Fug or Fab: Elizabeth Banks


Apparently people are wearing capes now, and not just Capes as in Outwear — y’all know I am totally going to end up buying one of those – or like Batgirl (in the pursuit of criminals, whilst being awesome [unless you're talking about the Alicia Silverstone version, which I assure you I am not: no one loves Cher Horowitz more than I do, but...no.]) but actually nonchalantly attached to totally normal outfits.

I do not know how I feel about this.

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  1. Melody

    Is anything covering her rear except the cape? It looks disturbingly like the pink skirt ends on the side and there is just sheer fabric over her “ass-ets”

  2. Carol

    This dress looks like a factory accident … they were stopping the assembly line for one style and before starting the next model, sewed two completely different dresses together … and not in a good way. A very odd outfit …

  3. Rebecca

    From the front, it looks like she is waiting on someone to zip her up. The back is bad. And I never like her hair.

  4. SarahM

    Is it supposed to fit so poorly? I mean, cape aside (hard to do, I know) doesn’t the front of that dress just look like a fancy bedazzled potato sack? And then someone snuck up from behind and tried to cover her with an ACTUAL potato sack, thus confusing the issue further….

  5. What's The New Black

    Soooo awful. It’s like the definition of awful!


  6. Patricia

    Um, can we talk about how awful the shoes are, also? Eurgh.

  7. Tricia

    I feel like this may not be a cape so much as a reversible dress. But not reversible as in “Hey you turn it inside out and then there is another awesome dress on the inside!’ so much as “Hey you put it on backwards and then you have another illfitting dress!” It’s the weird beige-i-ness under the arms that is tipping me off. The whole thing is just BIZARRE.

  8. Katie

    I agree with Melody – I don’t think this is a cape so much as it is the back of a dress that is in desperate need of a tailor.

  9. Tricia

    I found other photos and can verify that this is not a cape, but four different pieces of fabric (pink and black in the front, gray-blue and green in the back) sewn together and the part on the skirt that LOOKS like a cape is in fact a side ruffle. There is also kind of a butt ruffle happening as well. Katie isn’t kidding when she says it is in desperate need of a tailor. Good Lord! I guess they don’t have any of those over at Prada.

  10. TaraMisu

    Wow it looks like my chihuahua sewed this with his little paws. It’s SO ill-fitting and just plain wrong.

  11. Libby

    Wow, that’s just weird. Very 1st or 2nd round of Project Runway-esque.
    I had a similar change of heart after seeing her on 30Rock. And today I read that she is often mistaken for Chelsea Handler (?!) and that she’ll just play along so that the Chelsea fan is not let down. Now THAT takes some serious self deprecation.

  12. Edith

    In the words of the brilliant Edna Mode:


  13. Colleen

    It wouldn’t look good even if it fit properly. Which it don’t.

  14. Sophie

    Why does she always do her hair and makeup so mumsy?

  15. Carolina Girl

    There’s something about the fabric of the skirt that makes it looks wrinkled, even though it isn’t. Slouchy and wrinkly is never a good look.

  16. Leanne

    The dress is horrid, but I’m more concerned with what’s happening with her face. Are we sure this isn’t Elizabeth Banks’ posable wax figure?

  17. k

    it’s so bad it’s awesome. why isn’t that an option?

  18. Sherri

    Sad Barbie Colors, Lack of shape, and general yech. I endorse none of it.

  19. Sandra

    Sweet jelly babies, that is awful. It looks like she fell into a pile of fabric and random bits of it stuck to her. Somebody actually designed this? ON PURPOSE??

  20. ortenzia

    but first.. okay, i’m sort of excited for the hunger games. i’m not going to lie. and i love the wackadoo casting of her as effie trinket and lenny kravitz as cinna.

    this is boxy and “dusty rose” fabrics are meant for 80′s bedrooms, not people.

  21. anny

    It’s halves of two dresses and neither are cute, nor do they fit her. That’s just … weird.

  22. Claire L

    I don’t like the dress…. but I am so bothered by these shoes! Not the first pair of crazy bending backwards heels I’ve seen in the past few weeks. They look like hooves to me.

  23. mhorv4

    I hired a very sleep deprived fashion student to make my wedding dress and she unexpectently added a cape to the dress- a pretty simple shift -at the end (without consulting me). I was a bit taken aback but decided that it was fabulous (cause I had little other choice at that point). But at least it was different.

  24. LoriK

    I’m late to the party so Edith beat me to it, but Edna Mode speaks the truth—no capes!

  25. Maria

    I do not like this dress. However, I cannot help but think a Cape Trend would be awesome. They could be all swishy and dramatic, and help you hide, er, trouble spots. Just think how easily you could flounce! Or immediately go incognito by pulling it over your face. As long as it didn’t get caught in elevator or car doors or really any doors.

    Embrace it! Don’t give in to Cape Fear! Hahahaha.

  26. NYCGirl

    The front might be nice if it fit. And I still find her rather irritating.

  27. vandalfan

    There’s illusion netting under her armpit, so I guess it’s actually intended to hang like sad wet tulle sheets on a clothesline.

  28. Kara

    I didn’t know Avery Jessup was a badly-dressed superhero on the side! She’s Avery Jessup! She should be an immaculately dressed superhero!

  29. Sajorina

    It’s interesting, it looks comfortable, she looks great, but it’s MEH to me!

  30. Lmartine

    Don’t love the outfit, nor can I work up any righteous indignation over it. I pray for a return of the cape, though. I made my son a fantastic silvery cape for a school play once, and I will still swish around the house in it from time to time – if I’m alone and, possibly, a bit tipsy.

    Also, Elizabeth Banks is great on 30 Rock, but I will always love her the most for SLITHER.

  31. Maggie

    Is there such a thing as scroll around fug? This is just awful.

  32. jennifer

    I don’t think that’s a cape. I think that is a dress made out of four different types/colors of fabric…and the back is almost sheer enough to be called indecent! And yes, the fit is TERRIBLE!!! Why do women with such nice bodies wear such schlumpadinka clothes????

  33. Billy Lowe

    I simply love it. But why does she look a lot older? Anyway you may want to check out some fashion tips at billylowe.com

  34. jojo

    Sure the dress is awful and needs desperately to be fixedl. But she extends the fug with that aging, overly done hair. Both too blond and too “styled” — like 1960s styled. Rachel McAdams seems to have fallen into this look too. Quit over-processing and let your hair look healthy and more natural!

  35. mary lou bethune

    Too blond by half…

  36. sarky

    Alpha ugly.