Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway


I just need to say, for the seven thousandth time, that I don’t understand why Anne Hathaway got the Emma role in One Day (my short review: read it, don’t expect fluffy comedy) when Carey Mulligan exists. And that Anne’s accent goes awry even in the trailer (speaking of, you need to read this piece in the Guardian about that trailer. It has actual spoilers, but it really quite funny). And that, in all honesty, MY fake English accent is better than hers, and I only use it when I have to, say, call the pharmacy to see if they’re stocking ear wax remover or something similarly unglamorous.

But let’s talk about her outfit at the premiere:

It’s fine. She’s pretty. I’m bored. Or, as she would say in her movie accent, “OY’M BOOOOooooooooUUUUUUUUrd.”

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  1. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT!!! Or, in my bad English accent: “It is quite lovely!” This is FAB!, WIN!, WELL PLAYED! and everything nice! WANT IT! NEED IT! COVET IT! Come on, it’s like she has sparkly fireworks on her boobs… what can be better than that?

  2. wtfnyc

    Nude shoes??? REALLY??? NO.

  3. mika

    I feel like I like the dress, and the look in theory. But she just looks like a little girl playing dress up to me for some reason. Her waist looks so tiny it almost makes her look abnormal. Maybe I’m just tired…

  4. mika

    They┬┤re gold glittery shoes :P

  5. Annie E

    I think that skirt is horrendous, and she is quite thin.

  6. Stefanie

    The cut of the dress reminds me of my sister’s prom dress she wore in 1993. I played many dress up hours in that horrid thing.

    I wish the entire dress was done the same way as the top. I think it’s really pretty.

  7. Eve

    Amen! I loved the book, and they could not have gotten the casting more wrong.

    This outfit is meh. I can see my gramma wearing it with a spiffy bolero jacket. Of course, my gramma is awesome, but still. She’s a tad older than Anne, but probably still would make a better Emma.

  8. Jen

    Love the top half, the bottom half not so much. I think the designer had a fail in the skirt department…

  9. berryberrykix

    I’m just relieved that the dress doesn’t appear to be black velvet in this picture, as it does on people.com.

  10. CJ

    She looks lovely. I read elsewhere that this is a McQueen. My only gripe would be that it makes her look far more flat chested than I think she is (which is what perhaps prompted mika’s comment about her looking like a little girl). It could be that she lost a lot of weight and lost weight in her breasts, but I think it’s an illusion because of the top of the dress:

    I love the beadwork, but as I look at it more closely, it looks like half of the beadwork is on the black fabric and half is on a lighter colored fabric. That change in fabric happens right across the middle of her breasts — probably about the nipple line — which is a really ODD place to have any kind of seam or change in color/fabric, etc and I think that is what is making her look very flat chested. I would have liked it better if the neutral fabric covered her entire breasts and then the continuation of the beading on the black fabric happened below her breasts. Or if all of the beadwork was done on the black fabric. I think, proportionally, giving fabric to her full bosom and not half of it, would also make her seem not so extremely long waisted. (Sorry, Anne, that I’m talking about your breasts so much.)

    Other than that, it is fab. I covet the size of her waist, and the subtly sparkly shoes are perfect for the dress.

  11. jennifer

    I completely agree it should have been Carrie Mulligan in the movie instead of Anne but…I think she looks FANTASTIC!

  12. Evalyn

    The dress is not boring, it is in fact very cute on her. But the hair? the shoes? the jewelry? It’s one thing to let the dress speak for itself, but it’s another thing to leave it standing alone. Your are a Movie Star, girl. Step up.

  13. Lola

    Well, as David Nicholls said, if they hadn’t had Anne involved the movie probably wouldn’t have been made at all… at least not with any kind of budget. So, there’s that.

    She looks like she needs a sandwich though, but it’s a perfectly charming dress. Those Batman people are clearly wearing her out.

