Fug or Fab: Diane Kruger


At first, this made me all eye-rolly.

But at least it’s not AS costumey as Hailee Steinfeld’s ensemble, and the pattern might be good… you know, maybe it’s better that both of them went twee with it. Maybe the only way to sell a collar that massive is to go full I’m The Cover Of A Young Adult Book About A Girl Who Goes To Boarding School And Ends Up Finding Baguettes, Berets, and A Boyfriend. Like the opening of The Mary Tyler Moore Show except she’d be flinging her hat up next to the Eiffel Tower and twirling a wheel of brie.

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  1. evalyn

    Someone’s dressmaker discovered the romance of cutting on the diagonal, by way of a McCalls pattern from 1964.

  2. Jill

    Love the boots and beret….but the collar kills the dress. I can’t stop staring at it.

  3. Trent

    No. Just no. This would be awesome on Hailee or Chloe or even a Fanning, but on 36-year-old Diane it just looks twee and costumey. And seriously, she needs to stop wearing berets every time she goes to Paris.

  4. LoriK

    My problem with this is that Diane Kruger is an adult and as such I can’t get behind her dressing like the cover of a YA novel about a girl going to boarding school. I’m not sure there’s any other way to go with that collar, but I think that’s an argument against the collar, not in favor of this look.

    • Eli

      Yes, she does look like the lost Wakefield triplet in a Super Edition about going to France.

  5. Kathryn F.

    …. so, Anna and the French Kiss, right?

    • Abby

      Haha, that is exactly what went through my brain reading this, in an endless chant: Anna and the French Kiss! Anna and the French Kiss!

      Looks like I’m not the only 30-something who was a fan! (I mean Diane, btw, not casting aspersions on your age, Kathryn!)

    • KL

      This is EXACTLY what I was thinking, too. And also that I would wear this if I could pull it off. And I mean, COME ON Isla and the Happily Ever After, right?

  6. Sajorina

    Oh, I love this, even though I could live without the collar! Trés Parisien! She can get away with everything! FAB!!!

  7. Megan

    I think the costume mistress sewed me this exact dress for one of my scenes as Sara Crewe in the play A Little Princess when I was 12. And Sara was…a little girl going to boarding school. Just awful on an adult.

    • Carol

      She does recall Sara Crewe, as well as the spunky American Girl doll from WWII.

      • LibraryChick

        Actually, if the hem were longer, the dress reminds me more of 1904 Samantha than 1944 Molly, through the beret is definitely Molly.

  8. Mrs. Ditter

    She can keep the beret on her head. I would much prefer to see her whipping that awful collar off and flinging it up in the air next to the Eiffel Tower.

  9. Esme

    At least Hallee is still a teenager–talk about mutton dressed as lamb!

  10. medz

    I honestly think that this dress would be fantastically French if only it didn’t have the collar. The collar makes it a costume.

  11. Jasmine

    I love the whole damn thing. Then again, I also argued with myself last night about wearing a) a beret and red lipstick to go to the movies and then;
    b) a plaid button down with brown riding boots,
    so clearly I only dress in costume anyways and really can’t be trusted. But she looks fab and I’d wear the whole outfit.

    • adriennebarbeaubot

      I also love the whole damn thing! But you might be on to something with the dressing in costume business, as I tend to do that, probably more than I should…

  12. Mo

    Two things are wrong here: that collar and lack of Pacey.

  13. Katharine

    I don’t mind the collar OR the girly style of the dress; what pushes this over the edge for me is the eye-crossing patchworking of that already optically-challenging fabric. I would be fully on board with this if the designer had reined it in to, maybe, just the broad hemline band. All that jankiness in the bodice, however, is making me feel like I’m doing a crossword with a migraine.

  14. witjunkie

    Add me to the chorus of Hate the Collar. Honestly, I love everything about that outfit, the cut of the dress especially, but the collar….maybe smaller? Maybe black? Maybe gone?

  15. EmilyAP

    I don’t mind the collar but I dislike the boob-flap-thing and the huge hem on the sleeves. Otherwise, delightfully costumey and something I wish I could pull off.

  16. Pouncer

    If she hadn’t worn the beret, I think I would have found it okay. The beret is just Too Much.

  17. jerkygirl

    I feel like I should be all eye-rolly over the fact that she’s wearing a beret in Paris (too bad she didn’t embroider “Diane” on the front of it), and a dress with a freakin’ 3 foot wide collar on it, but. . .I love this whole thing!!! I don’t understand. Diane Krueger’s outfits usually have at least 1 thing on them that drive me totally batty, but she looks great here. I’m not a huge fan of tweeishness in general, except maybe on various Fannings or Dolores Umbridge, but I like this a lot. I love the pattern on the dress too. I call Fab.

  18. Mollsworth

    I agree this would be cute on an under-20, but I don’t care for it on a full grown lady.

  19. Emma

    I always wonder if celebrities read about themselves at GFY. I can picture Diane Kruger reading this over breakfast and saying “hey Pacey, the majority said it was ‘fab but only in that awesome costumey way that she pulls off’…I’m happy with that!” and then they clink their orange juice glasses, and he says “well done, Sweetpea!” Or something.

  20. Bottle Ginger

    I’d love it, if it weren’t for that damned collar.

    Look at the dress, it’s a complex design and uses the check pattern in really interesting ways, and the tights and hat keept it from being too severe. But I hate hate HATE those big childish contrasting collars we’ve been seeing lately, they look ugly and cartoonish on absolutely everyone. Even Diane, who can wear the hell out of just about anything.

  21. Zuzzie

    It’s the kind of thing I would totally wear, and I really shouldn’t, because I am 35 years old.

  22. Zuzzie

    SHE is 36?? I didn’t know that.

  23. Lion

    Trying too hard and dull at the same time, if that’s possible.

  24. Veronica

    When I saw this picture of her a few days ago, I remember saying to myself, “Anybody else wearing this would make me want to slap them.” That stands true, today.