Fug or Fab: Amy Adams


So, we didn’t pull our punches on January Jones for showing up to the Golden Globes with hers very poorly wrapped in orange fringe. So I feel weird turning around and being all, “HOORAY FOR LADYPARTS,” with Amy Adams here.

But, a couple things:

1) January Jones looked like a high-fashion hula girl;

2) Amy Adams does not.

And frankly, we all already know January Jones is a foxy Maxim-type sex bomb. It wasn’t a statement she needed to underline, much less in Sharpie. Conversely, Amy Adams tends to get filed in that “such a pretty go-to supporting actress for your serious movie that you want to get Oscar buzz” category, and so it kind of makes sense — and is a welcome change — to see her working the va-va-voom. I’m not sure the dress itself is all that awesome; it’s just sort of there to showcase the goods. Like a shelf. So the question is whether this is a fun turn for Amy or whether you just want her to go put on a cardigan and try again tomorrow.

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[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

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  1. Neil

    That dress could have reached a ‘V’ about 3-4 inches higher and the point would still have been well-made. This is getting into J.Lo green dress territory.

    We get it, Amy.

  2. G

    This is kind of like an inversion of the sleeveless turtleneck, and it makes just as little sense.

  3. Fawn

    I think this is a nice change for Amy Adams (if a bit boring). And honestly, if January Jones had worn a long version of this dress to the globes, I don’t think we’d have been mad at her either. JJ’s globes dress was just too much of everything!

  4. Katharine

    It’s fine. Other than the cleave, it’s boring, and it looks cheaply made and like the Cosmo-girl version of the LBD.

  5. Cecily

    I don’t hate this, and I love her, but I do not like when boobs are so distracting. Too sand dune/jello mold on Amy.

  6. gryt

    @Katherine: I agree, it does look cheap. Which is hard to accomplish with a LBD!

    Also, something is off with the length. I think it’s the combo of the HUGE plunging (sp?) cleavage and the very long (bunching at the wrists) sleeves. Thtat just doesn’t work with that over-the-knee length, it looks stupid. HOWEVER, make it a scrolldown… See how much betterthe dress would look if it were full-length? *nods* Then we suddenly have a respectable Morticia Adams type look instead of this bargain basement look.

  7. Jenn

    It isn’t the cleavage that bothers me – it is what it does for her overall proportions – it isn’t flattering to her waist and curves.

  8. Pam

    My first thought upon seeing this was that it looks EXACTLY like my daughters gymnastics outfit (though not so low in the front), but it does have the bowy-butterfly-ish decal on the front. Great for a five year old… nooot so much for an adult actress. lol

  9. val.

    I like the dress in theory. It could be a little longer though, maybe? Her knees don’t look great in this (though it could be the angle of the picture).

  10. Scott

    I think this dress makes her come across as a Nicole Kidman wannabe, and I don’t think Amy Adams ever needs to be viewed as a Nicole Kidman wannabe.

  11. kate

    Agree with Jenn. This is not flattering to her figure. Also, it seems to make her look short & bulky. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the cleavage. Maybe if the dress was floor-length. Makes her look chubby at that length.

  12. Lindy

    I don’t think she needed to go quite this far with the cleavage. It just isn’t ladylike and doesn’t fit her personality. Leave that kind of stuff to those actresses who substitute ta-tas for talent.

  13. Erin

    OK, this is god awful, but I’m SO HAPPY to see AA embracing her inner ho that I love it! I wish she had actually picked an attractive slut dress, but I’m alright settling for this.

  14. Lina

    I have this crazy impulse to take a pair of tweezers to that butterfly. It is SO distracting. And yet, without it, the dress is a boring black sack.

    Meanwhile, it’s kind of nice to see AA present herself as hot and voluptuous, which she is! I’ve never thought of her that way before, so good on her for expanding her niche with potential casting directors. I only wish she (or her stylist — can we blame this on a stylist?) had picked a better dress.

  15. Liz

    It makes her look a little stumpy, but I kind of love to see a breastfeeding mother flauntin’ her stuff.

  16. CJ

    Boy, you have to have guts to wear something cut that low. And it almost looks like she oiled her cleavage. Not my favorite look for her. You don’t need to show your “assets” when you have genuine talent…and she has genuine talent. However, she looks very pretty when made up (she looks a bit like a young Ann Margret here) and she looks in great shape post-pregnancy. And stumpy? I pray that I could ever look that stumpy!

  17. ddukes

    Best she has ever looked. Didn’t she just have a baby?

  18. Shnaggi

    Exactly what I was thinking CJ, I think this is a post partum shout out that says ‘ I’m Stil Hot ‘

  19. Gretchen

    Is it just me, or does she look like a young Nicole Kidman (in a good way, can it be a bad way?) in this picture?

  20. Rayna

    @Lindy – AAds doesn’t “need to substitute ta-tas for talent” Word.

    I think she’s awesome, love her, gorgeous, etc. But (sorry I’m so boring to repeat myself) you can show off the hot mama without going all nekkid. There’s plunging neckline and then there’s plunging practically no front at all I can see your stomach.

    It’s just not flattering to her. Why shouldn’t she look her best?

  21. Amy

    Is it just me or does her jaw seem clenched like she’s thinking “holy sh*t I shoulda stuck a Cami Secret under this dress”? Also, anytime I see a plunging neckline with big boobs resting on a sequined shelf I think RHOC and not in a good way.

  22. Melissa

    Go cleavage, but this just looks like something accidentally left unbuttoned, like she did in fact put on a cardie but forgot to put on anything under it… next time AA!

  23. vandalfan

    The cleavage is “come and get ‘em, boys!”, yet the rest of the dress makes her look dowdy and matronly, and makes her legs look thick. And I hate seeing the white lining of black shoes. Get some shoes that fit.

  24. anner

    overall, love it. one thing though. i cannot understand what possesses anybody to wear all black (or beige, or any other neutral) without at least a subtle pop of color SOMEWHERE. shoes? lipstick? pedi? anything!

  25. anny

    Is she sweating or is she the Fifth Element?

  26. miwome

    My problem is not with the boobs. It is with everything past the brooch part. I want it to be either longer or shorter. Or…SOMETHING. It just looks like it was made for someone with different bodily proportions than Amy has–like it’s supposed to be mid-thigh on a model giant or knee-length on a pixie. A pixie with a long torso or a daring navel.

  27. anna

    You hate January Jones. We get it already! Also this is boring and flat.

  28. Bunty

    I’d love this if it were full length. I feel like it’d be classier that way.

  29. Faye

    Have to disagree. Although my style is too conservative for me to ever wear something like January Jones’s dress, I thought she looked fantastic in it — high-fashion, colorful, and a unique change from all the blah nude dresses we saw at the Globes. And speaking of globes (heh), January was small-chested enough to pull that dress off. Amy isn’t. IMO she looks too busty for this dress. If anything screams “desperate,” it’s this travesty of a dress. Amy is too pretty for this.

  30. Racine

    I don’t know how a dress with this much cleav could ever look matronly, but to me it does! Must be the lack of waist in combination with the unfortunate length and the hair (although I’d kill to have her hair). I am missing something cheerful about this whole getup.