Fug Or Fab: Chloe Sevigny


Do you guys remember when Christian Bale had that total expletive-laced freak-out on set, and someone released the audio of it, and then someone else made a catchy techno remix of it, thus proving that sometimes the internet is used for good and not evil?

Sometimes the part where Bale bellows, “IT’S F&*$CKING DISTRACTING….OH, GOOOOOOOOOOOOD,” pops into my head like an earworm, and that’s what I keep hearing every time I look at Chloe’s hair. It IS f$cking DISTRACTING.

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  1. val.

    I don’t think the hair is great, but it’s not horrible either. She’s looked worse!

    I’m impressed that she managed to find a dress that kind of matches that backdrop. Although seeing them both together makes my eyes hurt.

  2. amys

    Wow, satin really isn’t a friend. (SBDD) Same boots different day.

    • Kristen from MA

      I don’t understand why someone with such great legs would want to visually chop them off at the ankle. They’re great boots for jeans, but not a dress.

  3. Kaitlyn

    I definitely feel like if the dress and the backdrop weren’t having a knock-down, drag-out fight, it’d be easier to judge. But the dress and the backdrop are going to go fifteen rounds with no winners.

  4. rizzle

    The fact the trim on her booties makes a semi circle really irks me for some reason. Either way, that’s some hardcore fugging going on.

    • Francesca

      That irks me too. It looks like someone snuck up behind her and tied her feet together. The hair is just plain heinous. She used to be clever and hip, but now
      she just looks like she flunked Swinton 101.

      • anny

        She looks hobbled. (She also looks like she’s been at the cooking sherry again.)

    • Alle Hall

      Agreed about the boots. i hate that style … ALTHOUGH: she doesn’t have the longest legs, and we can all agree that style of boot doesn’t make anyone’s legs look longer. I give her points for honesty.

      Frankly, I like the dress. The clingy satin part isn’t the best look, but the color freshens her skin tone and creates a good contrast with her hair. Recently, I’ve felt her clothes have been washing her out.

    • Mary

      Thank you! I felt the same way when I looked at those boots yesterday… argh… cut the chain off please… Busy dress along with busy backdrop really is wigging my eyes out…

  5. Darren

    The hair is so bad that it is impossible for me to judge the outfit on its own merits or lack thereof (the same goes for the last dress featured as well). I feel like I would like it, but I can’t — God, just get a wig or a weave or something!

  6. Kara

    Still fug, and the dress’s pattern against the background is making my eyes hurt. It’s like one of those Magic Eye books.

  7. Anita

    I actually kind of like the dress, except 1) it needs a better fit on the bottom so the satin doesn’t make her look like she has a belly she probably doesn’t have and 2) boobs akimbo! The dress/backdrop combination in unfortunate, to say the least.

    I hate the boots (never have been able to get on board the “heavy booties with a dress” train) more than the hair.

    Given how very, very bad she often looks, this overall look is fine, not great, but fine.

  8. Kelly O.

    I think her hair looks WAY better than it ever has. I hated the peeled grape look — slicked straight back. I also couldn’t stand the hideous part down the middle look. This cut frames her face nicely. I can’t really see the details very well, so maybe it really is a hot mess, but it appears to be a major improvement.

    • Kat

      Take a closer look… somehow. It looks like she cut her own her… with cuticle scissors… while drinking.

  9. Anj

    She’s just been upgraded/downgraded? to worse than Kesha. That dress is merely an artful depiction of how bad her hair is.

  10. Christian

    I like the dress (like others I wish I could see it without the backdrop) and I don’t even mind the rat’s nest hair, really, but those shoes irk me for some reason.

  11. Helen

    The same boots with an even worse dress… sigh. Stop it, Chloë. At least the other outfit just looked juvenile. This is wrong on many other levels. And what is up with these minidresses with the weirdly unbalanced long sleeves, anyway? Same basic shape Kristen Stewart wore at Kids’ Choice, and it looks out of proportion on both of them, not because they are, but because the dress is. Make it stop!

    • Kara

      I LOVE long-sleeved minis because I feel like the long sleeves make the mini part less revealing. (Assuming the dress doesn’t have, like, a v-neck down to the navel.) I have long legs so I like a mini, but I like to leave something to the imagination. Done right, it’s a very balanced look. This, though … I think it’s the Peter Pan collar (!) and the fit of the bodice that makes it look weird – it’s doing terrible things to her chest.

      • Helen

        True, the neckline’s a problem. I’d still prefer a short sleeve, maybe just above the elbow, but this is doing unpleasant things to the chest – and the neck, too. She does not have a short neck, but it looks here as if she does.

        Sevigny has a great body. Weird how she never learned to dress as if she thinks so. I guess, at least she’s showing those pretty legs?

  12. melanie

    I’m getting a Phyllis Diller vibe off her now, sorry.

  13. TheReset

    I will never forgive those shoes. On anyone.

  14. gin_in_teacups

    How is this a Fug or Fab? What is remotely good about it?? That dress looks like it was designed by the makers of those Magic Eye books, and her hair is doing an impression of a bad toupee.

  15. Bella

    The dress not showcased up against that backdrop might be cute. But GET RID OF THE HOOVES!!!!!

  16. Katharine

    That reminds me, I LOVED that techno remix of Christian Bale’s rant. I should get it back on my ipod. It was just the best for the end of a run, when you’re tired out but want to put on a little push at the end (to impress your run tracker app? I don’t know!).

