Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway


Man, I gotta say that I kind of feel for The Hath right now:

It can not be easy to go out stumping for a movie that is already basically a total flop. I feel like the whole time you’d be thinking, “what is the POINT? WHY AM I HERE? Oh, wait. We need the money from the European markets to make this not a total failure. Okay, SMILE ANNIE. SMILE. Do whatever they want. Rap awkwardly? You got it. Cartwheels? In this dress? I can make it work.  Is Franco around anywhere? Do you want us to do that thing where he acts totally stoned and checked out and embarrassed and I act totally hyper and invested and embarrassed? We can do that. Did you know that, actually, the only thing James and I have in common is that we will do ANYTHING? It’s pretty much true. Shit. This whole thing is going terribly. Is it my accent? It was my accent, right? Was it? Remember that time my boyfriend turned out to be TERRIBLE and you all liked me? Think about that for a while. If you want, I can totally go back to that hair-do. If it helps. Will that help?”

“What about the delicate and beautiful detailing on my dress? Is that helping at all? Does that make you want to see my movie? It might, right?”

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  1. Ginnie

    The front is doing something very weird with her boobs.

  2. Fawn

    I love the detail of the dress; I just HATE the length.

  3. AP

    I think the back looks way too much like we can see her bare ass cheeks.

  4. Katharine

    This dress is very Duchess of Windsor. Overall, I like it, but I do agree with Ginnie that the extremity of its boobaliciousness is less titillating than awkward. A minimising bra might have been her friend here.

  5. Annie E

    Her boobs aren’t really that gigantic, right?

  6. islandgirl1

    I agree with Fawn and AP. The detail is beautiful, but looks kind of sleazy over the butt and the length is terrible. And the Shoes are just horrible with that dress! They look so clunky and … and brown next to that delicate ivory.

  7. nannyo

    this is maybe a terrible thing to say about such a young woman but a year ago I would have said that Ann was such a classic lovely that keeps out of the sun so she will age beautifully…now I don’t think so. She is already starting to look a little haggared. is she doing something different with her makeup? I always loved the way should would just walk around in a short dress and pale legs and just be like “hey, folks this looks fine we are not supposed to be orange”. I am a bit sad.

  8. kentuckienne

    I like it in theory, but I feel like the neckline is a bit too high. I’d like it to be the same boatneck shape, but an inch or so lower, front and back.

  9. Mary

    I hate the length and the shoes, but otherwise I like it.

  10. AM

    It’s a little destination-wedding bridal, but I really like the dress. But because it’s white and lacy and delicate looking, I think shoes that are more in the same vein would look better. Brown and a bit clunky just don’t seem to go.

  11. Lina

    The lace is pretty but the cut is sooo unflattering, and I am really bothered by how there’s that one petal of lace on her butt that is sticking out perpendicular to her body. I do like the choice of butterscotch pumps, though.

  12. Kimberli

    I’m in Camp Love Dress But Hate Shoes.

  13. Kris M

    Maybe if it weren’t transparent and white. White makes it too bridal, and none of us want to see any more transparent dresses.

  14. Dinsdale

    I like it a lot. Very pretty on her. I hate that cross-legged pose, but I especially hate it when women do it long dresses and it looks like their feet are on the wrong legs. Come Anne, if you’ll do anything, will you promise to stop posing like that?

  15. valueofaloonie

    I like the shoes and the dress separately, but together? I don’t know if the heels are too high and the dress is too short, but…yikes. The length is killing me, and not in a good way.

  16. Kary

    The dress is lovely, but it would have been better if it stopped at the knee (and without the ruffle? I can’t tell) and with different shoes. Surely, she must have forgotten the shoes she was SUPPOSED to wear with that dress, and had to make due with the shoes her assistant wore to the office that day, right? RIGHT??

  17. jbeans

    I really wish they would all stop with the cross legged pose in long dresses- it really weirds me and I keep marveling how these actresses are able to walk the carpet in sky high heels on the wrong foot.

