Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway


Has Annie put in extra extensions since we just saw her?  Regardless, her hair is nicely shiny and I like her makeup here.

There is something about this dress that reminds me of a cream puff. It’s delicate and pastry-colored and sweet and if you had too many of them, you’d probably wake up one morning and wonder what you’d done to yourself.

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  1. Deborah Stultz

    I think we need a close-up of the shoes. 1) It looks like she doesn’t have a pedicure; and 2) are those BOWS in the back?

  2. ~Lori

    Hmm… I only just realized what bugs me about her. It’s how darn toothy she is. She doesn’t pull it off like Julia Roberts can.

  3. Lina

    All I see is a very fancy 8-year-old’s Easter dress. It’s pretty for what it is, sure, but I have huge problems seeing adult women wear such juvenile styles.

  4. ~Lori

    Just as I was hitting “submit” on my last comment, a quote from Curse of the Were-Rabbit popped into my head: “Teeth like terrible tombstones!”

  5. celia

    Now I want pastry. The whole thing seems poorly fitted to me, and it certainly is not doing her bust or waist any favors. I do like the color. At first all I could think was YUM CREAMPUFFS! But the more I look at this dress, the worse it seems.

  6. Sajorina

    The dress is YUMMY and the shoes are FAB! I want them!!! Also loving the hair!

  7. peanut gallery

    I would hate to pose next to a large photo-shopped pic of myself. (Would hate a large non-photoshopped pic of myself, too, for that matter…) But it appears that Anne’s teeth have grown longer since the Harper’s B cover shot.

  8. Christian

    SNORE all around.

  9. BAH

    like the dress but i wish the shoes weren’t so matchy-matchy. it’s the same issue i had with the black/gold dress + gold sparkly shoes that just got fugged.

  10. Kit Lang

    I think I love the shoes!

  11. witjunkie

    Gah, she does not look good in this gold color!

  12. Liz

    Hate the shoes. Hate.

  13. Carolina Girl

    She looks like she’s wearing shiny, orthopedic Easy Spirit sandals. Just like my Grandma.

  14. The Other Molly

    This dress couldn’t be more awful if it tried.
    There is no style to it, the color is blah, and it’s wrinkled.
    What Carolina Girl said, about the shoes.
    And please, if you’re going to wear open-toed shoes, apply some polish.

  15. TaraMisu

    This is so bland. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz . Her hair does look fab tho!

  16. Sandra

    I don’t mind the dress too much, except for the fact that it makes Anne Freaking Hathaway look wide in the hips. Which she isn’t. At all. The poofy pleats are no woman’s friend

  17. Kara

    I can take or leave the dress, but I think the shoes are gross. I might be able to tolerate them a touch better if she’d worn them with a different dress, but I still wouldn’t like them – they’re twee.

  18. Chrissy Cunningham

    that lace applique is bugging the crap out of me. this dress just kinda points out how down right scrawny she’s getting

  19. Lynne

    Hmm… I’m kind of bored by this and I think I’ve figured out why. Every so often a Hollywood starlet wears something that seems okay but also looks like the dress her 7 year-old niece wore when she was a flower girl. This is one of those dresses. (Michelle Williams is guilty of wearing flower girl dresses a lot too.)

    There’s nothing technically wrong with it. I just feel there’s a certain age when women should stop trying to be cute and strive for elegant instead.

  20. Amanda

    All I see in every photo of her now is how skinny she is getting, and how unattractive it is. Stop losing weight already. You were pretty before!

  21. Molly

    The cut of this looks all wrong. Like it is a petite cut on a not-petite woman. The bodice is too short for her which causes the waist to be at the wrong place, which causes the flair for the hips to be much too high so she looks like she snuck into her little sister’s closet and stole a dress. It also makes her head look oversized for her body. If the poofing were just a little closer to her actual hips, this wouldn’t look so weird.

  22. Liz

    I think this is okay–but on somebody else (and by “somebody else” I sorta mean Hailee Steinfeld on a slightly boring day). Here, it’s too short and too puffy and too un-her. Eh.

