Fug or Fab: Diane Kruger


So many thoughts:

a) My suspicion that she was quite knocked up at the Oscars appears to be wrong. I fear I have lost my Celebrity Bump Whispering Skillz, which clearly is a loss of gigantic proportions. I need to hang on to all my obscure and slightly creepy skills so as to most smoothly transition into being a Deeply Eccentric Old Woman

b) I had no idea Diane Kruger was in The Host, and AS I WAS TYPING THIS SENTENCE an ad featuring her in it popped up on my television. Maybe I can no longer foretell the contents of the internal organs of strangers, but I can use The Secret to play ads on my DVR. STILL ECCENTRIC!

c) Let’s get real. This shirt is ABSURD. It looks like an accident. It is WRONG.

d) And yet, it’s possible she is working this because she has that magical Diane Kruger thing where she’s all, “yeah, I’m wearing a child’s uniform shirt IS IT NOT CHIC?” that 87% of the rest of humanity can’t manage to rustle up when faced with a boxy cropped white oxford.

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Comments (59):

  1. MKKS

    Yet another outfit that is Kruger-specific.

  2. Liz

    This skirt is fabulous – great color and length on her. Even if the shirt is child-like ridiculousness!

  3. anny

    Top’s too short, skirt’s too long, shoes are hideous and hair’s unkempt.
    The irrationally exuberant Kruger fan force will doubtless disagree, though.

    • Helen

      Agreed in entirety, anny.

      The makeup’s also corpse-like, and the manicure clashes with everything. There is no good here.

      I find Kruger likeable, but she looks just awful in all of this.

      • Sajorina

        I like both of you, but I don’t think that liking this would make anyone “irrational”, fan of hers or not!

  4. Michelle

    The shirt works because she’s just always so elegant.

  5. Brenna

    I love the color of her skirt, but I can’t sign off on the outfit. The shoes are intriguing to me, but I’d want them in a different color.

  6. Cassandra

    I absolutely love the skirt. I like the shoes even though I’m 100% sure I should not. The shirt is wut no.

  7. Sarah

    But the real question is… where is Pacey?

  8. amy

    I could almost see it if the pieces traded colors. As it is, all I see is SKIRT

  9. Sophia Loren

    This looks like something Cher Horowitz would wear on an off day.

    • Helen

      Eh, I could see Cher Horowitz in the top, but I think she’d donate the skirt and shoes her grandmother must have given her.

  10. Heather S.

    Better on her than pretty anyone else, but still not working.

    Maybe on Cate Blanchett.

  11. Corrine Engelgau

    I didn’t even realize this was a Fug or Fab, I saw D Krugs in that outfit and thought: WHERE DO I CLICK YES?! As a knee jerk reaction. On second, third and fourth glance, I could only marvel at how she is logistically rocking this ensemb. Because on me it would look like Boxy Town USA.

  12. Tiffany

    I think she looks great! She has just the right size chest to make it not look trashy. I don’t know how those items are not throwing of her proportions, but I think she looks fantastic. The color of that skirt is so fresh!

  13. AM

    I am going to now sound like I’m 100 years old (I hate it when that happens!), but what would be wrong with wearing a top that covered the top of the skirt and maybe she could even (gasp) tuck it in? I like this outfit except for the shrunken shirt thing.

    • Claire1

      I’m not a fan of tucked in, but if the top had just met the top of the skirt, it would be good. I don’t think anyone will do the “belly test” with her ( which is what I do with my rapidly growing tween when she’s trying to convince me that some top, that is too small, fits….I say “Raise your arms….nope, there’s belly, something else.
      I’m such a killjoy)

  14. karacocoa

    The shoes bother me most of all.

  15. Lucille Austero

    I almost gave it a yes based on the shoes alone. I love the shoes unreservedly. They would make anything look good.

  16. The Other Molly

    42% Like?
    It’s official.
    People on this site have become those who truly like fug instead of those who make fun of it.

    • anny

      @TheOtherMolly, it’s probably just the Kruger Fandom “Reality Distortion Field”.