  14. Mary Jeannine Grace-Harbison

    I don’t really care about this dress one way or the other – Ann dressed up again, ho hum. However, people who have not read this book and go expecting to see a light fluffy love story are gonna be very surprised…. loved the book, but not a comedy and CLASSIC miscasting…. unless she pulls off some miracle, which is doubtful.

  15. Serena

    I love it. In fact, I quite like her whole look, even if I might have picked different shoes.

  16. sarah

    i feel like she’s going to homecoming, or a middle school dance. it’s fine, but something about it screams pre-teen formal to me.

  17. TonyG

    Love it from head to toe, even the gold shoes.

  18. Carolina Girl

    At least it’s not a tan leather jumper paired with matching peep toe booties.

  19. Christopher G

    She has a very bad case of Julia Roberts syndrome in this pic, a mouth out of all proportion to her head – actually she looks like Tim Burton’s crew from Wonderland have been at her, very odd pic!

  20. maryse

    i hate the skirt. no need for the tiers.

  21. katie

    I’m just so happy that once this movie is out in theaters, I won’t have to see the preview for it anymore. It came before every movie I saw this summer, and I hated it more with each progressive viewing.

  22. Sam

    It’s McQueen and I want it. No more needs to be said.

  23. Geemee

    I really really like the dress and the shoes, but I’m concerned that her waist is so tiny.

  24. Jamee

    Meh. And HATE the shoes with the dress. Way too matchy.

  25. Kate

    I don’t like the shoes with this at all.

    The dress just makes her proportions look kind of wonky to me. I like the top with the sparkles (I, too, love anything with sparkles), but the skirt is not working for me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, except that this really doesn’t look very designer, especially not McQueen. It looks like a very pretty dress a pretty girl would wear to a dance in high school

    The skirt is also making her legs look less than awesome.

  26. vandalfan

    Gee, I think she looks terrific and understated.

  27. wtfnyc

    Thanks, Mika — you’re right about the shoes. (I still don’t like them, but they fill me with slightly less vomitous rage.) HATE the drop waist — and the whole skirt, to be honest — but the top is really cute. Agree that she needs a sandwich, though.

  28. r


  29. satsuma

    I think it’s a great dress and she’s making it boring.

  30. sharon gerhard

    I am so tired of people dissing Hathaway’s accent. I’m sure it’s awful, but there’s more to acting than her accent. Can we discuss the whole performance, please? It’s also not the only time she’s done it. Remember “Becoming Jane”? Where were all the haters then? Or is it only with popular films that dissing happens? Also, gazillions of English/Australian/South African actresses play Americans in movies with varying degrees of effective accents. Can we please hate on them, too? Or does the fact that they descend from “the empire” make them sacrosanct?

  31. Claire L

    I wish the skirt didn’t have that extra seam in it….I wish that some of the fabulous on the bodice found it’s way on the skirt I wish the skirt was a touch shorter ( it’s giving her knees kind of a skinny elephant leg look)….I wish the glittler nude shoes ( I actually LIKE these) where open toed or strappy ( and honestly, I don’t know if either of those are ‘in’…I just like the look). I wish she’d go back to slightly darker hair……

  32. Emily

    Actually, I never saw Carey Mulligan as Emma. I’m not sure who I would have wanted, really, but not Hathaway (even though I like her). The dress is okay — not fug or fab. If the shoes are gold sparkles, then I like them.

  33. Serena

    The more I look at this the more I like it. Maybe I’m just boring. I’ve also reconsidered what I previously said about the shoes. I think she looks beautiful and I’d be happy to wear the exact same thing to a party. Have no problem with her hair.

  34. Mongerel

    Toes. Pastry. Squeeze nightmares.

  35. jenny

    I don’t know about that dropped waist and long hem and fancy bow and gold and black satin. Is it the holidays?

  36. crystal

    Her hair is bringing the whole thing down. :(

  37. Jessica

    “Also, gazillions of English/Australian/South African actresses play Americans in movies with varying degrees of effective accents. Can we please hate on them, too?”

    Yes. I made fun of the way Alex Kingston’s American accent wandered this season on Private Practice for weeks this year. As an American, I don’t know why I’d be more prone to give English actresses more slack?

