Fug or Fab: Christina Hendricks


Riding high on almost winning Fug Nation’s Best-Dressed at the Emmys, Christina Hendricks takes a floral fashion risk:

First, I want to take those shoes off her body and set them on fire and throw them into a volcano and then call upon the powers of the winds and the earth to cause the volcano to erupt and then dig them out of the hot molten lava and set them on fire AGAIN and then feed them to a bear. Your dress has approximately 547 colors in it, lady! You could have Done More With Your Feet.

As far as the dress goes, this is full-on wallpaper. But, as regular readers know, I love wallpaper. I totally aspire to dress like some of the craziest walls in town. So I think it’s fun and kind of fabulous…and I also know that I am saying that as someone who has serious Crazy Aunt tendencies as far as certain things are concerned, and perhaps cannot be trusted. So what do you think?

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  1. Chelsea

    Different shoes and shorter sleeves and I would love this unreservedly.

  2. H.C.

    Agreed with the shoes, but I think she’s fine with the dress; she’s got enough body & curves to pull off this bold print, whereas on more petite figures it’ll look like they’re being eaten alive by carnivorous plants.

    • Edith

      Agreed. She looks fabulous.

      And I LOVE the description of the fate that awaits those shoes, though, in their defense, at least they aren’t platform hooves.

  3. Amalia

    Like it all (well, not the shoes), especially the neckline. Win. Methinks someone has hired a new stylist, who has already shown s/he deserves a raise.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Agreed, whoever recently started helping her dress is doing an outstanding job.

    • Rowynn

      Agreed that she looks wonderful here, and I love that floral print. If there is indeed a new stylist, she’s definitely worth her paycheck. Sometime soon, though, she has to sit Christina down and have a serious talk about shoes.

    • Nick

      My brother put it best:

      “Christina. Somewhere out there is a tiny, fabulous gay man who would LITERALLY MURDER PEOPLE for the opportunity to dress you. Take him up on it!”

      • CakesOnAPlane

        I think I heart your brother.

      • Maria L.

        She HAS a tiny, fabulous gay man who dresses her very well – Christian Siriano. She needs to put him on retainer.

    • Maria L.

      I cannot believe how much I actually love this dress. I must have a hidden wallpaper fetish.

      The shoes, however, belong in hell.

  4. Brittany

    This feels like the wrong season (but I’m on the East Coast in sweater weather so that might just be jealousy), but I still love this. I think the cut is incredibly flattering on her.

  5.  HelenBackAgain

    The dress really works on her. I saw some other photos someplace, and, oddly, the back could have used a little tailoring (it fits so well everywhere else!), but this cut is wonderful on her figure, and the floral pattern is awfully pretty.

    I kind of want to edit the sleeves a little, and she needs to shoe-shop with me – yes, Ms. Hendricks, you CAN find interesting shoes that accommodate bunions comfortably, and I’ll show you where! – but this is a real win all the same. She looks great.

    • Natalie

      Agree about the sleeves. Not loving the length with that width.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Yeah, I’m not sure if I want to see them more fitted, or just shorter. I guess either would be fine. Still, it’s a small thing.

        REALLY love the jewel neckline on her. I’m thinking she should consider more of those!

        • Ms Poopy von Pants

          This looks beautiful on her. I don’t understand how a very busy/loud pattern would be so flattering, but it is. Maybe it’s the tailoring? I agree completely with editing the sleeves slightly. I was thinking just above the elbow and fitted.

          Gorgeous, though. Keep it up, Christina!

  6. simply_readd

    That floral on a lesser body would be overwhelming but on Hendricks it’s not; nor is it dowdy or granny … it’s lush, as is she!!

    • simply_readd

      … and yes, all band-aid colored shoes must be destroyed NOW!

  7. cfmesq

    A thousand times yes! (with different shoes of course).

  8. qwertygirl

    Assuming the bear would eat the shoes. However, I’m a yes on this dress.

  9. Donna

    I’m giving Christina full marks on this one! Everything’s wrangled! She’s not washed out! she looks fabulous! I’m ignoring the shoes. I’ve been known to re-purpose upholstery fabric for clothing, though (wool upholstery fabric is scratchier than wool clothing fabric, I discovered to my dismay), so I’m no respecter of the boundaries of home decorating materials, but even if this was made of wallpaper, I’d be a big fan!

