Fug or Fab: Aubrey Plaza in Valentino

SOMEONE has worn this before and I cannot put my finger on who — I would have bet Emma Stone, but I don’t think that’s actually true. Maybe I’m losing my mind. Maybe I just DREAMED that someone wore it. I kinda like it. It’s sassy. It’s like what you’d see on your jazzy old aunt who collects strange pieces of bone that might actually belong to the lovers that she’s killed, but you feel like…look, she probably had her reasons.


[Photo: AKM/GSI]

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  1. Chicklet

    Are the shoes beige? Or cognac? I could be down with cognac, because matching one of the colors in the dress would be hard, unless Valentino produced shoes to go with the dress.

    • Lori

      They might be cognac, but they are close enough to her skin tone to also be nude. Ugh. With a dress like that, I would have gone strappy and metallic, maybe bronze.

  2.  Alyssa

    She really rocks that quasi-kooky great aunt look in a way few can. Is it bad that I almost want to see her in some Helena Bonham Carter shoes?

  3. Sandra

    I have so much hate for pointy-toed shoes.

  4. Tamarin

    I’m not sure if I like this hair color on her =/
    I feel like the dark brown was better.

    • Gob's legs

      I agree, and I also think this hair color and the makeup are too busy for how busy the pattern of the dress is. There is just too much going on all over.

  5. Dorothy E. Smurf

    Maybe you’re thinking of Emma Stone’s owl Dolce & Gabbana?

  6.  HelenBackAgain

    I’d love it in October, and with better shoes. The colors are great for her.

  7. Candace

    I’m actually OK with the shoes– the fact that they’re tan rather than beige helps a lot.

    As for the dress– could it have been Diane Kruger?

    • Joanie

      That’s what I was thinking, too. Seems right. The Krug likes to go this direction sometimes.

      As for the shoes, I’m thinking these may actually be the right choice. A darker shoe would make it tooooo heavy

    •  julyol1972

      Or Kiera Knightly? She’s been wearing a lot of Valentino and the like recently.

  8.  ErinG

    This looks like something Maggie Gyllenhaal would have worn, I have no clue if she did or not, but I could totally see her thinking she *should*

  9.  Miranda

    I like it, but why is everyone wearing fall clothes in Summer?

    Maggie G wore something similar – you know she loves stuff like this. http://www.becauseiamfabulous.com/wp-content/uploads/Maggie-Gyllenhaal-Valentino-Met-Gala-After-Party-2014-e1399475276516.jpg

    •  Mair Mair

      IKR? I like it, too, but it’s 99 degrees here in ATx and it’s making me feel sweaty just looking at it.

  10. Becca
  11.  Genny

    It looks like something Mary Tyler Moore might have worn in the 70′s… and I mean that in a good way

  12. lali

    The shoes are meh. My main issue is with the long sleeves. It is August! Is she in some part of the world where that does not equal freakin’ hot weather? The random bits of sheer are also annoying.

  13.  EAG46

    It’s a very pretty print, but long sleeves and a high neck in August makes me sweaty just thinking about it. Then again, long sleeves and a high neck would make me sweat in January in a drafty room, so I’m no judge. Black shoes or maybe dark plum would have been better. Her hair looks nice, though, and I like the earrings.

  14. Amy S.

    Hasn’t Hathaway worn this?

  15.  Linda_AZ

    That’s a great dress (for several months from now when we no longer have triple digit temps).

  16. Tricia

    But at least we can all agree that it’s nice to see her smiley and seemingly-happy for a photo op, instead of looking miserable.

  17. Gaëlle

    It reminded me of Chloe Moretz who wore another Valentino dress:

  18. Linda

    I feel like if Ann Perkins wore this dress, April Ludgate would call her Grandma Ann, and ask her why she made a dress out of a bedspread.

    It is a little too fall-ish for mid August.

  19.  Sharon

    The dress is fine, the shoes are okay, too.
    But, I live in Texas and it is 175 degrees in the shade right now, so I will like this a LOT more about 3 months from now.

    •  Linda_AZ

      Do you have high humidity, too, Sharon? I’m in far southwest AZ and we’re in the middle of monsoon season–ugh! Looking at long sleeves makes my mind itch.

      •  Sharon

        Oh, yes… high humidity and mosquitoes big enough for the 4 horsemen of the apcocalypse to ride. I feel for you, girlfriend!

        I am cold natured, and even I do not wear long sleeved dresses anywhere in the summer.

        •  Linda_AZ

          I feel for you, too, kiddo! Let’s stay as cool as we can, keep our arms bare, and long for November!

        •  Linda_AZ

          Oh, and I highly recommend eating lots of frozen grapes. And frozen blueberries and raspberries. So refreshing, like tiny Popsicles that are good for you. :)

  20. junior

    She looks like the best friend in any 1986-1993 romantic comedy (TV or film) who’s just about to tell the lead what her husband Barry did last night that infuriated her. I like it.

  21. Shannon

    I like the hair. It’s summery.

  22. Shannon

    Well, I like the dress In Theory, but they lose me on the color scheme. Its so dowdy!

  23. Robertinaz


  24.  eskimojo

    I just wish she’d worn the hair up.

  25. Art Eclectic

    I only barely find this dress interesting enough to comment that it reminds me of carpeting at a Steve Wynn casino.

    • InvaderTak

      Thanks a lot. Can’t unsee that and I was a breath away from liking it. Then again, it couldn’t have been that great if it can be compared to carpet lol

  26. G

    I would like to see this on a jazzy old aunt but this Plaza person needs 25 or so more years on her to qualify. It’s inappropriate for the season and also for her age. 30 is too young to be wearing old-lady dresses.

  27. Butterflyhead

    Shorten the sleeves to bracelet length, add a boatneck collar and most importantly chartreuse scrappy sandals!

  28.  Steph

    She looks good, great hair that goes with the dress, and although it looks like a Mary Poppins bag i love it!

  29.  ringthing

    Rachel McAdams is wearing the long version of this Valentino on the August cover of Allure.

  30. linda

    Maybe if she had different make-up? I feel like her eye shadow is competing with the dress.

  31. Joanie

    I’m still wishing we’d also had this photo in the post