Fug or Fab: Cate Blanchett


I worry that Cate Blanchett is trying some kind of funky ocular hypnosis on me. YOU WILL LIKE THIS. YOU WILL LIKE THIS. YOU WILL START DRINKING DIET PEPSI AND REJECT PEANUT BUTTER AS SATAN’S DIAPER CREAM.¬†While I am confident someone as groovy as Cate Blanchett would NEVER try and convince me of the latter two evils, I also know that would never work on me. But can she sway me on the gown?

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  1. katie s.


  2. Jacquilynne

    Does anyone else feel this dress could only really work if she was wearing her hair in two giant side buns?

    • Alicia

      This was my first thought as well. A sexier version of Princess Leia’s garb.

      • Reg

        OMG I came one here to say exactly same! Some kind of crazed-after battle for good vs evil – Princess Lea.

        • Rachael

          Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

          Also, those shoes– I hate them, with the fire of a thousand suns. Maybe a million suns, I haven’t decided yet. I have yet to see a shoe with any amount of clear material, and not immediately have my brain say “TRASHY!! CHEAP!! GROSS!!”

    • Katie Lynn

      LOL. Maybe this is her bid to be in the new Star Wars movie. Subliminally making the casting directors see her as the next Leia.

    • Stefanie

      Yes. That’s exactly what I thought.

    • Sarie

      That’s exactly what I thought too! Leia after the back of her dress was torn out.

    • Molly

      EXACTLY. All I could see was Couture Leia.

  3. Sandra

    I believe that the divine Cate has overextended her Carte Blanchett here. Even she should not swipe a Cistercian friar’s habit and hack a hole in the back of it.

  4. amys

    I thought she looks more like Padm√© than Leia, but yeah, she’s channeling the “Help me Obi Wan” laser image or something not good. I despise the shoes especially the ace bandage wrappings. On a positive note, her dress, while terribly unflattering in some places, makes her butt looks great.

  5. Pink Coat

    I don’t like the dress either.

    But( I can’t believe I’m saying this because I too abhor clear shoes) but I think only these shoes can work with a dress like that.

  6. AmyK

    Cate, I love you. But WHY did this happen?!

  7. Chelsea

    I actually quite like it in concept, but it didn’t hold up so well in execution. I think without the open back the front might have sat better on her and it would have been much more striking. As it is she’s getting swallowed by it, which is not a very Cate Blanchett-y thing to do!

  8. shannon

    whatever. as long as THAT FACE is involved, i’m on board.

  9. Remi

    she looks like she is slouching in the first picture. But she is Cate Blanchett.

  10. sara

    Cate Cate Cate. Who do you think you are, SWINTON?

    • Kristen Bryant

      Ha! I was just thinking that this outfit doesn’t work on Cate, but that Tilda might have been able to pull it off with one of her huge pompadours.

  11. Jess

    This is looking uncannily Snuggie-like to me

  12. Lori

    Whoa, remember back a few posts, when you were talking about the unloveliness of the flank, and how a dress designed to showcase the flank was as bad as a dress designed to showcase the underside of a woman’s upper arm?


  13. pantsonfire

    I really like the *idea* of this dress. I do typically like Cate’s style (and not just because she’s Cate…even if it was divorced from her, I’d still like a lot of what wears). Sadly, this isn’t working for all the reasons explained in the slideshow. I wonder if it could have worked on anyone, and then I think “if it’s unflattering on Cate Blanchett, what chance do mortals have?” Still…I might try this on on a lark if I had it in my clutches. Just to see…

  14. jean

    The back is wretched. I don’t mind the front at all, but the back!

  15. Karen G

    Formal, backless straight-jacket

  16. ErinE

    Princess Leia without the fun hair. sigh. so fug.

  17. Helen

    Brilliant concept, but with the kindergarten-level sloppy execution, remaining unrealized. Hate it. The shoes merely deepen the insult.

    Everyone who takes chances will miss sometimes, I guess! With this, it was Blanchett’s turn.

  18. Fifie

    This woman’s “style” is so overrated. There is only one Swinton and only Swinton should wear these types of things.

    • Scouse Helen

      As soon as I saw the photo I thought, “Swinton, and only Swinton, should attempt this”.

  19. Elise

    “Satan’s Diaper Cream”?!! Now I have Diet Coke coming out of my nose! OMG!

  20. Billie

    I’ll be the cheese that stands alone. I really like this, and think she looks great. Not a fan of see-through shoes, but they work with this.

  21. Suzie

    Bingo wings, *snort.* And l love all the Leia comments. Also, there are darts/bunching of fabric that kind make her boobs look lower than they are or like she has an extra set? Which, I image if this somehow just fit better, it’d be stunning. Oh well, can’t win them all.

  22. Vandalfan

    Completely Leia, therefore a No from me, but I sure wish I was wearing something with that construction when I get my industrial strength hot flashes.

  23. Bluebonnets on it

    If you listen hard enough to picture 3, you can hear her saying “note to self: never get involved in a land war in Asia and never take a double-or-nothing dare with a drunken seamstress waving a Snuggie.”

  24. Carol

    I could have lived with this, until I saw the back … and then, when I saw the shoes, it was all over. A rare misfire for Cate.

  25. Rayna

    Gaaah! Cate is gorgeous as always, but the dress is just made of NO.

    And what’s up with the flight attendant apron vibe?

    Princess Leia is now serving beverages and snacks in the forward cabin?

  26. Celeste

    This really is what female officers on the Starship Enterprise would wear to a holiday party.

  27. DanerKebab

    I was willing to Carte Blanchett the dress, but the shoes knocked it over into fug territory. I expected better from her.

  28. Jo

    What the dickens? A cross between Leia and a surgeon!

  29. Bottle Ginger

    Tonight on Project Runway, your challenge is… Sexy Choir Robe!

  30. Meredith

    Oddly enough, it’s the gold shoulder stripes that kill it for me. It’s like she chickened out at the last minute & added something to offset the white, billowy, plainness of it. And failed completely.

  31. Guerra

    I think she’s lost her mojo

  32. stephasaurus

    it appears to be an overpriced burial shroud as cate, the fashion icon, is now dead to me.

  33. LC

    I feel like this meant to be a SWINTON look, but she was unavailable so they got Cate Blanchette to don it and hoped for the best. A New Hope is needed indeed.

  34. Lily1214

    From the front? Definitely mother-of-the-groom.

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