Fug or Fab: Christina Hendricks


I mean, I obviously have notes. Although I’m a little scared she might beat me with her purse:

I don’t dislike this, really. I mean, I don’t know if I think she needed the turtleneck underneath the whole thing — and of course we’re all tired of those shoes, because she wears them a lot — but the overall silhouette is flattering. And, you know, it FITS. Let’s just say, my expectations are low with this one. I DO think her bangs work like that. See? I CAN BE NICE.

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  1. Stefanie

    I just don’t even know what to say. She put a turtle neck under a leather dress. My mom used to make me put a turtle neck on under my tshirts when the weather dipped below 20 degrees. I was 10.

  2. ceecee

    She got tired of us always telling her to wrangle her boobs. “You want wrangled- OK, I’ll show you wrangled!”
    Dump the turtleneck, make the jumper (?) out of some other material besides leather and it’s a winner.

  3. lilywise

    Take away the turtleneck and stand without cocking the ankle to the side. Then I think we’re good.
    I like her hair and makeup like this. And the leather dress fits and looks really good on her. Without the turtleneck, it’s a nice silhouette for her — shows off her curves and small waist. I don’t mind the shoes — they are better on her than those dreadful peep toes — if only she would stand without cocking her ankle like that.

  4. GFY Heather

    Does… her purse… have a GLOVE ATTACHED TO IT?

  5. Megan

    Yes to the hair and makeup. And that’s IT.

  6. Lindy

    Every single thing about this outfit is WRONG! Big busts don’t wear turtlenecks, they don’t wear crew/boatnecks and bigger bodies (I won’t say “full-figured” because she hates it) don’t wear box-pleated leather! She shouldn’t be wearing leather, period. The shoes don’t go with the outfit like, at ALL!

    She needs a simple, streamlined silhouette in a jewel tone. Why is that so hard for her to get?

    This is just a mess!

    • Miriam

      Seriously, awful. She would look so nice in some regular nice clothes. Is that too much to ask?

      • Scouse Helen

        Oh CHRISTINA! You’re so beautiful, why must you upset us so by wearing heinous clothing?

        The necklace over the sweater is the worst of a bad bunch for me, although the entire outfit is irredeemable.

  7. Sandra

    Stockholm Syndrome has kicked in, methinks. It’s not as awful as usual for her, but wearing Catwoman’s middle-school uniform can hardly be classified as fab.

  8. Vandalfan

    The turtleneck I’d keep. The black leather jumper, dear Lord no. It needs to go back to the front seat of a Chrysler Cordoba.

  9. deee

    Is there a choice between fine and terrible? It needs work but it’s not going to land her in the Fug Hall of Fame. The turtleneck is a huge NO!

    • youknowwho

      The phrase “I guess…?” springs to mind as the choice btwn fine and terrible.

  10. Bottle Ginger

    The leather dress might look very nice on its own, with its boat neck, good shoulder line, and nipped-in waist. It’s a pity we’ll never see, because of that goddamn turtleneck!

    Putting turtlenecks under things is such a frumpy, old-lady look, but I read in a fashion magazine that it’s going to be an official thing. Oy.

    • Meri

      It can be a Thing all it wants, but big busted women should NEVER wear turtlenecks. (I should know, I am one.) Find some other look Christina, please! Or, better yet, find a stylist! You’re so beautiful, you deserve clothes that showcase you.

  11. Art Eclectic

    Lose the turtleneck, drop the waist on the skirt a few inches. Some bright, big bangles on the wrists. Lose that hideous clutch.

  12. DanerKebab

    Let’s start at the top.
    Love the hair.
    Makeup mostly good, but I feel like the eye makeup is maybe making her eyes look smaller?
    Lose the turtleneck, though I don’t mind the sleeves. Now that we’ve made it a boat neck, I like the dress.
    Not a fan of the purse-glove thing, but could live with it in another color. Is it navy? Or just the wrong shade of black? Either match or contrast, don’t toy with me like that.
    Change the shoes to a bold color or a metallic, or even a solid black if you want to be boring, and then we’re in business.

  13. michelle

    Makes me think dominatrix school girl….

  14. la di da

    I HATE the necklace outside the turtleneck thing. Drives me nuts when people do that – you can either wear a turtleneck or show off your necklace, but not both! But at least it’s completely outside the turtleneck and not dangling out from the top. Geezus, how many times can I use the word turtleneck in one comment? Turtleneck.