      The original “Reality Distortion Field” thing was about Steve Jobs and Apple fans.

      • Tiffany

        I was going to reply to your comment above, Anny, but it applies here too. I don’t think you have to be a part of a “fandom” or be “irrational” to think this looks cute. I think the cropped top pulls your eye up, which prevents the skirt from taking over too much. No need to insult people just because they disagree, hon.

        • Jessica

          Yeah, we can all disagree without having to get worked up about it. Let’s do that, please.

          • amy

            I think these first two comments were written in fun and that the writers have a legitimate point. I am much more generous to someone whose clothes I generally like and I realize it. I don’t think anyone is getting worked up. (Except maybe me?)

            • Franziska

              Amy, I do that, too. People I like get away with more things than those I don’t like! Like Tilda Swinton, I find her so cool, she can wear anything and still be cool to me ;-)

  17. Other Emily

    I hate it in theory, but don’t hate it on her. I’m not a superfan or anything, but she is kind of pulling it off. I think a lot has to do with the WAY she wears things — shoulders back, head up, never apologetic even when the outfit is objectively a miss. The confidence goes a long way to redeeming the outfit.

  18. kindakute

    Outfits like this creep me out. Grandma shoes with hideous leather skirt and a child’s cropped top is just wrong on so many levels. What is so wrong with just being elegant? There is no way to fix this.

  19. Rebecca H

    I love the skirt, I like the shoes, I hate the shirt.

  20. Esme

    It wouldn’t even be an acceptable outfit with a decent, adult-sized shirt. The skirt looks cheap and wrinkly, the shoes are clunky and fugly, and her hair needs brushing. If this were ANYBODY else, people would be howling.

    • Issie

      I think that’s the power of Diane, though. Even if you don’t like one of her outfits, you can tell she likes it, that she doesn’t care that other people might not like it, and that she’s having a fine time wearing it. Combine that attitude with her overall confidence and it goes a long way in selling the whole aesthetic for a lot of people, myself included.

  21. Claire1

    Love the skirt and the shoes.
    Hate the top but it doesn’t offend me because she never looks classless.
    The manicure makes me happy because it’s like a secret little bit of rock and roll thrown in with a very prim looking ensemble.

  22. Anne B

    That shirt. I can’t get past it.

    I went to Catholic middle school, and it was the kind of bully-run lawless place where the nuns were more or less the henchwomen of the mean girls. It was the absolute worst.

    Diane’s shirt looks like the kind of prank those mean girls would have played on me during gym class: sneak into locker room, steal Anne’s shirt, run over to the Home Ec lady who never seemed to go home, talk her into whacking a foot off and hemming it, return carefully-botched shirt to locker.

    I’m telling you, it’s shudder-worthy. And Fug.

    • Sajorina

      Damn, I went to Catholic School from the 1st grade until I graduated High School and THAT kind of stuff never happened at my school!

  23. Vandalfan

    Nope. Not even on Immortal Diane.

  24. Kara

    Almost love the skirt – would fully love it if it were a couple of inches shorter. Gorgeous color. Dislike everything else.

  25. Googler

    I hate the components, but the whole thing doesn’t look bad on her, and this puzzles me. The only thing I can’t sign off on is her makeup, which I don’t think does her justice. But this outfit would make anyone else look square and stumpy, and somehow it doesn’t do either to her. I find that phenomenon more bizare than the outfit itself.

  26. Sajorina

    I think she pulls everything off… Do I love the shirt? No, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think she looks totally adorable wearing it! The skirt is gorgeous and an awesome color! I love it!

    And, I think it’s preposterous when some people assume that because one loves the person wearing an outfit, that one looks at it with blinders on! I can see and admit when someone I love looks cracked-out, but this is NOT one of those cases! So, let’s be civil!

