Fug or Fab: Amy Adams


I’m thinking about hiring the Famed Letterman Dumpster as a beat reporter.

IT SEES EVERYTHING. In this instance, it appears that there is even a dude leaning on it whilst his friend — in the street — snaps a photo. “Oh, Amy Adams is over there? Whatevs. WE HAVE THE DUMPSTER. THE DUMPSTER IS RIGHT HERE. Dumpster, can we get a picture with you? THANK YOU! We just loved your work with Jake Gyllenhaal.” And who DOESN’T love Dumpster? Dumpster is CLASSIC. Dumpster is a study, classic work horse. A real pro. Come rain, snow, hail, gale force winds, blistering heats, locusts: DUMPSTER IS THERE. Dumpster WORKS IT.

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  1. Siobhán

    The rouches make it look a size too small and the shoes work with pants, but not skirts.

    Love the burgundy though, it’s divine!

    • lindsay

      agree… this get-up is making her look bigger than she actually is. i think she tends to look better in more structured pieces.

    • TaraMisu

      Agreed! Cute shoes…. with pants.

    • Gab

      I don’t think it’s the rouches, I have a dress with similar rouching and the rouching hides bumps and lumps when it’s the right size. I think she needs to go up a size. It’s amazing what a difference that makes. I agree with you, that color IS divine!

  2. Carrie

    The cut of the top of the dress makes her look vaguely linebacker-esque.

  3. Art Eclectic

    I don’t think those shoes work with this dress. They look clunky closing off the rich burgundy of the dress and the extreme pale of her legs.

    This doesn’t seem like a dress you wear in sweltering August, more like a crisp fall day dress.

  4. Deborah Stultz

    My gosh–she looks about 18 in this pic!

    Also, great color. Other than that? Meh.

  5. Molly

    Unfortunately, she wears form fitting red just days after Serena. NO ONE can compare.

  6. jersette

    I agree, the dress looks out of season. But Dumpster is perfectly turned out…as always.

  7. Hailey

    She’s just so MASSIVE compared to Isla Fischer, but has the same problem. Do something with your hair so close to a red hued garment.

    • SKGD

      Both comments are exactly what I was thinking. Amy is just so huge, she must be embarassed to be out in public!!! And though I do like the dress the colour is wrong for her. A deep blue or green would have been so much better, both with her hair and the shoes.

      • bambi_beth

        Now I want the Fug girls to photoshop this dress to a different color! They say they have the time!!!

    • Tiffany

      Although her hair is considered to be “red”…I don’t think it looks like the color of her dress at all. I think this color looks lovely on her. The fit, not so much, but I find nothing wrong with the color.

  8. Kara

    That color is one of my absolute favorites, but I agree, the structure of the dress doesn’t work on her.

  9. Lauren

    The color is lovely, but size up, doll! No one knows but you, and then you look less like you’ve been stuffed into a fancy sausage casing.

  10. Other Emily

    This dress is not doing her any favors at all. I hate it. Here is this gorgeous slim redhead who all of a sudden looks dumpy and pale with a muffin top and too much hair product. I hate it so much. Dumpster looks great as usual.

  11. Jen

    I agree that the cut of the dress makes her look wide, but I still think she looks good. Just broader than usual. Which obviously isn’t something people usually want… but she still looks pretty. The color is gorgeous on her.

  12. Sandra

    The color is amazeballs on her. The actual dress does not fit her and is awkwardly constructed. The shoes are wrong for the dress, there being a certain equine nature to their form.

    • Valeria

      Sandra, you phrase it so very kindly, but I’ll go ahead and be blunt: why would any woman wear a pair of shoes with a dress or skirt that make her feet look like horse’s hooves ???

  13. Cortney

    I really like the dress; I don’t like the hair at all (it looks like a very calm wind tunnel) and the shoes are not necessarily my first choice for the whole look. I agree that the ruching could be problematic, but the basic cut is good, I love the neckline, and the colour is amazeballs.

  14. Megan

    I love the color, but I just wish she’d worn it about three weeks later. I love cranberry, but not out of season.

    I don’t think the dress’ structure is doing her any favors, either. I think ruches should be used sparingly, and definitely not in an entire outfit.

  15. Amy

    The whole outfit looks very express/9 West from the 90′s. Not loving it at all.

  16. kate

    It could be the dress (maybe it’s just a size too small), but I’m wondering if it looks weird because she didn’t wear spanx? That’s kind of what it looks like to me – she looks so lumpy and not-smooth. Maybe we’re so used to actresses always wearing spanx and looking perfect that when they actually reveal the real shape of their bodies, it’s jarring?

  17. Amy

    Next time I’m in New York, I am SO going to have a photo made with the Dumpster. Actually, perhaps I will go to NY JUST to do it!

