Fug or Fab: Boobs Legsly


Whether it’s fair or not, I feel like any time Boobs Legsly leaves one of her specialties under wraps, she automatically gets fifty points.

And I THINK I rather like this on her. It’s a tiny bit Little Mermaid, maybe, even down to the fact that Boobs’ hair looks reddish all of a sudden (and crunchy, and brassy, not at all like the awesome wild blonde mane that she really never ought to spoil because it’s the stuff of hair fantasies). But then again, I really like that movie — and Ariel’s hilarious bangs, which Boobs mercifully has left behind tonight — and this is fairly flattering even if it does aim to serve up the girls like plump Christmas geese. At least it’s not serving them up with a side of bikini wax.

Oh, Lady Legsly. You scamp. Where you lurk, flesh looms. Still, on balance, I think with a less limp hairdo — seriously, SERIOUSLY, what is Boobs doing with tresses that look faker than anything Jessica Simpson sells in a box at drugstores? — this was pretty. I mean, with this one, a hint of thigh is practically Amish territory.

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  1. anonymoose

    100% agree with your assessment! dress yes, hair no!

  2. Kate

    oh, Boobs. You almost had me. I guess we should just be thankful she’s abandoned the ice capades streak she was on?

  3. Leah

    Ugh I HATE this. It looks like she’s about to sing “Part of Your World” for the talent portion of the Miss America contest.

  4. Sajorina

    I love the dress, which fits her perfectly and covers her up more than usual! But, where are the accessories? Where is the bling? Just a ring is not enough; I need earrings, a bracelet, a clutch! And, I don’t get the red hair, either!

  5. Peggy

    Dress is ok, but the hair is a hideous brassy shade. It’s practically orange, which is inexcusable in a shade that she did to herself.

  6. Billie

    The FIRST thing I thought when I saw this was ‘Little Mermaid vamps it up’. I think if it were a different color it might work, maybe a slate gray? But it just is way too Disney for me.

  7. Carolina Girl

    I actually like the dress and can see why there is a slit. It would be awfully difficult to walk in it otherwise. That being said, the slit does not have to go up to her navel.
    I am normally a big fan of red hair, but I don’t like this on her. She’s worked hard on being recognized by boobs, legs and hair and shouldn’t start tampering with “The Brand” now.

  8. Ms. Pants

    Team Leighton!

  9. The Other Molly

    Boobs, the X is there for you to stand on.
    When it shows up in pictures, it’s tacky.
    I will let you off the hook though, because it’s the photographer’s job to tell you that.
    HOWEVER, I will not let you off the hook for that hideola hair.
    You + Redhead = NFW.

  10. Gigi

    She does look like Ariel, except it’s the Mattel version, not a real life version.

    She could so rock a better shade of red.

    But all in all, she’s kind of a fabulous combo of sexy and Cali girl cute.

  11. Mongerel

    14:52 and counting.

  12. Lindy

    @Sajorina–That dress has a jeweled neckline so any other jewelry would be too much. Boobs Legsly was wise to not wear any other baubles, IMO.

  13. ortenzia

    i’ve been to france twice and i’ve never owned a chanel anything… but as someone who does in fact love chanel even if she can never afford it and if she could would probably have nowhere to wear it, SHE SHOULD NOT BE THE FACE OF CHANEL.

    She’s Michael Kors. She’s a pretty lady on the cruise ship. She’s Revlon Color 459, Redwood Sunset.

    I’m officially joining the side of the french b–ches.

  14. The Other Molly

    (Pardon me, I live under a rock, like those guys on the Geico commercial).
    That is 100 shades of wrong.
    So is Keira Knightly doing Chanel ads.
    Wrong, wrong, deeply, disturbingly wrong.

  15. blc
  16. Sandra

    How old is this girl supposed to be? The hair and the makeup are aging her.

  17. blc

    oh, oops, the original tagline i clikced on said “Blake Lively: Why I Became a Redhead
    The gorgeous Gossip Girl star says her new do made her feeling Ariel from The Little Mermaid”

  18. Anne B

    High school prom smile, Cache mall-shop dress, Autumn Sunset #67 hair. Blech.

    This is bizarro-world Chanel. Boo. FUG.

  19. Lynne

    Yeah, as soon as the name “Ariel” was mentioned, I can’t see anything else. I also don’t like the bejewelled bra.I think the dress would have been much better with a slightly more modest neckline using the chiffony material. I’m just so over this “Look everyone! Here are my boobs!” It’s tacky.

  20. Chasmosaur


    Yes, I saw that. If you folks didn’t take the time to click through the article on the hair color change, this is what Boobs Legsly has to say about it:

    “It’s for the film Hick,” Lively told PEOPLE. “I thought [my character] needed red hair. It helps when you’re playing a role, when I don’t feel like myself. And I don’t really feel like myself with red hair.”… So how does she like her new look? “I love it,” she gushed. “I feel like Ariel.”

  21. Sajorina

    @Lindy: I disagree! At least she should have worn small earrings and carry a nice clucht!

  22. Rayna

    Hair whatever.

    Team So Close and Yet So Far………………It’s a pretty, well suited dress, or would be, if we hoiked it up a few inches so it wasn’t so boobtacular.

    Really, we get it. You CAN put them away once a century.

  23. LizC

    I quite like the dress. The color is very pretty. Isn’t the hair for that one movie she’s in? The color I mean, not the style? I don’t mind the color either because I just wish I could pull it off.