  27. pantsonfire

    This is really testing me because I have been an outspoken defender of crop tops and longer skirts, so Diane here is like, “ok, pants, put your money where your mouth is.” And I still maintain that there is nothing inherently wrong with a cropped top, and even this one is oddly compelling. And I do think skirts hitting below the knee tend to be quite chic and flattering. But the heaviness of the fabric here, and the fact that the top is what it is, makes this too much skirt for my eye. I would love to see that shirt worn with some sophisticated and edgy high-waisted black trousers (but not quite as high as where this skirt’s waist is hitting). I could maybe get behind the skirt in a different fabric, same color. Everything above the neck needs a little R&R and some blush or something.

  28. gina

    At first I thought, it’s fine, whatever – nice color, cute skirt – but every time I look at it, her arms get longer. Soon her hands will be scraping the floor. PROPORTIONS OFF. And didn’t shrugs go out a while ago or am I crazy? That is a buttoned, becollared shrug. This outfit is not surviving the test of hours. I hate it. I want to change my answer. ALTHOUGH I suppose we should be thankful we can’t see through any of it. Maybe that’s netting on her belly…

  29. pantsonfire

    Oh, and with a shirt like that, your shoes have to be blade sharp. Like, killer sex on wheels. These shoes are not offensive to mine eyes, but they will never be able to give that top what it needs.

    Besides kickass black pants, the shirt might also work with a tight pencil skirt, but in black or deep grey or some similarly stark color.

  30. witjunkie

    Well, I’ve seen plenty on Kruger that I disliked intensely, so no blinders here, but the question was, Is she workin’ it, and my answer was Yes, Damn Her, which wasn’t available so I just used Yes. Do I like it? Not really.

  31. Sandra

    Nope. Crop-tops have no reason to exist. Belly skin is not appropriate for a daytime event and “sexy school-girl” is just creep-city.

  32. Squirrel!

    Longer shirt, tucked in; shorter skirt, pencil shape.
    That is all.

    • Squirrel!

      Nope, that’s not all. Maybe add a belt to the revised proportions.

  33. Guerra

    I actually think the shirt is really cute, imagine it with high waisted skinny jeans! & some wedges.. Very cute!

  34. lulubelle

    42% of you disappoint me greatly. Go to your room – no dessert … the lot of you!

  35. Chris P

    We would have fugged this so hard on Leona Lewis.

    On the other hand, Leona Lewis probably would have worn this with the boob lips (link).

    At any rate, I voted “Maybe,” because really, 71% of us are right. It IS absurd, and she IS working the hell out of it. Unlike the time Solange wore a crop-top jacket and matching skirt (and fooled us all into thinking it was a coat-dress),

    • Chris P

      Whoops, hit submit too early.


      Unlike the time Solange wore a crop-top jacket and matching skirt (and fooled us all into thinking it was a coat-dress), this still looks nutty. I have to give her points for being up-front about the crazy, but on the other hand…I can’t.

      So, she looks good, but the top is still off its rocker. I refuse to give her unqualified props, but I’m pretty sure no mere mortal (or anyone who isn’t Diane Kruger) could look good in this.

  36. LS

    Fraulein Kruger: Please do not succumb to the nude shoe influenza.

  37. Delia

    I too think she could be pregnant Don’t like the outfit much, though.

  38. Cristina

    She has a superhuman ability to make pretty much anything work.

  39. Cat

    I actually love this, even though I hate crop tops with passion. I think she looks great. Hate the shoes, though. The skirt if fab– where can I get that?

  40. Veronica

    I think she’s pulling it off better than most, but I’d still prefer a different shirt. Love the skirt, though. Also, the shoes need to go. Maybe a dab of lip color, too?

  41. Emma

    She’s like Zoe Saldana, in that both can wear edgy straight-off-the-runway looks and somehow not look ridiculous.

  42. Angel L

    I like the shirt…BUT only for nostalgic reasons. I had this shirt, the summer of 1987, it was by Esprit. I also wore it with coral but it was a denim mini skirt. Fashion truly is cyclical.

  43. Alli

    I need this skirt. The shirt is dumb and terrible and sets a bad example to the non-Krugers of the world. But I can forgive it, assuming I get my hands on this skirt.

  44. maryse

    the skirt is fantastic. i dont’ care what else she’s wearing.