    The dress is ok. Pretty detailing, but awkward length and bad shoes that may or may not be on the wrong foot.

  18. Dazie

    Looks like a tablecloth. A battenburg lace tablecloth. :(

  19. Lion

    The dress itself is great. Although flat-chested lady would look better in it. Brown shoe with a lacy dress is good, why not (imagine how much we would hate nude!)? It’s her pose (crossed legs in long dress) that makes her look weird. I guess this gives and overall “meh”.

  20. jess

    This is the thing with dresses like these. They’re WEDDINGY. Not premiere material.
    There should have been a “Her Try makes me dislike this even more” option

  21. Feena

    Awkward length but beautiful detail

  22. Kit Lang

    I don’t like it. Don’t hate it, but I DO hate the pseudo mermaid thingy going on at that bottom; I do hate that the lining is such a close match to her skin making it look like she’s nekkid underneath (a very Kardashian/Lohan thing to do); and I do hate the fit around her boobs. Also, I hate the shoes.

    Okay, maybe I hate this after all…

  23. TaraMisu

    Love dress, hate shoes.

  24. hoover19

    I swear she has aged like 20 years recently, maybe its the weight loss and her face looks old or she is run down but girl needs some vitamin B and some sleep.

  25. Carol

    This is the SECOND tablecloth dress we’ve seen within a week … a new and extremely troubling trend … let’s keep lace where it belongs … on Gram’s table at Thanksgiving!

  26. Sandra

    I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know from personal experience how awful the accent may or may not be. But hell, I lived through Kevin Costner in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves without my head exploding, so this can’t possibly be any worse. Though I do imagine that the close proximity of Alan Rickman helped a lot with the Costner-trauma.

    As for the outfit, several of the afore-mentioned nips and tucks would help the over-all effect. But generally, I like it.

  27. AMS

    I was firmly in camp Terrible until I saw the close-up, then I picked up my tent and hiked over to camp Meh. It’s too bad, because the detail is beautiful but the overall effect is so . . lumpy.

  28. vandalfan

    Yes, what is with the holiday tablecloth dresses? This is a touch too long, but such pretty tablecloth detail. This might have been more fun if the lace was a color.

  29. ortenzia

    yep, camp love dress, hate shoes…. the shoes are tragic.

  30. Alecto

    I’m in Camp Great except that I think Kary had it right some posts above. Looks like Anne forgot her scheduled shoes and tossed on whatever she could borrow that fit and would get her down the carpet. Doubt she cares what we think one way or the other.


  31. Jasmine

    I love it, but I hate the length. I think the length is why the shoes look so awkward — they would be fine if this was a minidress, but having the skirt stop right there just makes her look like she’s wearing a capri dress with the wrong shoes.

  32. Anne B

    I’m in Camp Want To Love Dress (Because It’s So Obviously This Precious, Handmade Lace **Thing**), But Can’t, On General Principle.

    It comes down to what @Dazie, @Carol and @vandalfan said. This much lace really belongs under a high-tea setup on an antique sideboard somewhere. Put poor, box-office-slave A-Hath in something black and sleek — or better still, a jewel tone — and she’d shine.

    And toss those shoes off the white cliffs of Dover. Today. So that Anne can be free.

  33. Renée O

    Which movie do we Europeans have to rescue from becoming a total flop?

  34. The Other Molly

    Some women can wear really red lipstick.
    Some women look like The Joker when they do.
    Ann falls into the second category.
    The dress is reaffirming my suspicion that, suddenly, dowdy is in.

  35. annabeth

    I don’t hate it — the detailing is gorgeous, and she’s the palest celebrity I’ve seen who regularly looks good in white. But the length isn’t great, the shoes are unobjectionable generally but wrong for this, and there’s something about the fit of the bodice that adds droop to her figure where I am sure there actually is none. (Or maybe it’s the bra. Anne, go ask Helen Mirren where she shops for bras! Then tell me!)