  10. Claire1

    I’m OK with the sleeves…they’re a bit retro ( and that makes me happy)…However, I want to change the neckline. Nothing drastic…but it just seems a little too high/tight/close… a touch lower and wider.
    and buhbye to the shoes.

    • Liz

      I agree completely. I love the retro vibe of the sleeves and think this would look even more amazing with a *slightly* wider and lower neckline. I can also see the appeal of tighter sleeves, but only if they were elbow length. I also think the hair is tremendous – it’s modern enough that this look doesn’t go full on retro and become costume.

      (We will never speak of the shoes again…..)

  11. wildviolette

    I would feel sorry for the bear, having to eat shoes so ugly.
    That said, the dress is a bit busy for my liking, but the cut is super flattering to her. And as always, everything from the neck up is total perfection.

  12. Samantha

    I am pro anything that looks simultaneously comfortable and dishy. Well done, minus the snooze-shoes.

  13. Jennifer

    I like it. Isn’t she pretty? Look at her glowing skin! I find it hard to be critical of her, honestly, but I do think she is making the big floral work for her.

  14. Cat

    I’m not sure if I’m totally in love with the print (though I do love me a print), but I think the dress fits her well, so it’s more of a fab than a fug in my book. The shoes are awful!

  15. Fifie

    Dare I ask what type of shoes she should have worn?

    •  HelenBackAgain

      The simple pump style is fine, so as not to compete with the dress, but a color would be nice. Red, blue, green – many shades would work with the print.

      And a better fit. These are a little too narrow.

      • Candy Jo

        Agree with a color pump, but I’m not sure what would work. Green or red might be too Hawaiian Christmas-y. A white, cream, or light pink might not work with her skin tone. Orange would draw attention to the flower on her vajayjay. Dark pink would be too matchy with her clutch. So what’s left, dark blue? Eh. Maybe a dark green would work. It’s kind of a new neutral, right?

        • greatwhitenorthchick

          I can kinda see why she went with the beige shoes. They do seem to elongate her legs. I think they would have been fine had they been another style, something a tad more platform-y.

          I like the cut of this dress on her, and her earrings and clutch are perfect. And she looks comfortable, which always gets points from me.

    • Cora

      I suspect people will hate this but: emerald green satin peep toes with a Louis heel. For real.

  16. Kate

    I think it’s a little bit Joan Holloway, ca. 1969, which is a GOOD thing.

    • Lucasta

      Exactly what I was coming to say! Other than the sleeves that is a very Joan-cut dress.

  17. Billie

    Hmmm. I unreservedly love the skirt, but I think she may have been better served with a solid colored top. Or, maybe if the sleeves were narrow (or just not there at all). Those sleeves are just problematic. And, yes, the shoes should be burned and never spoken of again.

    • Cruising

      I agree about the sleeves. Right now they are hiding her waist in the volume from the sleeves, which is a shame because she does have a tiny waist.

  18. Antony Levine

    Not that she looks bad or anything, but is she pregnant there?

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Oh, I wish. Those genes should get passed on! But I don’t think so.

      • mary lou bethune

        She looks gorgeous in all that.. and there is nothing wrong with crazy aunts…

  19. Monkey

    The issue with the sleeves for me is that they’re wide, and blending in to the dress at the waistline, with is obscuring her hourglass shape. Sleeveless, or with cap sleeves, I bet this would look a zillion times better.

    • filmcricket

      Even with bracelet length sleeves, it would work better if they were close-fitted, like her Joanie outfits. Agree that these obscure her tiny waist a bit.

    • Heather S.

      Here’s the thing with cap sleeves. If you have any kind of jiggle in your upper arm, cap sleeves can actually look terrible, like sausage being squeezed out. I don’t know if CH has upper arms to worry about (honestly it’s not what I’m usually looking at), but as another curvy girl I try to avoid cap sleeves.

  20. Celeste

    I made a dress that could have been the twin of this with a Butterick pattern and fabric from the Everfast Mill Store as part of a 4-H project circa 1968. But that doesn’t mean I don’t kind of like it. But those shoes, even in a vibrant color, are not the right type for her feet.

    And I’m not sure she has a different stylist; she’s worn Christian Siriano before. I think she just got lucky a couple times. Maybe I’m a pessimist, but I’m betting we’ll see her in something regrettable soon enough, unfortunately. I think some people’s horrible taste just shines through sometimes, even with a decent stylist.