  15. WhooflPomp

    If you look at the pic above the waist only, she looks great. That purse, that waist… Yuck. I like the turtleneck…

  16. Monkey

    Formal scuba outfit?

    • Christian

      LOL. But all in all I guess I’m the only one that likes this. I’m a goth at heart (and so is she), so leather and black turtlenecks call to me. And that purse is kind of cool – I just wish it were a different color.

  17. Helen

    I agree that the silhouette flatters, and it fits.

    It’s also a great length for her.

    On the Special Hendricks Scale, that’s a win.

  18. TonyG

    Don’t mind the turtleneck; without it I think the contrast between the black dress and her porcelain skin would have been a bit severe, but I do agree with Art Eclectic that the waist needs to be dropped a little bit. Otherwise, this fits pretty well.

  19. Fawn

    I say keep the turtleneck and wear it with a leather pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are your friends; embrace them. Also, I hate to admit it, but I kind of love that purse.

  20. Miriam

    Who would this look good on? (On whom would…)

  21. Anna

    I’m moving back to L.A. to become a boob wrangler. I have the big tits and I know how to dress them. That’s my whole cv, right there.

  22. Heather S

    Oh Christina. Turtlenecks just aren’t flattering on busty women. On the other hand, at least they aren’t smashed up to her chin. Why does a woman with such a lucious decolletage insist on wearing things that either hide or torture it?

  23. ellenderavenous

    It doesn’t look nice, but my relief at being spared the boob loaf has lulled me into a false sense of fabness.

  24. ellenderavenous

    Also? The purse keeps making me think she’s wearing a hand splint.

  25. Jeff

    Her breasts are finally out of view. Praise be!

  26. Bella

    Terrible! Why not just a plain black leather skirt and a blouse that fits? But all this leather? So not Joan!

  27. Cat

    Still too tight in the bust (though considering some of the other stuff she wears, this is much better) and the skirt silhouette is not flattering for her figure– it’s too long and too full. She needs more emphasis on her waist here as well– I feel like her gorgeous hour-glass is totally lost in this outfit.

  28. maryse

    i’m ok with this. the only thing i don’t like is the bare legs. the rest of the outfit is so heavy and wintery and the bare legs look summery to me.

    also re: the shoes. she’s got feet issues. my guess is she wears what fits/doesn’t kill her bunions.

    • Helen

      Speaking from extensive experience – my bunions started making themselves known over 20 years ago, and they’re a fair bit bigger than Hendricks’ now – it is not that hard to find a variety of shoes to fit wide feet with bunions comfortably.

      The best ones will always be custom-made, as is true whether or not you have special foot needs, but surely she can afford that! And my ready-made ones are all comfortable on them, and all different.

      She just needs to try on a few things or have them made.

  29. Julia

    Oh, it makes me feel really claustrophobic and- and . . . CANʻT . . . BREATHE

  30. Andrea Arnarsdóttir

    I think she should loose the turtleneck/sweater, burn the handbag and let the hair down change those shoes too, heels please, also I sorta hate the necklace
    I like the dress but maybe not on her

  31. Jo

    Fawn- pencil skirts are only your friend if you’re not a pear shape with a 10 inch difference between your waist and hips. I speak with bitter experience. Even my friend, a British size 8 can’t rock one as she has hips! However with good upholstered underwear as seen on Mad Men, CH can rock one. But this outfit stinks!

    • Fawn

      That’s what tailors are for. I have a 12″ difference between my waist and hips and rock the HELL out of pencil skirts all the time.

  32. dee cee

    15 to 20 pounds of her.. has got to go..

  33. Miss Louise

    Maryse, I agree – a turtleneck with bare legs is a terrible trans-season combination, especially with such a heavy leather dress (jacket? whatever it is).

  34. Jessica Greenman

    1. fat legs. Makes me want to amputate them
    2. WHITE legs: ditto
    3. Thin face – really, what IS the point of having all this what you lot call booty if you’re just going to look sunken in the face
    4. Ah, clothes. I read what you said, and mainly agree. She cannot wear a flared skirt, just a straight one. The polo neck is too cramping – why have you the name wrong? A turtleneck is some huge gaping throb of a sweater collar that pours halfway down your tits, just like the throat of a turtle (sorry about how that sounds), a polo is what we have here – looks dreadful. Sweaters and leather don’t go together, not as a dress, or underdress. But she’s only a big fat white thicko actress. What do you expect? The taj mahal?

