Fug or Fab: Ashley Greene/Fugging Dawn




R.PATTZ: And so it begins again.

ASHLEY: Yep. Only one more movie after this one and then we’re done.

R.PATTZ: Those lucky bloody Harry Potter bastards. Done already. Moved on.

ASHLEY: Why aren’t you looking at me?

R.PATTZ: It doesn’t feel proper.


R.PATTZ: Your dress.

ASHLEY: Girl, please. I’ve had worse.

R.PATTZ: It’s not… it’s just…

ASHLEY: Spit it out.

R.PATTZ: It gives you swirly boobs.

ASHLEY… Swirly boobs? Are you ten?

R.PATTZ: I can’t look at you in that dress because I may or may not have a girlfriend who may or may not know you and who may or may not be very upset with me if I look at your dress and all I can see are swirly boobs.

ASHLEY: Maybe you should be more concerned with whether your girlfriend can look at YOU in that facial hair. You look like you fell asleep on a Special Dark.

R.PATTZ: Great, then, we can just carry on and not look at each other and everybody wins.

ASHLEY: Except your girlfriend.

R.PATTZ: No, she wins, too.

ASHLEY: You are really, really overestimating that facial hair.

How did Ashley do, though?

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Comments (34):

  1. Jennifer

    Rob, please let the facial hair obsession go. It does not work for you now, it has not worked in the past, it will not work in the future. You are simply going to have to find another way to look less pretty.

    “swirly boobs.” I’m ten, too. (giggle)

  2. MC

    LOL – you need a new comment in the Rob poll for:
    That was ok right up until you said “fell asleep on a Special Dark” and now that’s all I can see.

  3. Alison

    The swirly boob dress reminds me of Princess Leia’s gold bikini when she was chained to Jabba The Hut. But the bikini was hot, and sadly, the swirly boob dress is not. It makes her legs look chunky too, and I’m guessing she’s tinseltown tiny. It doesn’t do it for me.

    And the less said about Mr Patz’s facial fuzz, the better.

  4. yeahandalso

    when are these movies over? I am so sick of this gooney looking dude. He was too fugly to play Cedric and this just needs to stop.

    I don’t mind her swirly boobs, I object to the fact that the dress makes her bottom half look several sized bigger than it is.

    • heather

      No kidding. I don’t think any of the guys in the Twilight movies are attractive.

  5. Mouse

    For the record – I would go see a movie called “Fugging Dawn”. I will not, however, unless held at gunpoint and/or promised copious sums of money, see “Breaking Dawn” (either part).

  6. Mikki

    First thing that crossed my mind when I saw her dress was swirly boob cones – why would anyone design a dress like that? And I too will be glad when these movies are done and forgotten about…make it soon!

  7. vandalfan

    I’m not seeing a pair of swirly boobs. I’m seeing three sets of swirly boobs, like you’d find underneath a Weimaraner. This would have been perfect if the (pretty) fabric was not used symmetrically, and if the neckline was a bit less revealing. If she bends over, things might flop out. I think my Ceddie is just fine, a bit less stoned looking than usual, even.

  8. Mary

    I am so very happy to have an excuse to make this observation: I was rewatching Twilight on TV last night, and finally was able to articulate what bugs me so much about KStew’s performance: she looks like she’s gonna throw up in pretty much every scene. Literally, throw up. I guess that’s her idea of tortured love.

  9. Susan

    I think this is the only L. Wrenn Scott dress I have ever liked.

  10. cathy

    ashley is a pretty girl in an ok dress . its nothing special but i think its kind of cute.
    i hate it when rob looks so messy. i have never seen him more handsome than in water for elephants where he has short hair and is clean shaven

  11. jjdaddyo

    Ha! Before I even read the caption, I was thinking, “Huh, swirly boobs”. Since I seem to be thinking the same way as you, now I am worried that I may have a brain tumor.