    • JC

      I don’t think Hendricks has bad taste per se; I think she (or her stylist) hasn’t got a sense of what fits her and what doesn’t, and/or has trouble finding things that can be tailored to fit her. Her figure is lovely, but it is far more voluptuous than standard fits — hell, my figure is more voluptuous than standard fits and I’m not even remotely as curvy as she is — so I imagine that it can be struggle to find clothes that can be made to work particularly in the volume that public appearances require.

  21. Em

    Hmmm… I think I must be looking at a different picture than everyone else…. this is NOT GOOD.

    • lynn

      Thank goodness you posted – now there are two of us. I do not get the love.

  22. Carol C.

    Not crazy about the neckline. How about a V?

  23. m.m

    haha! hilarious!

  24. Chris P

    You’re not wrong with the dress. You might be wrong with the shoes – as much as I hate nude, they’re more inobtrusive than absolutely hideous, at least to me. And at least they’re not SHINY.

    So, I’ll allow the hooves, but La Hendricks is ON NOTICE.

    The dress, I wouldn’t change a thing. Except this might be more appropriate for a cocktail party on a lanai. (Or do lanais demand full caftans at all times?)

  25. Bella

    It’s not horrible, certainly better than much of what she has worn in the past. She really can carry this floral. Her feet look very wide – I wonder if she has problems finding shoes that fit and are comfortable.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yes, her feet are wide, and she also has bunions.

      So are mine, and so do I, and it is not that hard to find shoes. It used to be! But things have improved a lot. This is why I want her to shoe-shop with me. Clearly she is not looking in the right places.

      I would, additionally, introduce her to a service for which I myself cannot really justify the expense, which is of course having shoes custom-made. It isn’t really that much, I just usually have someplace else the same money should go instead. Not a problem for her.

  26. melissa

    The sleeves end at the widest part of her hips. Not good.

  27. 503 lottie

    I think the dress would be perfect with no sleeves, as a simple sheath. The summer coat sleeves are just too much! And those shoes, quite apart from the awful shape and color, are just crushing her feet, poor thing.

  28. VanDee

    I’m usually so harsh on poor Christina. I don’t’ think I’ve ever said anything nice about her outfits. I love this! It makes me happy just looking at it. The style is fab, it suits her and she looks so pretty.

  29. cilla

    ‘Crazy aunt tendencies’… needs to be in the glossary?

  30. Claire

    Does anyone else wish this dress had a black collar? or some sort of solid colour between the white of the dress and the white of her neck…

    • Claire1

      I want to see that!
      She could totally fake it with a collar necklace ( there are some fab ones out there)…
      I am SO going to keep that in mind next time I’m looking at something that blends with my skin too much.
      Thanks for the idea!

  31. Claire

    But I love it a lot anyway!

  32. Maryanne

    My bubbe has a patio set in Boca with that exact floral pattern. Not that it’s a bad pattern..still ..?

  33. Sarah

    The print is great and works especially well with her hair, but I think it would look better with more fitted sleeves, or possibly cap sleeves. And maybe yellow for the shoes? Nonetheless it’s way better than things she’s worn in the past.

  34. Sajorina

    LOVE IT! She looks beautiful! Except for the ghost shoes, this is a FAB for me! Love the dress & the clutch! WANT!

  35. OlivierSansAU

    That dress is cool and fun. That purse is perfect. Those shoes needs to go.
    All to say, I wholeheartedly concur with your assesment Jessica.

  36. Audrey Fredericks

    This is not bold, and it’s not the color(s) that don’t work, but the motive: Hawaii meets Xtmas? Hum… Big flowers are a bad choice – really resemble my old courtains – creating optical illusions of her natural curves being “curvier” and wider than she is. I don’t dig big flowers print covering curves, ever. Some say it’s the way to go, but it does not work. She should have picked other type of print if she wanted to go bold.
    This is also a bad design in terms of cut. The neckline, the length of the sleeves…
    All that being said, her face is so striking that distracts from the rest.

  37. Samara

    She looks great from the ankles up! I love that sleeve shape on her. Maybe if the shoes were a melon colour?

  38. Mary

    I’d shorten the sleeves (maybe a cap sleeve?), and change the shoes, but other than that she looks great!

