Fug or Fab: Carey Mulligan


I feel like I spend way too much time wondering what’s going on with Carey Mulligan’s hair:

In the last couple of months, it’s been looking quite cute. But it looks here like someone got all wacky with her roots, and the result is less “natural blonde” and more “I rubbed my clay face masque into my hairline.”

Aren’t you glad you asked? I think I love it, although I also think there’s something about it that reminds me of, like, a seriously fabulous apron — the sort of thing Betty Draper might wear if someone forced her to cook something. Like, she’d throw this on while aimlessly ashing her cigarette into the tuna casserole and staring blankly out the window thinking about how she’s ruined her life.

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  1. Jess

    I really like her eyebrows…

  2. Rayna

    It’s true, we do obssess about her hair. Even the ill fated “Charlie Brown” dress pic had better hair. This looks like she smashed Bed Hed (??) through it in desperation.

    But the dress! The dress! Colorful, fresh and fab, just like Carey.

  3. Gina

    I REALLY like the dress, but I think it would be even prettier if the skirt were a hair shorter, and if it tapered in just a bit, like a pencil skirt. Some fabulous earrings and a bracelet would also be nice. As it is, though, it is really lovely.

  4. Ef

    To me, she always seems like she has a piece of lemon stuck in her mouth… I’d like to see her smile for once, because she’s always posing in a “i’m oh so better than you” kind of way.

  5. Kate

    I actually like the hair and the dress. But I’m so over the cross-legged pose. What is that? She is a tiny woman and doesn’t need to that weird pose that I guess is supposed to be slimming but instead looks like she was forced to stop for a photo op on her dash to the ladies’ room.

  6. Kate

    also from far away that clutch looks like a giant remote control.

  7. Esmerelda

    Ef- rather than looking smug, she always just looks a bit nervous to me. I completely agree that she could use some jewelry- some cool vintage earrings and a heavy bracelet.

  8. Juniper

    Please bring back the “click for close-up” function on these photos. pretty please?

  9. ames

    Ms. Mulligan gets a lot of Fug or Fab. She is a powerhouse at bringing uncertainty to these shores.

  10. julie

    is it me or does she look like Dana Plato here?

  11. The Other Molly

    In the second picture she looks like she’s casting the Avada Kedavra spell on someone. And above any other celebrity, she WAY over does the “cross your legs when you pose” thing.
    Dress…looks like a rose mutated all over her.

  12. M.Amanda

    I second Gina and Kate:
    1. She looks great, but I’d like the skirt a bit shorter and more fitted.
    2. Ever since I heard this pose referred to as “the pee pee pose” I can’t help but giggle every time I see it.
    3. The clutch totally does look like a giant remote!

  13. Share

    The dress is very cute. The hair isn’t great, but it doesn’t kill the look. What *does* kill the look is the expression on her face, which suggests that she’d rather be anywhere, even home cleaning her toilet bowl, than where she is at the moment.

  14. Molly

    1. Shower.
    2. Hem 2-3 inches.
    That is all.

  15. Geemee

    I like the style of her hair, but not the color so much. Wish the dress were shorter, but love the bodice and the color. I seriously covet the clutch.

  16. Jan

    The dress makes up for everything. Not a huge fan of the hair, but even with the unfortunate clay masque look, she still pulls off the short hair better than Emma Watson does. Yes, I KNOW, I KNOW, this is an Emma-friendly place, but I donut like la Watson’s hair. Carey’s pwns it in every imaginable way.

  17. BJ

    i don’t like the dress on her. it looks heavy on her tiny frame. perhaps her posture is pulling her forward as well. i’d be more on board if it were fitted and hemmed a bit.
    the hair doesn’t ruin her for me.
    loving the clutch!

  18. testin123

    It reminds me of the late 90′s when girls always wore those weird corn-row twists in their hair, it just needs a dozen butterfly clips.

    The dress is ok, bland but pretty color

  19. witjunkie

    I don’t think hemming it would be a good idea, because the length balances the top heaviness of the dress. That said, it’s too big, like BJ just said. Fit is fine, but the dress itself is made for a more statuesque person. It gives Carey a pinhead, which situation she has exacerbated by making her hair disappear.

  20. Jill

    It’s not the hair style that’s bothering me so much here, but the color. Has it always been that color? The combination of that and her lack of cheek color and the bright red dress is really washing her out. I think if she went a touch darker or at least had highlights, it’d be fine. The dress is super cute, if a little bit baggy at the top.

  21. amy

    Between the hair color, the make-up and the color of the dress, she disappears for me. It’s as if the dress is standing there alone, either held by invisible wires or inhabited by a vaporous spirit.

  22. Evalyn

    At least her hair matchess the dress, which is to say, sad mess. Her eyebrows are a bit overpowering.

  23. Sarah

    This washes her out, some colour on the cheeks, and this would be super. Or some cool lipstick. She has great eyebrows, though.