  18. Heather

    She is so pretty, but why the long sleeves and boot/clog things in August? Does she enjoy being sweaty? Is dressing weather-inappropriate a new Hollywood fad diet to sweat away the pounds of water weight? Also, once I subconsciously decided the color looked like dried blood, that’s all I can see so I hate it. In both fit and color, it reminds me of that ill-fitting rust-colored dress Jennifer Garner was wearing the other week. I agree with the other commenters who suggested photoshopping it in another color.

  19. Helen

    The dress looks great to me, and shows good sense by hugging her curves so closely. Love the color. The sleeves need tailoring IMO, but I may be arguing with a deliberate style there, in which case I think it’s a minor mistake.

    The shoes, however, I think would only work with jeans (or other trousers). I like them, just not with a dress – any dress.

    And I want a picture with Dumpster, too! Who is always perfectly dressed.

  20. pantsonfire

    Ah, the dangers of ruching. Somewhere, on some show (probably What Not to Wear), someone one time said something like, “oh, ruching is always flattering.” And thus, the myth of ruching was born. But, ladies of the jury, I present Exhibit A, above, which proves that no, ruching is not always flattering. Also, the sleeves are too tight, which drives me bananas. More than bananas, actually…what’s more than bananas. Plantains? It drives me plantains.

    Also, I agree with lindsay’s comment up top that Amy A. looks way better in more structured pieces.

  21. Amanda

    The dress make her shoulders look HUGE and weird. I think it’s too small. Her hair looks horrible. Like Carmen Diaz in “Something About Mary”. Shoes are cute, and the color of the dress is palatable. Could be so much better. Next time TRY HARDER, Amy.

  22. Bella

    The dress looks a bit small on her and the shoes should go IN the dumpster.

  23. Molly

    There is a little too much chestal smooshing happening. The cut across the top of the boobs and then into ruching is awkward. And the neckline is not low enough to look intentional–it kinda just looks like she got the dress on sideways. I have never been a fan of booties (even with jeans) so they do nothing for me.

    Color is gorgeous, Amy is gorgeous, and the Dumpster is gorgeous so I guess it all evens out.

  24. Foudefafa

    The dress reminds me of something a 90s supermodel would have worn – in 1992.

  25. Jo

    Not the most flattering shape on a nice normal sized lady. But Dumpster’s derelique look is so flawsome!

  26. Megan Johnston

    I actually love this despite the boresville color! It is so flattering on her!! The boots I could do without.


  27. vandalfan

    The fabric is a pretty color, but so soft it does not seem to be ruching so much as the World’s Worst Case of Static Cling.

  28. buttercup

    I feel like Amy Adams is taking on a single-handed campaign to prove that red-heads can wear red. And she’s not convincing me.

    And…this will not be a popular sentiment…but ever since she had her kiddo, I’ve noticed she’s wearing skintight stuff. And honey? Having a kid changes things. I know, I’ve been there. But her silhouette is just not as smooth as this dress requires. If ever there were a dress for Spanx, here it is.

    Also? I’m not sure if it’s an optical illusion or not, but her left boob looks much bigger than her right. Which is fine, I’m lop-sided too. I just don’t wear things that accentuate that fact.

  29. witjunkie

    I think Dumpster needs its own clickable tag at the bottom.

  30. Kate

    Ugh, this is bad. I can’t believe it was a “Fug or Fab…”

    She is so gorgeous, and this dress makes her look average (average with not so great taste in clothes.) It clings in all the wrong places (what would this thing look like on a non-hollywood bod??!) and I don’t like that color on her (I also don’t love that color in general, it’s just okay unless it’s used on something awesome).

    And the booties pretty much never look good with dresses. Even with great legs like hers. As someone else mentioned, not exactly season appropriate, I am sweating just looking at her.

    Overall, the dress looks cheap, doesn’t fit, and that neckline is baaaad (on anyone). The shoes add to the problem, and her lovely hair is not being used properly here.

  31. Bottle Ginger

    Miss. The dress makes a slim woman look dumpy, and the shoes make her legs look stumpy.

    A for the color, I have EXACTLY the same coloring as her- and there’s a reason I don’t have that dress! I have the same skin, eyes, and especially hair color. While anything in the deep blue family makes her hair (or mine) look brilliantly red, that deep red makes the color look faded and drab, not even in the red family. It might work if her hair was a far brighter red, but her hair (and mine) is much more subtle than most bottle gingers.

  32. Sajorina

    She looks great in burgundy, but she should’ve gone up a size and worn strappy metallic high heels to lighten up the outft!But, that face & that hair are so beautiful!

  33. Jules

    I agree with those who say, it’s too early in the season for this.
    Somebody always has to be “First.”

  34. Janiekettles

    Yuk. All over.

  35. Donna

    I’m going to call ‘preggers’ because of her hair color. When she was pregnant with her daughter she stopped dying her hair its usually vibrant red and it was more like it is in this pic. Or maybe she just got sick of keeping it up, who knows. Anyway, this outfit’s not the best look; maybe a cute sandal and rip off the sleeves?

    And Jessica, thanks for pointing out the dudes getting their Dumpster pic on. Brilliant.

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