  39. deee

    I adore that when you look at her the first thing you notice is her lovely face and hair. So nice ompared the first thing that usually assaults us when she dresses up.

  40. Elle

    She looks lovely. This dress, plus the black gown she wore recently, are both great.
    I have no real quarrel with the shoes. Her legs are not her best feature so I think she minimizes them with unobtrusive shoes. Someone earlier suggested a platform pump in a similar color might work as a change from the pointy toes and I think they’re right.
    In any case, we are finally able to focus on her beauty rather than her chest-a total win.

  41. CC

    Well said, Elle. She looks gorgeous here. If you saw this woman walking into a room looking like that, you and everyone else (male, female and even canine) would be looking at her. The dress fits beautifully and flatters her.

    As for the shoes, sorry guys, but I too have no quarrel with them. Are they fabulous? No. Do they look comfortable? No. But they do lengthen her legs and they bring your gaze up to her beautiful face. If she had gone with a color, it would have stumpified her, been too matchy-matchy or pulled too much focus. I personally like nude/unobtrusive shoes and I seem to be the only one on this website who does! I have many colors of heels, and when I have bare legs, I almost always gravitate to my nude t-straps because my legs look better than in any other shoe. I save my shoe hate for platform hooker hoof shoes and black clunky stumpifiying shoes!

  42. Anna Svahn

    There were some green shoes mentioned recently that would really have made it for me. But I love florals so even with the nude shoes, I am totally on board.

  43.  gryt

    Finally she’s dressing her body right! Love the vintage feel about this, and the print is fabulous. Bold! Berries!

  44. QB

    It’s probably already been stated in the previous comments, but seeing as how I have a squirming two-month-old baby on my lap and can’t really take the time to read, I’ll just throw out LOSE THE SLEEVES. It makes her upper body look too broad, to the point that her head is merely floating above a get-well-soon bouquet.

    Oh, and the shoes. You’re a television star. You have access to probably every style and color on the planet. It’s not like you have to make your Payless BOGO shoes last until your next trip to the mall for a new pair. AMAZE ME.

  45. Meghan

    The lackluster shoes are causing me almost physical pain. She could have pulled out the blue or red/pink or green or orange or basically any other color except “flesh”. I almost succumbed to nude shoes about a year ago. Thankfully, I stopped myself and came to my senses.

  46. luvthefuggers

    She doesn’t look heinous in it, but I loathe the print. Gran-ma’s couch pillows. I also loathe those cabbage roses they are bringing back from the 80s/90s. And the arms are baggy, enhancing the baggy grandma look. Do not like. At least it shows her figure in a good way tho.

  47. luvthefuggers

    May I add that her hair and face look beautiful?

  48. acake

    I give this dress a pass. Big floral works for her, in general, in my humble opinion. The colours and pattern flatter her, especially in between MM filming when she tends to be a few pounds heavier. Not overweight, or fat by any means, more like “Hell, yes I’ll have dessert because I’m f’in Christina Hendricks!”
    And yeah, burn those shoes.

  49. Heather S.

    As a woman with large breasts, I can say with full authority NEVER wear a neck line that close to your actual neck. Ever ever. It makes it look like your breasts are trying to choke you. Given how beautiful her skin is, I find it tragic that Hendricks covers up her decolletage like that.

    The shoes are boring, I don’t understand flesh colored anything and shoes most of all.

    • Claire1

      Word! On the neckline….
      I work with children, so I have a lot of tops that DO go that close to my neck….but in real life…NO WAY….
      scoops and Vs are my friends.

  50. Julia

    I sort of love it, although I’d love it more with a forest green suede sash-style belt and not-green suede shoes. Maybe deep burgundy shoes?

  51. Karen

    I think she often misses with her shoes, which seem to emphasize her curvy calves and usual awkward hemline length. I think a bit of a platform and less of a point on her shoe would make this and other outfits better. No ankle straps – just something to give her calves more sleek length.

  52.  SPJava

    First what did any poor, defenseless bear due to you? Red shoes, Green shoes, Blue shoes Look to Dr. Seuss. Someone must stop this idea that beige booties give your leg length; for most they don’t; they’re just Blah. As for the dress I don’t love or hate it. The floral is great but perhaps with a few alterations, Hem an inch ABOVE the knees. Then either sleeveless or a wider neck line. Then it goes from matronly but nice to fun and flirty.