Fug or Fab: Anna Kendrick


Usually with Anna Kendrick, she’s in a boring color, or something that doesn’t fit quite right, or she’s got on a weirdly wrong shoe. So at least she avoided THAT trifecta:

In fact, I think black pumps with a skinny heel are the right pick here — there is so much going on that anything else would just take our eye away from the business. And as for that business: When this Alberta Ferretti hit the runway, Jessica was drawn to the idea of the skirt with a plainer top, and I would love to see that, too. However, the top doesn’t bother me as much on Kendrick as it did on the runway, because Anna is shorter, so it  hits her differently and thus you don’t get the effect of a transparent ruffle AND a sliver of skin. It’s still a little goofy though — like a boob mustache — and I keep wanting to smooth it down, or tuck it into the waistband, or tell her to save the exotic sportsbra for yoga class. AND YET, for the first time, I am looking at her and thinking, “That’s so interesting; I wonder what she’ll wear next.” So maybe it’s a win. Can you tell I’m conflicted? It’s like my heart wants one thing and my eyes are trying to convince it otherwise.

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  1. Stefanie

    I actually like this. Of course my love for her could be clouding my judgment. Or it could be the RumChata I put in my coffee this morning.

  2. Kate

    I think I would like this more with a different top, but I do actually think it looks pretty good as is.

  3. erin

    Is that poll from a previous entry? It says I’ve voted on this and I know I haven’t since I’ve just now seen it.

    • Jessica

      That is a weird glitch that happens sometimes, and should fix itself. Sorry, I know it’s annoying.

      • Heather

        No, it was my fault. I typed in the wrong five-digit poll code. OOPS. It’s fixed now.

  4. Trixie

    I love this and her.

  5. Eddie Garcia

    Uh, no. I find this chick to be incredibly boring and this dress is an ill fit. It’s much too edgy for her. The dress is interesting but no.

  6.  maevej

    I love her and I’m on board with most of the outfit, but that sheer panel is killing me.

    • naryasign

      Agreed. The outfit is darling, but the sheer panel is merely a distraction and adds nothing.

  7. Maria L.

    I may be in the minority, but I think she looks faintly ridiculous from the chin down.

    Interesting that so many seem to love her. This is a young woman who makes absolutely no impression on me whatsoever. I must have missed something.

    • Meggiemoo

      Watch some interviews with her…she’s very funny and self-effacing. And she’s been in the business for a long time. Just nice to see someone who doesn’t take her fame very seriously.

      • Stefanie

        Her Twitter is also full of gems. She’s seriously funny.

        •  HelenBackAgain

          She was also delightful in Up In the Air, which is what brought her to my attention. Liked her ever since.

          • jean

            And Scott Pilgrim. And she is the only one in the first Twilight movie who seemed to find the whole thing deeply amusing. And 50/50! As the youngest “therapist’ ever, but she’s called on it in the script. Plus she gives Seth Rogen shit in that movie (briefly), but it is deeply satisfying.

            • Bonnie Klein

              And Pitch Perfect! I liked all the movies here (except Twilight) and you can really see her range from the list.

    • Other Emily

      Check out “Camp,” in which she is both very young and very funny. And she’s got a heckuva set of pipes! I like the dress okay, but would be much happier without the sheer panel. I love her, though.

      • Maria L.

        Clearly I have missed her entire career since I appear not to have seen a single one of these movies.

    • Eddie Garcia

      That’s what I’m saying! Boring, bland, surely a nice girl but there have to be so many other more talented girls out there with some oomph!

      • Petrova Fossil

        I voted “loathe,” but I love her. You should check out “Drinking Buddies.” She is amazing in it, as is everyone else.

  8. Aria

    I like the skirt and the pumps but that “shirt” –if that’s what can call it

  9. Kate

    I wish the sheer bit was plain black and tucked in or fitted. Which would make the whole thing look more like a dress (I’d be ok with that too). I love the pattern, but the sheer makes it too busy.

    • Janney

      I totally agree. I would love a fitted shirt, not the loosey-goosey (lauzey-gauzey?) thing that’s happening at her midriff.

    •  Jen S. 2.0

      Agree also. Flowers on top, plain fitted black in the middle, keep the flowered skirt, and it’s an A-. The middle part is just trying way too hard to be something, anything other than plain black, when plain black is what it needs to be.

      (A- because I have a hard time with patterns.)

  10.  HelenBackAgain

    This outfit is horrible and should not be worn by anyone, much less the classically pretty Anna Kendrick. The combination of stripper shoes, with the outfit’s five-year-old’s idea of glamour and sophistication, is just YUCK.

  11. Bella

    Skirt, shoes & bag are good, but that top has to go. Something solid and not sheer, please.

  12. BrownEyedBetty

    This isn’t working for me. Like you said, there’s always something “not quite right” about her looks. This time, I think there’s too much going on in general: all that color & pattern, peekaboo sheer thing, big flouncy skirt. She’s very petite and I think that needs to be factored in to her red carpet choices. Her legs are SO slender, it always looks like she’s about to topple over to me – especially in the super-high heels she often wears. That too feels like too much on her tiny frame. Also, I think she needs some coaching from someone (a photographer friend..??) on how to pose on the red carpet. This kinda looks, well… how my middle-schooler would pose ….

  13. jean

    I do like it, but it makes me fearful of under-boob for her and I don’t like that feeling. And given she’s so tiny, it’s amazing to me that this cropped look doesn’t stumpify (spell-check doesn’t like this term! Hmph!) her. She doesn’t look TALL, but she doesn’t look squat either. Unless of course Charlize Theron steps up next to her.

  14. acake

    The flowers on the top are much brighter than the flowers on the skirt, and for some reason that REALLY bugs me.

  15. filmcricket

    Yeah, that top is wretched. Also terrible: her make-up. The skirt and shoes are cute though.

  16.  Tagatha

    I’m thinking tablecloth.

  17. Kristin

    I opened the Ferretti Runway link in another window and studied both photos. Ignoring the fact that it’s kind of a weird look even on the model, the way it fits her and the way it fits Anna are different, which IMO adds up to Anna’s needing tweaking — including skirt shortening. Agree with all those who point out how petite Anna is, and how she needs to de-busy her clothes because of her petiteness.

  18. Melissa

    I don’t know, I think those shoes are weirdly wrong. Aren’t hooves so over now for anyone who’s anyone? Isn’t Anna Hendricks someone?

  19. ChristieLea

    I love both the top and the bottom, but together it’s just too busy. I’d either like to see the skirt with an all-black top (and the sheer portion fitted), or the top with an all-black pencil skirt. Voila!

  20. stephasaurus

    ugh. looks like someone got hold of a glue gun and went appli-crazy all over her crop top, and i fear we are but a minor gust of wind away from seeing underboob. plus that fabric on the skirt looks like something in the spring blowout bin at beverly’s fabrics. too bad, she’s cute as a button otherwise.

  21. Sajorina

    I’m thinking ♫”Cups”♪♪! This is FAB! Love it!

  22. Jeanette

    twee tarty gypsy? I can imagine Zooey Deschanel in this actually. Loathe…

  23. Squirrel!

    Anybody remember the Madame Alexander dolls dressed in traditional costumes from various countries? In the 1970s I had three of them, and that is what this outfit reminds me of. Just did a quick search and found this example of the doll for Norway — there are similarities to Miss Kendrick’s ensemble, no?


  24. Lily1214

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