    This outfit… could be worse, I guess. But not much worse.

  17. Sajorina

    This may not be AMAZING, but for Chloe is not only an improvement, even though she keeps wearing the same boots & clutch everywhere, it’s a triumph! Her whole head aside, she looks decent! The dress is sexy without being raunchy and it fits her well! That dress is so nice… I love the fabric pattern & the simple cut and silhouette are perfect for the edgier boots & clutch! If only she had worn makeup! *Sigh*

  18. McLisa

    What dress? All I can see is hair and boots! For a minute I thought her feet were chained together not unlike that crazed demon doll in Trilogy of Terror.

    Major bad on the step & repeat designer. That backdrop is going to kill even the most well-dressed. :(

  19. Sandra

    It does look better than we’ve come to expect from The Sev. That is not to say that it is actually good, because it isn’t. The more I look at it, the less I like it. It might be less terrible against a different backdrop, but this hurts my head. Why does she look as if she’s wearing Madonna’s 1980′s cone-bra under that thing?

    The shoes are absolutely as bad as everyone thinks. Why would you favor shoes that look chained together?

  20. PeggyO

    Chloe, THROW THE SHOES AWAY! They’ve ruined two otherwise acceptable (grading on the Sev scale) outfits.

  21. Janice

    Clearly she is really annoyed that she didn’t go farther in Fug Madness this year and is going to show up as often and as awful as possible to ensure a better seed and a better run in 2012.

  22. Elizabeth

    This is basically the same thing Chlofug Sevignfug was wearing in the the last post about her. A short dress with a collar and those same booties! The last dress was a different pattern and short-sleeved, but other than that it’s like she wore the same thing twice. Maybe it’s because this look is working for her in a way that no other look has worked (read: at all) in at least several months.

  23. The Fugger

    Can I vote for both options? (Or…err…öptions?)

    The dress looks like television noise rendered in TECHNICOLOR, and her hair is a rat’s nest. But it’s Chloe Sevigny wearing it, and thus it should be not only expected, but embraced as an expression of her true fugly nature.

    So basically, it’s mostly a sarcastic “OH, GOOOOOOOOOD,” with a hint of girlish delight thrown in because Sefugny leaving the house always brightens my day.

  24. Edith

    The backdrop is F&*$CKING DISTRACTING, to say the least….

  25. Lina

    There is no good here. Even if she were standing against a solid black stage flat. I just hope she goes out enough this year to win FM 2013!

  26. Charlotte

    I kind of like the dress. It’s shiny, and if you stare at it long enough you can see the demon-god Baphomet emerge above Chloe’s pelvis, but it could be worse. Chop off the sleeves, bump it up a size and photograph it in front of a solid background and it could be pretty cute.

  27. CN

    embellished satin collar. ew.

  28. Guerra

    I love the boots! Way more than the dress! But honey your hair needs a make over!!

  29. LeeB

    Oh, come on, she looks soooo much better than usual.

  30. rb

    between jessica’s wonderful illusion to christian bale’s psycho stage self and heather’s brilliant breakdown of The Voice’s unrelenting fascinator and random white pussy-cat fetish, i seriously want to be bff to you both. you ladies consistently knock it out of the park.

  31. jnadreau

    OK, so shoot me. I actually like the dress! It might be better if she were wearing Spanx underneath, to hold her belly in. The boots, by themselves, are pretty cute – but they’d be better paired with jeans. Or with the chain removed. I’m not crazy about the hair, but it’s somewhat of an improvement over how she used to wear it. I’m so glad she lost the signature orange-red lipstick smear that I’m happy to settle for the hair. At least it’s not yanked back off her face or hanging there limp & lifeless.

  32. NYCGirl

    I like the dress, but the earrings are too much, and the boots weren’t a good idea the first time she wore them.

  33. A.J.

    I hate you. That song is stuck in my head now!

  34. Bailey

    I can’t stand those boots she wears, they’re too….heavy? It doesn’t work.

  35. katkin74

    I kind of like it. She doesn’t seem to be getting dressed in the dark anymore. It’s still out there but it’s coordinatedly cracked out. That’s good, right?

  36. Nora

    Based on the last two Fugs, I’m convinced she’s moonlighting as an Edie Falco impersonator.

  37. vandalfan

    Oh, Honey, Spanx!

  38. atz

    I think she looks terrible! I imagine she is beautiful in real life, so what gives? I don’t believe for a second she actually needs spanx, I just think this dress is incredibly unflattering.

    Also, she definitely needs lipstick. From the shoulders up, she looks like a wasted surfer boy. Lipstick could maybe help with that. The slightly pouffy arms and collar are really terrible with that dress pattern, too. With a pattern that busy, a sleeker, simpler cut would be better. I actually think the pattern could be funky and interesting with a simpler cut.

    Of course, those shoes are inexcusable.

  39. Shiitake

    Sevigny Spring 2012 affectations: Scary hair, flat makeup, cloven hooves

  40. Anna Svahn

    She has been working those boots overtime.

  41. tigerstripes

    It is uncanny the way she managed to match her dress to the backdrop.

  42. Rubee

    Sleepy surfer drag queen fug!… Sorry, I’ve never quite got her so-called “fashion savvy”. Eight years ago it was fun to watch her as a quirky teenager wearing couture in many unexpected ways. Now she’s just an ugly-looking, badly coiffed, tastelessly dressed young lady who pathetically insists on being eye catchy. Lady-Gaga yawny for me.