Fug or Fab: Cameron Diaz


So, you know how we complain all the time about how Jennifer Aniston is in a style rut? (Not to mention a PR rut — you can’t convince me that the revelation of her relationship with Justin Theroux hasn’t been timed to coincide with her new movie for all the money in the world.) I think Cammy D here is settling into a similar one:

As Jennifer Aniston is to strapless neutral dresses, Cameron Diaz is to shorts. (That’s the answer to the first question on the GFY SAT, a test on which there will be no math.) She doesn’t look bad in them, exactly, and there’s nothing really aggressively wrong with them (unless you hate formal shorts, which we do), but the whole thing is beginning to scream, “PLEASE CONTINUE TO FIND ME AND MY LEGS RELEVANT AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEE THIS MOVIE THAT I AM IN WITH TIMBERLAKE THAT THEY SHOT LIKE A HUNDRED YEARS AGO CAN WE DO CHARLIE’S ANGELS 4? OKAY, CALL ME.”

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  1. AP

    Isn’t the bigger problem the rut of ROMPERS she seems to be in? Or are these not rompers?

  2. Melanie

    While I hate formal shorts as much as the next girl, if you look at this outfit closely enough, you can see it’s a “formal shorts romper”, a for worse evil than originally thought… Yeah she looks good, but she’d look good in my grandma’s wool rug – literally. But this would be just weird/odd/frumpy on anyone of “normal” (read: average) proportions.

  3. labyrinthine

    she looks like Boring Blah Barbie.

  4. Annie E

    The hair is just awful, and I can see her bra through her top/romper/whatever. Not a good look.

  5. Deli

    her face and hair look so bad. the rest of it is fine. if only it was just someone else’s head…

  6. Wendy

    There is a point when a person is too old to wear short shorts (or super short skirts or skintight dresses for that matter) without looking desperate. She has passed that point.

  7. Geemee

    A romper and a blazer and shoes the same color as her feet and I’m supposed to find this OK?

  8. TaraMisu

    Just yuck. I think she is past the romper age and PLEASE Cammie, do something with your hair!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chuckell

    Charlie’s Angels 4? Was there a Charlie’s Angels 3?

  10. Rachel

    That is a romper. Rompers are acceptable only if you are both 1) a toddler and 2) romping.

  11. Ryan

    The legs draw attention from her face, so I can’t really blame her for wanting to show them off.

  12. Amy

    Like the quicker kids have pointed out: this is a romper (or a playsuit, as we tend to call them this side of the ocean.) But it’s really the old lady on a cruise blazer and those god-awful shoes that offend me more.

    And her terrible hair and, um, her face. Which looks like it’s made out of rubber here. I’m sorry, Diaz, but I never understood how you became such a big deal.


  13. Kate

    I believe that’s a romper, not shorts. I’m pretty sure that despite C.Diaz’s refusal to grow up and her childish ideas about the relevancy of marriage in today’s world, she is not actually a child. Therefore, rompers should be verboten.

  14. Anna

    I don’t want to be horrible (well I do actually) but she is starting to look like Zippy (British children’s character – google Zippy and look at images).

  15. Kristin

    Blazer = terrible. Hair = terrible. she needs a few decent day dresses and nice blowout. She should call Kate Middleton’s dresser.

  16. Carolina Girl

    Anna, you are spot on! I had never heard of Zippy before, but give it some stringy blonde hair and age-inappropriate rompers and it’s a dead ringer for Cammie D.

  17. Eliza Bennett

    Please do a GFY SAT. That would be so much fun.

  18. sally

    @Kristin – I was thinking she looks like Jiminy Cricket. Maybe he and Zippy are related.

  19. sally

    Of course, I meant @Anna and @Carolina Girl…

  20. anonymoose

    she almost looks like a naked olsen twin here.

  21. Jules

    It looks like she has no neck.

  22. The Other Molly

    Ding! Ding!
    Labyrinthine has nailed it.
    Boring Blah Barbie.

  23. vandalfan

    Friends don’t let friends wear rompers, even if their legs go on for a million miles, like Cammie’s here. I could live with the shoes if she had painted her toes. i like everything from the belt up to the hairline, except the black bra. (Black? Oh, honey!) Her hair just looks awful. Clean, yes, but stringy, limp, unstyled, and outgrown.

  24. Lina

    I don’t get how rompers are even happening. I think “What on earth is that woman doing in toddler’s clothes?” every. single. time. That said, I’m nostalgically fond of Cammy, esp for Being John Malkovich and There’s Something About Mary. I LIKE that she seems happy to do things her way — even if that means shorts. I wish her good surfing, but I’d love to see her wear something pretty (that fits).

  25. Kris

    Not only is this a romper, it’s a vaguely SHEER romper. PLEASE, for the love of all that’s holy, stop with the ROMPERS!

    Also, please sign me up for the GFY SAT! I am good test taker!! Can’t wait!!!

  26. K.

    @Rachel and Lina: Word. I cannot believe adult-sized rompers exist in nature AND that people buy and wear them. This is not OK.

    A friend of mine has met Cameron Diaz and described her as “butt ugly.” I wouldn’t say that (although I’ve never met her), but I’ve never thought she was a great beauty and this pic (of her face) illustrates that. She looks better with shorter hair, because her hair doesn’t look healthy at all. And she has thin lips and a wide mouth, so her smile is kind of weird.

    I would like the shoes, I think, if her toes were painted – nude shoes take painted toes, otherwise it’s all too monochromatic.