  24. Vicky

    I sort of have to like this, as it is a much more upscale, much more leggy version of my grad dress (grad being essentially Canadian prom–I live to educate!) And this, to me, is a good compromise between flaunting a truly gorgeous figure which she is obviously happy with and showing way too much skin. Or at least, that’s what I thought until I saw the slit. The hair, though! It’s her head and her career and none of my gosh darned business, but if she was going to give up the fantastic blonde she could have at least gone for a nice red!

  25. CJ

    “Look at this stuff…isn’t it neat? Doesn’t this hair make my outfit complete?” I think the dress is pretty, but it would have been gorgeous without the jewel-encrusted inset. I wonder if that was part of the original design. I’m thinking that the dress was perhaps made for someone….ahem…a bit less busty and the fabric just didn’t cover her so they had to put the inset in there to make sure she wasn’t half naked. And the inset is a bit Barbie doll for my taste. As for the hair, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt here because it’s very hard to judge with the red background. From what I can tell though, it is a bit of an odd and flat color — kind of like the color of this wig my daughter got at Halloween when she was Daphne from Scooby Doo. And, of course, the color combined with the gown makes me wonder why she didn’t have a shell-shaped purse too.

  26. Anissa

    The dress was much classier on the runway (no bedazzled bra) but we know how Ms BL feels about class…
    The red is totally the wrong shade for her skin tone…and she’s a fashion darling? Why? *sigh*

  27. Ali

    I saw a picture of this last night, and ever since, I’ve had the overwhelming urge to pull out my copy of The Little Mermaid and watch it for the 1,254th time. I guess singing “Part of Your World” on a continuous loop will have to suffice for now.

    I would have guessed Blake for more of a the Sleeping Beauty princess….

  28. Kate

    Ew. This fits, that’s about all I’ve got for it. Granted, I’m just not a huge fan of hers, so that might be the problem.

    It’s very “pageant girl who’s thinking a teensy bit outside of the box” which has no place on the red carpet. And really, it might just be straight up “pageant girl” – no qualifier. The color is neat, and the dress is almost pretty great. Who knows, maybe it would rock on a different lady, I’m not sure. The whole effect of this is still pageant girl meets Little Mermaid, and I don’t like it. It’s probably the combo of the jeweled bust area (that’s quite low and still pushed up) and the super slit. No jeweled-ness and a slightly different V neckline probably would have worked for me with the super slit.

    Also, this girl can afford TOP stylists… So WHO did her hair??? I could almost see her as a redhead, but this looks straight out of a box. I honestly do not get the love affair with her normal hair either though – it’s always a little stringy and too mussed for red carpet events, but whatever. This isn’t better, you’re right.

  29. FurryPurry

    I asume the hair colour is for some movie role (at least I really hope it is – else WTF girl???) but all she reminds me off now is Teen Mom’s Maci. Not a good association IMO.
    And that bejeweled bra? Why? the original catwalk dress by Zuhair Murad is gorgeous and certainly did not need this alteration. Not that I think Blake is responsible for its appearance but she certainly could have told Zuhair to change it back. Now it just looks cheap pageant!

  30. Svahnna

    She has the hair for a movie she is doing! Let the girl have a career already!

  31. vandalfan

    Gee, I like her hair, very stiff coiffed 1930′s. The thing that bugs me is her “I’ve got knockers, yes I do, I’ve got knockers, how about you?” attitude.

  32. fritanga

    OMG, someone gave this talentless mess another job? When oh when will her 15 minutes be over and she’s relegated to the cornfield with Megan Fox, Gretchen Mol, Penelope Ann Miller, etc.? Jeebus. Enough already.

  33. yeahandalso

    I think this is really pretty and am wondering why she didn’t wear it to a bigger event. I remember her award show appearances being more of a miss than this.

  34. Moreontop
  35. Alena

    I actually think she looks gorgeous here: dress, hair, and lovely smile. And I am not usually a big fan of her outfits.

  36. Molly

    I am hoping that the hair just looks red because of the reflection of the wall behind her? Maybe? Or I guess “she’s doing it for a role” is a decent reason.

  37. Sharon

    Love the dress, but does anyone else think she looks a bit like kate Hudson in the 2nd pic?

  38. The Other Katherine

    The hair’s for a role, but it’s a shame because the blonde works so well on her. I had to give the dress a rating of FAB because of (a) awesome color and (b) cool draping. I could do without the bejewelled bra inset, but it’s not enough for me to downgrade the entire dress.

  39. MP

    The hair’s not bad. It just looks like it’s going limp: lost volume on top and waves falling. The color is good.
    Too bad about the dress though. I like it, but it’s wearing her, so no bueno.

  40. Ayelet

    Boobs does, indeed, get bonus points for covering up a bit. And the dress is kind of pretty, but I can’t get on board with the rhinestone bra part of it, which is was shown on the runway without. So, if she’d left well enough alone, I might have loved it. Also, the hair is terrible. It might look a little bit better, however, if it didn’t match the color of her skin.

  41. Kate McGechie

    I think she is trying to do a Florence Welch with the hair. They became quite good friends after Florence did that stint on Gossip Girl. But it isn’t really working on Boobs…

  42. Olivia
  43. The Other Molly

    What fritanga said.
    “Talentless mess”.

  44. LolaSvelt

    I wish people would stop making her out to be like some style icon. She is NOT. Nothing inspirational about her style. Nor is she an influential person. Someone’s giving good head.

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