Fug or Fab: Anna Camp


Anna Camp is having a great couple of years. She is currently, or has recently, been in EVERYTHING: Pitch Perfect, The Mindy Project, The Help, The Good Wife, True Blood, Mad Men. But we don’t see her out and about that much. I find her very likeable. But do I feel the same way about this dress?

I legit can’t quite decide. I think it’s possible that it’s more attractive in person, but I’m a little worried that it’s too big for her, and the ombre effect might be a little 80s Faded Jean Shorts for me.

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  1. Trace

    Who was she in True Blood?

    • Julie

      Sarah Newlin, the reverend’s wife, during season 2 with the Fellowship of the Sun storyline.

      She also played Pam’s sister in an episode or two of the The Office.

      My favorite thing about her is that she’s 30, but she still plays really young in some shows/movies. Sometimes she’s a kid – sometimes she’s an adult! I never quite know what kind of character (other than adorable) she’s going to be in any given project.

      • Julie

        Also, that dress is giving her almost no waist. I think it’s where the ombre effect begins. It’s too severe a switch to the light color or something?

  2. Lynne

    Does it seem big on her? It’s not giving her a great silhouette. It seems a bit shapeless considering it’s an a-line. Also, shoes? Please discard those Anna. They are no one’s friend.

    • Molly

      The shoes killed it completely for me too! There are so many fabulous shoes in the world that she is neglecting for those plastic-y looking nasty 90′s sandals …

      Also, the dress is not flattering and she is totally adorable!

  3. Robin

    It would be cute if it were all the darker blue color and had a narrower cut to the skirt. The shoes, however, need to return to 1978 pronto.

    • Sandra

      Well, the whole thing needs to be fitted more closely, but basically, yes.

      I did wear those shoes in 1978, by the way. I can only plead youth and inexperience.

      • Robin

        I remember shoes like that being the bee’s knees back then too, Sandra ;)

    • LadyB

      The shoes are not helping…

  4. jerkygirl

    I agree that the dress could be better, but the worst part of this outfit are those puke-colored clodhoppers!!! I hope they’re not supposed to be “nude” because they wouldn’t even match anyone from the Jersey Shore cast. BLECH to them, EH to the dress.

  5. Mel

    She was on Glee as well.

  6. Lisa Bryant

    ombre bridesmaid.

  7. Kit

    That thing is an 80′s sac that was picked up at at second hand store in the bride’s maid section by frenemy. Do you hear me Anna? The person who put you into that is NOT. YOUR. FRIEND.

    P.S. Are those shoes *your * fault?

  8. Kris

    Give the dress a waist, get some different shoes, and we might be in business.

  9. Ruth


  10. pantsonfire

    Yes, too big (a very rare, GFY “go down a size” !), and holy hell burn those shoes.

    But what’s interesting to me about this is that it totally fits with her. Just her…being. Ya know? It feels a little wholesome, a little small town, a little country, a little bit early 1980s, but not totally in a way that makes me want to punch her. It’s actually conjuring the kind of false nostalgia and comfort I feel from watching a truly crappy Lifetime movie about sisters on a ranch in Montana or a psychic finding redemption through solving mysteries in Texas or whatever.

  11. marie

    and she was also on Train’s video of Marry Me! she really is everywhere! the dress is ugly and is not deserving of her esp. as she was awesome in True Blood

  12. marie

    and she was alson on Train’s Marry Me video..she really is everywhere..she is too cute for this dress, and are thos YSL Tributes on her feet? fug fug fug!

  13. SKS

    She was awesome in “Pitch Perfect” so I guess I have a skewed view, but this doesn’t look too bad. She should get it fitted, though. I also think the bright flash photography (in a seemingly dark room) isn’t doing her any favours either.

  14. Caroleena Stantonova

    The dress isn’t awful; if she had chosen black heels it might be ok.

  15. candy

    She looks like a spit-shined Ke$ha.

  16. FiestaGirl

    Those shoes look like my gramma’s “sensible” sandals Kind of orthopedic adjacent.

  17. Vandalfan

    The curvy, flowery print on her shoulders should go all over, or the quilted look at her waist. But the thing falls apart (maybe literally) at the ombre. It’s like they accidentally dipped the hem in a vat of bleach. And the side seems could be nipped at the waist just a bit more.

  18. mochaleet

    Just watched The Mindy Project last night on hulu. Great show. Blechy outfit.

  19. Jules

    I agree with Vandal above.
    I woonder if she tried to bleach a stain out of a vintage dress.

    I can totally re-imagine this dress, in the same color, but more sparkley 20′s style, and ending just a little past where that ombre crap starts.

    And not those shoes.

  20. gryt

    It’s a nice dress – on a 65-year-old woman.

  21. Shiitake

    Heinous shoes.

  22. katkin74

    For once, someone going UP a size and not squished in like 5 pounds of mud in a 10 pound sack?? *gasp*

  23. tigers4us

    The fabric & color(s) are lovely in the photo, but the style needs more definition. A belt, maybe? Also, the shoes are too clunky.

  24. Bottle Ginger

    The dress would work if her waist was somehow defined – a belt or some darts, just something. Because as it is both the seams and the ombre start on the hips, and the torso is one long line, and it makes her look incredibly long-waisted and short-legged in the picture. Defining the waist would correct the porportions, and allow us to enjoy the blue shimmering. Great color!

    Then, there’s the old-lady shoes…

  25. Shoeniverse

    Dull colour on her and frumpy length, also it looks too big.


  26. Helen

    Way too big, but I like the graduated color. If this fit, and I agree with suggestions to add a belt, too, I’d love it on her.

    Almost anything else would be preferable to those shoes. I’d rather see her in flip-flops, even.