Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway

So, I really, really was not sold on Anne’s blonde hair at the Met Ball. I will be the first to say that I ALSO didn’t think her features were optimized with the short hair, and then she had that awesome phase where she grew it out super stylishly and I fell in love with it and think she should keep it that way forever. So maybe I will come around on the blonde, too.

Having said THAT, I am not there yet — I think it’s way too brassy for her features, and I don’t like the phase that the short style is in right now (I felt that way when it was still brown, too), so that might be affecting my feelings too. Again, I fully realize I may eat those words in like two weeks when she does something fabulous to it and suddenly I want her to be a gilded lily forever, but fortunately, I enjoy eating, so that’s fine.

As for the dress, I don’t mind the idea of the shape and volume here, but I think in execution it’s making her look weirdly droopy. So basically, the last two times she’s worn baby pink, it’s caused boobular scrutiny that she’d probably rather have avoided. Please let’s not go for the charm with a third try.

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  1. goldfish

    I may have my mind in a bad place, but her dress looks extremely…gynecological to me. Once seen, it cannot be unseen.

    Maybe if she lost the appendages on the sides?

  2.  Wendy

    I think the dress is too short and the hair looks fake.

  3. Stacie

    I just can’t with those shoes. And the hair looked much better at the Met Gala. Don’t like the styling here at all. Dress is fine.

  4. Barbara

    Oh god. Her head makes me think of Sacha Baron Cohen as Brüno.

    •  Carolina Girl

      And no matter how you slice it, that is NOT a good look.

    • Maria L.

      Yes, but it is not nearly as amusing! The blonde hair is already past its expiration date. It was fine for a momentary lark, but it does not suit her features or her face in the least.

    • Helen

      I can’t believe I’m saying this – the whole point was for him to look as ridiculous as possible! – but he did it better.

      It at least had lowlights in it to minimize the overall clashing.

    • Elfrieda

      Me, too. I couldn’t figure it out the other day when I first saw this, but looking at it again, it hit me that she is totally channeling Brüno here. And as Carolina Girl has already said, that is never good.

  5. Ali

    Her hair is not at all brassy, the problem is she needs to lighten her eyebrows up a bit as well.

    • Mare

      I agree that the color is not brassy, but it just doesn’t look good with Anne’s coloring, especially when she wears it with bangs instead of off her face like at the Met Ball. I am a little worried what would happened if she started messing with her eyebrows.

    • Sarah Oehmler

      I agree the eyebrows need to be lightened a bit. I like the blonde.

  6. Lime

    Annie needs to start wearing bras. That is all.

    Just kidding! Also, her hair is a weird blonde. There’s no depth to it and it’s kind of brassy. She needs “rich girl blonde” (as my dad would say – he’s a hairdresser and amazing colorist, I’d love to see what he could do with her hair).

  7. Suzanne

    I didn’t even recognize her here. I kind of understood at the Met Ball, as I kept thinking it was reminiscent of Billy Idol. But this is just all kinds of bad. Her features are far too stark for that hair color AND that dress color. And the makeup isn’t helping. Perhaps if she warmed the blonde a bit and never wore blahblah sad princess colors again, it would be win-adjacent.

  8. Dyanna

    Her eyebrows are so dark, and her hair is so light. I don’t normally notice that, but it’s glaring at me in this photo. I can’t concentrate on anything else.

  9. Miss Louise

    I’m amazed she went blonde after seeing how it looked on her in Brokeback Mountain. I want to like this, but something is off here. I’m finding the black shoulder-things distracting, too – it’s like they’re echoing her eyebrows.

    • Squirrel!

      I want her to turn around so I can see the backpack she’s carrying.

  10. aeb

    i did not notice her chest area before reading anything, and now i have and all i can think of is that some lingerie shop is attempting to reach her incessantly for a fitting and she’s ignoring them in the name of being free.

    also, those black stripes on the dress look like a backpack.

    i will not say anything about the groucho marx overdone brows. (see what i did there?)

  11. Orange Clouds

    Love the blonde hair and the eyebrows are what makes it interesting.

  12. amys

    She’s veering into department store mannequin territory.

  13. Sarah B

    Her hair matches her shoes! I don’t mind the dress terribly, although I do think it would be better in a different color. I would probably like this if she were still a brunette. All the blonde + her paleness + the pink color makes her look washed out and boring.

  14. Trace

    She’s venturing into Khaleesi territory with the blonde hair and dark brows…

  15. Helen

    Love the outfit, including shoes and clutch – hate, hate, hate the hair.

