Fug or Fab: Cynthia Nixon


There is something  terribly appropriate about wearing a dress with foliage on it when you’re attending an event with “harvest” in the title.

And goodness knows, there’s nothing I love more than a theme. Other things I love: morning glories (as well as the song “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”) (as well as the album of the same name, which will never not remind me of college) (But not the movie Morning Glory. Just so we’re clear); wallpaper; floral wallpaper; and sandwiches. And while I would have SERIOUSLY appreciated a dress that featured, say, Liam and Noel Gallagher eating sandwiches across the front of it, I feel more unsure about the concept of the floral wallpaper dress.

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  1. qwertygirl

    How about “it’s di-OK”? The print is actually kind of fun, and even pretty, but that asymmetry at the neckline makes me want to walk up and tug it to the right so it’s even. I would say “di-blaaaaaah” because it’s not “blah” per se. It just has a single detail that makes me shrug instead of clapping my little hands with delight.

  2. Noire

    I would like to thank you, GFY Jessica, for the AMAZING REFERENCE TO ISADORA DUNCAN. (best damn name in show business Btw). I was a dancer for 19 years. While I might not have been the best damn dancer at the ABC, I will always appreciate a good dance reference :)

  3. atz

    I love the pattern but the sleeves sure are odd.

  4. Carol

    It’s just okay … she has looked a lot better and also, looks a bit weary here …

  5. Bethanie

    @Noire: love the center stage reference.

  6. Anne B

    It’s a lovely dress and she looks nice in it. I’d buy this dress, in fact. BECAUSE the top is wonky.

    The shoes are a bit too brunchy, but maybe Cynthia didn’t want to start a fight with her garden dress. Keep it easy, easy like Sunday … you know.

  7. Leah

    I like it alot. It’s classy and appropriate. The shoes, however, look like they are made out of the same plastic as my 1980′s adding machine.

  8. Carolina Girl

    I like the dress, but I don’t think the sleeves are meant to be worn this way. I also don’t like the shoes. They’re probably very expensive but they look very cheap.
    Also, she looks better with the “Miranda” hair.

  9. Sandra

    Yuck. It’s The Attack of the Killer Hollyhocks. I like the blue ones a little bit, but that pink one at the center looks disturbingly gynecological. Also, the wonky-@ass neckline doesn’t suit the symmetry of the print.

    Why yes, I did have a class in garden design earlier this week. What makes you ask? ; )

  10. Kate

    aw, I think she looks pretty! And I like the dress – asymmetry and all – and I would LOVE it if the hem were taken up an inch or two and paired with more interesting shoes.*

    *Note: by “interesting” I do not mean “cracktacular.”

  11. Christina

    I really actually love the flower pattern & like the dress (though think it would be better without the asymmetry at the neckline – just straight across) – but I don’t know if it’s the backdrop, or her makeup, or her hair or that she looks quite thin, but she looks a bit washed out. Still, not fug. =)

    (Btw I loved “Morning Glory” the movie … Rachel McAdams is just too darned cute, and the bit with the rollercoaster made me lol. Simple things … XD) The album does remind me powerfully of my adolescence, and totally buying into that whole Oasis vs Blur thing. /digression

  12. Alex

    There is only ONE way to save this woman. And that my friends, is pink crocodile. http://www.portero.com/shop-by-category/bags/hermes-birkin-30-bag-candy-rose-tyrienne-crocodile-new-color.html#

  13. Jill

    It needs some serious tailoring and different colored shoes, but I’m not bothered by it or anything.

  14. Emily

    I don’t object to the shoes but I do object to the wonkiness of the neckline.
    Mostly I think it would be a lot improved if she didn’t look quite so pained …
    Do we have other photos (with different facial expressions) against which to compare it?
    (Also, what’s with the mousey brown-blonde hair? I liked her best as a full-blown ginger!)

  15. witjunkie

    I totally have an adding machine from the 80s! (I love it so. I do my checkbook with it.) And those shoes are made of it.

  16. Amanda

    I’m liking the new prints on dresses like this that have been showing up. But, I can’t get over the feeling that it will be one of those things where we are like “Ugh, remember when we thought it looked good to wear those botanical prints?”