  35. Bella

    Took me a while to notice the glove/bag thingie … a glag? Hideous!

  36. The Fugger

    This would actually have been pretty sweet without the sleeves AND the neck. One or the other would have been fine. (I’m thinking a boat neck, but busty citizens of Fug Nation, does that work on ample-chested ladies?) As it stands, she’s giving me a HBC as Bellatrix Lestrange as school marm vibe, and now that actually makes me want to read that fanfiction because that would be kind of amazing, now that I think about it.

    LET US TALK ABOUT THE CLUTCH, HOWEVER. It is…something. I thought she was wearing one fingerless glove (as a shoutout to Michael, perhaps? But his birthday was in August, and he died in June ’09…), and then I saw what it was. It’s not so much a clutch as it is a glove (is it a glotch? A cluve?)

    I can’t decide whether I love it, hate it, or love it precisely because it’s kind of insane.

    • The Fugger

      …and then I saw that she had a turtleneck under the dress, which has a boat neck.

      That said, what about a contrasting jacket instead of the turtleneck? Tan, maybe? And yeah, a slightly less flouncy skirt, because – yes – it’s making her look a bit wide.

    • Heather S.

      The Fugger: Boat neck is good on us large breasted women. Basically anything that is not touching our neck, otherwise it just all looks like boob.

      Also from earlier: Pencil skirts are more about the proportion length wise. I’m curvy, but also very long in the butt and they look good on me, but my sister is also curvy and busty, but short in the butt and they’re very unflattering on her. It’s a case by case thing.

  37. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    The turtleneck has got to go, but what if the dress was the color of Kate Middleton’s outfit above? That color would look great on CH. Maybe even a belt like that. I know Kate an CH have totally different bodies but she should give her some fashion tips on showing off a small waist. CH’s coloring is so strikingly gorgeous, she could play that up more.

  38. lakin1013

    Do not like the turtlenect, the waist, the purse, or the shoes. Is this better than the most recent print dress? Yes, but by millimeters only.

  39. Kat

    She should talk to Kat Dennings, she (usually) has her girls well contained but manages to look (mostly) good at the same time

  40. anny

    How about this: Keep the turtleneck (except maybe make it a color), make the jumper out of a nice grey herringbone tweed, possibly narrow the skirt a tad, and swap in boots?

  41. Claire1

    This is one of those ” too much of a good thing” moments…. each piece ( except for the shoes, hate the shoes, burn the shoes) would be good on her but she put them ALL together and …it’s bizarre…

    The purse is soooo strange…and I would love it for that IF she was wearing a pair of slacks and simple top ( Please girlfriend go with knits… I’m a big girl on top too…. a simple V neck knit is your friend)…..
    The dress is mega cool and looks like the neckline is high enough to look good on its own….in fact, if she’d worn it with a fitted cardi in a color it would have been fun ( though I agree with the statement to drop the waistline….but I have found that to be an across the board issue with dresses when *I* am shopping.I don’t know if it’s an issue altogether or just because those of us past the D range pull everything out of proportion).
    The turtleneck……. Well, I don’t like them. I don’t have a very long neck, I’m busty…so they don’t work for me…..but on someone else it would work with a simple pencil skirt or slacks….
    The shoes…. buhbye..( really dislike them)

  42. kickassmomnyc

    She just doesn’t know how to dress. She has bad taste. Period.

    Hair and makeup are fine.

    • Kat

      A-freaking-men. As Tim Gunn would say, “I question your taste level.” She just doesn’t get it. And at this point, I’m just annoyed by her inability to dress herself. STOP IT, CHRISTINA.

  43. Katharine

    It’s still terrible, even if it doesn’t have heaving bosom bulging out of it in all directions. It also DOESN’T fit; the view of the top in the closeup is a vision of weird pulls and folds and bulges round the neckline. And WHY does she think her only two choices are bare and hoisted, or turtlenecks, for freak’s sake? To nth a zillion what everyone else has said, the turtleneck and/or high neck of any kind is not any better for the large of chest.

    I don’t like the length; she’s too short and curvy for it, and it should be a bit shorter, and the white, naked legs look like an afterthought under the weight of black and leather. (ALSO, why does she keep wearing black? It swamps her most of the time.)