  12. Jacquilynne

    I couldn’t decide on the R.Pattz poll. On the one hand, his facial hair (and non-facial hair) looks like ass. So, option 1 seemed appropriate. On the other hand, when doesn’t it? So then option 2 also seems appropriate.

  13. Colleen

    Is it just me, or does her head look crazy tiny? I can barely look at the (meh) dress, I’m too distracted by the lack of a proper size ratio between her body and noggin.

  14. Gretchen

    I’d rather have short, normal looking hair and face fuzz than the nasty mess that was his hair when the films first started. He at least looks clean!

  15. sally

    She has the worst taste in clothes hands down!

  16. Ailatan

    Her dress is reminiscent to Teela’s outfit in He-Man. And that is never a bad thing

  17. Anne B

    I would have less of a problem with Swirly Boobs if the dress didn’t also have, like, Celtic crosses, pointing right up at them. “Behold, Saint Swirl of Boob.”

    As for the Pattz, I think he’s just tired of waiting for his big-boy face follicles to come in. The way you were when you were four, about baby teeth and training wheels …

    • jamie

      The one thing he doesn’t have a problem with is growing facial hair. Dude turns into Sasquatch on his down time.

    • Sarah with an h

      I so agree about the Celtic crosses. And do you notice how the crosses themselves form the shape of a cross – that starts at her cleavage and ends just south of her lady bits? So, all told: swirly boobs + Celtic crosses + cleavage-to-lady bit cross = put it back on the hanger.

    • Cheryl

      You did see him before he shaved right? Dude has no problem growing hair.

      • Anne B

        He can grow a beard??

        I’m sorry, I had no idea. I guess I just — but isn’t he 14?


  18. Ashley

    I think they both look great & people on here just hate twilight & everyone in it so they post rude comments. They’re both very attractive people. I would like to see pics of you’ll on here. I bet if you had to post pics of yourselves while commenting you wouldn’t say such things.

    • Sarie

      The comments on this thread are not really any different from those on any other post on this site.Twilight or not.

      • Sajorina

        Ashley & Rob are both really attractive people, but we’re here to either criticize or praise their outfits and overall appearance on the Red Carpet! I’ve never seen a “Twilight” movie, so how can I hate it? This is all done for FUN!

    • Sarah with an h

      Uh oh. Someone poked the Twilight fan. Stay very, very still.

      • Anne B


        Now, that was some VERY nice wine you just made me spit out …

  19. Amber

    Now that I am focusing on her boobs (thanks for that), are they, um, larger than they were previously? Or is it just that I have never paid attention to her boobs before the swirly boob dress?
    I do think the dress is cute, but the swirls need to go. talk about distracting. And I’m a straight female. I guess it would at least give guys (or girls) a different reason to stare at her chest…

  20. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! I think Ashley did it right! I love her sleek & shiny hair down, the makeup is beautiful, she’s all one consistent normal skin color, the dress is GORGEOUS and the shoes are nice! I would wear that dress with strappy gold high heels, but that’s just me!

    And, Rob looks pretty good here compared to what we’ve seen from him before, but the “falling asleep on a Special Dark” comment is HILARIOUS! Mmmmmmm, chocolate!

  21. Lisbeth

    For someone so thin, why does she ALWAYS look so…wide?

  22. Angie

    Can you say TACKY? Swirly tits, really that’s how you want to dress to entertain little tween and teen girls? As for Rpatz boy is looking ROUGH, there are rats surrounding his mouth!

  23. Nora

    Ashley has very near the perfect body. It’s amazing to me that she finds so many unflattering ways to not show it off, or to do it an injustice.

  24. NYCGirl

    Look, everyone– she’s wearing beige shoes!
    And her dress looks like someone scribbled on it.

  25. Groceries

    I, too, am hating the beige pump now.

    Shoes in a fun color, almost ANY color, would have been a sweet treat here.

    Red, gold, emerald, have a little fun!