    And, @ Alex – Is that bad seriously $64k?!

  17. Nicole McIlroy Steeves

    It is di-visive and di-ametrically opposed to the pretty thing she wore when Miranda married Steve.

  18. Sajorina

    Boring!!! Oh, how about Di-sastrous?

  19. Josie

    Am I the only person that couldn’t focus on the dress because her face looks so gaunt?

  20. Sneza

    Nothing looks good on you when you’re smiling through the pain. What’s wrong, Cyn?

  21. Kait Strang

    The dress would be cuter if the colors were more vibrant, she looks really washed out. She needs to go back to life as a red head. Also, I LOVE (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?) and just recently made these cute mugs that go along with that theme. Small world.

  22. vandalfan

    The neckline-sleeve area is unattractive, and I agree, I don’t think it’s supposed to be worn that way. It just looks stiff as a board. With such a print, why not shoes that bring out one of the hollyhock colors, like blue or pink? Oh, I see what you mean about gynecological flowers, there on the hemline.

  23. yeahandalso

    I think she looks good, it is nice looking and fits well. Lets me honest, she is a lesbian mother of 2 in her late 40′s…things could be A LOT worse

  24. Amy

    Not to take away from the fashion on show here, but what does ‘morning glories’ mean in america? Because where I’m from, it means.. um.. morning wood. On a man. If that’s what you mean and I’m just being dense for bringing it up, excuse me.

  25. JK

    I think I’d like it more if she put on at least ten pounds and had some colour somewhere in her hair/face. As it is, she just looks tired and worn out.

  26. Cranky Old Batt

    I want to love this. I love the pattern but it looks so freaking awkward on her.
    She doesn’t look like the type to wear this kind of a piece. Her hair and make up look like they should be with a different outfit all together.

    @Amy: in this case flowers

  27. Blue Shoe

    This dress really reminds me of the skirt of Camilla Belle’s strapless dress with a bright orange bodice and dark green sash.
    Anyone else on the same brain wave?

    I can’t decide which I like better

  28. KSCnCA

    Morning Wood! Ha-ha! Can’t wait to ask my hubby if he’s got morning glories for me!

    Oh yeah, Cynthia, she looks washed out. Anything with more color would be better. That 1/4 sleeve must be someone’s new one shoulder 2.0 look. No thank you.

  29. Sandra

    Yeah, morning glories are a type of flower here. Actually two types, one of which is a noxious weed. But those are hollyhocks on the dress. Morning glories are climbing vines, not tall stemmy things like on the dress. The flower are saucer-shaped, rather than bell-shaped.

  30. Stephanie

    The dress is actually nice – but it’s not well suited to her – the color washes her out and she’s too thin for it. Think curves and a darker complexion – fabulous!

  31. Katharine

    Yes, it’s a nice enough dress but I don’t think it suits her. She looks like a gaunt stick of pale, and the entire ensemble makes me think of a tottering 1950s “social X-ray” after the model of Wallis Simpson, who drinks discreetly at bridge and has eaten nothing but lettuce and vodka since she was thirty.

  32. CJ

    Yes, Blue Shoe, I thought of Camilla’s dress too ! It also brought to mind an Erdem dress that Anna Wintour showed up last year at some benefit wearing. I have been obsessed with finding some kind of asymmetrical creeping floral dress like it. (For the record, I loved the Erdem dress, but did not like the beige satin fabric, and thought it would have been utterly fabulous if the beige at the bottom was a opaque matte fabric and the neckline was done in some kind of see-through beige tulle that disappeared from a distance AND I thought Ms. Wintour was gilding the lily with the necklace she wore with it). As you can see, if I’m willing to edit Anna Wintour’s wardrobe, I’ll critique anything. My first impressions of this ensemble seem to echo much of the comments: pretty concept (that I’ve been after myself this season) so can’t fug it, but the neckline and shoes aren’t doing it for me. “Feh,” as my mom would say. I’m not anti-nude shoes. As a short-legged gal, I really like them more than most people, but they would not have been my choice here. I think she could have gone with a green or a pink (something that picks up the color of the dress) and I think it would have made the whole thing pop. Not crazy about the neckline. It’s not that it’s bad; it just looks kind of like a mistake. Also, I wish the floral part had richer colors, but I wonder if this was one of those dresses that gets de-saturated with the flash bulbs. I wonder if the lights were exceptionally bright because her face looks a bit washed out as well. Wish I could have seen this in person.