  23. fritanga

    Wow, she really looks like a stick figure Liza Minelli in this photo. And the dress is predictably boring.

  24. amys

    She has really pretty skin and shiny hair so that’s nice. Unfortunately, those shoes are atrocious and do no favors to sad toes. Yick.

  25. nmlhats

    This might seem off-topic, but “diabetic shock” refers to “insulin shock”, which in medical terms is called an insulin reaction or severe hypoglycemia. That’s really, really low blood sugar. SO…that would be when someone (like a diabetic person) needs sugar very badly and preferably immediately, like honey squirted in the mouth or a big juice or coke to stave off passing out, or at least recover from the zombie-like state and sweats it can produce. This can happen when the carefully-calibrated balance of insulin and food is off, or if someone on regular insulin misses eating when it peaks. I think the term you are looking for–when blood sugar is dangerously high–would be “diabetic coma”, which would be a condition brought on by severe hypoglycemia in combination with a couple of other factors.

  26. nmlhats

    BIG TYPO, that last sentence about diabetic coma should say HYPERglycemia, not hypo!

  27. Aria

    don’t like anything about this. The cut is not particularly flattering and the color is awful on her. Can’t tell about the shoes exactly, but I will echo the “get a pedicure” sentiment. And I don’t even think her hair looks that good; kinda looks like mine when I’ve been swimming in the pool and just let my hair air dry. And I usually really like her style, but this is a total miss to me.

  28. Serena

    I don’t like anything about this look. The dress is cute for a little girl, which she no longer is. It makes her look curveless. Her hair looks… uncombed, as opposed to just casual, and the shoes (along with the apparent lack of a pedicure) just do nothing for me.

  29. vandalfan

    I love this dress, but four tips for Anne: 1- go up at least one size, this looks like the breastplate of a suit of armor; 2- bring a minion to steam your pretty skirt just before photos; 3- have the minion bring a comb; and 4- Grandma wants those dreadful shoes back, to donate to the poor, because even Grandma has better taste than that.

  30. anny

    The flash washes out the embroidery and it would look better with her hair up, and she appears to have some kind of heel-bustle action going on there, but I’ll give it a pass, counting the extra credit for wearing neither nude pumps nor clodhoppers.

  31. Lizzie

    Who cares about the dress? What concerns me more is the unfinished-looking hair. This girl has gorgeous, healthy, shiny hair and it looks kinda like she just let it down after it had been in a bun all day.

  32. Tee Cee

    The dress reminds of my great-grandmother Pearl’s kitchen curtains, circa 1978, so it fails.

    Also, add my voice to the “Get a pedicure!” chorus. I have a 1/millionth of her cash & I would never go out with my feet like that.


  33. Claire L

    When when when will the waist of the dress reintroduce itself to the waist of the body???? They used to be such good friends….. What I find comforting is that if Anne can look like that in one of those dresses, then I need to stop beating myself up over it. No, seriously…everything is either empire with a limp or dropped to the crotch…. I’m a curvy girl…and clothes are ignoring the thinnest part of my middle!!! OK…. there!

    I really want to see the back of the shoes!

  34. jojo

    Yup, classic flower girl gown, from the cut, to the color, to the pattern.

    The shoes remind me of the ones Eunice Higgins wore on Mama’s Family, and that’s not a good thing.

  35. Tina

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Anne Hathaway in a dress like this. Looks really cute! http://whatisthenewblack.blogspot.com/

  36. Amber

    I was thinking 80′s inspired bridesmaid on the shoes…and dear God, bows? I hope not.
    The dress is eh, but her hair looks bad to me. I mean, it looks like mine does most days, and I do not have a panel of stylists and hairdresses and whatever else.

  37. Amber

    *hairdressers in that last post…though I also do not have hairdresses

  38. NYCGirl

    I don’t like how it poofs out at the waist, but overall, fab.

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