  36. Dan

    I just really don’t get the shoe choice? I think it all looks great (could do with being slightly shorter) but the shoe colour just baffles me. It should have been either something more statement, or more neutral.


  37. The Moonay

    The detail from up close might be beautiful, but in every other shot, it looks like a curtain. Plus, what on earth is it doing to her boobs?

  38. tleeh

    Are her legs crossed in the top picture? Or did some do a very strange photoshop with her feet? Dress is ok but I can’t move past this!

  39. Kristy

    I think the fabric is gorgeous, but it has fit issues.

  40. G

    Doesn’t she know that ankle-length dresses and pants go with flat shoes?

  41. Kathleen F.

    Scrolldown fug alert! I was fully on board until I got to the shoes.

  42. shebrihart

    Annie E, my sentiments exactly….there’s something amiss with her boobies because I don’t remember them being that big. I would like the whole look much better if the dress were a mini (and then therefore the shoes wouldn’t be so bad) and if the neckline were adjusted a smidge. And maybe make the back a deep V to offset the high neck in front?

  43. Autumn Van Weir

    I feel it would have looked better a wee bit longer perhaps? I get the look she’s going for, and she’s a knockout…but not in Grandma’s doily. Maybe if she showed some cleave and it was floor length. It still isn’t “awful”. Just not my cup of Grandma’s tea.

  44. Kris10

    I actually like her shoes and dress. The cognac color picks up the golden colors of her bracelets and bag and is an unexpected departure from nude or metallic. The white dress is not too bridal and not too summery; it simply needs to be knee-length.

    It’s times like this, when the vast majority of people disagree with me, that I wonder if I dress like an idiot most of the time and no one will tell me. Oh well!

  45. Minerva Orduno

    Is that a double boob in the first photo? And is that just a weird angle in the second? bad lighting? What is wrong with her face?

  46. wendallyn

    I recently re-watched the ORIGINAL movie Arthur and was struck by how much the young Liza Minnelli resembles Anne Hathaway. (I’m serious!!!)

  47. val.

    I like the dress but not on HER. It’s doing her no favors.

  48. Noire

    This makes me sad because I love Battenburg Lace. But this is just… awful. The length is awful, the shoes are awful, and she looks like a stuffed sausage. The shape is doing absolutely nothing for her figure, and her boobs look odd. PERHAPS if it were just above knee length, with a sweetheart neck and better shoes, it could work.

  49. Kelly

    Her feet and boobs look enormous. Granted, that first photo may just be a particularly unflattering angle, but her proportions sometimes seem wonky. I think this is why many people find her beautiful (big eyes, giant mouth, ample chest on an admittedly skinny woman) and others find her odd-looking.

    I really like the dress, but it feels too long for summer, and maybe too conservative/elegant for what looks like an event at a mall. This film is not some period piece, or serious drama, as far as I know, so she might have attempted a more youthful, “fun” look while marketing it.

  50. CJ

    I think Anne Hathaway is great. She is intelligent and lovely and ladylike and I’m so happy that my daughter looks up to her and not, say, Miley Cyrus. (No comments about a movie I haven’t seen.) Overall, I think she dresses quite beautifully. I like the idea of this dress, but the length is not flattering at all and there is something odd going on around the collar/breasts. It looks bulky and bumpy and not well tailored to her body. The McQueen we saw her in just a week ago or so (the black one with the gold beading at the top) made her look completely flat-chested. This makes her look like she has double D’s.

    As for the shoes, if she were to hem the dress to just around the knee, I’d say the chestnut colored shoes would be fine, but if she were to have gone to the floor with the hem, I would have gone with a more evening shoe — something light and metallic and strappy to offset the heaviness of the lace. Well, that kind of shoe would have worked with a shorter hem too.

    There are some comments about how she has aged, but when I look at the second picture, I wonder if she was injured. What’s going on around her left eye doesn’t look like age, it looks like an ow-ie.

