Fug or Fab: Charisma Carpenter


At first I was like, “Oh, it’s Charisma Carpenter — wait, no, it’s Ali Landry. Wow, apparently I can’t tell those two apart.” And then of course it did turn out to be Charisma after all. Also, half of you right now are going, “Who the hell is Ali Landry? Oh, right, the Doritos girl who married Mario Lopez and then annulled it two weeks later because of skullduggery,” and then you’re repeating “skullduggery” ten times out loud at your desk because it’s fun. I KNOW YOU, FUG NATION.


Charisma is still beautiful, y’all. Can’t be denied. The name is a lot to live up to — her last would have been a much easier choice — but she does it with aplomb. However, I am pretty sure I don’t love how her beauty is being served up. It’s like an expensive, overdone version of a shag carpet, encasing an expensive, overdone version of her naturally given cleavage, and I keep wishing it was all treating her better. Then again, it’s Cordelia Chase, and I’m afraid to say anything bad about her in case people come to my house with torches demanding my head on a stake.

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1.  HelenBackAgain

    Whoa, Ali Landry was that Doritos girl? I thought it was Eva Mendes!

    I guess there’s a certain similarity between all these gorgeous brunettes with great hair…

    Anyway, with bone structure like that, of course Carpenter will always be beautiful (as long as she doesn’t screw with her face too much – so far, so good), but the same cannot be said for her dress sense. This is simultaneously WAY overexposing her, and also making it look like perhaps she just left the house in the fleece sofa throw.

    Perhaps worse, that gorgeous hair is being seriously mistreated here. It looks like she did this to wash her face before makeup, and then never got to hair.

  2. Sajorina

    Ok, so I know who Ali Landry is because she was Miss USA! And I can totally tell her and Charisma apart (Long Live Buffy!), but Charisma would look better without that much boob exposed! Other than that, she looks very pretty and this is really nice! ½ FAB!

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Dude, Ali Landry is gorgeous. I hope she would never wear a depressed dust mop with showgirl ambitions.

  4. Mair Mair

    Charisma’s got that I-can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it-but-she-doesn’t-look-the-same thing going on. Which leads me to conclude that she’s had some facial work done. Maybe just a stretch, but it’s enough that I (a diehard Buffy fan) didn’t recognize her at first.

    • Megan

      I see that in her face, too.

      Also: low-cut dress + high waisted belt = her girls look like they’re at her waist. And nobody wants their girls down at their waist, even in an optical illusion!

  5. Katty McNiley Ripley

    Wow, I don’t remenber her ‘Cordelias’ being like THAT!

    • Other Emily

      Yeah, I don’t want to be snarky, but I’m not convinced those are “naturally given.” Nonetheless, she is still one heck of a pretty lady. Not a good dress.

      • Heather

        In the post I called them “expensive, overdone version of her naturally given cleavage,” which is code for “boob job.”

        • Other Emily

          I gotcha. I didn’t read carefully, obviously. And to be clear, I am a very big fan. I *may* even have a daughter named Cordelia. This dress just isn’t doing the lovely Ms. Carpenter any favors at all.

      • The Kenosha Kid

        Carpenter had implants before she was even on Buffy.

      • NicoleMN6

        “Natural” was definitely a poor word choice here…

  6. Maria L.

    Pretty poodle trying way too hard.

  7. K8e

    I am on the other team: Who is Charisma Carpenter? (But now I see from the comments)

  8. Ann

    1) BUFFY. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER IS MY FAVORITE SHOW, OMG. It’s Cordelia Chase! WOOOOOOO! There should be a special section devoted to Whedonverse actors on this site. Maybe even a special page just for Willow’s fashion atrocities. I do not care that it’s been off the air for more than ten years at this point. MOAR BUFFY PLEASE.