    Regardless, none of those people are in this picture, so it wouldn’t really be on-topic to list OTHER people whose accents have gone awry at this juncture at any rate. But please make fun of anyone’s bad accents you choose!

  38. Sara

    I absolutely loved the book, but I just cannot imagine Anne in the role. It has nothing to do with the fact she is American and everything to do with the fact she just seems wrong for the role. What a shame really as it’s enough to make me not want to see the movie and I was dying to see this made into a movie as I was reading it. i’m interested to see how it does at the box office because I’m not aware of anyone who wants to see it.

  39. Flora

    Can you pleeeeease fug Jim Sturgess at the premiere as well? Much better outfit (and much better casting too – he totally looks how I imagined Dexter in the book, unlike Anne H, who is so far from Emma as to be actually laughable)

  40. Miranda

    This whole outfit was meant for one of those fabulous, aged society dames. Anyone under the age of sixty should staaaayyy awayyyyyy (at least in this decade. Auntie Mame could have pulled it off with no trouble in her younger years).

  41. Matilda

    I don’t care if its McQueen (is it reallyl?), it looks like something quickly sown together for some school dance. It’s just not right for the premier of a film like “One Day”. As for her accent… I guess not everyone is as good as Hugh Laurie ;-)

  42. m

    I think the dress is lovely on her … but wow, she looks frail.

  43. brigid mcdonough

    If Emma had looked like Anne Hathaway, there would not have been a book in the first place. One of the whole points of the point is that Emma isn’t a knock out beauty. Oh well, I will still go see it.

  44. yeahandalso

    I like the dress..but I just can’t with her. I’m really bummed out that she is going to be Catwoman

  45. Nancy

    Sorry I can see a lot of One Day lovers so I don’t want to offend too much, but- I think I am the only person in the world that thought that book sucked! I thought it was so overrated.

    Emma and Dex are horrible characters! A bad English accent won’t change that. I didn’t connect with them at all, and spent half the time yelling at them to get over themselves.

    [Carey Mulligan is too awesome to play a sap like Emma.]

    BUT I really like the top half of that dress :) Ann Hathaway looks gorgeous.

  46. fritanga

    Hathaway is predictable and boring. Katie, I’m with you all the way – if I have to hear Hathaway’s dreadful British accent (which was equally bad in Nicholas Nickelby, Becoming Jane, etc.) before another movie I’ll throw things at the screen.

    At any rate, whoever said it looks like she’s playing dress up and/or wearing this for a middle school dance is spot on. Hathaway wears couture like Halloween costumes.

  47. jenny

    Totally agree with Sara and Flora that she’s wrong for the role (should be someone ACTUALLY kind of mousy and cerebral, not Princess-of-Genovia-before-the-makeover — “she’s clumsy! and has frizzy hair!”), and with Nancy that both those characters were totally and completely insufferable.

  48. kimmy

    she looks fine….whatever.

    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED One Day. LOVED. Anne’s accent is ridiculously bad and I’m really scared to see this movie b/c I want to LOVE it too. Jim Sturgess is the perfect Dex and holy crap Carey Mulligan would have been perfect as Emma. Or even Emily Blunt. I’m swooning at the thought of either of them onscreen w/ Jim.

  49. Sarky

    Missed the clothes, the hair, the shoes etc, because I couldn’t go passed her face. Did her head shrink, or did her features expand? Either way, there is toooo much nose, eyes, and mouth in her strangely small face…ugh

  50. esther

    two things to say

    the idea of a black dress embellished with gold sparklies is a good idea. putting a 90s bridesmaid tiered skirt starting at the hips on it is not (a good idea).

    there is no way an A-list actress like Anne could not have had a stylist do her hair. it looks like she’s trying to grow it out, very badly, and didn’t even bother to brush it. also the lighter, bleached hair she’s got at the moment totally messes up her colouring and throws off her whole colour palette. she needs to go back to definite brunette.

  51. Aly Zhang

    Now that is a tiny waist!