    And, as always, and I for one am NOT kidding, yes she does need to Look Into Bras. But that’s just a constant with her – it could quite fairly and reasonably be part of her name really. Anne YesWeKnowSheNeedsABra Hathaway.

    • goldfish

      There was always that one girl in high school, or on your dorm hall in college where you were like, “Girl. Please. You’ve attracted the attention you wanted, now please wear a bra.”

      The puzzling thing, though, is that that girl was always FAR from the Anne Hathaway type, who was selling tickets to the Tri-Delt hay ride for cystic fibrosis.

      Stars are nothing like us.

  16. Stefanie

    Last night on Conan they did this thing where they “meshed” 2 celebs together – basically they look once celeb’s body and put another celebs face on it. That’s what this looks like. Someone photoshopped her face on someone else’s body. The least they could have done is put her face on a body wearing a great dress with fab hair.

  17. goldfish

    When I was a child, I had this giant Barbie head that you could pull the hair out and make it long, crank this lever and make it short, and it was Barbie-blonde, of course. The short-hair setting of that giant Barbie head looked EXACTLY LIKE THIS, in both color and texture.

    It’s just not real-looking hair. And I’m not a Hathaway hater, so…just sayin.

  18. mue

    She looks ready for a Peter Pan audition.

  19. Tiffany

    I loved her hair at the Met Gala…but it doesn’t look so great here. I think at the Met she had it puished up and back, which gave her face more balance. Her features are quite large, so when the forehead is covered with the hair pushed down like that it isn’t flattering, IMO.

    • Lucasta

      Ha! I was writing my comment below while you were posting this one, I think, or I would have just plus-one-d yours instead as clearly we are of one mind here!

    • Mongerel

      Nailed it, Tiffany.

  20. Lucasta

    I LOVED her hair color (and entire outfit) for the Met gala but it looks TOTALLY different and weird here. I think it’s because it’s brushed down closer to her super-dark eyebrows instead of lifted up away from them, maybe? Plus in the black dress there was something to visually offset the dark eyebrow and eye makeup; the pale dress doesn’t offer that kind of counterbalance so the whole look is skewed towards EYEBROWS. I think, anyway.

  21. Anna B.

    Does anyone else think she looks a LOT like Teri Hatcher here? It’s uncanny to me. Maybe it’s the forced smile?

    Also, I am all for bold brows, but GOOD LORD THOSE ARE DISTRACTING. What, is she in a Tim Burton movie that I’m not aware of?

  22. ErinE

    I definitely don’t like the hair. It is making her face look weird – like she got a (bad) nose job.

  23. maryse

    i find that hair color to be horribly unflattering. she’s got a brunette’s coloring with her dark eyes and fair complexion. and i don’t care for that dress either. she’s so gorgeous as a brunette. this just blows

  24. Janie

    All I can see if a giant pink elephant head with her cranium as a fascinator. And, while pink elephants make me think of booze, and booze is good, this is not good. So, no to the ear flaps!

  25. Bella

    I can’t even vote because I hate that hair so much! It’s all I can see and it makes no sense at all.

  26. Steph

    She looks like Tinkerbell. I’m not sure if that’s bad or bad ass.

    The dress is just too strange for my liking. The floofy side things are totally throwing me off.

  27. Sara Tonin

    She looks kinda like Teri Hatcher up there…

  28. Hallie

    She looks uncannily like Crazy Tara, Kelly Taylor’s rehab friend who keyed Val’s car and tried to kill Kelly (after she killed Kelly’s fish).

  29. AnnieB

    Hmmm to me it cries Star Trek Bimbo.

  30. kay

    i hate this. the pink totally washes her out, especially with that hair. and now her eyebrows are way too dark. TLO made a good point when they said that the pixie blond hair look is pretty much covered by carey mulligan and michelle williams, who i get confused anyway, so i really don’t need yet another one with iffy styling

  31. Eirwen

    The blonde is dreadful on her- she would have to go full platinum like Gwen Stefani who’s also dark to pull this off and lose the fringe.

  32. Sajorina

    This is pretty! I especially like the clutch & shoes! Her hair looked AMAZING at the Met Gala, but it’s going to take some time to get used to it!

  33. fritanga

    And with this she takes another step (when she goes back to brunette, and you know she will) towards her subconscious ideal: http://tinyurl.com/cnpxkfw

    Uncanny, ain’t it?

  34. Guerra

    She does look better as a brunette but hey she’s having some fun with it!

  35. Lisa

    A cross between Ivanka Trump and a Japanese blow-up sex doll.

  36. Irishae

    Draco Malfoy grew up to be quite the handsome woman.

  37. Alice

    I can’t be the only one who notices that she looks exactly like Liza Minnelli, right?