Fug or Fab: Chloe Sevigny

Democracy in action: A lot of Fug Nation has been loving on Chloe Sevigny lately — even her Mirror-Drizzled Hot Pants ensemble, although it was admittedly hilarious — so I will put this up for a vote, rather than passing instant judgment in the Court of Fuglic Opinion.

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[Photos: WENN]

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  1. Chrissy Cunningham

    the sleeves!!!! ugh

    • Fug de los Muertos

      Word. Without the sleeves and with a different pair of shoes I probably would have been completely on board!

  2. Stefanie

    This only works on Chloe.

    I also could not agree more about her hair looking wig-ish.

  3. Jasmine

    I hate those shoes so much they are giving me a complex, but the DRESS. I love that so much. I would wear that in real life (yes I do enjoy toeing the line between tarty and ladylike on a regular basis), and the colour is fanfriggingtastic.

    • Jennie-Suz

      I’m with you on the shoes. I just DON’T GET boots with peep-toes. Do people really have a NEED to keep their feet toasty but their toes ventilated? Do toes sweat exclusive of the rest of the foot they are attached to? Does she fancy herself a Minotaur?

  4. Amber

    I agree–only works on Chloe.
    Her hair is growing on me. Well, not literally. But it’s the kind of haircut I wish I could get away with, but I can’t, because on me, it would look manish. (Because I would just wash and go, which is how I always “do” my hair)
    Also, those shoes…at first, I thought they were full-on fug. Then a second look, and I think I really like them, even though I’m against open-toed booties. But the mere fact that she is pulling them off without looking cankly is a win, totally.

    • Amber

      Since I forgot to mention the dress…love the color and the dress is fine, but I am not sure about the cutouts. In that second picture, where she is slouchy, there’s flesh poking through the cutouts, which gives the illusion of fat. Maybe it’s my own complex of trying to HIDE fat with everything I wear, but I wouldn’t want something to make fat appear where there wasn’t any (fortunately for me, I never have to worry about THAT). So I don’t know. It looks a lot better when she’s standing straight. I would also hate to have to stand straight all the time.

  5. Elizabeth

    The “Hit and Miss” sign behind her seems prescient.

    • Elizabeth

      My name is ALSO Elizabeth and I had this exact same thought. Thank you, internet-twin.

  6. Stubenville

    That dress is so incredibly unflattering and the hooves shoes don’t exactly help. Who designed that monstrosity, Stella McCartney?

  7. Rowynn

    Peek-toe boots have to be on the top ten list of things that never should have existed. I really wish she’d go back to wearing cute shoes, like she used to. On the plus side, though, that raspberry color is pretty on her, and I really like her makeup.

  8. AMS

    I’m so happy to see her with soft makeup and organized hair for once! Her hair does look wiggy, I agree, but given that it always looks awkward, I’ve decided to be happy when it at least looks combed and styled. It really transforms the look – I can’t even get worked up about what is, objectively, a ridiculous dress that’s a teeny bit too tight on her torso, simply because the color is terrific on her, and her face and hair look so nice. Good day for Chloe!

  9. GigiNYC

    I think the color and fit of the dress is great despite the sleeves. I don’t totally hate the sleeves but I think it would have been a much sleeker and prettier dress had they been normal sleeves. As for the cutouts, they’re sexy and Chloe looks sexy in them.

    As for those stems of hers, I actually saw CSevigny in person at Barney’s a few years ago and they are even more tremendous in the flesh–very long, shapely, and toned. I was struck with Leg Envy in the bag department.

  10. Eliza Bennett

    She looks so so pretty from the neck up I can’t even summon my judgmental bitch. I love the dress color, hate the sleeves, like the flank airholes (inexplicably). The shoes are ….strange.
    But did I mention she looks amazing from the neck up?

    • Bernadette

      I totally agree. In theory, I should hate the airholes. But I actually really like them.
      The dress colour is fab. And I like the shoes in profile. But from the front, I can’t get over my problem with peep toe boots.

  11. bam bam

    why cant the sev be both fug and fab? that is why i have such a gay boy crush on her.

  12. Kara

    I love the color but dislike everything else. And I don’t like her hair at all; it DOES look like a wig. I think it ages her. Also, I think open-toed boots might be inching toward joining rompers and jumpsuits in the “What? No, never” category.