  33. Julia

    One of my grandmother’s friends had curtains made out of that print. No, I am no kidding. It’s a classic 18th century French chintz called, strangely enough, “Digitale,” which means Foxglove.

    It was also popular in a smaller repeat for those nifty Betty Draper-ish sundresses.

    This is not nifty.

  34. anonymoose

    She just looks WRUNG OUT from the neck up. No complaints about the dress, though. However, those shoes should be a different color, or they should be silver strappy sandals!

  35. Dara

    The meeting of Oasis and GFY is an EXPLOSION of awesome! I would SO wear a Liam & Noel dress. They are my two favorite human beings on the planet. <3 This post made my day.

  36. Bambi Anne Dear

    Love the dress and shoes but skin and face look so washed out.

  37. Tanyam

    I’m sorry to ruin the premise of the “morning glory” reference, and apologies to those who appreciate a Hollyhock, but those are Foxgloves. This leads to a whole new batch of pun possibilities.

  38. burntcopper

    It would be look great on someone with darker or redder hair. The grey isn’t doing anything for her either. As it is, I feel the need to explain to Cynthia that more sleep and the occasional brownie are a good thing.

  39. Alex

    @ Amanda Yes. Question is, could Cynthia Nixon afford it? Could anyone afford it?

  40. Softwear

    Can you guys fug or fab the american apparel ad with the terribly depressed and possibly exploited naked woman being made to hawk cheap looking totes until her tote-pimp has enough money to buy his bus ticket to LA or whatever? Is that nippleage? Is she in fact cross-border-trafficked minor as she appears to be? What is happening with those adds, they get more and more terrifying!!!

  41. Julia

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks she’s too skinny! And, pretty sure those are foxgloves (digitalis) on the dress, not hollyhocks! Yes, I’m a geek!

  42. Julia

    Oh, now I look back and see that several people also said they’re foxgloves. Rock on!

  43. cyrano

    She’s so pretty, good face. Why doesn’t her stylist do her a better facepaint? I think someone doesn’t get the red-carpet thing for her. And yeah, redhead is much better.

  44. Nina

    I miss the Miranda hair. Funny that she’s one of the few in Hollywood that is a natural blonde but doesn’t work it lwell. It ages her.

    I like the dress, except for the shoulders. It looks so off.

  45. Soda

    She needs three things:
    1. A sandwich.
    2. Eyebrows.
    3. A colorist.
    4. Another sandwich.

    So four things, really.

  46. Lindsey R.

    Her hair is the real problem.

  47. essex

    Tough one. I so want to like this. It’s not everyday the foxglove gets fair representation in ladyclothes! And thank you to those who correctly labeled it. Though the misidentification did allow for a new way to think about Morning Glories. I just think there’s too much/enough wonk happening at the shoulders that distracts this from achieving a total look. It’s close, though and I do appreciate the effort.

  48. Mary

    Never mind the outfit I am more concerned with the FugGirls public declaration of loving erect penis’s in the morning!

    Please tell me morning glory has a different meaning in America than it does in England?!

  49. Tessie Bee

    Cute dress but she looks wrecked :(

  50. Jessica

    Mary; they’re a type of flower similar to what’s growing on this dress.

  51. kimmy

    hmmm, i kind of want to like the dress, but the syling is what is off. i wish her hair was still red like on SATC and she wore a colored shoe. deep blue, purple, red even. its all too BEIGE and she is washed out.

  52. Bambi Anne Dear

    In Australia Morning Glory is both a flower and a male condition. Both sadly old fashioned and pretty much out of fashion. Well, the flower is a weed here so it’s a good thing it’s out of fashion.

  53. dhi

    People, how can we not include “What’s Your Story, Morning Glory” as sung by Ella Fitzgerald in this ode to said flower? Not the same song, but those boys didn’t come up with the title. Everyone should own “Ella Swing Lightly”.