  51. Lady Satan

    I think the fabric is quite pretty and white always looks beautiful on AH. The fit is nice too, through the bodice anyway. Two changes …

    The hem needs to either be shorter (just above the knees say) or longer (gown length). That in-between length just doesn’t flatter anyone.

    I’d lighten up the neckline a little too – it’s too high front and back and it looks awkward and uncomfortable. Just scoop it out a touch in the front, fix the hemline, and voila! beautiful dress!

  52. Jamee

    I agree with Lion–If she was wearing some delicate shoes in the same air as her delicate dress, it would be a little-girl-dressed-for-Easter NIGHTMARE. I wish this was a tea-length pencil skirt. I don’t loathe the length, but something is just off…

  53. Jamee

    And I’m still quite perplexed as to why people don’t like the shoe COLOR with that dress…um, cream and cognac are pretty standard? I think it’s a nice color combo.

  54. TheReset


  55. ak

    Kris10 and CJ, I agree. I don’t mind the shoes with the color scheme, and I think the dress is beautiful on her for the most part, but it doesn’t quite fit her and it’s too long. The top looks like it’s too big for her–as a small-chested, small-shouldered woman, that combination of ballooning fabric at the bosom and gathering at the back is something that happens to me a lot in dresses–and the bottom would definitely be much better if it hit her around the knee. So: some tailoring, and I think the beautiful craftmanship and the beautiful woman could shine together.

  56. ceecee

    Scarlett O’Hara’s green velvet drapes dress was such a success she decided to make one out of the tablecloth. Next up: the slipcovers.

  57. yeahandalso

    I like it more than “meh” but not as much as “love” it could use an extra inch or two at the bottom and be better fitted in the torso area.

    I am almost totally done with her though, at the very least her Catwoman can’t be worse than Halle Berry’s but she will in no way be as awesome as Pfiffer or Newmar

  58. Claire L

    I love the material, but on a woman her age, there needs to be more skin…. I think making it a much shorter dress is the better idea…OR make it longer with one of those surprising low backs. I’m not sold on the heels… but jeesh, the dress is a lot to compete with..what to do.

  59. Infoqueen

    It looks like the runner my grandmother had on the sideboard in her dining room.
    People and furniture should not wear the same outfits.
    Although my grandmother’s sideboard would not have been caught dead in those clunky shoes.

  60. Stacey

    The Battenburg lace in incredible. Wow. Not sure about the Battenburg lace in dress form.

  61. Anne B

    Yes, I do think her legs are crossed. Hence the awkward posture. (Our 15-year-old has taken to standing with one foot kicked up behind her for photos now. Kid looks like a flamingo in all this summer’s family pictures.)

    And I understand the dress is McQueen. Which shouldn’t make me like it more, but oddly, always does.

  62. rrp

    Gorgeous fabric, but as a dress it doesn’t quite work. I’m a sucker for anything by McQueen, but this doesn’t fit her body and isn’t dramatic enough to make me forget that.

  63. Veronica

    I think it’s a lovely dress, though I agree that the boobaliciousness doesn’t quite fit the quiet elegance of the outfit? I mean, I am the last person to deny Hathaway has a bangin’ body, but I feel this needed to look slimming up and down.

  64. NYCGirl

    I could deal with the length if I didn’t feel like I was looking at the should-be-covered part of her skin.

  65. Sajorina

    I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! I would get married in it! And, I like it on Anne; I just wish it was longer! I like the shoes, but not with this dress because they are too casual for it! I love the clutch and the jewelry also! This is a FAB!

  66. Bilbo

    Anne has three problems here. One, her makeup looks really unnatural and painted on, the blush and lipstick is particularly bad. Two, she has gigantic feet anyways, but that length and those shoes aren’t helping to balence things out. Three, a tailor should have been around to fix the bust and armholes of what would otherwise be a charming outfit.

  67. gryt

    I always felt like there was something off with her, and look – she has a right foot for a left foot, and vice versa.

  68. Emma

    I love it. It’s like a successful version of Melissa Leo’s hideous Oscars battenburg lace dress.