Fug or Fab: Diane Kruger (plus Pacey)


It’s a Friday, it’s our birthday (more on that later), and it’s almost the start of a very much needed long weekend here in the US. And we haven’t had Diane and Pacey on the blog for at LEAST…a week? How have we all muddled through, I ask you? Anyway, I continue to be SUPER JEALOUS of the fact that they seem to be spending the summer going to parties in Paris. Let’s stuff down the roiling envy and look at their outfits.

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  1. Stefanie

    Uhh, Pacey….where are your shoe laces?

    And did these two get married and I missed it? I see something that looks to be a wedding band. Good for them if they did. I approve of this, mainly because they really do look like they love each other. And I love a couple that isn’t afraid to be seen in public together.

  2. vandalfan

    The dress is… stupid. And I don’t mean that in a good way. Misuse of pretty fabric. Why not just line the thing all the way down? Do her thighs need such ventilation?

    And I do NOT get this Pacey thing. HIM? Really?

  3. Chicklet

    Now, I have well-documented Issues with this cavalcade of sheerness that’s been popping up lately, but I maybe would have accepted this usage of it if Diane hadn’t added those random/unnecessary/stifling pantyhose. Why do sheer anything if you’re going to wear pantyhose underneath? ALSO IT IS SUMMER, DIANE. LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE.

  4. Willow

    I want to like it but there is just something Old-Dame-Brothel-Whore-y about it!

  5. Fuh Ugh

    Um, I don’t like the shiny (with black, for the summer?) or the sheer. And the stockings positively make me itch. So close, but yet so not.

  6. ekv

    an absolute WINTER classic, which should be properly lined and worn with sheer hose.

  7. cathy

    i only hate the black hose with this! she is a great looking woman, she is tall and she is thin AND she has the attitude to pull everything off. i would hate sheer skirt on anyone else. it reminds me of this http://gofugyourself.com/post_51-09-2008, which is still one of my favourite outfits on her.
    and PACEY <3

  8. Leah

    The only thing I like in this look is her hair!

  9. Jane

    Black hose in summer are perplexing. But the worst is because of the natural tendency of hose to be more sheer across the thighs than at the ankles, and the sheer panel of the dress, it looks sort of like she’s wearing black knee highs — the horror!

    And I don’t think I’ll ever accept hose with sandals.

  10. Sam

    She is wearing some sexy stockings and a kinky suspender belt and they are gonna do it like dogs in the toilet! That is the only reason anyone would be wearing nylons in July within a mile of Pacy,

  11. Pink Coat

    I think your love for Diane and Pacey are coloring your judgement big time! On any other person, you would’ve called them out on:

    - wearing open toed sandals with hose
    - wearing hose
    -something about the dress materials being akin to colored and shiny doilies or lace curtains

    I personally don’t hate or love Diane and Pacey. Maybe that’s why I can be objective?

  12. Susie Q

    I’m half expecting her to strut across the stage and throw her stockings among the crowd of randy old men that paid $5 to see Madame Fussbudget at the Blue Bird Saloon and Brothel.

    I have an over active imagination. I might write a book about the adventures of Madame Fussbudget.

  13. Tara Misu

    Pacey *sigh*

    Ok on to the outfit. Complete do over Diane. Really? BLACK hose in the summer with OPEN toed sandals??? Come on. And the sheer thing is so over with…. although I’m not sure it was really “in”.

  14. Deb

    Okay, I give up. Who the fug is Pacey? Why should I care? Perhaps the occasional clue to the names of these interchangeable Hollywood pawns would be nice?

  15. Kris

    Dear Hollywood,

    Legs do not require shower curtains. Please stop.


    The rest of America.

  16. Ruby

    I’d buy that dress, and add some black lining over the sheer bits. Other than that, it’s perfection for someone with my height and coloring! My coloring is the same as Diane’s, but I’m taller and bigger, and I love long, loose things like that. The fabric is gorgeous, the colors are perfection, and the cut would look fabulous on me!

    And the black stockings are necessary to complete the long line of the dress. If her ankles were bare the ankle-length skirt would make her look stumpy; unlike me she’s too short to wear that length. And yes, she isn’t tall and thin, she’s short and VERY thin.