  13. Miss Louise

    Can I take another angle here and say how TREMENDOUS Chloe’s eyebrows are? As a blonde with eyebrows that are almost invisible, I want to know her secret. Her eyebrows are visible, but soft and not heavy at all, a great width, and perfectly toned with her hair – not matchy but complimentary. So flattering. Those of you out there with fair eyebrows will know what an achievement this is. I will be taking the first photo to a beautician. And that dress colour is beautiful, although I don’t like the cut at all.

    • Fawn

      I’ll tell you how to get eyebrows like that.
      Use an angled brush to apply a soft brown eyeshadow (just a shade or two darker than the natural brow color) to your brows. It looks completely soft and natural.

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  15. Lynne

    Hate the cutouts. Love the dress otherwise. I mean, I could never wear cracked out sleeves like this but it looks great on her. More than the cutouts, I hate boots. Toeless boots annoy the crap out of me. They’re just stupid.

  16. Marte

    I’ve never before thought of her as pretty, but in that first picture she looked really good. All *human* and stuff. The dress, eh, but face and hair: very charming.

  17. TaraMisu

    It’s a well played for her…. the color is fantastic! The shoes are hideous, the cut outs are weird and she needs to go up a size but again, for her this is really, really good!

    And I agree on the wig-tastic hair.

  18. Emily

    Am I the only one liking this simply because it’s the first picture recently where she doesn’t look really strung out? All outfits and hair aside, I feel in recent posts she’s looked like she’s coming off some serious stuff. I personally think the outfit looks kind of stupid, but at least she doesn’t look like she stumbled out of a Skid Row dumpster 20 minutes prior.

  19. corriner

    I like the idea… but not the execution.

  20. witjunkie

    I will add my “Her face looks really pretty” to the chorus. This is what I think she looks like, then I see photos and it’s something else. And I’m like, THAT’S Chloe Sevigny?! But this is recognizable. If that makes any sense at all.

  21. Dazie

    Switch the cankle booties for some strappy sandals and ditch the sleeves- a nice sheath with the “suprise” on the sides- and there’d be something. I just think the sleeves look top heavy and redonk.

  22. Elizabeth

    I think I’d like this with the sleeves and not the cut outs or the cut outs and not the sleeves. And if the pink in the boots matched the color of the dress a little more closely. And if she had on SOMETHING on her lips. But. I mean. As far as this or wearing all the mirrors from all the compacts I’ve thrown away i the last ten years? This is a total win.

  23. TonyG

    Smashed boobs + over-stretched diamond cut-outs + stomach pouch revealed = Too tight. Even though it’s an interesting color, it somehow does not go with her skin tone. And the stringy hair…this is a fug for me.

  24. Bonnie

    Hideous stumpy shoes, nut great color on the dress. Basically she seems not to want to look too good, for whatever reason.

  25. vandalfan

    Don’t like the clothes, but her hair is such an improvement.

  26. Julie

    Is it just me or is she looking a bit like Nellie Olsen? Some expressions on her face make me think she’s plotting something really evil against Laura, aka Half Pint.

  27. Magatha

    I think she looks terrific. She’s Chloe Sevigny; she’s always going to put an offbeat twist on stuff. What’s so nice here is that she’s combining a little eccentricity with a lissome ease; she looks comfortable and like she’s having a good time, and because she is Chloe Sevigny, that’s kinda quirky right there.

  28. Lina

    Points for good makeup & wearing a shade that suits her skin tone. The rest…no.

  29. Moi

    Horrible boots, so-do dress, really great cat eye makeup.

  30. Moi

    so-so dress. sheesh!

  31. Miss Louise

    I see the Nellie Olsen thing, Julie! All she needs is a bonnet and ringlets, and her pioneer-bitchface tribute would be complete.

  32. rb

    Dear 7-E: a marionberry paper doll dress will NOT get you that part as barbara walters in the hbo movie, “WAA-WAA.”

  33. G

    Any time you get horizontal wrinkles it means you need to GO UP A SIZE. The sleeves are weird but cute. At least on the sleeves we don’t have to worry that the seams are going to rip open if she breathes.

  34. guerra

    I love this!! the colour is amazing!!

  35. Sandra

    She looks clean and happy and very present in the moment. The shoes are yuck and the color is the only good thing about the dress, but she doesn’t look all weird, so that’s a win for her, I think.

  36. katkin74

    Her face is AMAZING without that horrid lipstick she’s been sporting. Natural looks really really good on her. I really kind of like this – even the boots. I feel weird.