Fug or Fab: Catherine Zeta-Jones


I love CZJ for how graceful she seems to be under pressure — it can’t be easy having to announce that you’re in treatment again for your bipolar disorder, and on top of that, revealing your separation from your husband. Maybe behind closed doors she’s having a terrible time, but the effort it must take to put on a happy face and meet work obligations is, I’m sure, considerable, so good on her.

I just… I keep looking at this dress and thinking she’s just come from a quick bout of murder. Very FLOWERY, artistic murder, but murder nonetheless.

Am I overreacting?

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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Comments (27):

  1. Jill

    To me it just looks too casual for an Event. It looks like something you’d wear cute sandals with and not red-hot high heels. But yes, she does have a great smile!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I agree, this is more (fairly upscale) brunch than red carpet.

  2. remi

    The bodice has seen alot more murder then the skirt, I feel this means they should not be together and find better matched partners. Or maybe they should bridge this wildly different level of experience, like with a belt or something.

  3. Rowynn

    Something about the way this fits her just seems off. And what’s up with that hemline? It looks longer on one side, plus if you zoom in, the lining seems to be hanging down. All in all, it looks sort of messy and ill-constructed, and not at all worthy of someone as awesome as CZJ.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      The hemline is kind of a wreck. And I don’t think it fits all that well in general. It looks like it’s halfway between deliberately loose and body-skimming, and fitted, and I wish it would make up its mind which it wants to be.

  4. Alicia 

    I think the pattern on the skirt is really pretty, and it’d probably work much better as a slinky dress rather than a two-piece.

    • asheisele

      Yes, this is my issue exactly. I really like the print but it doesn’t match the fit – I would love to see it in a form-fitting style that accentuates her awesome figure. But what do I know anyway, right?

  5. Claire1

    It looks too big. I’d like to see the bodice more fitted. I don’t hate it. It’s interesting ….but a bit on the summer side of life.

    As for her coming out about seeking treatment….I want to hug her. My mother suffers with bipolar disorder….and it’s an awful thing….for her and for those of us who care about her…… She’s doing well…but I can almost guarantee that I’ll have at least two episodes a year of talking her out of some emotional tree…..and she’s always a bit “off”…..which makes it hard for strangers….

  6. Demetra

    I think it looks like poorly done crochet.

  7. TereLiz

    NAB (needs a Belt) The low hem of the shirt (tunic?) is completely obliterating her waist. I don’t have a problem with the pattern so much as the fit/styling.

  8. Maria L.

    CZJ does CSI.

  9. Beth

    He had it coming
    He had it coming
    He only had himself to blame…

  10. Brenna

    The bodice doesn’t look right to me – much too big.

    And what did she do to her beautiful face? She shouldn’t have messed with it.

  11. luvthefuggers

    The shoes don’t go with it. I think a dressy sandal type show would have been nicer.

  12. Beth

    This speaks to me of close-range silly string attack more than murder.

  13.  Stacey

    I don’t like the way the bottom looks for some reason. Also, my heart goes out to her. I applaud her for being so open about her bi-polarism, which is so often life-ruining.

  14. Heather S.

    When I first looked at it I thought it was a print, an interesting print and my only problem was the terrible fit. But then as I started to write this I took a second list and OMG it’s like a mutilated god’s eye project tacked onto the badly fitting shift. I don’t get it.

  15. Sandra

    Before I even read the post, I thought “gun-shot wound”. I guess blood spatter is the other major possibility.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think it’s very early-seasons Dexter, when he used to recreate blood-spatter patterns with red thread.

  16. val.

    I like the pattern and the idea behind this dress, but the cut makes her look kind of short, stumpy, and droopy on top. She’s done better.

  17. CopyChic

    It’s more homicide than murder. Very casual homicide.

  18. Kristin

    It makes her lovely bosom look terribly lopsided.

  19. MrsMelville

    … Has anyone seen Michael Douglas lately?

    • jean

      He was at the Emmys and he thanked his wife. ;) . So he’s either terrified of her or very, very gracious. I’m going with gracious.