Fug or Fab: Ashley Greene


Pro: I love the deep blue.

Con: I’m a little worried that the design looks like she had to yank a curtain off the window as a modesty drape, because a toddler caught her lying in wait for her gardener. And considering this was custom-made, why is it so… pinchy? I keep wanting to pass her armpit a salve.

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  1. Kara

    Beautiful color (I love navy) and her face and hair look gorgeous. It does look like she went out in her bustier with a curtain wrapped around her waist though – the shape of the skirt is bugging me. Maybe something flowier, with a short train would be better?

  2. Big Noise

    The loverly color cannot compensate for the fact that she’s showing her corset — and that her boobs have heavy eyelids.

  3. Dani

    Goddamn it. She is such a pretty lady.

    This look is doing her justice, I think.

  4. TereLiz

    I need a choice in between fug or fab for this one… Like, Fabbish with a chance of fug, or partly fugly.

    I really want to like the bodice, but it has too much going on, and the skirt has too little. The color is divine, though. Does look a bit tight.

    • SaraK

      I agree! Love the color, hate the boobgap. Her hair is gorgeously shiny, but the shaggy bits behind her ears kind of undo the sleek effect and not in a good way. Nails and clutch are fab, but the bodice fit isn’t. Eye makeup’s great, lips aren’t quite working for me (not that she’s wearing any of this for me, but you know what I mean). I want a waffle-y neither-here-nor-there middle vote, please! It would match this outfit.

  5. slila22

    It’s not the curtain, it’s the bed sheet. But it has no pretenses and her face, earrings, hair, and expression all know what’s up (namely that she has an evil plan to seduce the gardener and then hunt his brother for sport).

  6. Derreck

    “because a toddler caught her lying in wait for her gardener.”

    aaaaand now, i can’t unsee it. (Massive LOL.)

    I really like it though. The one part i’d change is that little boob gap.

  7. glee

    This looks pretty cool – it’s edgy withough a bedazzled crotch pasty. And her ass is not covered by a heart of leather and lace (technically, I don’t know that – I just presume).

  8. thereset

    I can’t even with the seashell boobs. They just look seashelly to me and I can’t get past it.

  9. witjunkie

    It’s okay, but I don’t like how the skirt is draping, it looks like it’s falling off. Especially since it is puddling on the floor in front of her. Maybe if the horizontal waistband part wasn’t there, it would look more like it was doing what it was doing on purpose. Love the color though, and she is so, so pretty.

  10. Jax

    So a couple of years ago AG was on the cover of Lucky magazine and it was the first time I saw her with long hair and I remember thinking, wow, she’s very pretty. Lately, though, every time I see her I can’t get past how severe she looks. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m thinking she went all Hollywood starlet and lost 10 lbs that she really didn’t need to lose and now she looks like she’s trying too hard rather than just looking pretty. Who’s with me on this? Maybe it’s just the way she’s styling herself, but I am really not a big fan of her look these days.

    • Kristin

      Yes! I also think she was prettier before losing weight (not that she isn’t pretty now, just that a softer face suited her.) A while ago, Lainey ran a blind item about an actress who was jerked around by a director – I think perhaps he told her to lose weight but never had any intention of hiring her – and she was thought by many to be the actress. Maybe Michael Bay for the director? I don’t remember all the details.

  11. Helen


    Close that little underboob window in the bodice, and have the skirt fall from the waist, and I think this would be gorgeous.

  12. Lizzy

    It’s not sheer, so WIN!

  13. BrownEyedBetty

    Seashell Boobs. That’s it. Can’t get past that. Which is such a shame. She is SOOOOOOO pretty and has a great figure. I don’t normally go for blue on brunettes but this color is stunning. So so close. And yet so far. Seashell Boobs. Ugh.

  14. Billie

    I feel like this shouldn’t work at all, but somehow it does.

  15. Tracey

    I need an “almost fab” because it’s a bit better than “meh” but still, the whole bikini top on top of a navy girdle isn’t that great, but the colour, the fit, etc. is lovely.

  16. Sally

    I want her skin and her collarbones. I don’t care about anything else.

  17. anny

    If she said “BRAAAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNSSS” I would believe her.

  18. Steph

    LOVE the color. Unfortunately the first thing I thought of when I saw the bodice cups was conchas, which are delicious Mexican pastries:


  19. D86

    It looks like a Madonna halloween costume on top and the drappy bit looks like Beyonce’s baby bump cover up thingy before she stuck her belly out to the world.

    Hmmm come to think of it… Ashley probably did that on purpose. Nothing gets you in more magazines that “bump watch”. And we all know Ashley doesn’t rely her acting skills to get her in magazines.

  20. chickadee

    I think this is awesome, could be better if the keyhole at the boobs was gone though. Her hair and makeup are amazing and this color is beautiful. She needs to tell Dakota Fanning that THIS is how you do a strong eye with dark hair.

  21. Seriously, people

    Love it–from the waist down. Otherwise, looks like a corset and maybe a set of those Back to the Future sunglasses they were handing out with fast food meals in the early 1990s.

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