    2) Whew. Ok, I have control of myself now. That dress is so freaking tacky. Poor Charisma was so excited about her look that she posted a picture on Twitter, and then was upset that some dude asked her if the point was to “almost see her nipple.” (https://twitter.com/AllCharisma/status/350102900040675328)

    3) Charisma is naturally beautiful with great cheekbones and a pretty smile. However, at this point in her life, neither her face nor her cleavage are “naturally given.” The face plastic surgery was subtle, but her face just doesn’t look the same as it used to, and not in an “I’ve aged and look older” kind of way. *sad trombone*

  9.  Courtney

    I have been re-watching Buffy and I cannot get over how perfect everyone is on that show. Charisma is especially funny and also super gorgeous and I love her to death, but I am not feeling this dress. It might just be the color – she is so pretty that I would like to see her in a brighter, punchier color. Or even black. This color just seems like it is trying to suck the life out of her.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Carpenter played the part of Cordelia to perfection, but I always found it distracting that she looked so much older than the other actors. She wasn’t actually older, she just looked like it – all that tanning, I guess? – as if she should’ve been one of their teachers instead.

      Once she moved to Angel, it wasn’t a problem anymore because their ages were irrelevant in that setting.

      • Eirwen

        She is 7 years older than Sarah MG and 5 years older than Alison Hannigan so did stand out as a ‘schoolgirl’ when she was 27. But great character and actress. Dress is fug but she is fab.

  10. Daenerys

    Agree with Ann on all counts.
    That is no “naturally given cleavage”.
    But any time they want to bring back Buffy and the gang- I’ll be there!

    • Heather

      I didn’t say it was! I said it’s “expensive, overdone version of her naturally given cleavage,” which, again, is code for “boob job.”

  11. TaraMisu

    I thought that was Heidi Klum :D :D :D

  12. Corina

    You know who she looks like in this picture? Like a slightly older Melissa Rycroft.

  13. Melissa

    Put them away!

  14. Tracey

    I’ve never heard of her and I’m sure she’s naturally pretty, but all I see is large, low boobs… I know they may be fake and big but they are still grandma boobs at her waist in that dress.

  15. Tatiana

    Uhm…did anyone else feel the need to look up skullduggery?

    “trickery: verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way.”

    This is my new favorite word. Let’s all use it in casual conversation tomorrow.

  16. Jade

    I may be nuts, but does anyone else think she resembles Jessica Simpson circa 2005? Her face here reminds me of when Jessica sort of “glammed up.”

  17. buttercup

    I see Ashley Greene’s future.

  18. Art Eclectic

    Is this from the new upcoming Heidi Klum reality show “Celebrity Mishandled Assets”?

  19. Heather

    All I can see are her implants. And I always say – if your implants are visible, get another dress (Xtina, I’m talking to you).

  20.  ohsohappy

    I’ve been visiting this site for a while, but have never commented. However, after seeing the word ‘skullduggery’, I just had to. I am in awe of someone that can fit it into daily conversation so seamlessly. Does this mean I can officially become a part of Fug Nation?! ~~sits a desk repeating ‘skullduggery’ and giggling out loud~~

  21. Erica Ro

    I was indeed saying skullduggery aloud. Fug Nation mind meld.

  22.  ohsohappy

    Not sure what happened to my first post, but let me try this again. I have visited this site for some time now without commenting, but after your use of the word “skullduggery”, well…since it literally made me laugh out loud, here I am. Well done! May I please be a part of Fug Nation since I really did sit at my desk and repeat said word while giggling? Pretty please!

  23.  Sarah

    She is so pretty and all this (the cleavage, bad hair, whatever that dress is made out of) is just taking away from her prettiness. You don’t have to try so hard when you have that face (perhaps we could call this Heidi Klum syndrome?)

  24. JessicaAZ

    This really hurts my feelings on so many levels as a Buffy super fan. Too much Cordi, too much…

  25. Kiti

    IIRC, Charisma Carpenter was at one time a showgirl in Vegas. Therefore, I find no fault with her ever dressing in an “over-the-top” manner. The hair and makeup and dress are a bit much, gilding the lily, as it were. But… Vegas showgirl! I wish CC would get more and better roles, because she is a gifted comic actress with impeccable timing.

  26. fritanga

    Wow. Carpenter is really exploring her stealth Latina side with a vengeance here. Yep, this outfit (plus tan and hairdo) is really out of a telenovela.

    I dunno; she’s about a foot away from “HOLA, LOVERS”-dom in this. And if she had better taste/better stylists, she could give Vergara a run for her money.

  27.  Aspasia

    The combination deep-v neckline and solid gold belt buckle thingy just makes her waistline area look a bit aggressive.