Fug or Fab: Elizabeth Banks


Elizabeth here has been all ABOUT color lately, especially since she was Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games.

But I’m torn about whether this is very cool, or med school: The skirt could be a lecture on the circulatory system and the top is somebody’s virtuoso attempt to make a thoracotomy look like high fashion.

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  1. Kara

    Yuck, no. The top and bottom compete with each other, and both are ugly – the top looks like some sort of optical illusion and the bottom looks like veins and is about 2″ too long.

  2. drPhilG

    The problem with the skirt is that it’s SEE-THROUGH! Aaargh, a clinical nightmare.

  3. BrownEyedBetty

    How can you call this anything but 100% FUG?

    • Alle C. Hall

      The shoe are great. So, 95% FUG – but 5% is statistically insignificant , so let’s move that to 90% FUG. I

  4. Katharine

    It probably resolves into a full anatomical diagram with the 3D glasses her assistant (outside frame) hands out.

  5. lisas

    I like the idea of this and the craziness but I am not willing to give a pass to any dress that requires a beige lining. Sorry Lizzie, I love colour and I love you but no. Maybe if the lining was also blue I’d like it better?

  6. jerkygirl

    Oh, now I can’t unsee the veins and arteries on this “Bride of Slim Goodbody” monstrosity and over a WHITE UNDERSKIRT FOR SERIOUS THIS IS AAAARRRRGGGGGGGHH no no no oh dear Fug Girls your descriptive brilliance has, for the first time, frightened me today (but in a fun way, so, you know, all good :D).

    • Laucie

      “Bride of Slim Goodbody” – brilliant ! Hope everyone is old enough to appreciate the comment.

  7. Judith Traherne

    I think I’ll have a large order of prognosis negative.

  8. Neil

    This was a scrolldown fug. Top half is colouful and….interesting. Then comes the lower half YIKES!

  9. deb

    what is up with hunger games and medical-themed gowns/red-carpet costumes?

    first was jlawrence’s homage to the torso from the body exhibition,
    now this!

    i can’t wait to see what’s next. verruca and eczema?

  10. Katie

    I wish the skirt lining were black, but I really like the colours and the cutouts. And I want her shoes.

  11. Amber

    I don’t like wondering if I can see through someone’s dress. I hate the nude lining. Other than that, the bottom is interesting. I don’t like the top, though. Can’t explain it, just don’t like it. I like the colors and she’s pretty, but I can’t give the dress a pass.

  12. Edith

    Hmmmm. I kind of love the skirt. Not a fan of nude lining, but I far prefer nude lining to nude-colored dresses, and I love a colors and patterns and never understand why stars never embrace them.

    On the down side, the top looks like it was a suuuuper stretchy sweater in, like, a girls’ size 10, which got all wonkus and semi sheer as it stretched out. That, or a less-tragic-than-usual Bicentennial Sweater.

  13. vandalfan

    The “skirt,” with a plain, solid colored top, I could live with. The too-tight, t-shirt adjacent top, if sized properly and paired with a plain skirt or trouser, I could almost live with. But together they make my eyes water. Plus, the matchy- poo blue shoes should have been black.

    And all the lace overlay just looks like fancy table cloths to me, no matter how well fitted a garment they’ve been made into.

  14. mary lou bethune

    She is lovely and this looks fine. It’s a bit challenging but that’s okay when you are talented and pretty and have MADE IT.

  15. Bethany B.

    I like the skirt, but the top is horrible. Her hair and makeup keep her from flat-lining.

  16. Sandra

    Before I even read the post I was reminded of my 12th-grade anatomy class and the dissection specimens with the red arteries and blue veins. I do not need formaldehyde flashbacks, especially just before lunch. Total fail.

  17. crystal

    What?! No! Are those separates? Something about the lining or the way the top is tucked in (?) makes it look like she’s wearing granny panties underneath.

    I might want to see the top with another skirt, but the rest of it is just a nightmare.

  18. Jeanette

    My first thought was: ‘tie-die tablecloth’ my second was test-pattern on acid. Yuk, just yuk.

  19. Mitzy Carter-Penley

    Oh yeah, that’s a Progonosis: Negative, no Dark Victory here. (See what I did there?)

    • Judith Traherne

      Sorry, can’t see what you did. It’s getting dark in here…

  20. Mitzy Carter-Penley

    Of course, then I ruined my off the cuff Bette Davis joke by mis-spelling Prognosis!! Gah! New contacts, sorry.

  21. Elle

    Elizabeth Banks must be so glad that her Hunger Games character was flamboyant, so that she could get away with wearing colorful clothes on the promotional circuit. Compared to Rooney Mara’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-related appearances, where she was all black and white and minimalist styling and severe bangs, it’s been a treat to watch Elizabeth Banks pull out bright colors and ruffles and beading.

  22. yeahandalso

    Why is Sauron’s eye on her boobs?

  23. Jen

    I really like her hair and I really like the colours in this outfit, but I don’t think the opposing patterns really works.

  24. Chrissy

    The top is meh. The bottom is awful. It reminds me of the blood-filled vines that grew in the War of the Worlds movie.

  25. fritanga

    Heh – Seinfeld fake movie jokes. And this dress is ugly – it looks like the one Zefron’s Old Girl is wearing. What’s with the unattractive rainbow macrame, anyway?

  26. Clarisse

    I think the above picture illustrates what happens when a good idea (ie a lot of colors with an editorial twinge) goes bad. Elfie go get thee a stylist. If you have one, fire her or him and get another one that does not make you look like you live in the Hunger Games. Nuff said.


  27. ChaChaHeels

    No one is looking at the blue and red veins and arteries on that skirt. Everyone only sees the half way down nude lining unsuccessfully hiding what looks like black granny panties (I can only hope because the other option makes me want to faint) underneath. Love the die-cut fabric of this designer’s works, but I hate the way they’re used in this dress.