    If the skirt was floor length I may have mistaken her for MK. Whhhhhhhhy is she doing that duck face/lemon juice “smile”?

    Oh Elizabeth, you can have (and deserve!) your own fame without turning into anyone who ever played Michelle Tanner.

  8. mary lou bethune

    I am in the minority but I think anytime a lovely young woman chooses not to look like a trollop she has a headstart. She and Alexis Bledel are beautiful and chic today – maybe they could be a little more jazzy ( talk about being old)..

  9. jan

    Ummmm. This is a young woman who resembles Gloria Swanson in her final days. She, sadly, does not look cute. She looks haggard, worn, overmade up, and 67.
    It’s just very unfortunate. This is your style on drugs, people.

  10. Lisa

    I do not like ruffles. At all. Ever.

  11. TereLiz

    Girlfriend is also eating for two right now, so I understand that she might not be comfortable with her the way her body is changing. I know we can’t all gestate as glamorously as ERW, but I think she can do better. The ruffle around her neck looks itchy and choke-y.

    • TereLiz

      At least, I THOUGHT I recently saw a pic of her pregnant and now the internet is making a fool of me. Maybe I was thinking of someone else? It’s a boxy dress, hard to tell.

  12. maryse

    i like the idea of this. the boxy top with the a-line skirt. maybe not so much the ruffles. but i don’t care for the execution. however she is adorable.

  13.  Amoki

    I was all prepared to defend one of the Olsen twins for a) appearing somewhere NOT joined at the hip with their womb-mate, and b) exposing 300% more skin than they usually do (which is still within conservative Grandmother levels of exposure).

    Then I realized this is the other Olsen. Oops.

  14. Vandalfan

    The stiff taffeta blouse just looks too big, as it is open wide at the bottom, and concealing what might be a fitted waist band of the stiff A line skirt.

    Stiff skirt needs a softer top. Gigantor neck ruffles need to be tucked into the waist of pencil skier

  15. Hayley

    Glad I missed that trend in prom dresses. In 1995, in rural Canada, like 90% of us wore velvet. it was seriously a sea of velvet column dresses in varying colours. Mine was black but I also wore a white lace bolero that made me stand out a bit more.

    As for this dress, I don’t have a problem with taffeta, I have a problem with the volume of those neck ruffles, and with the fact that it’s separates.

  16. Lily1214

    Too much cutesy and quite unflattering on anyone.

  17. Googler

    I hope she’s got a mouth full of Sour Patch Kids or Skittles Sours, because they’re tasty and I like to think she’s at least getting enjoyment from that in this picture.

    The rest of this, though, isn’t working on her.

  18. Goldfish

    From the neck up she is very “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Bad makeup?

    • Helen

      In addition to the characteristic facial expression, I fear she also borrowed Mary-Kate’s makeup artist.

  19. Sally

    Fomerly cute, Elizabeth is starting to look more and more like her funereal sisters.

  20. Aurora

    I have heard it said for years that the twins say, ‘Prunes’, for their pics…whatever it is, she is doing it here and should STOP! she is lovely in her difference and on her own…
    and livelier by far…
    though, it must be hard being the Little Sister to a BILLION dollar business…

    as for the dress…so much fug…wrinkly…two colors, up and down?…
    what is up at the waist? I was thinking tummy pooch and then reread comments above that she is PG…
    well, then, the waist looks like some of my two piece maternity outfits from the 80′s…that beigey color would be a stretchy panel…???

  21. Jeanette

    I can’t decide which lizard she is dressing up as – a blue tongue or a frill-neck…. Maybe she misread the invitation as ‘fancy dress?’

  22. Squirrel!

    I am nonplussed not so much by the neck ruffle as by the two parts of this dress(?): namely, was the bottom part washed more often than the top part, and what is happening in the middle? The middle reminds me of the two-tiered navy column dress Jennifer Lawrence wore to the SAG Awards when she held one layer up in order to walk.

  23. Squirrel!

    I am nonplussed not so much by the neck ruffle as by the two parts of this dress(?): namely, was the bottom part washed more often than the top part, and what is happening in the middle? The middle reminds me of the two-tiered navy column dress Jennifer Lawrence wore to the SAG Awards when she held the top layer up in order to walk.