  17. dee

    It’s awful, a real misstep for her. It’s not obvious from these photos, but it’s another of those granny-panties-with-sheer-overlay dresses, a trend that needs to die right now. Over at TLo there’s a comparison photo with the runway model, which also clearly demonstrates that Kruger is too short for this; the dress is meant to be mid-calf, not tea-length. And hose with open-toed shoes? Never, never.

  18. The Other Molly

    I find them cute as always.
    Her dress bores me to tears though.

  19. Em

    is this sheerness with stupid hotpants underneath a thing now? because, if so, i REFUSE.

  20. pinkcheese

    @ vandalfan, I don’t get the Pacey thing, either (please don’t hurt me, everone else!) Maybe because I never saw whichever show he was on (again, please don’t hurt me, but I’d rather have my teeth pulled than watch teen CW/WB/BCW/whatever it’s called now shows.) Maybe it’s a lingering love for the character?

    As for the dress, I love the lace, and that shade of blue is amazing. Not feeling the oddly placed sheer bits, and I’m telling myself that the black hose are a European thing, even though I doubt that’s in any way true.

  21. AMS

    Yeah, I’m in the “I’ve never seen anything either of these two have done” camp, mostly because I have’t had time to watch TV in about six years, so I have no loyalties. Having said that, I love the fabric of her dress, the cut of the top and the black accents, but when I scrolled down I was truly baffled by why the skirt was so long. It looks heavy, and the black stockings just bring it on down. Oddly enough, I don’t even think I’d mind the sheerness if the skirt were shorter.

  22. Elle

    Actually, it’s been pretty chilly in Europe for the past few days, so don’t knock her for the tights. The sheerness is a whole other kettle of fish, mind you…

  23. Lisa S.

    Diane Kruger does movies, Inglorious Basterds, the National Treasure movies and a bunch of European stuff because she’s actually from Germany. Joshua Jackson famously played Pacey Witter on on Dawsons Creek, but has been quite a few movies. Right now he’s playing a character on Fringe, named Peter Bishop. And he’s much yummier as Peter, then as Pacey……..
    And I like this dress, it follows the sheer trend without being vulger like that Rosie whosiwatsis that’s in Transformers. Also they are in France, I’m not sure what the weather ,is like, but it’s probably cooler than here, hence the hose. Not only that but it’s PARIS, hose my be passe here, but maybe not where the really cool and chic kids play…..

  24. Sandra

    I love the color. The two of them are adorable. The dress looks like a pole-dancer’s graduation outfit.

  25. Lina

    Honestly, I’m just charmed to pieces by their chemistry together. I want them to have a million babies and a fabulous happily ever after. Meanwhile, I really like navy and black together. I don’t mind the sheerness, because it’s Paris, and I don’t even mind the black hose because the dress would be TOO sheer without them.

  26. Kris

    GUM would be perfection…. this dress is clearly NOT GUM.

  27. pinkcheese

    Lisa, I loved Diane in Inglourious Basterds; she was fabulous! I think that the reasons I don’t watch TV (and therefore haven’t seen Fringe, even though it sounded really cool) is because when I was younger, nearly every show I really liked got cancelled, like, half-way through its first season. Later on I spent about 5 years working evenings and weekends, and I was too poor to afford a vcr that actually recorded things, and TiVo was just a fantasy for the super rich.

  28. Jerilyn

    I saw these two at the Gelsons in Los Feliz totally making out in the deli aisle a while ago. Over the top P.D.A. She was wearing really cute baggy harem pants. He’s way taller than I thought. Cute couple.

  29. pinkcheese

    I should add that now I’m just too old, tired, and cynical to get invested in anything that isn’t guaranteed to run forever, like Doctor Who, or History International.

  30. LoriK

    Why in the world is she wearing this in June. I don’t hate the dress and if it didn’t have sheerness issues I might even like it, but it’s all wrong for June.

  31. alyson

    Fugged it on TLo’s site, going to fug it here too. It looks much better on the original model – on DK, it’s ill-fitting in the bodice, too long, the black lining is just silly and OHMYGOD those stockings make her look a disgusting shade of grayish-purple.

    And I realize that he’s on hiatus and all, but for f—’s sake, Pacey, shave and a haircut before you go out, please.

  32. Beth

    I don’t mind the sheer. It’s not like it’s illusion netting. The cuts add some light relief to an unrelentingly dark dress. However, the black hose at this time of year, and with sandals, are a horrific no.