  24. vandalfan

    The color and hand of the fabric look divine. The straps seem a little too wide, veering toward jumper/ school uniform territory, and the waist is strangely floppy. (alas for really big zoom in capabilities!) I’d like to see the back because the first photo hints of vast side-boobage, but on the whole, nice dress, big chest rosette and all.

    It’s the hair that baffles. She coated with mud and faced a blast-furnace? Rolled down the car window and it froze that way?.

  25. Claire Zulkey

    I dislike the length. I know the style right now is this unflattering ladylike below the knee thing but I say let’s buck that particular trend.

  26. Adriana

    I hate those shoes passionately. I think Carey’s shoe choices almost always ruin her looks for me. Brighter or warmer lipstick would have helped too.

  27. Bertrice

    Sadly her hair reminds me of an old worn-out doll like you see at garage sales. Early dreadlocks.

  28. Gigi

    Look at that scowl. Even she knows her hair and eyebrows are too ZsaZsa for her.

    I like the dress, but would LOVE it if it were a one-shouldered thing. Those two straps make it look like a toddler’s overalls. A chic toddler’s overalls, with a flower instead of a pocket.

  29. Simone

    Can I just say that she has the most beautiful brown eyes.

  30. Quentin

    I once rubbed my clay face masque into my hairline and was unaware that I had failed at rinsing it out until my friend Kim pointed out to me while we were IN THE CAR going to a party. She couldn’t have said something earlier? Like when she came over to my house for a pre-party cocktail and we sat on the couch listening to bossa nova classics while perusing the latest issue People en Espanol?

  31. Quentin

    P.S. — Carey looks “meh.” She always has that pinched expression that suggests she needs to take two Correctol tablets and get a good night’s sleep so she can be regular in the morning. See also Tierney, Maura and Hunt, Helen.

  32. Janice Second

    The hair doesn’t bother me. I am in the process of growing out a pixie cut and right now it’s a little past my chin, ALMOST to my shoulders, and I’ve definitely been playing around with the color a bit to change it up and make me not want to cut it. It was dirty blond and I recently made it a little lighter. Maybe she had to lighten it up for Daisy Buchanan.

  33. Kate

    Carey always looks amazing, but I feel that she NEVER gets the length right. She does have a great body, and can pull something off that is a few inches shorter.

  34. I.K.

    (@ Juniper
    -Click the image
    -You’ll load a new page with the image without the post. Underneath the picture there’s a text that says “View original”.
    -Click it and voila! Kinda unnecessarily complicated but it still works at least:) )

    The dress was fine until I read apron, haha!

  35. lm

    Is it me or does the new hair make her look like Spike from Buffy? Kind of like it though…

  36. Amber

    She looks like Jennie Garth, circa 90210.
    The clutch may just be a giant remote.
    The dress is cute, though. A little too long, but cute.

  37. Oblaadee

    She is adorable. The dress is great.
    Girlfriend must have used Katherine Heigl’s hairdresser. Not good.

  38. sabine

    Her eye brows are so distracting, I can’t decide how to vote…

  39. Aristea

    I am so over this girl. If she is Eliza in the remake of My Fair Lady I am going to throw a s*t fit. The shoes are the wrong shape; should have gone with a d’orsay pump.

  40. Sarah

    I love her, and I may or may not have brought a photo of her pixie cut to the hair salon. That being said, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOMAN STAND UP STRAIGHT. Pretty soon I’ll be getting out the cane and dressing gown to sit in my rocking chair on the porch. And I’m YOUNGER than she is.

  41. barbarena

    The purse looks like one of those metal foot measurers in the Shoe Department. Maybe accessorize the dress with one of those red pin cushion bracelets the tailors wear.

  42. Sevi

    Reality just hit: i am having a total Carey crush!

    For the past year or so i’ve been loving just about anything she wears (or does) simply because her style happens to be MY style. Seriously…even down to the hair, i’ve been sporting a cute pixie cut for the last 10 years and am now in the process of growing it out, just like her (may I note, this is as a result of a bet, my girfriends want to see me with long hair, having missed out on my early years ;)).

    I would love to own this dress, the shoes are beautifully understated, the clutch makes it younger and more whimsical and as for her hair… oh wel, we all have our bad hair days, especially when growing out of a particular style. Kudos!

  43. jo

    she’s pretty much generally ‘meh’. the clothes are cute, but obvs she’s not the once responsible for choosing them…maybe someone told her to dye her hair a bright color so that we would be tricked into thinking she’s sweet and cheerful

  44. christine

    ah clay mask in her roots! that’s exactly it. EXACTLY what it looks like.

  45. Abbie

    Is it me, or does she almost always wear this shape dress?

  46. Kate

    Her hair makes her look like Jay Manuel from ANTM. Just sayin’.

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