  27. AP

    Okay guys… I might need some advice… I have a friend who wears rompers. I know we always have that, “Friends don’t let friends go out in… [insert horrible trend]” conversation but… I just can’t tell her! How would people go about telling their friend that it’s ridiculous to wear rompers, but in a way we could still be friends?

  28. Fuh Ugh

    She looks like one of those old ladies in a Florida “retirement living” centers that was an ex-Rockette or Vegas showgirl. Every one of those centers has one, and she’s the skinny-legged 80 year old knocking around in full make-up, short shorts and high heels. Cammy, I see your future, and it looks much like your present…

  29. E D

    Aside from the bad hair and rubber face, I actually like this outfit… but it’s ruined for me by the fact that she wears rompers non-stop! If this was something new and not yet another formal shorts/romper outfit I could get behind it.

  30. wiz

    She’s dressed like an episode of Golden Girls where the “young” 50ish neighbor moves in next door and gives Blanche Devereaux a run for her money. I see them getting into it at the Piggy Wiggly.

  31. A.J.

    What is with the blazer? I feel like take off the blazer and we MIGHT be in business, though the romper still kills me, but at least the outfit would look a lot better.

  32. Chicklet

    Not only does Cameron appear to be allergic to full-length pants, she doesn’t know about the existence of conditioner. Do we need to do a telethon or something?

  33. CH

    I’m with Wendy. Just because you have the legs for the outfit doesn’t mean you should wear it. I think it’s time for her to transition into fun almost-40-separates.

  34. Peony

    All I remember from childhood is that rompers were intensely uncomfortable and they made your underwear go right up your buttcrack (which is where I hope Cameron sticks hers after she’s done wearing it).

  35. Hannah

    Sample GFY SAT math question:

    Boobs Legsly + 10 years = Cameron Diaz

  36. Andrew S.

    the romper looks fine on her, even if she;s the only one that can wear them well, but what I don’t get is the blazer. WTF

  37. CJ

    I don’t get this outfit. The blazer is ill-fitting and too old, and it’s like she pushed up the sleeves to make it look young. The romper might be cute without the Golden Girls blazer, but these short shorts and rompers just seem too young and reek of desperation. The hair is a mess and it’s really an odd mix of old/young, pink/red, messy hair with formal looking necklace and the beige shoes — though they make her legs look longer, I know — are an odd choice with the pink and the red, etc.

  38. Miranda

    My problem isn’t even the shorts, rompers, gynecological dresses, etc. Her legs really DO look great. My problem is that she’s still got the same hair and makeup she had going on ten years ago, or in fact for as long as I can remember. She has, in fact, aged somewhat. The makeup looks really harsh and overdone on her now-older (though still gorgeous!) face. I feel like she and her team of whoevers need to just reevaluate their whole approach to the neck-up portion of things. If they fixed that it would boost everything else by, like, a thousand.

  39. Gin

    Have to admit my hackles pop their head up when there’s so much “too old to wear that” unless we’re talking nappies (diapers) and a dummy (pacifiers) does there really need to be a cut off point? at which specific age do a womans legs become unfit for public consumption? That said *this* outfit (plus hair and make up) really is unfit for the public but for purely fug reasons.

  40. Emma


  41. Jane

    That shapeless blazer and its shoulder pads remind me of Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls :P

  42. Slm

    Is she still dating A-Rod? He seems to suck the happiness out of his girlfriends. The outfit would be ok if she was sparkly Cam but she just looks sad, as if the romper suit really was the best she could do.

  43. sara

    stand up straight, wash your hair, and lose the shorts. that is all…

  44. Lookingglass

    Her legs really do go on forever, so I say continue to flaunt. A big no this continued Romper addiction though. Maybe she has a secret fetish for getting naked to answer nature’s call? Somebody should intervene.

    Also I like her pink cardi-blazer. If the romper were actually shorts + top + blazer (and not an evil romper) it would be very naughty teacher theme appropriate.

  45. Sneza

    I’m cramming for my GFY SAT and I’m freaking! I don’t know the answer to “As Boobs Legsly is to skirts, ____________ is to tops”!!!


  46. Blanche

    What this romper did was let me know that we were relatively lucky to have the last romper, which was black. It turns out I object even more to the golf course romper, sported here. However, as I am not as curmudgeonly today as I was on the last Diaz romper outing, where I complained that her calves did not warrant romper framing, I will now more charitably concede that Ms. Diaz has excellent thighs, and of course that is the cut that the romper is supposed to serve up. I don’t know why I missed the thighs last time. Good luck to Cameron Diaz. I’m sure she had a great run, but I’m also sure it’s not optimal to be an effusive model-turned-actor nearing 40 in Hollywood.

  47. TonyG

    Her face, from top to bottom, looks squashed, as if someone put it her in a vice grip. I suppose it’s because she is smiling so broadly. Seems like odd advice but I’ll offer it anyway: Less smile next time Ms. Diaz. Or, maybe pull the hair away from the face.

  48. Mo

    Her legs need to go away for awhile. Because seriously, it’s all she’s got. She’s always had pretty terrible hair, and a “not really that great” face.

    So, the legs have been set out for us like a buffet item at an all-inclusive that you just get sick of looking at DAY after DAY after DAY.

    Despite her lovely legs, she’s just not my picture of beauty. But, she could change up the style and still look stunning without putting her “only good feature” out there for consumption again and again. It’s a snoozefest, and frankly at her age, starts to look pretty desperate.