Fug or Fab: Amy Adams


It took me a while to decide, but now I think like this outfit’s basic combo of tight and blousey:

Amy Adams

It’s the sort of thing I wish the Olsen twins would wear — you know, offset the hobo robes with a little slink. But then Amy turned around, see, and that’s where my house of cards began to tremble like a picked-over Jenga stack.

Amy Adams

I think Tiffani Thiessen wore that on Beverly Hills, 90210. On her FRONT. Probably with suspenders, but the exclusion of those here doesn’t diminish my discomfort.

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Comments (26):

  1. Rayna

    This thing is jangling my tranquility. I’m so conflicted. I like Amy, but don’t like batwing sleeves. Like black, but don’t like the northern exposure. Like the fitted waist, but not the length, so much.

    Then I saw the back and LOVE. But Keira Kn. did this a while back and I didn’t approve of it then.

    SO confused.

  2. ali

    Is this by Gretchen Jones? Fug.

  3. Jill

    I actually liked it from the front, too. I think it walks the line between comfort and style and the bat wings are just enough to keep it interesting without being a cry a for attention. The back, however, just defies logic. I don’t understand the point of it, except that it would probably make the blousy top look bunchy if it was attached. And then that makes me reconsider the outfit entirely. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

  4. Noxqqivit

    Maybe the back has to vented just in case the bat wings catch air… would not want to take flight on the red carpet.

  5. Molly

    Didn’t she just make the cover of some magazine showing how she lost her baby weight? This dress makes it look like she just relocated it to her armpits.

  6. Willow

    From the front there is far too much excess fabric around her armpits, it makes her look like a penguin.

  7. Best of Beehive

    She looks way too top heavy.

  8. Rachel

    I just can’t get over her hair and makeup…

  9. pinkcheese

    The length is terrible. Bring it up an inch or four, and I think it would have worked.

  10. Another Jill

    Amy looks tired and peevish. The hair and makeup are BAD, the dress just ill advised.

  11. Rowynn

    The back of that dress makes me think of a cut-off t-shirt that you’d wear to wash the car.
    Love Amy, though, and I still would have given her a pass on this if it hadn’t been hemmed to such an unfortunate length. I never liked that length when it was in fashion the first time – it was unflattering then and it’s unflattering now. Hem it up about six inches, and she looks fabu.

  12. testington

    she just had a baby right? Then I give this a pass, but not approval

  13. yeahandalso

    off topic: Can you make the Kardashian Christmas Card (is it bad that I really wanted to make that Krismas Kard?) into the freaky fug friday? Like everybody could write what they think should be on the inside of the card?!?!? cause that would be awesome

  14. witjunkie

    All I can think of is, breezy and cold. Other than that I’m ok with it but it needs some jewelry.

  15. sal

    Burka meets itchy sackcloth..that’s right, Amy, keep atoning for Leap Year.

  16. Geemee

    Bigger earrings and bold lipstick would help this immensely.

  17. buttercup

    I hate the batwings. It makes her look like she’s the lovechild of a human and a stingray.

    I actually liked the back. It’s a nice touch of flesh in an otherwise fairly conservative dress. A choice move for a new mother, and I should know, cause, honey, I have BEEN there. At least it wasn’t a peek of side flank, a la Emma Roberts.

  18. Shnaggi

    Any shorter the dress would be in the boobslegsy closet. The Hem is correctly proportioned for the length of the deep ‘v’ neckline. The back is cut with the opening to allow for a closer fit for the skirt …mind you it doesn’t look like an very good tailoring of the zip …you can see it doesn’t meet correctly or she hasn’t fastened the top properly. I love it… post baby its the right length …the last thing we want is another Hemline Klum flashing the post baby vjayjay in a micro mini…no demure and sexy at the same time wins for this one good job Amy. Points too for a coiffed look, well groomed face and restraint on the jewellrey.

  19. atz

    This doesn’t seem age-appropriate to me. Susan Lucci would pull it off, maybe, in 1998. But she would have worn a lot of sparkly jewelery.

    Also, she looks a little like a younger Nicole Kidman in the second photo. I thought it was Nicole for a minute.

  20. vandalfan

    It doesn’t fit. The top looks even huger than it is supposed to, and the length is about three inches too long. And her hair is unkempt.

    I second the motion regarding the Kristmas Kard Kontest.

  21. namidu

    The dolman sleeve is a friend to NO ONE.

  22. CL Stantonova


  23. steph

    Don’t like at all. Maybe a different color & lose the black eyeliner.

    On another note- just saw Donna Martin in the cropped shirt today on BH90210(greatest show ever)

  24. fritanga

    This is so vintage Sade/Jodi Whatley. Yes, I’m talking about glammy ’80s British-y pop stars, but for the life of me I can’t understand why the washed-out Adams would use them as her fashion template. “Oh, hai, I want a little flava?” Yeh.

  25. Emma

    OMG I am crushed that no one seems to know Tiffani Thiessen was Kelly on Saved by the Bell, and was not on 90210. Was my youth all for naught?

  26. EngProf

    Why does she always pose with her hand on her hip?