  33. buttercup

    Ix-nay the hose, but I have to say…This is one of the better interpretations of the It’s-A-Short-Skirt, No-Wait!, It’s-A-Long-Skirt-But-Sheer! dresses I’ve seen. And thank goodness she heard us and has softened it up a bit. Her hair and smile are awesome.

  34. wildviolette

    Pacey’s wedding ring needs to be discussed!

  35. Rose

    I like it…for winter. Still, not the worst choice you could make…I’ll give it a pass. Just objectively, I’d like it better without stockings, but since it’s been cold in Europe lately, what the heck…go ahead and do the sensible thing.

  36. Rose

    Also, note to Charlie Conway: the Stanley Cup Finals are over – you can shave now.

  37. Connie

    Supposedly the hose are the new THING on the runways for Fall. F-you, Runways.

  38. katie

    there should be a ‘i hate it on anyone…except diane kruger because she looks so at ease with everything she wears plus we’re just jealous we don’t get pacey’ button

  39. CJ

    I think Diane Kruger is very elegant has wonderful taste and is able to pull off clothes that many can’t. She really owns her ensembles and seems very relaxed and at ease with herself no matter the dress. I don’t care for the peek-a-boo nature of the lace, and I would have liked it with a nude leg for summer, but this is quite beautiful. I always have to remind myself that I am looking at a photograph, which can diminish some details. I’m sure that lace is utterly gorgeous in person. If it was indeed chilly and hose was sensible, she should have gone with a closed shoe.

  40. Peachsiki

    I can live with the sheerness but I have strong feelings about pantyhose and sandals, it shouldn’t happen until you reach the senior years… If it’s cold wear closed toe shoes and pantyhose, if it isn’t wear the sandals without the hose. Though, looking at it again, I think the hose are there to hide some of the skirts’ sheerness, a slip would’ve done the trick.

  41. Lynn

    The sheerness, meh. The black stockings, ¿por que? The ankle cuffs, WTF?

  42. Terre Bowden

    the dress i’m ok with. no major love, but ok. it *is* sheer, but she’s wearing undergarments that keep things…intact. black hosiery in the mix? nay i say. and either pacey was trying to get in on the color scheme, or bowed to a stylist’s wishes. either way, his getup is fug and he could use some grooming.

    that was all the mask that raging hate i have for the fact that they’re attending fabulous parties in PARIS.

  43. jean

    Such strong feelings about hose! Maybe she didn’t want to shave her legs? I think she looks great. And I like how they coordinate without being too matchy matchy. Josh Jackson is yet another delightful Canadian export. He was also in the Mighty Ducks hockey series as a child actor. He’s grown up on screen and in the public eye without too many obnoxious moments (I think there was a bar fight when he worked on Dawson’s Creek, but hey, he’s a dude). He was also in Ocean’s 11 in the poker scene with Clooney which cracked me up because for a while he tried to look like Clooney. And he makes excellent arm candy for his girl without needing to be the center of attention.

  44. lc

    Waist up, fantastic. Waist down, completely fug.

  45. Jules

    I want to imagine they are trying to look classy, but his stubble gets in the way.

  46. Lisel

    If the dress were knee-length, and she was not wearing black panty-hose, it would be so cute!

  47. Sally

    Pacey said a few months back that they are “committed” and they’ve been wearing rings ever since. And he’s been sporting that stubble all year around – he never shaves for Fringe either. I can’t remember the last time I saw him with a close shave. :P

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I really don’t mind the dress cos it’s not as sheer as some of the other disasters we’ve seen lately…but I HATE the black pantyhose. Makes it all look too heavy.

  48. Sajorina

    I love the dress! And ANYTHING plus Pacey is an immediate FAB!!!

  49. Dee

    Hmm – This wedding right? someone please dig!!

    The dress works for me – i think it is because of the black hose that the sheer is less offensive.

  50. Alicia

    I feel about this outfit, like I feel about all outfits with panty hose- like its lop-sided that she isn’t covering her arms in sheer, black, hose. All in all?… Uncomfortable and unflattering.

  51. Jenna Horko

    I don’t mind the sheer, because at least she had the common sense to have lining put on the top part, because the original dress: oy!

  52. Jenna Horko

    Also, feel I need to comment on the Pacey discussion. Have loved JJ since the DC days, but I gotta say that time that he actually saved a person’s life (in real life) won my heart for all time.