    Plus she could use a heavier shoe. I mean, bonus points for not making the attendees of this gathering gaze into her heaving cleave for a change, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is overall in the negatives.

    • Katharine

      Incidentally, this and almost every other picture of her on this site are why, despite the persuasive evidence of the Internet, I find it hard to believe that she actually did have implants. She doesn’t act like a person who went out and bought those, she acts like someone who started walking around hunched over with her arms across her chest at thirteen, and is still deeply uncomfortable with her endowments.

      It’s always either “FINE you all seem to want to see my STUPID TITS so HERE THEY ARE!” or “HA! You thought you’d SEE MY TITS but YOU CAN’T!” Even the few other celebrities with natural chests like hers don’t look as overwhelmed by their racks, and the others who’ve clearly bought ones that size display them in a whole different spirit.

      It’s baffling, and I really wonder who talked her into them (“I swear! These will make your career!”) and how much she regrets it.

  44. Guerra

    Why why why would you put a turtle neck under your dress? If you wanna wear that dress suck it up & deal with the cold or choose a dress with sleeves. My god!

  45. Jen M

    I love all of you Fug Nation people. I can have my day MADE by the awesome, thoughtful, funny comments I read here. The rest of the internets makes my heart bleed for humanity. Here – all is right.

    And I will add – dress in a lovely wine color minus the t-neck also no leather. Plus boots. Whoever mentioned the trans-seasonal digression as far as bare legs plus t-neck combo was right. Boots are needed.

    The glurse – I kind of like it.

  46. Jules

    The “purse’ looks suspiciously like something my dad used to roll up, to keep his tools in the trunk of his car.
    (That, combined with the comments already made about the dress being made from corinthian leather… )
    Reminds me it’s time for an oil change

  47. Margrrret

    This isn’t the worst thing she’s worn by far, but I’d like to see two things tweaked: the waistline should be lowered an inch and the hemline lengthened to just below her knees. I’d really like the skirt part to be narrower and not pleated, but I could give that one up if she’d do the other two.

  48. Ladyblahblah

    Modest dominatrix dashing out to meet Minnesota Fats.

  49. Sajorina

    What’s up with her and black turtlenecks? Someone take them away from her! And, that purse is an abomination! The dress & the shoes are fine, plus the hair & makeup are beautiful! So close…

  50. Lion

    She is a lost case… I cannot be bothered with her any more.

    • Linda

      I agree. I just don’t have the energy anymore.

      But if they ever make “The Matrix goes to Catholic Girls School”, the costumer can use this as a template.

  51. tkangaroo

    Have you seen her Johnnie Walker Commercial. She looks like $1m. Why can’t she dress like that, always? Sigh. . .

  52. Mary Urech Stallings

    I know she is full-figured, but is a that a euphemism for ‘needs to lose a little weight’?

  53. Mary Urech Stallings

    Or are she and her lovely husband expecting a little bundle of joy?

  54. Verlaine

    I’d say either make the turtleneck into a scoop neck and change the color of the dress, or keep the turtleneck and change the dress to a skirt. Or hey, different material on the dress (I kind of hate that leathery look) and take away the shirt underneath altogether, and add opera gloves since apparently she is cold and needs layering.

  55. Jes020

    Just plain awful! It looks totally wrong and I don’t think this is flattering at all. I wish there would be stylists who would know what to do with her. Or maybe there are and she has just a really weird taste…

  56. Megan Ishler Anderson

    I really honestly said, out loud, “Oh no its THOSE SHOES AGAIN!” And I speak as a woman with wide feet and bunions. We can find cute shoes.

  57. Glenn

    I guess that’s a novel way of ensuring you don’t place your clutch down and forget about it? Although I guess she DOES have to take it off at some point so… umm… it just looks weird.

  58. Jess

    This almost works. Ditch that awful turtleneck, and get a bag that doesn’t have a weird, built-in glove attachment. Maybe a brighter lip too? Her hair does look really good here, imo.

  59. Naomi

    It looks like a leather butchers apron or an item of safety clothing. Too heavy & way too shiny over those enormous breasts! Sheeny leather over a turtle neck puts me in mind of 1970′s car salesmen and I’m sure that’s not what she was going for? Epic fail.

  60. kindakute

    Lose the necklace and stand up straight! No more bent ankle poses; this does nothing for her legs.

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